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About the game:
Title: Vindictus
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: devCAT
Publisher: Nexon

Explosive Features:

  • Source Engine
  • Brutal Combat
  • Interesting Lore

Vindictus is an action packed free 3D MMORPG game developed by devCAT and published by Nexon. It is known as Mabinogi Heroes outside of North America and Europe, since it is a prequel to the MMORPG Mabinogi.

This free MMORPG is powered by the Source Engine, offering some of the best graphics ever seen in a free-to-play game and deep interaction with the game world. The walls will crumble and entire buildings fall down with the power of your actions. It adds an unexpected element to combat, which is extremely visceral and satisfying, with blood spurting from enemies right from the spot where your blades sliced.

In Vindictus, party play is not just a formality, it is something you need to be aware of and take extreme care in planning. When you’re battling a huge spider you’ll need one of your party members to distract it while other throws a chain around its legs, so that you finally get to walk past unnoticed and deal severe damage with your sword. Also, when you visit a dungeon the map will always be randomizes, so you’ll never get tired of walking through the same walls.

Collect precious rewards and craft unique items in the dungeons and develop your character. Customize your gear with stats via the Enchant system and color via the Dye system. By doing this, you assure that not only you have some powerful gear but it will also be stylish and original. In Vindictus you may even fight in your underwear – too much damage will break your armor and reveal what kind of undergarments you’re fond of!

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System requirements

Vindictus Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Single Core 2.4 GHZ
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 5GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce 5600

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70 User Reviews

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  1. NightMoon on October 26, 2015

    Vindictus (Review)
    + 10 character classes (Gender locked)
    + Costume
    + Great Customization
    + Anime style graphic
    + Decent Storyline
    + Pets
    + Good English Voice Actor
    – Server issue
    – Bugs
    – Unbalance PVP
    – Exploit
    – Bad Economy
    – Dark Community
    – Heavy Grind
    – Hard to find party group
    – Pay to Progress
    – Slow update

    • jinvarel on November 10, 2015

      Pay2win or progress isnt Vindictus , i only spent some real cash when i wanted limited avatar sets , but for gear made it myself , scrolled , infused , enhanced . Was lvl 80 with +15 Armageddon bow (1st one tradeable on EU server). To be honest this is one of the best mmorpgs because of the fast action gameplay , not many games like vindictus tbh , most of them u click on enemy and spam skills , i also like its , idk , medieval style , u know , swords , shields , bows . U dont need real cash to get upper gear , only lots of patience and farm , cos fkin RNG , community isnt that active lately but it has its good and bad/troll players like every gaming community. PvP unblanaced cos this is a feature added since Vindictus was designed for PvE . Yep there are bugs but the staff is aware and usualy fix them , not all of them cos , wont be fun anymore ( A game without few bugs isn’t a game) Sad part is the engine of the game is old , they should have used a better engine , and this thing makes some problems to other ppl . Raids usualy have stats restriction , in order to finish it faster or not fail it .

    • fred on November 1, 2016

      this game is a joke you can never get a +15 on anything there is no protection past +10 and economy is total garbage forum support what support there is none this game is like the town i live in utter garbage!!!!!!

  2. Guest on September 30, 2015

    (- Con)
    – Childish Community
    – Bad Economy (Game money useless)
    – Less Active playerbase
    – bad Management (Same Company nexon)
    – Pvp Unbalance
    – Bugs and exploit
    – Server issue
    Age Rating: M=Mature 18 only and up

  3. Denisa on March 23, 2015

    Ba…..Sincera sa fiu,,,,nu e bun jocu fratilor !

  4. Just a Guy on February 10, 2015

    To put it plainly, this game has an AMAZING basic gameplay design, but it is plagued by a god-awful economy.

    • . on January 30, 2017

      Pros are accurate. Meanwhile, I would disagree about cons: try to sell as little items to NPCs as you can. If you use marketplace (that board near pig), money would be very useful (you can sell and buy there almost everything).

