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Title: Heroes and Generals
Status: Open Beta
Genre: MMOFPS | Theme: WW2
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: ? GB
Publisher: Square-Enix
Developer: Reto-Moto
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Persistent Tactical Overworld
Large Sprawling Maps
Realistic WWII Vehicles

Heroes and Generals is a free to play 3D MMOFPS developed by Roto-Moto and set in WWII . Unlike traditional lobby based shooters, Battles fought within Heroes and Generals contribute towards a persistent overworld based on real areas of Europe during WWII. High ranking players acting as “generals” command various assault teams towards key objective locations within the overworld. Once an assault team has been moved into place a mission is spawned allowing players to join that mission.

Depending on what type of assault team was sent into a mission, players of each faction will have varied amounts of respawns, class types and vehicles available to them. As the battle progresses both factions respective generals can command more teams to reinforce those currently engaged in the mission, giving them extra respawns access to vehicles and more. This allows a battle to wage back in forth on both the strategic and ground level.

Players will have the ability to create their own character and progress towards a specialization including Rifleman, Sniper, Tank Commander, Fighter Pilot and more. Players can also outfit their character with new clothing as they gain experience, allowing them to show off their rank.

Heroes and Generals system requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista or 7
RAM: 1.5 GB | HDD: 1.3 GB free space
CPU: Dual Core or better
Graphics Card: Nvidia: 7900 or above
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76 Heroes & Generals Reviews

  1. looks cool. cant wait to install it!

  2. its cool game but …. its laging alot i cant move :S

    1. i played heroes & generals, i laging i can’t move and also the graphics is diffrent-sucks game

      1. it’s a Beta….
        Graphics in beta are never great.

        i love the game

  3. why its in broswer games but you need to download it?…

    1. You need to download the plugin.

  4. If it is lagging, you can try to play Army Rage. That’s also WW2

  5. dis sucks ive got a touch screen asus new laptop nd it lags so much

  6. i thought its a browser game , but i have to download it :((((

    1. Don’t worry, it’s just a small plugin. Like how with BeGone you need Unity.

  7. can u give us a code for the game???

    1. onkiller, the game is open..

  8. How do I get rid of the lag? It is so bad I can’t almost play the game…I mean, THIS HAS SO MUCH LAG I CAN”T SHOOT ANYBODY!!!!!!!! EVEN IN THE LOWEST GRAPHICS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AMD phenom quad core proccesser 1950e
    Nvidia Graphics card

    1. Better PC, or it just needs more optimization, it’s mostly optimization, a lot of people are getting lag.

  9. Everyone that is complaining about lagg, It’s not the game its you. your pc is shit or laptop…. And to say the game sucks is pretty low if u ask me its super low download it shouldn’t take long to download, and also the game just came out. its’ still in its testing stages…..

    1. @Trevor: This is were your wrong, because it lags like a bitch on my new gaming pc.

      My PC Specs:
      Cyberpower Black Pearl (Desktop)
      Windows 7 Home Premium 64
      Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650, 1GB Video Ram(VRam)
      Intel Core i7-3820
      8GB DDR3 Ram

      This new gaming pc is prepared for Arma 3 and runs Dayz with 0% no lag, and yet this low spec game lags alot, and its only this game, arma 2, dayz, battlefield 3, battlefield heroes, battlefield play 4 free and every CoD game doesn’t lag not even Black Ops 2, this game isn’t even worth playing.

      1. I agree with Hj Network, sometimes its just the problem of the game, @trevor, you just said it! “THE GAME JUST CAME OUT.IT’S STILL TESTING STAGES”

    2. Man i have lag and a dual 12core that plays most stuff with a 21 ping but in h&g i have really bad lag most ppl shooting me i never even see

  10. It is a beta, a true beta. It is there to be tested & fixed over time so that it can be released in a full working order. I has not been optimised yet either, so comparing it to fully released games is ridiculous.

    Also lag = latency issues, fps drops are more hardware. So stating your rig when your complaining of lag issues is mostly redundant.

    If your playing from the US the player base is not as large as the EU player base yet so most games are not hosted on domestic servers for the US players, which produces worse latencies for them.

    So can you please compare like with like, find another early open beta game (open Beta’s that are just glorified tech demo’s) and compare this to that, not fully released games from powerhouse developers.

  11. Horrible lag… and if lag is completely a hardware issue like certain jerks with no tact state here…. then you must have to have a $5k machine to run this game. If you don’t live in Chicago or Denver, your ping rate will be crap. It’s probably true that the largest part of the population comes from the EU, so if the battles are occurring on EU servers. That pretty much ruins the game.

