Skyforge is gearing up for closed beta and today, has announced that the magic date for those of you waiting to jump into the free-to-play MMORPG is March 11th. With the closed beta announcement, has also put their Founder’s Packs up for sale.

Come on, be honest, we all saw the Founder’s Packs coming here…let’s give them a look and see if they’re worth it.

The Founder’s Packs for Skyforge range from $19.99 USD to $69.99 USD, but all three versions of the Founder’s Packs include access to all closed betas, early access to open beta, a badge and a title on the Portal, and the ability to transfer your character name from closed to open betas. Numerous other rewards and perks are given which each more expensive Founder’s Pack purchased. If you want the exclusive mount though, you’ll have to buy the $69.99 pack as it is the only one to include that item.

Will you be buying a Founder’s Pack for Skyforge? Let us know below! You can check out the prices and all of the extras for each pack here after you check out the new beta trailer above!

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  1. 90s gaming on February 27, 2015

    So if you spend more you unlock more classes? the fuck is this shit?

    • Bakkoda24 on February 27, 2015

      Both these classes will be available even if you don’t buy a founder’s pack. All classes in the game are available to everyone.

      Buying the founder’s pack unlocks these classes instantly.

  2. thetrue on February 26, 2015

    System req?

  3. BROKEN on February 26, 2015

    As I all ready have a beta access I will wait and see if this game is really all that. And if it is, I will buy the ultimate pack.

  4. Richard on February 26, 2015

    cool lol.

  5. zoren on February 26, 2015

    While I can see this becoming my new “final fantasy” (or most played game) I hate the idea of timed beta tests 🙁

    • Richard on February 26, 2015

      really? and timed?

      • zoren on February 26, 2015

        Well what i mean is that the beta tests are limited to a certain amount of days just like archeage testin

  6. Rufinus on February 26, 2015

    are u guys going to give away some keys

  7. Curty on February 26, 2015

    I noticed that there is a “Premium account” for a limited time on the founder’s packs. Will it be on the game too? And what will you receive out of it?

    • Toasty on February 26, 2015

      The only information we have on those right now is on the tool-tip for them which mentions “progression perks” which seems to imply things to help you, well, progress faster. I’d assume more information on those to be shared before the game hits open beta.

  8. Eviil on February 26, 2015

    Founder packs that start at 20 bucks that are highly anticipated games can take my money anytime. console games are 50 bucks at release so why not.

  9. kinggamerkg on February 26, 2015

    we paying to test there game wow how game have fallen

    • beta on February 26, 2015

      you decide if you want to pay i got my beta key in November when the game was virtually unplayable, you are only paying for early access and bug finding nothing more nothing less

    • Toasty on February 26, 2015

      By purchasing the founder packs you are given access to the game as well as all the other items in the packs. Even so, you are not required to purchase a founder pack! If you signed up for the beta you have the chance of being sent an invite once they start sending those out. More invites will be sent as the beta progresses so keep an eye on your email.

    • Deviant on March 1, 2015

      You are paying for Early Access, Beta Access is just a bonus.