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ArcheAge is a fantasy sandbox MMORPG that sends players on a journey across the great continents of Nuia and Harihara. Four unique races that all have their own passive qualities, along with ten ability trees create one hundred and twenty different class options, providing ultimate character customization and specialization. Explore a vast realm by cart, ship or glider, and conquer the impending foes in the world of ArcheAge.

27 reviews

Born to Fire

Born to Fire is a new FPS published Aeria Games. As a soldier in this war, you have only one choice – you kill your enemy, or your enemy kills you. It’s up to players to choose from one of five unique classes and work together. Each class offers a different playstyle and equipment for players to use in battle such as a riot shield, a medic gun, flamethrower, and more.

23 reviews

Core Blaze

Core Blaze is a 3D fantasy MMORPG by Gamania; utilizing the Unreal Engine 3, Core Blaze displays high-end visual effects with fast-paced gameplay. Inspired by Eastern mythology, Core Blaze offers players a unique combat experience based on weapons rather than a traditional leveling system.

26 reviews
Dawngate 2013-06-07 17-18-20-39


Dawngate is a MOBA from Waystone Games in which players control Shapers, unique and powerful beings who have access to a variety of abilities and up to 3 additional spells players can choose from during the match.

51 reviews

Dead Island Epidemic

Dead Island Epidemic is a fast-paced action MOBA taking place in a world infested with a zombie out-break, leaving those stuck in the chaos to scavenge for supplies, craft their own gear, and fight for survival.

38 reviews


Deadbreed is a dark 3v3 MOBA where creatures of the night fight one another in a battle of life and death. Unique to Deadbreed is the ability to equip each hero with its own unique set of artifacts. These items modify a hero’s look, but more importantly change how the hero plays.

12 reviews

Dungeon Defenders 2

Dungeon Defenders 2 sees the return of the popular tower defense mode featuring unique heroes, with more hero customization, persistent hero leveling, loot and a town square where players can socialize, manage their heroes, shop, trade, and queue for matches.

10 reviews

Eclipse War Online

Title: Eclipse War Online Status: Closed Beta Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 2.2 GB Publisher: Playwith Interactive Developer: Ndolphin Soft User Rating: Like this game? Tell your friends: Share Overview What’s explosive about it: Creative Transformation system Small download size Rage Skills Eclipse War Online tells the tale of two powerful […]

20 reviews

Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm is a fast-paced MOBA from Blizzard Entertainment which pits heroes (and villains) from each of the studio’s iconic universes against each other in several objective oriented maps. Unlike other MOBA’s, HoTS forgoes items and traditional ability progression, in favor of passive augmentations to their abilities which players can choose from at set level intervals.

3 reviews


Hounds is an upcoming game by CJ Games that mixes MMORPG with third person shooter. Introducing a blend of genres, players can experience an action-paced shooter with the immersive environment of an RPG.

9 reviews
Legend of Edda (1)

Legend of Edda

Legend of Edda is a free 3D, fantasy MMORPG based on the Greek mythological conflict between the Gods of the Olympus and the Titans with anime inspired graphics.

11 reviews

Magika: Wizard Wars

Magicka: Wizard Wars is a fastpaced action PvP game that utilizes and dynamic spellcasting system of Magicka to generate a broad variety of offensive and defensive effects. Each player can design a persistent and personalized wizard with hundreds of unique items. With short rounds and unpredictable strategies, Wizard Wars gives both novice players and experienced MOBA veterans a unique experience in every encounter.

7 reviews

Mercenary Ops

Mercenary Ops is an upcoming 3D third person shooter from Chinese developer Yingpei Games. Combining real-time physics and dynamic gameplay, with stunning graphics, players will battle one another in this life-like shooter. Compete in 8v8 battles in various game modes with up to 7 friends and go on co-op missions.

33 reviews


Minimum is a third person shooter which combines fast paced arcade gunplay with hack and slash melee combat and MOBA-like progression. Minimum’s main gameplay mode called “Titan” has two teams of 5 competing for resources used to power their team’s Titan, a large robot whose objective is to destroy the enemy’s base.

3 reviews


Monarch is an upcoming game by CJ Games that mixes MMORPG with real-time strategy. With a massive environment, Monarch provides players the ability to combat on a large-scale. Featuring a special troop system, players can hire soldiers to level up, equip and trade with one another while amassing an army to siege and conquer opposing territories.

6 reviews

Monster Madness Online

Monster Madness Online is an FPS with extensive RPG elements. Aliens have invaded and sucked all adults into the void, leaving only those 18 years of age and below to fight for humanity’s survival. Players can customize their character with unique weapons, abilities, and consumables necessary to stave off the incoming invasion.

15 reviews

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