    You can’t move the server close to you, so even a $10k machine won’t get past the lag if it can’t communicate to the server. Potentially a good game, if they work out the communication issues.

  12. Ahere i can get a voucher key

  13. This game is really good! Though there are still lags but we still have solutions on fixing it! By the way i have a response to the people who says why is this in the browsers. Its in the browsers section because the only thing that is going to be downloaded in this game is the plugin not the whole game. The whole game is automatically loaded to your computer. Well except the plugin! Now…Good job to the creators keep up the good work ^-^!

  14. how to sign up heroes generals

  15. Aww man,I can’t wait to try this! Just played the closed beta long ago,and it was great!

  16. i love this game, was a bit laggy at first but then i lowered the graphics and it was fine. amazing game i hope stays free after the beta!

  17. They should just make it a client it would run alot better

  18. I have a Nvidia 660M and I get 40 to 60 fps. This game requires a really good graphics card so if your graphics card is not good don’t even try it.

  19. I play on 768p with normal texture and high terrain. It is fine. I’m in the New York area and get about 100 ping. However you are hopeless with anything less than a Nvidia 600 series. It is just going to lag like shit.

  20. This Game want to be Red orchestra so hard. But Red Orchestra does everything better. Nice try though!

    1. yea but this is F2P

  21. i need a key

    1. Its open Beta, a key is not needed. Just register.

      As to comparing HnG to other games (poster above this one). Comparing a finished product to an open beta mid development is not comparing like with like. Wait until the game is finished & released to draw such comparisons.

  22. I do not know why you people are lagging so much I only lag because of my connection (usually about 150 ping or so but when I am lagging it is almost 3000) I run this game at max settings with about 80fps

  23. this game is cool because this game similiar Call of duty 2

  24. I thought this was under browser? It says I have to download…so….category it properly because that was misleading, since I was looking for a browser fps and this is not browser.

  25. hey wtf is a promotional code

  26. Zachary;

    The Generals part is browser based, using a flash plugin to run and campaign map and move your units.
    The Heroes part is launched via the browser but the actual fps requires you to download and install the game. To have a game with the detail and content of HnG soley on browser would be near impossible.

    Promo codes are on some sites. When you set up your accout you can use the code to get an amount of gold. I believe pc gamer did one a while back.

  27. Hoped you knew what is a browser game…

  28. Two issues seem to be reoccurring;

    laptops having gfx issues;
    If it uses nvidia gfx make sure the laptop is NOT using in board gfx. The is a forum thread on this on HnG official forums.

    Being a browser based game;
    The game is in two parts. The Generals uses shock wave to run the campaign map. The heroes part is launched from a plugin and requires downloading.

    So in reference to the above post; yes I know what a browser game is, reading all of the information before commenting will avoid the implications arisin from making assumptions.

    To everyone, a new build was released recently addressing a lot of issues and working towards a more finished project. Several community suggested items have been added such as tiered matchmaking. Go check it out!

  29. This game has gone down the toilet. The devs are retards who dont listen to any problems and now all they want is focus on money making. Game is too hit and miss. Shiiitttee

  30. I want promotional code

  31. This game is horrid i run 3 780′s in sli and have google fiber as i live in kcmo i get 1gb down and 1gb up with 1ms ping and this game laggs horrible. the people that made this game are complete morons and probably basement dwellers and cant afford the education or training to make a decent game so before you download well actually dont download move on to something else. i recommend blacklight retribution.

    1. I am seriously beginning to question how ppl with specs such as yours can get those specs with so little brain power.

      This is an open beta made by a small group using proprietary technology (thy make everything themselves). Furthermore trying to run a game that is in development on a triple sli is just stupid, it does not support sli!

      As a last note did you even bother to find out that the ping depends on where the mission server is, which in turn is determined by the first person who starts the game. So is a US player connects to a game hosted on an EU game server it doesn’t matter what your connection speed is as it has to travel several thousand miles!
      If YOU start a match it will be the game server closest to you, which will have far better times.

      Instead of slagging off the game how about you actually find out how it works!

      1. And as an additional note;

        “The people made this game” is wrong

        “The people MAKING this game” is the correct was as the game has not even been released yet. How about you get out of your basement as your comment only showed that the biggest moron around is you!

  32. whats a voucher key and promotional code

  33. Damn,its good to finally see a decent good old WWII game,also that “High ranks as generals” system seems pretty unique too!

