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Access programmatically the best MMO games, multiplayer online games, news and giveaways! The MMO API (Powered by MMOBomb) is available for everyone to use without any restrictions. Please note our API is free to use as long as you attribute as the source of the data. We hope to improve the API over time.

Send us an email at if you find any bugs. Don't be afraid to experiment and feel free to share your projects with us.

Endpoints & Examples

Live games list


Games by platform

Insert platform, eg: pc, browser or all

Games by category or tag

Insert game category or tag, eg: mmorpg, shooter, pvp, mmofps and more.

Sort games by release date, alphabetical or relevance

Insert sort by, eg: release-date, popularity, alphabetical or relevance

Games by platform & category & sorted


Filter Games by multiple tags for personalized results

Insert tag, eg: mmorpg, shooter, pvp, mmofps and more. Optionally you can also use the "platform" and "sort" parameters

Return details from a specific game

Insert game id

Live MMO Giveaways


Latest MMO News


News related to a specific game

Coming soon!

CORS Support

If you need cross-origin resource sharing features you can access our API via RapidApi at:

Rate Limits

Please avoid doing more than 4 requests per second.


200: Success
404: Object not found: Game or endpoint not found
500: Something wrong on our end (unexpected server errors)