The SMITE World Championships are well under way and that means it’s time to start getting ready for the next season. During the opening ceremony of the Hi-Rez Expo yesterday, the developer announced a variety of changes players can expect this time around.

Among the changes is the introduction of the first god in SMITE’s newest pantheon — the Celtic goddess The Morrigan. A mage that can take the form of any god on the battleground, The Morrigan has the ability to turn the enemy’s strategy on its head. You can see this new god in action in the video above.

Another addition to the game is the new Egyptian clash map. This update to Clash rethemes the map around the Egyptian Pantheon, featuring a backdrop complete with the Pyramids. The update also removes both the Fire Giant and Gold Fury from the map and adds new walls sending players to the center of the map to face Apophis.

A new type of consumable is being added as well. Rituals are rather expensive, so players will need to use them well, but the trade-off is powerful effects during the late-game.

As always, players can also expect improvements to the ranked system, item updates, and other various adjustments designed to improve gameplay. These changes will roll out throughout the season as some components are still being worked on.

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  1. Sith on January 8, 2017

    Good ole’ Trionisshit. copy paste blah blah. In this case I agree. Hi Rez is one of the if not the worst gaming companies on the planet. although Trionisshit. shoud never be taken seriously……except this time LOL

    • ZMemme on January 8, 2017

      Why is it one of the worst gaming companies on the planet? Can you people just not get over Tribes? Looking like kids holding a grudge. Hi-Rez is one of the best free to play companies. Their games don’t have a single trace of P2W. Smite is one of the most innovative games to come out in this decade. They are extremely close to the community and always listen to their players. Just kinda gets me salty seeing these kids that never played a single game from Hi-Rez talk shit without knowing anything.

      • . on January 9, 2017

        Is there are possibility to upvote your comment (Zmemme)?Totally agree with you.

      • Nub on January 17, 2017

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  2. zabi on January 8, 2017

    This game has terrible servers.

  3. trionisshit on January 7, 2017

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