  34. Will it work on my pc?
    my requarments are :-
    Hp-pavalion dv6 laptop
    Intel i5
    ITRNL GPU – IntelHD4000
    Extrnl GPU -Nvidia 630m 2gb
    ram-4 gb
    2.5 ghz
    64 bit,OS; windows 7 home premium SP1
    and my inter net is 1mbps ,that would be ,Download speed is 150-180 KB per second.
    :) any help would do.
    thanx in advance

  35. screw this game its got the worst optimization i have ever seen on a pay or free game
    spend 2k on a rig = 25 fps at best,,,
    like playing minecraft when it first came out
    ridiculously poor coding

  36. This game had potential to be a good FPS. It is ruined often by the Strategy aspect of it. Win an entire match driving the GM back to their 1st spawn and then run out of lives and they regain 2 spawns not the entire 2 main objectives just 1 and they wiin in last 2 minutes. What a joke the devs are. Great big maps. But not like Sierra’s Starsiege Tribes 1 or Novalogics Delta Force series where you can walk up to anything on the map and around it and keep going as far as you want.
    The GM= Gernans are OP most the time with the MG42 and panzers that just MG you everywhere you go. Its entirely dependent on if some of your side has tanks or planes too and the spawns given to the sides are not equal to begin with on maps many times. The scopes are blurry at a distance and scope technology was well advanced of what they have in this game. Now try sniping you need a recon player that is dependent on its position being available I think related to tanks. Very few snipers allowed. Changing players mid stream or loadouts is fucked due to that feature. Plus many bugs in game. It can be fun but almost too much work to bother playing unless you enjoy having your team stomped 10-15 times in a row often as a US player.
    A lot of people find something better to play. This could have been a great FPS but being an F2P and constantly messed up by the inequalities it sucks ass.

  37. Another thought is anyone who claims this game is realistic of WWII has little knowledge of WWII and little clue of war at all. Sorry for the french above.

  38. It looks good and has a potential ..but it had low fps. And the thing that kills it the most..no one shot kills..come on.. take a lesson from Red Orchestra.


    1. whats wrong it works just do everything right

  40. Daf*q! I made an account on this, because it its in the list of BROWSER games. now it says please download it. sorry, but that will cost you 1 player less in your community.

  41. waste of space wont accept live.co.uk email addresses cant even register not paying for an email address just for a game

  42. HEEEEY GUESS WHAT THIS GAME sucks and rules at the same time i have no complaints just the lag but i got over it and just played eventualy u dont notice so :d

  43. well why is this game listed under no down load required when you MUST down load the game and plug ins for it? you guys need to clean up your site put things under the right heading

  44. Lagging?? shit laptop or pc? dont worry go setting then low your graphic :/

  45. nice fps

  46. i cant join a match

  47. It’s a good game.

  48. Its ok but there could be some better things

  49. This game has it’s share of glitches. If you flip in a vehicle, it will bug out. And i pressed the crouch command and instantly found myself falling in the sky as it said I killed myself? But, this is only the open beta. And it’s still a very good game. They did well to make the game realistic. The ability to customize & upgrade weapons, and even drive a tank or be in the air force. Don’t like to play a FPS? Well then this game is still ofr you. Not only is there the realistic combat, but they account of strategy as well. This game has a lot of potential.

  50. I don’t want to download the game

  51. This game is a total beast! WWII first person shooter + awesome graphics. Can’t wait for it’s release on steam!

  52. Downloaded this on steam today.
    Uninstalled it within 30 minutes.
    4 other players online. The worst lag I’ve ever experienced (my computer plays everything else fine). Just not good enough for a game I was excited to play as I love WW2 FPS.
    Really disappointed and relieved that it was free!

  53. just downloaded it, great game play.. ive not experienced any lag issues… better than red orchestra
    cool graphics… in all good for a beta.

  54. recommand it

  55. Man I wish I could live in an awesome economic super power like the US, then I wouldn’t have such a shitty house, awesome free healthcare and high paying jobs.

  56. this game suck’s ass it is so lagey and i just got a brand new laptop this game sucks. it may look fun but……………………………………………………. IT SUCKS

    1. break in ur laptop or fix ur connection

    2. Just because it is a NEW laptop, doesn’t mean it is a GOOD laptop! GTFO! This game is amazing!

  57. WTF are you people bitching about?
    1 its probably your inferior american shitty internet making it lag..
    2 its free – you didn’t spend a dime so shut the butt-hole on your face and stop farting on this comment section unless you have something constructive to say like “maybe the US of amurika should get more domestic servers for testing so less nubs will whine”

    1. I mean i understand,but i’m from miami. Why you gotta be a dick? Have fun with your fucking inferior housing and living conditions.



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