Interview: Otherland’s Lead Content and Story Designer

This week, I had the chance to chat with Lukasz Blaszczyk, Lead Content and Story Designer for Otherland, about how the game ended up with…


The Whole F2P vs. P2P Argument Summed Up In Two Comments

I read a piece today about a mobile developer trying to make his game less about F2P consumable purchases — like energy — and more…

swordsman guild interview thumb

Interview: Wayne Song Chats About Swordsman’s Guilds

As part 2 of our 3 part interview with Wayne Song, Swordsman’s Associate Product Manager, we sat down to chat about guilds and the important…


Class Is In Session: 6 Not-Quite-Legit Free-To-Play Course Offerings

It’s cool that a college in China is offering classes in Dota, and it would be neat to see the same sort of thing happen…

eq2 interview_HL_thumb

10 Years And Counting: Our EverQuest II Interview

Ten years is forever in MMO-land. Games are announced, launched, and then forgotten or shut down entirely in the blink of an eye. Some don’t…


Dawngate Defunct: Do MOBAs Have To Be Huge To Succeed?

So Dawngate is going away. Judging by most of the comments I’ve seen, it wasn’t exceptionally bad or exceptionally great. Some people liked it, some…


Awful Idea: Get Rid Of The Open World

You know how it goes in a typical MMO: You level through a variety of zones, usually at breakneck speed, just so you can get…

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Interview: Swordsman’s “Sandbox in a Themepark”

With the launch of Swordsman’s latest expansion “Gilded Wasteland,” I figured it was time to get some more information about this title as I honestly…


The Inquisition: Do You Mind The Leveling Grind?

We touched upon it in the last Free-To-Play Cast, and later Magicman and I discussed grinding in TERA. After I obliquely accused him of just…


Interview: Neverwinter Rogues and Clerics Class Balancing Changes

With the Rise of Tiamat coming, it isn’t all about content updates for Neverwinter. Class balancing changes are also coming for both Clerics and Rogues….


Awful Ideas: The Limited-Time MMO

What I’m about to suggest is a terrible idea and no MMO developer should implement it… probably. Suppose there was an MMO that limited your…


SWTOR’s “Shadow of Revan” Sneak Peek with BioWare

This week, I had the chance to sit in with a group of my media peers and the team at BioWare to get a glimpse…


ArcheAge’s Labor Points Are A Good Idea, With So-So Implementation

ArcheAge has had its share of problems, but while many of them are technical in nature – queues, hackers, botters, DDoSes, etc. – some are…

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