Interview: Perfect World International Lead Developer Wei Zhang

With the announcement for Perfect World International’s (PWI) Eclipse expansion a few days ago, I had the chance to speak with Lead Developer Wei Zhang…

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Introspective: “Why Do You Write About That?”

Monday’s article about a seemingly out-of-date “warning” that free-to-play games can cost money brought up comments I see a lot of – not just on…


INTERVIEW: Elyot Grant from the Prismata Team

Yesterday I had the chance to sit down and chat with Prismata developer Elyot Grant. As part of the founding members of Lunarch Studios, Elyot…


ArcheAge’s Descent Into Madness Continues, and I’m Leaving the Trion Worlds Train

It’s sometimes difficult deciding what to write up for the site. With Jason and myself being the primary writers for our daily content, we have…


Thoughts And Musings On Civilization Online’s Information Reveal

Civilization Online is a tasty carrot, tantalizingly dangled in front of fans of Sid Meier’s classic series like a defenseless city on your nation’s borders….


Darth Times Ahead: Our SWTOR: Shadow of Revan Preview

Shadow of Revan is shaping up to be quite the nostalgia trip. For players of the original Knights of the Old Republic single-player game, it…

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Did Apple Take The First Step In The Erosion Of The Free-To-Play Name?

There are no more “free” games on the App Store any more. Now, “free,” “free-to-play,” “freemium,” or whatever-you-want-to-call-them games are still there, but they’re not…


Interview: Otherland’s Lead Content and Story Designer

This week, I had the chance to chat with Lukasz Blaszczyk, Lead Content and Story Designer for Otherland, about how the game ended up with…


The Whole F2P vs. P2P Argument Summed Up In Two Comments

I read a piece today about a mobile developer trying to make his game less about F2P consumable purchases — like energy — and more…

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Interview: Wayne Song Chats About Swordsman’s Guilds

As part 2 of our 3 part interview with Wayne Song, Swordsman’s Associate Product Manager, we sat down to chat about guilds and the important…


Class Is In Session: 6 Not-Quite-Legit Free-To-Play Course Offerings

It’s cool that a college in China is offering classes in Dota, and it would be neat to see the same sort of thing happen…

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10 Years And Counting: Our EverQuest II Interview

Ten years is forever in MMO-land. Games are announced, launched, and then forgotten or shut down entirely in the blink of an eye. Some don’t…


Dawngate Defunct: Do MOBAs Have To Be Huge To Succeed?

So Dawngate is going away. Judging by most of the comments I’ve seen, it wasn’t exceptionally bad or exceptionally great. Some people liked it, some…

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