Editorial: The Power of Simple Grinding in MMORPGs.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This editorial was written by MMOBomber and new contributor Steven Hawke. If you’d like to see more of Steven’s thoughts on a regular…

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MMOBomb’s Top 17 F2P Games To Look Forward To In 2017 And Beyond

2016 is almost gone, and that means just one thing: time to buy new calendars! Well, that and time to look forward to 2017. This…


MMOBomb’s Free-to-Play Predictions For 2017 — And Readers’ Predictions From 2016

I copped out last year. I admit it. When I did my sort-of-annual tradition of making end-of-year predictions for the F2P gaming space, I only…

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MMOBomb’s Top 10 Free-To-Play Gaming News Stories of 2016

All the memes say 2016 was a lousy year in the real world. In the free-to-play world, things were … well, sometimes good and sometimes…


Belly Up To The (Loot) Bar: A Potential New Way Forward For F2P MMOs

Since the dawn of time, RPGs have used something akin to real-life “rules” when it comes to loot acquisition: if you kill something or someone,…


Preview: Fresh Starts Getting “Fresher” in ArcheAge: Revelation Update Coming Dec. 10th

Sometimes it’s just too easy to rag on Trion Worlds and particularly ArcheAge. From the whole “it’s not us, it’s XL Games” PR at launch,…


Armored Warfare’s Global Operations Re-invents the Classic Tank-Fighting Formula

Obsidian Entertainment isn’t afraid to try different things with Armored Warfare. The game’s latest mode, Global Operations, hit the servers earlier this fall and offers…


Change Is In The Air: Our SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne Interview

It’s late in the year, and that means a new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Everyone loves new stuff, though the opinions regarding…


Into the Breach: Our Preview of Path of Exile’s New Update and Challenge League

Sometimes the headlines just write themselves. We’re sure that’s what Grinding Gear Games had in mind when it named its newest content update the Breach…


Preview: We Tour Starfall Prophecy, Rift’s Expansion Launching Today

Rift’s Starfall Prophecy expansion is expected to launch today, bringing a level cap increase (to 70), new zones, new dungeons, the new legendary abilities, planar…


Do MMO Revamps Help Draw In Players Or Chase Them Away?

In case you missed it – and, if you’ve been following this site, I’m not sure how that could have happened – Skyforge made a…


SWTOR’s Upcoming Gearing System Changes Are Making Players Very Unhappy

Star Wars: The Old Republic is making significant changes to the way it handles loot at endgame. As summed up a few days ago by…

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Atlas Reactor’s Free-to-Play Model Is Dramatically Underpowered

I’m going to start talking about Atlas Reactor by talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic. Deservedly so, SWTOR has gotten a lot of flak…


Amazon Game Studios Breaks Into The Gaming Biz – Will Breakaway Be Free-to-Play?

UPDATE: Zach Sharpes got this ad to pop up on Facebook yesterday: And Magicman says there was a section on the Amazon website that also…

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