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About the game:
Title: Tibia
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: CipSoft
Publisher: CipSoft

Explosive Features:

  • Low System Requirements with optional browser based Flash client.
  • Massive Game World with more than 250,000 players.
  • Tibia is over 10 years old and is still going!.

Tibia is a classic 2D medieval MMORPG created by CipSoft. Tibia can now be played in the browser, it is one of the oldest MMORPGs (released in January 1997) and was considered most noteworthy in its early years. For more than 10 years now, players have been visiting the world of Tibia. At present, more than 250,000 players from all over the world inhabit the Tibian continent enjoying the numerous game features.

It is a free to play game which is open to the public, though players have the option to pay a fee in order to upgrade to a premium account, granting special in-game benefits, including additional areas to explore, access to vocation promotions, and extra spells.

Gameplay involves advancing levels while training to improve skill levels, hunting monsters using weapons and magical spells, gathering treasure, doing quests and exploring the Tibia world. Players interact with each other in character for conversation, trade and group battles and partake in guilds for more role-playing opportunities.

On most of the game’s servers, players are also allowed to attack and kill each other, although there is a system in place to keep hostile actions under control called the skull system. Some servers do not allow such player versus player combat at all, while others encourage it by rewarding experience for kills.

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System requirements

Tibia Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 95
Processor: 800 MHz Pentium 3
Memory Ram: 128 MB
Hard Disk Space: 38 MB
Video Card: Any DirectX compatible

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22 User Reviews

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  1. Gamer on August 18, 2011

    Does this game really have a diagonal bird eye’s view?

    I was hoping for more like an endless online view, not there you see the top of things.

    • Nahiko on April 10, 2013

      Yeah its not as isometric as Endless online, but still not a bad game. Its a shame EO isn’t as alive as it once was since their are many fans out there.

    • tibiababe on April 8, 2013


  2. Zylath on January 4, 2014

    tibia needs a heavy change and get back to the basic form of the game, when you can use whatever you like to use and the restrictions do not exist, tibia was created from the lord of the rings book for that it used to give to the player the feeling of exploring and questing free of npc guides and the most of the quest you have to make you own deductions about what to do and the hardcore gameplay belongs to this kind of feelings and of course your character its nothing special you are not the hero or the savior of the land you make your own history on each server

    sorry for my bad english

  3. Kid Loki on October 20, 2013

    Its still a great game Cipsoft needs to change pvp back to old school though so instead of downing the game why dont you try to get more people to play?

  4. Wulfric on June 28, 2013

    The community off-game is great with a lot of forums but ingame you can find a lot of annoying peoples sadly. But the game is great :)

  5. Peter on January 28, 2013

    Great game. For games nowadays the 2D world view is a little behind the time. Very addictive and unfortunately ruined by power abusers alot of the time.

  6. Osk on October 11, 2012

    I’ve played Tibia, is a great game but finally decided to erase my account because of this system that when your character dies you loose exp. and a lot of it. In 1 day I came from lvl 25 to lvl 21…killed by another player more than 30 lvl higher than me (he did it just for the fun of it) and then some dwarf that wasn’t supposed to be there…So when you die you drop your items and loose aprox. half your exp bar. It took me almost a week to lvl up 1 lvl…didn’t like loosing my time like this, it’s an abuse from the company as I see it so I decided to stop playing it.

    • richard on November 28, 2012

      that gives the game some real feeling of danger.. thats good, and you s&/%k at the game thats it

      • Xyridius on December 5, 2012

        I second the danger aspect, played Tibia for years and am constantly disatisfied with pointless pvp and monotonous deaths from other mmos i have tried. Tibia strikes fear and excitment in your mind as you hunt and explore in the world and run into other players. It forces you to become a part of the community and make friends to join a guild and acquire some hunting leverage. Just like it should in a real rpg of any form. Its not out yet but anyone who is a fan of tibia should check out Phobos Online. Gotta go to the forums section for recent news on its production.

        • EHm nono on May 1, 2013

          Bullshit dude i know its an old post but dont care ive been killed by a level 162 player when i was only level 10 you dont stand a change in this game against jack asses

          • Hippo on May 23, 2013

            @EHm nono

            It’s true what he is saying. It is the fear when you hunt/explore Tibia that makes it really unique. If you die in this game you’re gonna rage. That’s for sure, but that’s the fun of it. I remember it to be a lot more fun when wikis didn’t exist. You had to like ask people around and explore rather than using an online map..

    • cody on August 11, 2013

      if you get the hang of it, its really not that bad. i mean yeah it sucks but i can make about 1kk exp per day easy. and if you have blessings it makes it all better

  7. finnishgamer on November 29, 2011

    wait a sec…did i see in that picture of trailer someone named lihava maagi? then there is lotof finnsih guys playing this game..AND THERE IS FINNISH SONG IN DA TRAILER!! finland rules (because i live in finland XD)

  8. HUeVirus on September 2, 2013


    It has been MANY updates since this site put tibia on its list.



    The game has less than 19,000 players left and it goes down everyday!!!

    Cipsoft(the people who make it) ignore the players, and do not take feedback at all!

    They ignore the players, i dont know why but they do.

    R.I.P. TIBIA 1997-2013

  9. Skever on April 1, 2013

    I play this game, I got characters from all vocations, I play from 7 years ago, I got a premium account with a level 232, 114, 96 & 64 and it’s one of the best and oldest games of the world, 2 updates for year, summer update and winter update and many patches to fix all the bugs and those things that people report in forum, many contests prizes,good offers, people from all over the world and it’s great, that’s it!

  10. Javv on August 3, 2012

    Game has been ruined, all except hardcore pvp worlds

    • classics on August 8, 2012

      Funny how the non-pvp worlds have much more online players than the hardcore pvp servers, don’t you think?

      • Xamedhi on September 2, 2012

        That is because non-pvp worlds and open pvp are full of botters. I’d say half of the playerbase is afk and macroing.
        In hardcore pvp worlds there is much less space for botters because they can be killed at any moment by anyone. Well and there is the obvious fact that people don’t like to play in a world in which any jackass can kill you anywhere, thats why they are Hardcore, don’t you think?

  11. Rpg on February 9, 2015

    This game is dead. Low player numbers, Hardly anyone speaks English, Botters are everywhere, it’s now a “Freemium” game, PvP is basically gone, Cipsoft(company who makes Tibia.) ignores players, and the “Retro servers” they made are not even “retro”, they are newest version of game with tweaked PvP. THE GAME IS DEAD. By the way, you need to update this “review” it’s system requirements and things have changed A LOT.


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