Rappelz Launches Epic VII: Reanimation

Prepare the hunt for monsters and powerful rewards with the official launch of Rappelz Epic VII: Reanimation! Tame the wild Lydian lion as your newest fearsome pet and tackle enemies together in the deadly Master Class dungeon, The Labyrinth. The Lydian, once just a stylish lion mount, can now be tamed to battle alongside their […]

Added 2 years ago - 2012-06-07 - one comment

Rappelz Announces Reanimation Expansion

Rappelz Epic VII: Reanimation will arrive June 7, and the rewards begin today with a three week login event! Log in daily from May 9 to June 3 to win items like in-game experience boosters and weapons savers every single day. Play the whole time and automatically enter the pool to win a gaming mouse, […]

Added 2 years ago - 2012-05-09 - 7 comments

Rappelz Hacking Interview: All You Ever Wanted To Know

We’ll start with a brief explanation for all of our readers who aren’t up to date on the Rappelz situation. The hacker problem in Rappelz isn’t new but escalated in the last few months and now, according to the gaming community, seems worse than ever. So, some concerned players decided that they had to do […]

Added 3 years ago - 2012-01-06 - 29 comments
Rappelz (4)

Rappelz Under Hacker Attack (MemberZone)

As a player of Rappelz, and it being a rather large online gaming community, I feel I need to get this information out to all news sources that will accept it, and follow up with their own investigation. For the last year Rappelz has been under attack from Ruppee sellers and Hackers. It has escalated […]

Added 3 years ago - 2012-01-01 - 55 comments

Rappelz Epic VII: Ascension for November

Five years ago, Rappelz had just entered beta in North America. Today, the classic MMORPG announces its ninth major expansion! Due out mid-November, Rappelz Epic VII: Ascension will introduce new monsters, new bosses, and an exciting new dungeon. On top of all that, players can enjoy immediate server buffs as the countdown to the game’s […]

Added 3 years ago - 2011-10-05 - one comment

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