Snail Games Sued Twice?!? Tera Fate Of Arun launch date announced, Aion and Blade & Soul get the mobile treatment, all that and more, this… is Free To Play Weekly! Free to Play Weekly with Zach Sharpes is your weekly web show about free to play multiplayer online games from

Free-To-Play Weekly with Zach Sharpes is your weekly web show about free to play multiplayer online games from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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  1. njdevils96 on November 26, 2014

    yes to me companion apps are here to stay and good because its honestly just more content set in the game universes we love, as long as they are still constantly updating the mmo and dont use too many resources on development of the app im a fan.

  2. iklone on November 23, 2014

    Just read this, not looking to promising, but I want to look more into this. If anyone can give a better pros and cons review, looking forward to read it. This link is personal comments only….

  3. legofkain on November 23, 2014

    They should call it “Blizzard suefest” instead of entertainment. Almost everytime I hear about it in the news it’s about a lawsuit lol.

  4. KainDarkfire on November 22, 2014

    That’s a god joke. Blade and Soul will never come out. They only ever had a few people working on it, even if everyone in the west was flipping out about the game a couple years ago.

  5. hovsep56 on November 22, 2014

    first lawsuit was reasonable but blizzard sueing snail games cause they have panda’s? THE F** ?

    • hovsep56 on November 22, 2014

      what’s next they gonna sue the ZOO in belgium cause they got a panda?

  6. Toki on November 22, 2014

    snail game sux,if i have the money i wouldve sue them too,those bad customer service