Family Guy Online Shuts Down

Can’t say this comes as a surprise. Family Guy Online is apparently shutting down on January 18th. The MMO which was set in the universe of the popular cartoon, was never fully released, only making it to open beta before getting its curtain closed.

Why was it shut down? Was it because Family Guy has been around for 11 seasons and people were simply tired of the cartoon family? That probably had something to do with it. Another even more likely reason was because 20th Century Fox, the network behind Family Guy, wasn’t seeing enough profit. In fact, I am going to say that money was the main reason, just like it was the main reason they decided to make an MMO based off the series in the first place. Can you tell I don’t care about Family Guy? Because I don’t.

If you happened to spend any money on the browser MMO between October 22nd and December 21st, then you will be happy to know you will be getting a refund sometime in January. More details about refunds can be found on the main page here.


  1. MOUNTED!!!… F**k yea!! I was waiting for this day to come … Family Guys Online = facepalm….

  2. well at least they are giving the money back right? XD

    1. ya but only to the people who spent money on that time family guy online is out for some time and believe it or not there are people stupid enough who cs in cb lol

  3. i used to play this game but quit after like 2-3 days didn’t like it that much but it was a funny game anwyays i am not suprised personally main reason games shut down is money nowadays

    1. The game was indeed funny but it wasn’s designed to be your casual gme that you spend hours on, trying to conquer a stronghold with your guild or God knows what. Actually i can’t even imagine the tipe of gamer that would play this for more than a week. The concep of the game was good but in my opinion if they made a The Simpsons MMO insted it wouldn’t had shut down… well at least not this early, because everyone likes The Simpsons

      1. sorry for the typos idk what’s wrong with me today

  4. game was stupid. and why browser mmos. those lick nuts.

  5. It wasn’t that bad, but it’s still not anything that anyone will ever miss.

  6. the game was performing really bad – it was lagging and freezing, people were asking about a desktop client, but that never got released

    1. the game was really fun but to many problems runing it 100% true what u write!

  7. i knew this was coming not the fact that it was family guy but the fact that it was poorly made

  8. Seen this coming. There was no possible way this game could have kept on going. TV shows do not make for good games, and almost everyone that’s attempted has failed miserably. Look at Star Trek Online, Star Wars Online (Old Republic). All those pieces of trash fell apart. These games will never have any real value to them. The only reason Star Wars is still alive, is simply because it’s branded with Lucas Arts, and the only players still left in the game from from a very far back fanbase. Other then that, I don’t think the generic mmorpg who doesn’t really care about Star Wars too much still plays.

    Family Guy Online was terrible. Sure, it had the humor of the TV series, however, that’s ALL it had, and nothing more. No one really wants to spend hours on end running around and doing absolutely nothing. It would be hard to turn Family Guy into a violent type mmorpg. It maybe a violent TV show at “Some” points in the series, but it’s definitely not something that could be turned into an mmorpg.

    Oh well, I’m sure Seth Mcfarlane, has absolutely nothing to lose anyways, he’s already filthy rich, maybe he was just bored one day.

    1. Actually, Star Trek Online, if you have ever played it… is freaking awesome. On release it sucked. But now, after many updates, its freaking awesome. Give it a try. Star Wars Online is a good game too, just not enough content. They really needed ALOT more content in star wars to call it an MMORPG. And I dont think neither game has fallen apart. Star Wars has lost its subs and no longer requires one, but its still a very decent game. One of the best free to play games out there, I have to say. Its still better than LOTRO.

    2. The Old Republic is a pretty damn good game, it’s just run by all the wrong people. People that are digging the grave for the game by themselves.

  9. yeah this shitty game die, the cartoon is 50% and 50% good and bad its all

  10. the game wasn’t bad, but nor was it great. the t.v. show isn’t all too bad either but to make it a mmo was not a great decision on fox. if the game was a cilent base not a browser base than maybe it would have gotten more views. there’s plenty of cilent base mmo’s that are awful ( to my own opinion) but they still exist. FGonline had potential, but too bad.

    1. A browser IS a client, and I imagine that the game’s lack of success has a lot less to do with the platform than the game itself.

  11. I saw this coming, everyone saw this coming.Looks like dev’s think that they can turn ANYTHING into a MMO…Whats next? SpongeBob MMORPG?

    1. Lol, i think they already had a spongebob mmo 1 time lol

  12. Yeah….it was a niche game. Sure wouldn’t hold it’s own without lowering it’s profit expectations.

    Shame to see Soul Captor going off too. Guess it wasn’t a happy launch all around for many titles.

  13. What a lame idea

  14. I know this post is not about firefall, but i have 2 beta invites to give away, so email please? For those who seriously want to play, TQ,

  15. I played it only a bit and I thought it was just OK. I think the developers relied too much on the TV show’s branding and focused too little on actually making the game good. It’s kinda like those cheesy live action movies of popular entities, e.g., Dragon Ball: Evolution. lmao

  16. i couldn’t see it lasting long anyway.

  17. lol what’s up with all the mmos that shut down at the end of 2012 and start of 2013? guess this is related to 21.12.2012 end of the world?

    well family guy online is a crap game, and the cartoon has nothing to do with the bad game they made. Evene if the game is bad, it had more humore then WoW+ guildwars 2 together

  18. that is why there shutting down the game wel f***k you seth macfarlane

  19. they just want F****n money they do`nt care about the mother F*****g game at all money money money that is all what they care about

  20. I started a petition to bring it back and a Facebook page, for petition search on and for Facebook page search “bring back family guy online”

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