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Interview: Crafting SWTOR’s Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 10 And Revealing Chapter 11!

BioWare’s dedication to storytelling in Star Wars: The Old Republic added a new wrinkle last week with the release of Episode 10 of the Knights…


Does an open development style help or hurt game companies?

Last week I was watching the latest patch notes stream for Hi-Rez’s upcoming shooter/MOBA Paladins. Unlike the “Chicken Patch” stream, this one wasn’t as long,…

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What Games Did Free To Play Right, Then Wrong?

Trion Worlds is taking a lot of heat recently for the changes it’s made to the cash shops in Rift and Trove. It’s been a…


Interview: Chatting Alpha Sneak Peek with Atlas Reactor

It may have been a while since you last heard from Trion Worlds and their upcoming free-to-play, team based battler Atlas Reactor. The game has…

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Gigantic Budget May Have Been Too Much For Motiga

I’ve been following Gigantic for a while now, since Motiga’s big press reveal back in the summer of 2014, through my hands-on taste of the…

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Let’s Be Honest: Early Access Is Probably Only About Getting Immediate Money

Here’s a thought: The sole purpose of early access, at least for “persistent” online games, is to get as much money as soon as possible….

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Brawlhalla @ PAX South: Still Free, Still Fun, Still Forging Ahead

Even if you aren’t any good at it, like me, Brawlhalla is just plain fun. And at PAX South, nobody seemed to be having fun…


Free-To-Play Laws: Extra Credits’ New Video And Our Take

The team over at Extra Credits has taken aim at free-to-play games and microtransactions again in a new video about the effects government regulation could…


Rift Erects Paywalls: Perhaps My Boycott Ended Too Early

To catch you up a bit, I had a long-running personal boycott of Trion Worlds products for most of 2015. It sucked on a personal…

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ArcheAge’s Bloodsong Update Mixes Music And Mayhem

Trion Worlds keeps chugging along with ArcheAge, and this week’s Update 2.5 adds some huge chunks of content to the game, all of which can…


SWC INTERVIEW WITH Hi-Rez Co-Founder COO Todd Harris

Rounding out our interviews at the 2016 Smite World Championships, we got the opportunity to talk with Hi-Rez Co-Founder and COO Todd Harris. We spoke…


SWC Interview With Paladins Lead Designer Rory ‘Drybear’ Newbrough

At the Smite World Championships, we got the chance to sit down with several members of the Hi-Rez team. Last week, we posted an interview…


SWC Interview With SMITE Executive Producer Chris Larson

The second annual SMITE World Championships took place in Atlanta, GA this past weekend and MMOBomb was there. Amid all the excitement of the tournament…

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Take A Guess At WildStar’s And Guild Wars 2’s Q4 Sales

NCSoft’s financial report for Q4 of 2015 is due out any day now, and two of its highest-profile games should have some very interesting news…

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