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Housing Crisis: Is MMO Housing In Need of Renovation?

Player housing is in the works for Star Wars: The Old Republic. A mini-trailer from a dev chat earlier this week gave fans a brief preview of the upcoming feature, offering a windowed view of Coruscant’s skyscape as seen from what looks like a luxury apartment, which can probably be yours for a small security […]

Added 5 months ago - 2014-03-07 - 16 comments

MMOBomb Ultimate F2P Showdown Round 1 Recap: Upsets and Surprises

The first round of the MMOBomb Ultimate F2P Tournament is over! It’s the most exciting round of a tournament like this we’ve ever done! What’s that? You say it’s the only round we’ve ever done? Technically still correct… OK, let’s take a look at what we’ve learned so far… Things went mostly according to form […]

Added 5 months ago - 2014-03-05 - 143 comments

SOE Lays Out Landmark’s Monetization Plans

EverQuest Franchise Director of Development Dave Georgeson laid out the monetization plans for EverQuest Next Landmark on the game’s forums today. Some aspects of it are bound to raise eyebrows, and Georgeson anticipated those responses, as he laid out SOE’s justification for the stickier points. Of the five phases outlined in Georgeson’s plan, #1, #4, […]

Added 5 months ago - 2014-02-28 - 11 comments

Doing Free-to-Play Right: An Expert’s View

When it comes right down to it, I’m just a guy. I say things, things that I think are right, but it’s not like anyone is busting down my door to hire me to help them make their free-to-play games (not yet, anyway). So it’s refreshing to see someone who is routinely hired to help […]

Added 5 months ago - 2014-02-26 - 15 comments

Vote For Your Favorite Games in the Ultimate F2P Showdown!

It’s time to fill out your bracket – no, not for basketball, for video games! And with this one, you’ll get to pick the winners! We’ve selected and seeded 64 of the top free-to-play games in existence and need you to let us know which is the best. Several times a week, we’ll open up […]

Added 5 months ago - 2014-02-24 - 1,357 comments

Word Play: Marvel Heroes Morphs Into A Game For All

“It’s not uncommon to say we didn’t have a super-stellar launch” was one of the first things Gazillion Community Manager Ryan Collins told me during our Marvel Heroes play session on Thorsday. (No, that’s not a typo.) Since its June launch, the team’s been working nonstop to improve the game experience and make it more […]

Added 5 months ago - 2014-02-21 - 17 comments

What Really Constitutes Pay-To-Win?

Every free-to-play game is pay-to-win. That’s a sentiment I see all the time. No matter what game is being talked about in an article, someone in the comments will talk about how it’s pay-to-win. Everyone has their own definition, and what’s totally reasonable to someone is exploitative and expensive to another. The undeniable truth is […]

Added 5 months ago - 2014-02-18 - 35 comments

Is Hotbar Overload A Thing Of The Past?

It’s not hard to spot the trend in new MMOs to have minimal hotbars, or in some cases, small and unobtrusive UIs as a whole. More and more, developers are abandoning the “six-rows deep” array of buttons and powers in favor of smaller, more focused ability sets, and a few – such as The Lord […]

Added 6 months ago - 2014-02-14 - 22 comments

UK Regulates Free-to-Play, And It’s a Little Scary

In the wake of stories like this one, the United Kingdom has cracked down on the free-to-play industry. New guidelines introduced last month by the Office of Fair Trading seek to regulate F2P devs in the UK, aimed at doing away with misleading or overly burdensome pressure to spend, especially when directed at children. While […]

Added 6 months ago - 2014-02-11 - 37 comments

World of Speed Preview: A Free-to-Play Racer Poised to Gain Traction

Racing titles within the Free-to-Play space have never quite had the widespread fame their console counterparts have enjoyed over the years. The keyboard, is no doubt partly to blame, as it does the job for most genres, but often falls flat when it comes to steering anything with realistic physics. Sure, there have been a […]

Added 6 months ago - 2014-02-10 - 12 comments

F2P Games On The Rise In 2013, Bringing In $2.9 Billion

The year­-end numbers from market research firm SuperData are in, and they paint a positive picture for online games that adhere primarily to the free-to-play model. SuperData reports that online gaming revenue overall in the U.S. grew 11% in 2013, to $11.766 billion, with F2P games accounting for $2.9 billion of that, as opposed to […]

Added 6 months ago - 2014-01-29 - 22 comments

Interview: Deadbreed Development Team Shares a Vision

The indie group of Swedish game developers that are building their MOBA Deadbreed, have been hard at work preparing a game that they believe is their own collective vision. Amidst all of the excitement and effort that being a project leader in a development team gone rouge must entail, we got a chance to ask […]

Added 6 months ago - 2014-01-29 - 17 comments

Hearthstone, You Made Me Love You

I didn’t mean to play Hearthstone. Really I didn’t. I never even signed up for a closed beta key. I only started playing a couple of days ago, once open beta hit, and I can’t… stop… thinking about it. That isn’t the same as saying I can’t stop playing. I do still play other games […]

Added 6 months ago - 2014-01-24 - 27 comments

Word Play: Nosgoth Alpha First Impressions

I’ll say this for Square-Enix, they definitely go the atmosphere right in Nosgoth. As a human, you feel trapped and distinctly hunted, waiting for the jaws of death to swoop down upon you. As a vampire, you’re a supreme predator, skulking your way through the shadows and across rooftops, stalking your charge. The action is […]

Added 6 months ago - 2014-01-21 - 24 comments

Word Play: Going To War With Tribal Wars 2

InnoGames’ social strategy game Tribal Wars has seen over 50 million players embark on an epic path to conquest and glory since its launch a decade ago. Started by a pair of German brothers and their friend in 2003, the browser-based game starts players off in charge of a small village that, over time, builds […]

Added 7 months ago - 2014-01-17 - 9 comments

Mordor or Bust! LOTRO Extended to 2017

When I was first getting heavily into The Lord of the Rings Online back in 2007, a common joke among players, commenting on how slowly content was coming to match the pace of the books, was “Mordor in 2016 or bust!” Even given some recent news, I still think that’s optimistic. Earlier this week, Turbine […]

Added 7 months ago - 2014-01-15 - 12 comments

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