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Top F2P Games of 2013

Another year brought another slew of hits to the free-to-play game market, and we here at MMOBomb want to showcase the best of the best! The games on this list are the editors’ picks for the most successful F2P games of 2013, whether measured in players, profits, or just overall buzz and excitement. If your [...]

Added 117 days ago - 2013-12-23 - 86 comments

Word Play: Aura Kingdom Exclusive Sneak Peek

I was asked several times during my visit to Aeria Games last week what sort of MMOs I played. “Mostly Western games, not the anime-styled ones,” I responded. That didn’t faze anyone I talked to, and, after playing a few hours of Aura Kingdom, maybe it shouldn’t have. Developed by MMO house X-Legend, with whom [...]

Added 130 days ago - 2013-12-10 - 16 comments

Digital CCGs Decking Physical Games

A new report from market research firm SuperData examines the physical and digital card game market, giving estimates as to the size of both in the U.S. and worldwide. The tl;dr version: Both are fairly large and while physical is still bigger than digital, the gap is closing. This isn’t hard to imagine, with new [...]

Added 135 days ago - 2013-12-05 - 8 comments

EA Not Entirely Embracing F2P

I know, the title above sounds like a contradiction to this article from last month. But when we’re talking about Electronic Arts, contradictions seem to be the norm, not the exception. (“Discounts devalue our games. BTW, did you see this week’s discounted games on Origin?”) EA Studios boss Patrick Söderlund thinks free-to-play and full-price games [...]

Added 143 days ago - 2013-11-27 - 17 comments

Trove’s Biggest Surprise: No NDA (and why should it?)

As surprising as it was that Trion Worlds seemed to pull a game out of its nether regions last week, I was even more surprised to learn that there was no NDA regarding it. None. Zero. Zippo. If you’re lucky enough to get in on the alpha, you’re free to talk about, write about, or [...]

Added 149 days ago - 2013-11-21 - 11 comments

Should F2P Games Offer Subscriptions?

A topic that’s come up recently around the MMOBomb office water cooler – if we had an office or a water cooler – regards subscriptions in free-to-play games. After all, “free” is in the moniker, so does it make sense that you should feel obligated to pay to get a fuller experience? Don’t get us [...]

Added 151 days ago - 2013-11-19 - 32 comments

Interview: Bioware on SWTOR’s Galactic Starfighter expansion, future space plans

Jeff Hickman loves Star Wars, you can tell by the Rebel/Empire tattoo on his arm and the way his eyes light up anytime someone mentions “Death Star trench runs”. All of this is a good thing, especially when Jeff happens to be the General Manager of Bioware Austin, the studio responsible for Star Wars: The [...]

Added 155 days ago - 2013-11-15 - 8 comments

Dragons Ho! Our EQ2: Tears of Veeshan Preview

While everyone’s ooh-ing and aah-ing over the next big thing in MMOs – whether that be EverQuest Next, The Elder Scrolls Online, WildStar, or something else – it’s not hard to overlook a game that’s been chugging along and producing consistent content for nearly 10 years. EverQuest II’s 10th expansion, Tears of Veeshan, is now [...]

Added 158 days ago - 2013-11-12 - 7 comments

Interview: Dragons of Elanthia

Everything’s better with dragons. That seems to be the philosophy in gaming these days, and Simutronic’s Dragons of Elanthia is looking to bring that mindset to their own brand of action-based PvP. The game is on Kickstarter right now, and it’s angling to secure enough funding to bring 3-D, flaming, flying action to PCs. I [...]

Added 159 days ago - 2013-11-11 - 3 comments

Mojang’s Scrolls in Beta, Already Looking at F2P

Mojang is considering taking its Scrolls online collectible card game into the free-to-play realm, as co-founder Jakob Porser revealed last week. The game, currently in beta, allows players to purchase game access for $20.95, which comes with one of three starter decks. Further purchases can be made with in-game or real-world currency. The F2P option [...]

Added 170 days ago - 2013-10-31 - 13 comments

Word Play: Elsword’s New Character Classes

A lot of free-to-play MMOs are what I like to call “fire and forget” games. They launch, maybe get some new content for the first few months, and after that, you’re lucky to see more than one or two new bits a year – unless we’re talking about updates to the cash shop. There are [...]

Added 178 days ago - 2013-10-23 - 9 comments

Skill Rotation: Going In-Depth With Four of LOTRO’s New-Look Classes

There will be blood. There will be fire. There will be chaos and destruction, and perhaps even an open revolt. No, I’m not talking about the action in Battle of Helm’s Deep, the next expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online, which goes live Nov. 18. I’m talking about the likely community response to [...]

Added 184 days ago - 2013-10-17 - 9 comments

Worth the Wait? Long-Play Game, Meet Short Attention Span

If you’re like me, you think of many free-to-play games as free trials. If it’s not something you’re hotly anticipating or something you’ve just recently heard of, you’ll try a game out to see if it hooks you in the first few hours. If it does, you’ll stick around and maybe spend money on it. [...]

Added 190 days ago - 2013-10-11 - 34 comments

Warmed Over: What To Make Of Gaming’s Spinoffs

Relying on a proven name to sell merchandise is hardly a concept that’s unique to the gaming industry. Whether it’s TV show spinoffs, movie and book sequels, or anything that starts with “From the makers of…”, the general conversation goes something like this: “That thing you like? You’ll like this, too, because it’s the same, [...]

Added 193 days ago - 2013-10-08 - 3 comments

Reviewing: Might & Magic – Duel of Champions

Caught up in the Hearthstone hype? While you’re waiting for that beta key, you might want to check out Ubisoft’s Might & Magic – Duel of Champions. The online TCG was released in March on PC/iPad and already has three expansions under its belt, including last week’s release, Forgotten Wars. While the basics of the [...]

Added 201 days ago - 2013-09-30 - 28 comments

Maintaining Critical Mass: F2P’s Secret Weapon

Let’s start by saying I don’t disagree with anything Jeremy Gaffney said. The WildStar executive producer said in a recent interview that his game wasn’t going free-to-play because: “Different games with different business models work in a very different fashion. If you look at City of Heroes [which Gaffney produced] compared to Guild Wars, it [...]

Added 205 days ago - 2013-09-26 - 26 comments

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