  5. dragor6 on September 20, 2014

    damn its a shame that i love this game but cant play it cause the server isnt in hong kong

  6. Vindictus on May 25, 2014

    This game is fun to play, and its fast paced and well, amazing.
    how, here’s the problem:
    The customer support is non existent.
    Basically, if you have ANY problems, your doomed, and if you sent a Ticket, 80% of the time they will auto close within minutes of sending with no reply or reason as to why, or you will wait a few months/years to get a reply, Or they reply without actually helping or telling you anything.
    Oh, did I mention the lovely auto ban system they have? They don’t actually have to ban you now, the system decides to ban you for say, overgrinding, or dungeons. Really, go check it out. 🙂
    and guess what?
    There’s more!

  7. kishin on April 15, 2014

    This is the only mmorpg I’ve ever played that didn’t begin to bore me after reaching like level 20. I’m now level 34 and I still don’t have the feeling that it would be pay to win. Anyway. The graphics are awesome, the story line is alright, and the dungeons are really enjoyable. Also, I love the party creating system. It’s really cool that you don’t have to find a lot of friends first before you can conquer battles but you can team up with anyone in a minute. The battle system is awesome, there are a lot of techniques and they are easy to use. Downside: the game has terrible lags when there are many players or enemies. Well, I decided to just live with that. I wouldn’t give up the best (f2p!) mmorpg I’ve ever found just because of this.

  8. RogersRainheart on March 2, 2014

    Great game with extremely bad problems. way expensive shop. enhancing failure is 100% without premium items. nightmarish lag. worse economy i have seen on a game.
    but the story is nice. graphics are too good. you will feel like you are playing single player really. community is almost non existent. i barely talk with anyone. and i’m lvl 74.

  9. woowzers on March 1, 2014

    The guy playing the first look is a racist.

  10. Best f2p game on December 17, 2013

    although I don’t know why this game isn’t in the top10, which surprisingly shocks me, most games don’t have stunning graphics with a high paced gameplay.Im downloading it right now I just hope it starts and runs smoothly with no problems.

  11. Best f2p game on December 17, 2013

    Wow, this is the best f2p game I have ever seen, graphics at a high pace speed this game is a amazing. Gameplay everything Ive been searching for a new game to play and I sure this is the one for me.

  12. Mrenemyguy on December 10, 2013

    ….. Tera and this game was blocked. Guess gotta play this game in the secret way. Haiz~~~~

  13. Rama on November 3, 2013

    Great game! Started today 🙂 Combat is stunning, and gameplay is awesome. Only downside is probably the bugs (only a few but they are annoying) and the gender-locked classes. I hope as I play more I won’t be forced into paying for cash shop 🙁 Great game, though! Oh and BTW the game is not 2GB it is about 6.38GB + the Akami Interface Session (Which is very small)

  14. stillstrange on October 8, 2013

    Downloaded the game but now it says my e.mail and password are wrong.this can not i can not play.Are there others with the same problem?

    • Rama on November 3, 2013

      Just press forgot your password I guess. Or make an another account.

  15. Jokiller1223 on August 12, 2013

    Can we play vindctus In UAE please please i love this game so much

    • Majed on August 12, 2014

      Yes it is possible now….

  16. puf on July 30, 2013

    Game looks to be good bur nexon are blocking lots of country i their games. I think their want that less players play their games 😕

  17. nRoi on July 7, 2013

    Live in Europe. Baltic countries – Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia.. I live in Lithuania and I can’t download because of the region. What kind of shit is that?

    • Kaaposts on July 8, 2013

      Yeah Im from Latvia and i cant download it too because of the “region”!!!

  18. Ants on June 22, 2013

    First, as I played only vindictus Eu, its what I talk about. Dont know bout other versions.

    I played since closed beta and used to bugs.
    But lately this game has become broken beyond playable.

    Both pillar karok and bow kai are broken. if You want play (for some strange reason), stay away from these 2 chars. Pillar karok has been bugged since release and still no fix…

    Every patch seems to make more new problems then it solves (last patch destroyed royal army base raids and these haven’t been fixed in 4 days. No info is given will it get fixed at all).

