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Title: Bloodline Champions
Status: Final
Genre: Moba | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 230 MB
Publisher: Funcom
Developer: Stunlock Studios

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Fast paced combat – Rounds last 2-3 minutes
Solo and Team Matchmaking, supporting 2v2 and 3v3 brackets
Three different game modes: Arena (deathmatch), Capture The Artifact (Capture The Flag) and Conquest (map control point game mode)

Bloodline Champions is a free to play 3D arena-based PvP MMO game published by Funcom, and has been compared to Defense of the Ancients and World of Warcraft Arena. But instead of relying on killing creeps or grinding for the best set of gear, Bloodlines is a more skill-based game.

Critical hits and passive buffs don’t exist, healing and damage spells need to be manually aimed with a deft touch, and teamwork matters more than ever. Bloodline Champions is a player vs. player arena game where players engage in short, intense battles of up to ten players divided into two teams. Each player must take control over one of several different bloodlines, each with their own unique weapons and abilities. Easy to learn, challenging to master.

Different maps and game modes need different tactics, and good teamwork is important. Spells travel towards where the player aim their mouse cursor, and can be avoided by enemy players, making every ability dependent on individual player skill. There is no mana and the cooldowns are short, ensuring that every match is full of intense, adrenaline-filled action.

Bloodline Champions system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
RAM: 512MB Free | HDD: 1 GB Free Space
CPU: Pentium 4 1.2 GHz
Graphics Card: GeForce 4 Series 128MB or better
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27 Bloodline Champions Reviews

  1. Hi,
    Today I am going to be reviewing Bloodline Champions and share with you my perspective on the game-play. First thing I noticed at the lobby screen was how well it was designed. The chat box stood out for me, you are connected to a channel of players always seeing the chat box even when your looking for matches or reading in the lore. With welcoming instructions I was able to find everything with ease and was playing my first matches in no time.
    After a few single player matches I found myself thinking how to best approach this game. “It’s tactical heavy.” With my intentions on a good ranking I wanted to work on starting the game with some good habits. I went over to study up on my bloodline of choice in the knowledge base, a section where you can browse and learn the different bloodlines, maps and gamemodes. This is an essential part of the game as you will learn other bloodline abilities and strengthen your game style. I came up with my own ability rotation that I wanted to try out. Putting in the time to study and practice on the game mechanics I wanted to make sure I felt comfortable before joining a pvp match.
    Experiencing the game to this point was challenging as it was forged for competition. Coming from a casual gamer I see this game for a player with a desire for competitive gameplay with a strong interest in good community. With mechanics and design around these two factors you’ll be sure to enjoy your time.

    “I like it”


  2. I’ve played BLC since the early beta…. Ive been unenchanted by countless free to play games, especially after seeing how they trick players into loving their games and then mandate item shops as necessary to even progress….

    BLC is nothing like this, you can earn everything to enjoy the game forever by just playing it.

    I dont really care about doing a review, i;ve played PC games for 15 years just so you know, and I whole heartedly recommend BLC as the most original game I have played on any system, at anytime. Check IT Out.

  3. This game is beast. I love it so much. In my own opinion. I think it is better then LoL just because it is better for new comers. Really smooth game play and tuns of ingame items that you can purchase with in game money or with real money. The game is fairly balanced with only a few over powered characters. But we can forgive them for that because they are making tweaks to the game pretty much every week. BLC is a must play. This game will cure you MMOBA needs.

    5/5 *

    1. Just to side note. You can download the game through Steam now. Have fun.

  4. I wish for many skill based games like this except that I want it a choice for PvP or not PvP.

  5. just downloading the game now ,i expect to have fun on this game :DD

  6. BLC is in my opinion the best game ever. Its pure skill and I love the importance of teamwork. The only bad thing is that it takes quite a lot of time to get into the game and as its skill based game you are being stomped a lot in the beginning by the more experienced players. It’s nothing like the Dota games out there. Its fast, skill-based and made for competitive playing. The game requires you to handle a ton of different things to do well cooldowns, positioning on the map, teamwork, good tactics versus different combos.

  7. This game is my favorite PvP game of all time, I like it so much I even started a Youtube channel dedicated to helping the community and new players. a fast search for “NiceBabyBLC” on youtube will take you there, feel free to browse my videos about BLC if you want to learn more about the game :)

  8. Hey everyone!

    I’ve been playing this game a lot. Started about one year ago. Can’t say much different than my preposters.

    Only one tip for newcomers: Really take some time reading up what your bloodline does or else you will be excrustially pwned. Takes some time to learn, but rewarding as hell!

  9. This game has had it’s ups and downs but it’s current manifestation is the most balanced arena pvp game you can hope for. Most of players have been lost due to ridiculous choices of funcom but they are hopefully in the past.
    Give it a go if you like a skill based arena game where only thing stopping you is you being bad

  10. Guys i need help … It can be played only with Steam ?? any answers will be appreciated ,thx

    1. No, you can Download the game from the game website. I personally did this because my Steam version kept crashing. If you want friends to see when you are playing it you can click “Add a Game” in the bottom left side of Steam and add it as a non-Steam game.

  11. not a bad game

  12. This game is by far one of my favorite games ever. The only downside is that not too many people play it, I mean there are enough but not so many that you wont get some high ranked people against the low ranked people. The game itself is pure skill, and it’s great for people who like the idea of Mobas but don’t feel like sitting through a 40 minute game, the games usually only last about 10 minutes at the MOST. So everyone should deff try it. And if anyone wants to play add me ingame. Xfiveyo

    Good luck!

  13. I played this game quite a bit in its early days. It’s fun as hell….. but it has 0 staying power.
    Look for a post in the next few months announcing that Bloodlines is shutting down its servers.

  14. is it true that bloodline will shutdown it server ??

  15. The game is more then great i played it since beta but lacks of people.. And i will never understand why its low population

  16. this game isn’t that bad, i can see it’s not the type of games you just pick up and figure out in a couple of minutes, so that might push some people away, but it’s pretty fun, i guess it’s just bad timing, there’s a couple other good MOBAs out at the same time

  17. it’s low population because of all the fame league of legends has and heroes of newerth… now i dont know if BLC has a championship but im sure if they did one it would become a huge game just like LoL HoN :)

    1. We used to have Dreamhack, but since the game didn’t take off financially well, they stopped developing after 2012 Dreamhack.

  18. “geared for competitive gaming” – translation, “there’s gonna be a lot of whining and crying on the losing team”

  19. This game is good any League of Legends, Hon and Dota fans will enjoy it, not having towers and a base to deal with is a brilliant element and the extra abilities give you so much flexibility. But the game lacks updates new materials and new characters and even new maps so bare that in mind before paying any money for characters as they come expensive if paid for with in game earned cash.

  20. my fellow BLC players this is the GAME there is no turret to save u or heal pond u get in and die u want it or not man this game took the MOBA litterly i love this sooooo much


  22. Wow everyone loves the game but not a lot of people play it im gonna be honest and say ive played then stop but i stopped because not a lot of people play it so if your gonna play it keep playing and eventually more people will come and it will be fun.

  23. Downloadin.ill try it)))

  24. shit games hacks out for it dont bother u will get 1 shot all day full of american kids with mommy issues


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