First Look

Echo of Soul – First Look Gameplay

Echo of Soul is a free to play MMORPG developed by Nvius and published by Aeria Games. Currently in closed beta, the game comes to…


The Direction of Daybreak: Our Interview With John Smedley and Laura Naviaux

Daybreak Game Company’s got a new identity, a new logo, and a new level of freedom, thanks to its split from Sony earlier this year….


TERA’s Gunner is Live, Free Mount for Logging In

Today may be “Revenge of the Fifth” or Cinco de Mayo in some circles, but for the team at En Masse Entertainment today is the…


Can MMOs Really Do Story?

Since today is May the Fourth, I thought it only fitting that I try and come up with something to write about Star Wars: The…


Closed Beta is Live – Echo of Soul BombLive

Aeria Games went live with the closed beta for Echo of Soul today and we’re jumping in to check out the free to play MMORPG….


Another Daybreak Dev Departs: Jimmy Whisenhunt Goes To Twitch

Things have quieted down a bit since Sony Online Entertainment became Daybreak Game Company — and seemingly lost half its staff in the process. Today,…

Free to play Weekly

Free To Play Weekly – Does Size Matter? Ep 168

The Emperor rises in SWTOR, Aion announces its next free expansion, all that and more, this is Free To Play Weekly! Free-To-Play Weekly with Zach…

Cabal 2 PvP

Cabal 2 Shows Off PvP Battlegrounds

If you’re looking to smash human face in Cabal 2, you can gain some key intel thanks to a new video from ESTSoft detailing the…


TERA “Gears Up” for its 3rd Birthday

Three years ago today, En Masse Entertainment unleashed TERA and to this day “action combat” MMORPGs still find their combat being compared to this free…


H1Z1’s Update Adds Females to the Apocalyspe

The latest patch for Daybreak Games’ survival game, H1Z1, is now live and it brings with it a bit more than just a few upgrades…

MMOBomb Shows

3 Things We Like About: Heroes & Generals – Triple Play

Looking for a slightly different take on the all too familiar WWII shooter? This month, Jason Winter details the three things that make Heroes &…

Call of Champions Cinder

Call of Champions Offers Five-Minute MOBA Matches

If upcoming MOBA options like Heroes of the Storm still seem too hardcore for you, then Spacetime Studio’s got your fix, with Call of Champions,…

TF2 World War Wednesday

Valve Seriously Looking At Competitive Team Fortress 2 Matchmaking

Two guys doing a video in a bedroom and talking about Team Fortress 2 isn’t usually newsworthy. But when the two guys have just come…

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