Editorial Policy

MMOBomb.com is a website, YouTube, and social media presence specializing in reporting on, creating videos for, and providing insight and opinions regarding all things multiplayer gaming related.

Content includes news updates, interviews, editorial/review pieces, coverage of gaming events, a weekly video and audio podcast distributed on YouTube and multiple podcast platforms, First Look videos providing initial opinions on new MMO games, multiplayer games, and more.


We strive to report news as accurately as possible.

News comes from many sources including press releases provided by game developers, publishers, and PR firms. News can also come from sources that reach out to MMOBomb.com either publicly or anonymously.

MMOBomb.com protects all sources but we also attempt to confirm news given to us anonymously via multiple sources and confirm our sources are who they claim to be or have the experience they claim to have, where possible. Frankly, if it seems sketchy to us, we won’t report on it.

We also reach out to developers, companies, and individuals pertinent to any story. This means we report on information that may not paint a person or company in the best light. In those cases, we always give the company or person a chance to reply to a story ahead of time where possible. Updates provided after the fact will be included in published pieces under the “UPDATE” flag.

Sometimes corrections or clarifications to a story are provided after publication. Corrections or additional context may be added to an article. When this happens, articles will use the “UPDATE” or “CORRECTION” notification. While we strive to always be accurate, when we do have a correction made, we will provide context for the correction in the published piece when we make a change to the original piece’s text.

When news comes from other media outlets, for example us covering investigative reports from other sites, those sites are credited in each piece and are linked to as to provide proper credit and ease of access for our readers to the original source.

Professional relationships

MMOBomb.com has relationships with many game developers, publishers, public relations outlets, and media companies. While these relationships may be long-term and friendly, they are, above all, professional.

These relationships sometimes involve developers or publishers supplying our team with games, Founder’s Pack keys, or other access not generally available to the public to assist with our article and video creation. When this happens, we disclose that we were provided with additional access or items in any published works. Receipt of these items does not influence whether a game will be covered at all on MMOBomb.com, nor does this access influence our opinions on games.

This aspect is disclosed to any company offering to send us games, keys, or access prior to the items being provided.

MMOBomb.com does not solicit items from companies in any way and does not accept high value gifts from these companies. Occasionally companies send the team small trinkets or notes of goodwill (usually around the holidays) and often these items are given away on our Twitch livestreams.

When we receive hardware for potential review, we always attempt to return the review items when the review is complete. In instances where the companies do not want the hardware returned, MMOBomb.com allows the individual reviewer to keep the item, but again, each article or video review does have the fact that we were supplied with the item disclosed and receipt of the item doesn’t guarantee coverage or alter opinions. Again, companies are given these stipulations prior to sending items to MMOBomb.com.

Some events require travel to cover and companies often supply travel and lodging for such events. This offer does not impact opinions or coverage and is disclosed in all relevant pieces.

Finally, sometimes our work at MMOBomb.com requires obtaining information prior to it being generally available to the public. Most of the time, receipt of the information ahead of time is agreed upon (usually in written emails) under a “gentleman’s agreement” to not publish information until a pre-designated time and date.

Sometimes for larger announcements, MMOBomb.com may be asked to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Most of the time, these agreements are just more formal versions of the previously mentioned “gentlemen’s agreement” designating a date and time for publication. However, sometimes NDAs exceed the comfort level of MMOBomb.com and include stipulations we simply cannot agree to in good conscious. In these events, we refuse to sign the NDA and simply cover the news when it is made publicly available. We do, of course, respect any embargo date or time we were made aware of and will not report that an “announcement is coming” from a developer or publisher.

Advertising and commercial activities

At MMOBomb.com, the editorial and advertising departments operate independently of each other. As a media outlet, yes, we advertise in the sidebars of MMOBomb.com, in line with our other content, and in some other areas of the site. These advertising deals are separate from our editorial teams and do not influence what games we cover. Advertising on MMOBomb.com does not mean you’ll be receiving additional coverage or coverage at all.

We only accept advertising that is respectful and appropriate. This means no interstitials, pop-ups, automatically playing sounds, and no offensive material. If any inappropriate content does appear on the website, we will take steps to remove it.

Some advertisements offer a small commission when users register or make a purchase through the Ad. Our editorial team is not part of advertiser selection nor are they generally aware of which ads provide micro “commissions” or advertising rates.

Digiwalls Media

MMOBomb.com is owned by Digiwalls Media which also offers gamers even more through our other portals. These websites are operated independently of MMOBomb.com and have their own policies.

Digiwalls Media publishes a variety of websites, API's and Apps including:

GamerPower.com – Provides a TON of gaming giveaways at no cost to our users.

FreeToGame.com – To help players discover new games in the free-to-play gaming world.

UpperGamer.com – A news manager platform providing ALL the gaming news you could possibly want in one place.

GamesCamp.com – Want to learn game development? Check out tutorials and resources for all the top programming languages.

GamerCoins.com – Get in-game codes rewards direct from game developers. Coins, gems, and other items are being given away for free.


If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to reach out to contact@mmobomb.com.