    In itself, vindictus is great game, but thanks do nexon poor management and devcat loss of interest in it, it hardly a game i would recommend.

    I guess, if they haven’t been able to fix bugs that have been reported since closed beta, more then 2 years ago… Why should we play it? Its better listen vindictus BGM in Youtube then actually try play this broken mess.

  19. ugurano on April 28, 2013

    this game its best from nexon, all another games shit

  20. Orinius on March 17, 2013

    This game is great its fast paced and very action packed the problem tho is he servers the stability is crap….day after maintainence it runs great but after a week it goes downhill…nexon is very bad at hosting this game i wish a company that would put the time in effort into this game that it deserves would take it over and make it the best it possibly can be…i fear tho even tho it is amazing as long as nexon runs it this game will never live up to its full potential

  21. PinoyGamer on February 25, 2013

    when will it be available in the Philippines?.

  22. Xbox360 on February 25, 2013


  23. LoL on December 25, 2012

    game stand out than other MMOs because you don’t have to press “1,2,3…” for spells.

  24. darkwolffenrir on December 16, 2012

    they should do a first look of the new archer kai o.o

  25. michie on December 13, 2012

    can anyone please tell me if this can be played in the philippines?

  26. lord19 on November 27, 2012

    Well S2 and a new character has appeared for this game and more is sure to come

  27. ahseng on November 25, 2012

    game was amazing but many country cant play this game,use proxy if u really want play this game,but something proxy will make such trouble.

  28. RenTheRose on October 20, 2012

    ~TO every one who post’s how can i play this look in to changeing your ip adress and to the one with the hack detected propblem put down your fire wall and also check to see if you have a software that changes codeing of others thangs.~

    As far as the game gose i find haveing to party being annoying at time’s yes but also makeing it better when you start off their are people their to help you out. The bosses all are hard and fun in their own way the skillz and weapons are cool and they seem to have one for every type of player (sythe lover here) i am lvl 50 and i have to say the grinding in the game is not to bad if you make some friends i often help my friends grind so they help me back and then with some one helping you grinding is not so bad the only real problems with the game is nexon is hosting it and their a mean company who know how to wring money out of you($20 sunken in my 2 chars) other then that i found it a fun game that offer alot more then most gmaes out their. It has lovely graphics a nice communty open market cool movments while fighting that all seem to flow even with the people who will press random bottons the cons inner armor is rilly anoying not much hair styles and make up enless you buy kinda foces you to work with other people for some misssions all characters are gender locked and after the quests you lose sight on what to do. Other then that i love the game alot and play it more then aion and c9 combined. thanks for reading ^^

  29. Thom on October 14, 2012

    So hey, is vindictus ever gonna be able in Brasil?? it’s such an amazing game….would be nice to play 😀

  30. John on August 31, 2012

    this game is awesome at first till u get to the point of having to run the same instance over and over again just to complete a quest with very little if any reward and the crafting system is way to tedious, there is no other way to get gear unless using real money or buying from marketplace there r no vendors that just sell gear and enemies do not drop gear unless u break it off which almost never happens

  31. LapK on August 21, 2012

    This game is fun until you run out of quests and have to grind dungeons for exp. I hate having to rerun dungeons. The good thing is that fighting new bosses and entering new raids is fun. However its annoying to have to wait until someone wants to do the same dungeon your doing because that dungeon is unpopular. Its also annoying how the dungeons are being hosted by the party leader. If he does not have a great connection, everybody in the party is gonna lag. Its very exciting when you learn new skills and you wanna try to test them out in a dungeon. However its also annoying to grind for AP to make them stronger. Transformations are fun and powerful, but leveling them takes quite a while because they can be used 1 every hour.

  32. lordfire on August 11, 2012

    guys any 1 can help to i can play this game in egypt!!?

