Absolute Force Online Announces Open Beta

Net Dragon, the publishers behind the upcoming FPS Absolute Force Online, let word out that the beta for the third person/first person shooter would be available on December 19th. AFO’s closed beta was apparently a huge success for Net Dragon, as the company announced that over 10,000 players participated in the closed beta test phase.

TQ Digital, the developers of AFO, have stated that the feedback the team garnered from the closed beta tests will be “taken seriously with promised changes based on player requests”. Besides player feedback changes, AFO is said to be getting new maps and new weapons for it’s open beta period. No word as to how long the open beta will last or if this is to be the unofficial launch of the shooter.

You can signup for the open beta on the official site now.


  1. Will there be asian servers?

  2. Don’t play this game.. *flies away*

  3. The best! I love that game.)

  4. this game for all or like arctic combat only for NA and EU ?

  5. closed beta there was no eu. how about now?

    1. now no ip restriction

  6. I have a problem, the game is decent for what it is but what makes me yak.. is….. well im trying to play this game one a 46 inch tv and you see it will only let you go to 1020x(what ever ) full screen thus leaving these 2 horrible boxes on FAIL on either side…. with no resolution. I am slightly sad

    If anyone has any suggestions (good ones) besides the long walk of short pier and what not please hit me up [email protected] thanks much boys and girls ^_^

  7. AFO Open beta now live. With no IP restriction, which is awsome.

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