SWTOR’s Upcoming Gearing System Changes Are Making Players Very Unhappy

Star Wars: The Old Republic is making significant changes to the way it handles loot at endgame. As summed up a few days ago by…

atlas reactor

Atlas Reactor’s Free-to-Play Model Is Dramatically Underpowered

I’m going to start talking about Atlas Reactor by talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic. Deservedly so, SWTOR has gotten a lot of flak…


Amazon Game Studios Breaks Into The Gaming Biz – Will Breakaway Be Free-to-Play?

UPDATE: Zach Sharpes got this ad to pop up on Facebook yesterday: And Magicman says there was a section on the Amazon website that also…


Better Gear Management and The False Promise of Build Switching in MMOs

I haven’t gone off on a good inventory management-related rant for a while, but the latest news coming from Rift has inspired me. It’s not…


Does It Really “Hurt The Industry” If Games Shut Down?

A few days ago, I read an opinion piece about a formerly free-to-play game that has received, shall we say, a bit of a negative…


Preview: AQ3D Pushes Towards Open Beta

Say what you will about AdventureQuest 3D itself. Maybe you love it, maybe it’s a bit “simplistic” for your tastes, hell, maybe you don’t even…


Remember Your First F2P Game On #NationalVideoGamesDay

Today is National Video Games Day. It’s also National Chocolate Milkshake Day, National Boss/Employee Exchange Day, and National Day of Encouragement. So sit down to…

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Outfit thumb

Nearly Every MMORPG Is Pay-To-Win, And Here’s Why

Make a list of what you think are the free-to-play games with the best cash shops. Which games feel the most “free” to you and…

Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds 3

Interview: Atlas of Worlds Expansion Reshapes Path of Exile’s Endgame

If you thought Path of Exile’s last content update, Prophecy, shook things up, you’re in for some serious world-shaking this time around. Atlas of Worlds,…

Quake Champions Anarki

Quake Champions Could Be F2P Or B2P, And There Are Arguments For Both

Quake Champions is id Software’s and Bethesda SoftWorks’ upcoming team arena shooter. Sure, that might make it seem like any one of a number of…

Blizzard To Add Tavern Brawls In Next Hearthstone Patch 2

The Digital CCG Bubble Hasn’t Burst Yet, And Might Not For A While

In recent years, we’ve been mobbed by MOBAs and smothered with shooters. But since the success of Hearthstone, digital collectible card games have been sprouting…

riders of icarus feat

Maybe MMOs Don’t Have To Be Innovative After All

For a long time, I’ve railed against traditional quest-and-level MMOs – “WoW clones,” if you will. This wasn’t so much out of a snooty, “Oh,…


Preview: Devilian Online Update 1.4 – “Alvir’s Legacy”

Devilian players may have been excited to get their hands on the latest patch, 1.4 Alvir’s Legacy, last week but had to wait due to…

Star Trek Online Chekov thumb

Interview: STO’s Agents of Yesterday Sends You On a Time-Travel Romp Though Trek’s Many Eras

I’ll dispense with the “boldly going” jokes and get right to the heart of the matter. Today, July 6, Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios…

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