    • youyo12 on August 11, 2012

      no you can they block the id (ip) of arabs for you lordfire:(ana masry 3ala fakra wa s2alt wa s2alt el gm bta3e el l3ba wa 2aly hwa 3aml block id (ip) lala 3arb kolohom 3lshan tab lehom bas wa kaman ad5l ay l3ba 3arby 7tla2y el 3arb 3amlyen hashtamo fe b3dehom wa by3mlo hackat walahy 72ohom ya 3mlolna block id (ip) 2oly 3ala l3ba el 3arby msh bydwr leha 3ala hack aw msh byshtem feha ) if you want a game to play you can play c9 or wow catalyism or guild war good luck if you want any thing from me text me send me a message good luck

      • youyo12 on August 11, 2012

        i play c9 if you want to come i play in eu server

  33. Dariel on August 3, 2012

    Best F2P game I’ve have played yet.

  34. IronicNova on June 25, 2012

    I don’t know if anyone here can help me but i really need help regarding this game. I’ve been trying to play but as soon as the game is up for not even 5 minutes it gives me an error bug and says its a hack thing, but i’ve checked me computer multiple times and i have no viruses.

  35. Eon786 on June 9, 2012

    Can i play vindictus in saudi arab ? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

    • youyo12 on July 4, 2012

      can i play vindictus in egypt ???? pls any answer plsssssssssss

  36. taiga on May 25, 2012

    hello iam from malaysia,this games look very fun,how i wanna login in this game?,when i press “LOGIN “button then it cannot do i connet from malaysia?,can u help me?.thx

  37. chim on May 12, 2012

    too much grinding in this game
    like the black hammer armor
    u need to run the dungeon for like 60 times to get the whole armor set

  38. zePlayer on May 11, 2012

    Played this for about four months, and it was a lot of fun.

    Though dungeon-instance based, this is a great game because it is a fast paced MMORPG. It really separates itself from the generic WoW-ish MMORPGs out there. Combat is so much more involved and exciting. You need to do more than random button smashes to pull off combos, but they aren’t as complicated as executing combos in fighting games (i.e. Street Fighters).

    This game is more oriented towards PvE, so there is a lot of team-play. If you prefer, you can also solo dungeons.

    – Gets repetitive after a while
    – Grinding for skill points
    – Botters ruining in-game economy

  39. meh on April 8, 2012

    I wanna play this game with my gf but she’s living on Europe right now and I’m on America :/ can we still play in either USA or EU servers together without having to use proxys (i know they slow the conection)?

    I hope someone can help me out.

  40. brandonmah on February 21, 2012

    in malaysia i know about proxy but i dont really know how to use can anyone give me tip

  41. brandonmah on February 21, 2012

    can vidtictus play in asia

  42. Zac on February 2, 2012

    Can i play this game in Australia???????????????

  43. Vinvoro on December 15, 2011

    did anyone can try the euro servers outside euro ?

    • Vinvoro on December 15, 2011

      nvm, the FAQ said:

      “The service area of Vindictus Europe includes Europe (excluding Russia and Cyprus) and Isreal.”

  44. Name (Required) on November 10, 2011

    just download a proxy to play it. In my case,im in southeast asia and downloaded it and managed to play the game.However latency difference is sort of high. :3

  45. random dude on October 1, 2011

    they need to fix the repating dungeouns over and over again problem its ridiculous i feel like i could smash my computer its very fustrating other than that its pretty fun

  46. stolennn1 on September 7, 2011

    Vindictus Europe @ Facebook:

    “We can now announce that the beta site will be opening from 15th – 19th September!”

  47. rainmkd on September 3, 2011

    vindictus eu aint yet

  48. random dude on August 27, 2011

    i just played this today and let me tell u its f*** awesome and addicting too i just cant stop with this game its fucking awesome thats all there is to it

  49. EliteKitten on August 11, 2011

    so have they allowed EU ips to loggin the US server or what ?

  50. GamingKatze on June 22, 2011

    This is a beautiful, fast paced and well done MMO. I’m incredibly surprised it’s free and this is the first F2P MMO I have ever spent any money on. Albeit it was a whole $5 (I dunno why I just wanted a pony tail for my character lol) but still, I’ve made it however many years playing F2P games and never spent a dime on them, until this one came along then somehow I really didn’t mind.

