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4 Free-to-play MMOs We’d Like To See Rebooted

MMOs have changed a lot over the past decade and a half. Maybe that’s why, even as I ran around in the bare-bones City of…


Great Time to Be a Space Ninja: Warframe Launches Echoes of the Sentient

Alright PC Space Ninjas, the new Warframe update, Echoes of the Sentient, has been unleashed into the free to play game and with the update…


Drakensang Online Details Upcoming Player Skill System Changes

In August, Drakensang Online will be getting its largest update to date when Bigpoint releases the “Rise of Balor” update into the free to play…


Rappelz Launches Epic IX Part 2 Expansion

Webzen’s free to play dark fantasy MMORPG, Rappelz, has released its latest expansion, Epic IX Part 2. The latest update introduces a new raid dungeon,…


NCSoft’s Q2 Financials: Everything’s Up, Except…

Take a look at NCSoft’s financial reports archive, and you’ll see that the previous quarter’s numbers have always been revealed about a month and a…

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Forsaken World Now Available For Mobile Devices

They said it couldn’t be done, but Perfect World Entertainment and Fedeen Games did it anyway! OK, so nobody really said it couldn’t be done,…

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League Of Legends Killed Off A Champion

Had a hard day at work? Want to just come home and enjoy some League of Legends with your favorite pirate-themed champion, Gangplank? Well, tough…

Free to Play Cast

Free to Play Cast: Titanfall Getting a Free Version…in Asia Ep. 148

It happened with Call of Duty: Online and now it looks like Titanfall will take the free to play plunge overseas. After discussing that, we…


Dragomon Hunter Dev Diary Talks Mounts and Combat

More details are coming out of the Aeria Games camp on the upcoming release of their hunt inspired free to play MMORPG, Dragomon Hunter. The…


Heroes & Generals Celebrates 1 Year On Steam With Free Gold

Happy Steam-iversary to Heroes & Generals, the free to play combat game by Reto-Moto. Today marks the 1 year mark since the game was released…


Magic Duels Now Live On Steam

It’s been available on mobile devices for a few weeks, but now PC players finally get their chance to try out the latest — and…


Elvenar Adds “Fellowship” Feature

Innogames’ free to play city builder/strategy title Elvenar may not have everything you want in a game. In fact, in some cases players who play…


Open Source Relic Hunters Zero Hits Steam August 18th

Did you ever play Chroma Squad or Dungeonland? If you did and enjoyed them, you may want to keep an eye out for the upcoming…

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