First Look

Heavy Metal Machines – Gameplay First Look

Hoplon brings you 4v4 racing/battling challenge in Heavy Metal Machines. This free-to-play title comes out in 2017 but Closed Beta starts to show you how…

First Look

Tanki X – Gameplay First Look

Looking for some quick-and-dirty tank battling action without all that pesky realism getting in the way? Here’s our First Look of Tanki X, a free-to-play…

First Look

Cloud Pirates – Gameplay First Look

Time to customize your airship and take to the skies for airship combat in The Allods Team’s upcoming free-to-play Cloud Pirates. Set in the universe…

First Look

Battlerite – Gameplay First Look

StunLock Studios brings you the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions in Battlerite, the free-to-play 2v2 or 3v3 Arena Brawler. To find out more about Battlerite,…

First Look

Eternal – Gameplay First Look

Yet another CCG, Eternal combines the speed of Hearthstone with the strategy of Magic: The Gathering. With everything being open to free-to-play players through gameplay,…

First Look

One Tower – Gameplay First Look

No more relying on terrible teammates like me on your MOBA squad! SkyReacher brings you the free-to-play MOBA One Tower. With 1v1 gameplay and a…

First Look

Hearthstone – Gameplay First Look UPDATE: One Night in Karazhan

Hearthstone’s new adventure, One Night in Karazhan, is now available! See what demonic surprises Blizzard has in store for Medivh and his guests as Jason…

First Look

Twin Saga – Gameplay First Look

Time to take a look at Twin Saga, the upcoming F2P MMORPG from X-Legend and Aeria Games. This MMO may look cute, but with a…

First Look

The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Gameplay First Look

Yep! It’s a card game. Yep! It’s familiar to everyone out there that has played card games online already. Yep! It has a tweek or…

First Look

Street Warriors Online – Gameplay First Look

Crazy Rocks Studios brings you the “unplug your brain and beat the crap outta people” brawler Street Warriors Online. We dive into the free-to-play title…

First Look

Fallout Shelter – Gameplay First Look

Bethesda’s free-to-play mobile hit is now on PC! Build the perfect Vault and keep your Dwellers happy while braving the worst the post-apocalyptic Wasteland has…

First Look

Evolve Stage 2 – Gameplay First Look

Evolve Stage 2 is Turtle Rock Studios’ new free-to-play version of its asymmetric 4v1 shooter, where you play as a ferocious alien monster or as…

First Look

Adventure Quest 3D – Gameplay First Look

On this First Look, we jump into the cross platform PC/Mobile game Adventure Quest 3D. While maintaining most of AdventureQuest’s charm, this new title currently…

First Look

Crush Online – Gameplay First Look

We jump into the Closed Beta for Crush Online, the free-to-play PvP MMO published by GAMESinFLAMES. Crush takes players into a traditional MMORPG world of…

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