Might & Magic Duel of Champions Open Beta Starts

I enjoy trading card games, I am bad at them, but I enjoy them nonetheless. With the announcement of open beta for Ubisofts latest Free to Play card game “Might & Magic Duel of Champions”, I know it is time for me to don the cone of shame and suit up for yet another attempt at grasping why I am fundamentally horrible at them.

Ubisoft announced today that the trading card game based on the popular Might & Magic turn based strategy series was now in open beta. The game includes hundreds of detailed collectible cards all set in the Might & Magic universe. Like other online trading card games, players will be able to play against enemies for a chance at earning new cards and growing the abilities of their hero’s army.

It will be interesting to see how Ubisoft’s M & M trading card game fairs against the veteran TCG Magic the Gathering Online. Both games have deep roots, one with turn based strategy players who have enjoyed Might & Magic since the 90s, and the other with an equally as popular if not more popular physical trading card game.

You can sign up and play in the open beta on the official site here. Do online trading card games interest you? If so will you be giving Might & Magic Duel of Champions a try? Let us know!


  1. Lol bad tagg , theres no link to the website

    1. learn how to read

      1. Escuseme , but i was the first one to read it and there was not a link on the OFICIAL SITE “HERE” it was fixed after my comment , NOOB …

        :) pdt: you are human being fail

        1. Read more carefully next time than.

          1. I don’t think you understood him: he said that when he posted that 1st comment there was no link. After he posted it, the link got added in, possibly because he pointed out it wasn’t there.
            Unfortunately you can’t edit or remove comments for this site.

  2. And im gratefull for this game , it seems complet :) like its a rly good card game kind of old school :3

  3. This game is really good if you are into Magic The Gathering.. etc, I think. So it’s not for me.

  4. woohoou downloading :)

    1. weird…launcher say “Servers are Online” but game “Servers are Offline” what the hell man :D

  5. I can’t even log in the site so I can download the game. -_-

  6. I think people from NA can’t log into the game without a proxy >_>; meh oh well, guess i’ll look for some other thing to burn my time

    1. That can’t be. I didn’t get a message of any kind stating that NA couldn’t play BUT I did read on the message boards that Canadian players can’t access it:

  7. its a p2w? AS BATTLEFORGE? dat game dont should be in the mmorts list…

    1. Won’t be, because Ubisoft

  8. No NA support :’(

  9. Wait… Isn’t the biggest areas for trading cards NA and china? I didn’t think Europe even participated in it to a fraction of what NA did.

    Smart business move, ubi.

  10. It’s a hard-to-win game for me, never gotten a win in random duels. unless you pay for better expansion packs which I have no time and money for. This is the simplest online trading card game I’ve played. Simpler than Sword Girls

  11. Seems like a good game but I can’t download it because UPlay sucks hard(Login problems) :(

  12. it’s in open beta but not available for north america even though the dev team is in canada and they have not said why for over two weeks

  13. i downloaded it today and so far i am finding it quite enjoyable, however there are some bugs within the game, i know its obviously a beta so its to be expected but some are making the game hard to play, for instance, this may be just for me but if you right click on a card to zoom in it bugs and always zooms in the the first card in your hand/graveyard/deck and you can’t zoom any other cards to read them. this is incredibly annoying when trying to read certain effects of cards and in a game like this it is kinda important to be able to do so, but yano when they fix the bugs and release the game fully it “could” be a good game

  14. its not ubisofts fault guys its wizards coast the guys behind magic the gathering they have a patient on the rare card thing or whatever so the game isent in NA for that reason.which makes me wounder how the dev team based out of canada intend to work on their own game lol.

    anyways when they stop being dicks then maybe ubisoft can bring it here otherwise you have to proxy it

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