    This has to be one of the most beautiful F2P MMOs I’ve ever seen and the physics engine for it is just as impressive. break everything in your path and be rewarded for it as well! Each dungeon has a different set for difficulties as well as goals. Single player, do it in whatever amount of time, don’t use feathers (revival thing in the game), don’t use health potions, etc. Every angle of the game has a different way to engage the player and keep them busy for hours.

    Crafting in the game though, personally I find tedious but it works. I am only lvl18 after a couple of days of playing with a friend so there may be more then what I know of at the moment. From what I gather though, as you continue the story line (quests) you gather recipes from different boss encounters and dungeons. When you bring them back and finish the story line for it, you are able to go to one of three people in town and if you have gathered the ing. they need, they will craft the items for you. You can even enchant, enhance or dye an item several times. Of course as with many other MMOs you have a chance of degrading the item or even losing it all together so it’s a chance you take.

    The play style is genius and incredibly fun! So far I have enjoyed the Mage character (I think she’s Eve or Evie, I can’t remember) almost too much. I definately recommend this game to anyone who has been playing games for awhile and is looking for something new, this is an incredibly refreshing approach to MMOs and will have you hooked!!!

  51. Axon on June 13, 2011

    I could only play this game for a short time due to the fact that my PC is so old, however the time I did play I was very impressed.

    Personally, I have played almost every single F2P that has come out in the passed few years, this one blew me away so much that I am sitting here at Newegg hovering over the check out button for a brand new PC I built…

    I must have more Vindictus.

  52. Suits on June 13, 2011

    It’s gonna be released this year Q4.

    As a Nexon representative explained during E3 2011: (0:39)

  53. EUtester on May 8, 2011

    If u are US/Can/Korea citizen, game is fine, otherwise – forget it.
    Game was made only for mentioned 3 country’s.

  54. mmorep on April 9, 2011

    +fast gameplay
    +very realistic movements(can break pretty much anything, lots of blood, flying ragdoll dead bodies)
    +lots of skills
    +regularly updated(almost always an event)
    -gender locked classes
    -only 5 characters(only 3 characters currently)
    -lots of doing dungeons over and over again
    -if you have a host with bad connection your whole group will be laggy

  55. Pherione on April 4, 2011

    If there is one game I would love to try (and haven’t yet) it is this one.
    Sadly, it ain’t available to europeans yet so this is gonna feel like a long wait.

  56. kougis on April 4, 2011

    anyone knows if its gonna be released in Europe?

    • Vibez on June 24, 2013

      Couldn’t tell you. But did spend about an hour trying to get this to work. Signed-up, told me to check my email. Did that, nothing there. Waited. Waited some more. Got bored of waiting and just gave up.

      Pretty sure I tried to sign up for this last year too and the same thing happened.

      • unknown on September 14, 2013

        look into the draft u well find it some games send to drifts

  57. Gary the Dairy Fairy on March 19, 2011

    I’ve been playing the open beta for around a month now & have to say the game overall is incredible. It’s a must try if you’re fed up with the cookie cutter MMORPGs & enjoy more of a fast paced game along the lines of say a Devil May Cry or God of War, but still like the character customization & skill tweeking of RPGs. I do have some cons to point out though, most of which are attributed to it being beta. 1) peer to peer instances cause lag: you will find yourself temporarily frozen from time to time 2) graphical bugs: these seem to be brought on by the lag at times, if you’re familiar with source engine games you’ll probably recognize the occasional character model distortions that invade the screen, sometimes so bad you’re practically playing blind. Restarting the game client corrects this.

    • KooKeeKutter on October 8, 2013

      First off, the irony of my screen name as a reply to your comment. Secondly, you’re right about the cons. Thirdly, this might be a personal preference but, I don’t like the dungeon based game. It looks really good. Would even go as far as saying, this game as one of the best combat systems out there (superb). But it’s world is restricting and small (not including the dungeons). World is not immersive. At least DN has a free world kinda ‘feel’ to it thought it is also dungeon based. But that’s just me.

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