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The Apocalypse Beckons: Our First Impressions Of SOE’s H1Z1 Stream

Zombies might actually be scary again. SOE gave gamers their first extended look at H1Z1 gameplay during a Twitch stream on Thursday. The highlights included: A nice showcase of the graphics, which utilized the Forgelight engine superbly. The sun’s rays bloomed through the trees and you couldn’t be blamed for thinking you were looking at [...]

Added 1 day ago - 2014-04-18 - 5 comments

Project Cyber Video Interview – PAX East 2014

MMOBomb’s Spunkify interviews two representatives for Spearhead Games on their new upcoming “soccer MOBA” that takes place in the future. Spunkify gets the scoop on current game mechanics and future plans for Project Cyber. Those interested in a Steam Key for the game can find one here at the Spearhead Game’s official site.

Added 4 days ago - 2014-04-15 - 4 comments

Magicka: Wizard Wars Video Interview – PAX East 2014

MMOBomb’s Spunkify interviews Paradox North’s Studio Manager John Hargelid on the spell casting wizard madness to come with Magicka: Wizard Wars. John elaborates on small tweaks, new additions, and the developmental process. Anyone interested in Early Access can apply at the official website here.

Added 4 days ago - 2014-04-15 - 7 comments

Orcs Must Die! Unchained Video Interview – PAX East 2014

MMOBomb’s Spunkify interviews Robot Entertainment’s Design Director Ian Fischer on their latest tower defense en-devour, Orcs Must Die! Unchained. Check out how the studio’s combined the iconic traps of the original series in a brand new PvP environment. You can signup for a chance at beta access by heading on over to the official Orcs [...]

Added 5 days ago - 2014-04-14 - one comment

Aimless and Nameless: Did SOE Pull a Fast One on Landmark Founders?

What’s in a name? To some people, quite a bit, apparently. When SOE decided to drop the “EverQuest Next” part from Landmark’s title, it seemed like a reasonable move. “EverQuest Next Landmark” was a long, bulky name that invited confusion with the “real” EverQuest Next. A rebranding/renaming was all but required. But dropping the iconic [...]

Added 10 days ago - 2014-04-09 - 10 comments

Word Play: Black Gold Online Alpha First Impressions

How much can you learn about a game from a few hours in an alpha? Enough, I think, to get a feel for the general way a game plays, if not the specifics of how everything will operate. You’ll hear, “They can still change it, it’s only an alpha (or beta),” but that usually just [...]

Added 17 days ago - 2014-04-02 - 29 comments

F2P Doing Just Fine On PlayStation 4

In case you missed it, Sony had a few choice words to say at last week’s GDC about their free-to-play business on the PlayStation 4. By and large, the words of choice were “very good.” As reported on GameSpot and elsewhere, free-to-play revenue on Sony’s consoles is up 50% over year-to-year, with 3-15% of players [...]

Added 22 days ago - 2014-03-28 - 9 comments

326 Million Reasons Why Microtransactions Are Here To Stay – And How To Live With Them

Microtransactions are big business and they aren’t going away any time soon. That’s the conclusion one can easily reach by looking at the latest brief from market research firm SuperData, which puts a number on the console MT business, and it’s a big one: $352 million per year. The number’s been trending upwards for several [...]

Added 24 days ago - 2014-03-27 - 15 comments

Free to Play, The Movie: The Thrill Of Victory And The Agony Of Defeat

I’m an e-sports skeptic. I know, huge tournaments draw huge crowds and have huge prizes. But try to describe “jungling” or “ganking” to a typical American or try to convince them that a skinny 20-year-old is on the same level, professionally, as Peyton Manning or LeBron James, and you’ll be met with eye rolls at [...]

Added 30 days ago - 2014-03-20 - 9 comments

Round 2 of the Ultimate F2P Tournament: A By-the-Numbers Recap

And then there were 16. Only one-quarter of the games that started on this journey still remain, so we thought we’d reflect on some of the stats we’ve seen in the first two rounds with a few “best of” lists: Most votes through two rounds: SMITE – 18,965 Mabinogi – 12,648 Warframe – 7571+ Team [...]

Added 36 days ago - 2014-03-14 - 170 comments

4 Reasons Why Buying Levels Isn’t The End Of The World

It’s fully out in the open now. Blizzard will offer players the chance to fork over $60 to buy a level 90 character in World of Warcraft, and you’ll also get one included with a pre-purchase of Warlords of Draenor. It’s a controversial move, to say the least, though one that’s hardly unprecedented. A small [...]

Added 38 days ago - 2014-03-12 - 23 comments

Housing Crisis: Is MMO Housing In Need of Renovation?

Player housing is in the works for Star Wars: The Old Republic. A mini-trailer from a dev chat earlier this week gave fans a brief preview of the upcoming feature, offering a windowed view of Coruscant’s skyscape as seen from what looks like a luxury apartment, which can probably be yours for a small security [...]

Added 43 days ago - 2014-03-07 - 16 comments

MMOBomb Ultimate F2P Showdown Round 1 Recap: Upsets and Surprises

The first round of the MMOBomb Ultimate F2P Tournament is over! It’s the most exciting round of a tournament like this we’ve ever done! What’s that? You say it’s the only round we’ve ever done? Technically still correct… OK, let’s take a look at what we’ve learned so far… Things went mostly according to form [...]

Added 45 days ago - 2014-03-05 - 143 comments

SOE Lays Out Landmark’s Monetization Plans

EverQuest Franchise Director of Development Dave Georgeson laid out the monetization plans for EverQuest Next Landmark on the game’s forums today. Some aspects of it are bound to raise eyebrows, and Georgeson anticipated those responses, as he laid out SOE’s justification for the stickier points. Of the five phases outlined in Georgeson’s plan, #1, #4, [...]

Added 50 days ago - 2014-02-28 - 11 comments

Doing Free-to-Play Right: An Expert’s View

When it comes right down to it, I’m just a guy. I say things, things that I think are right, but it’s not like anyone is busting down my door to hire me to help them make their free-to-play games (not yet, anyway). So it’s refreshing to see someone who is routinely hired to help [...]

Added 52 days ago - 2014-02-26 - 15 comments

Vote For Your Favorite Games in the Ultimate F2P Showdown!

It’s time to fill out your bracket – no, not for basketball, for video games! And with this one, you’ll get to pick the winners! We’ve selected and seeded 64 of the top free-to-play games in existence and need you to let us know which is the best. Several times a week, we’ll open up [...]

Added 54 days ago - 2014-02-24 - 1,360 comments

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