Rise of Legions Beta Steam Key Giveaway (More Keys!)

Rise of Legions Early Access Steam Key Giveaway MMOBomb and Broken Games have teamed up to score YOU early access keys to Rise of Legions!…


Star Trek Online: Victory is Life Sweepstakes! (PC)

Star Trek Online: Victory is Life Sweepstakes! (PC) To celebrate the launch of Star Trek Onlineā€™s fourth major expansion, Victory is Life, MMOBomb is teaming…


SMITE Hosting Community Contest For Halloween & Winter Skins

SMITE fans with a flair for art, break out your medium of choice and get designing. Hi-Rez is already planning for its Halloween and Winter…


Attack On Titan Collaboration Event Being Held On TERA Japanese Server

Anime fans (who also play TERA), you might be a little jealous here. Unless you’re in Japan that is, then you’ll be the envy of…


Reminder: Paragon Shuts Down Early Friday Morning

If you still want to play Paragon, you’d better get to it. Epic Games’ MOBA shuts down at 8 a.m. Eastern on Friday the 27th,…


Neverwinter’s Lost City Of Omu Arrives On Consoles

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can now hop into the most recent Neverwinter module, Lost City of Omu. The update, which has been out…

Free Halo Online Predictably Draws The Attention Of Microsoft

Remember that free-to-play version of Halo Online that was being developed by some intrepid modders? The one that had a big patch last Friday? The…


Senior VP Laura Naviaux Departs Daybreak As It Tries To Distance Itself From Columbus Nova

The first head has rolled at Daybreak Game Company, which has been put in scramble mode since yesterday’s “revelation” that it was never owned by…


Guild Wars 2 Players Still Can’t Play As A Dervish, But At Least Now They Can Dress The Part

Players hoping to get a Dervish class in Guild Wars 2 are going to have to keep waiting, it seems. But until ArenaNet deems it…


Belgium Classifies Four Games’ Loot Boxes As Gambling, Demands Their Removal

Following on the heels of the legal re-classification of loot boxes in The Netherlands, the Belgian Gaming Commission has brought down the banhammer on loot…


Daybreak Game Company Says It Was Never Owned By Columbus Nova

Remember when Sony Online Entertainment was purchased by Columbus Nova and rebranded Daybreak Game Company? No you don’t, because it never happened. That’s the stunning…


League Of Angels II Introduces Cute New Fairy Battle Pet

Spring has been kicking around in the Northern Hemisphere for about a month now, so League of Angels II‘s latest battle pet seems pretty appropriate….


StarCraft II Introduces A Pair Of Community-Made Maps

StarCraft II went free-to-play a few months back, loudly touting its non-pay-to-win nature. While that’s still intact, Blizzard is going in another direction with the…


Relive 11 Popular Mods From Past Leagues In Path Of Exile’s Flashback Event

In less than two weeks, the May Flashback Event will kick off in Path of Exile. Set to run from May 5th to May 29,…


Interview: H1Z1 Quickens The Pace And Streamlines Gameplay For The PS4 Crowd

Before there was Fortnite: Battle Royale, before there was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, there was H1Z1. Despite launching into early access three years ago, its development cycle…


Defiance Event Horizon Now Under Way; 2nd 2050 Closed Beta Test Announced As Well

Between now and May 7th, Defiance players can earn 100% boosts for XP, Rep, and Score. These boosts part of Event Horizon which introduces new…


Champions Online Beats Out City Of Heroes As Longest-Running Superhero MMORPG

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios today announced that Champions Online has surpassed an important milestone, becoming the longest-running superhero MMORPG. It launched on Sept….


Hearthstone’s Executive Producer Stealth-Announces Departure

Remember when we told you about Ben Brode leaving the Hearthstone team to forge his own path with some new company that will be a…

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