Champions of Titan Gift Key Giveaway

Champions of Titan Gift Key Giveaway IDC Games has granted MMOBomb thousands of gift keys for Champions of Titan to give away to our readers….

Free to Play Cast

Free to Play Cast: Troy and Bless, Jason and Breach, and a Dash of MapleStory 2 Ep. 279

On this week’s show Troy gets locked into playing Bless Online as Neowiz says players had the wrong expectations, Jason checks out Breach, and Epic…


Dauntless Offers First Look The Riftstalker, An All New Behemoth

Phoenix Labs is finally ready to show off Dauntless‘ new Behemoth — promised as part of the Dark Harvest Halloween event. The Riftstalker is a…


Dota 2’s New Loot Box Shows You The Odds Of Getting Rare Items

Valve’s taken a lot of heat the past few months for the way it handles its loot boxes in Dota 2. The Netherlands classified its…


Dreadnought Developer Six Foot Lays Off 45 Employees, Four Days After Launch

While the news of Dreadnought‘s launch may have been good news for gamers, it wasn’t good news for many employees at developer Six Foot. Game…


Spellweaver Offers Returning Players Free Sets For A Limited Time

If you’ve been away from Spellweaver for a while, now is a good time to return. Following regular releases during the “Ancient Rising” card season,…


Limited Time Rewards Available as Skyforge’s Gods Of The Arena Opens Today

Today, launched “Gods of the Arena” in Skyforge. This PvP event gives players the chance to participate in region-wide matches in order to earn…


Win 1 of 50 Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery Starter Pack keys

Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery Gift Pack Giveaway MMOBomb is teaming up with Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios on a special giveaway for…


Beyond The Veil: Hands-On With QC Games’ Competitive Dungeon Crawler Breach

Online PvE dungeon crawls are all the rage these days. It’s the modus operandi of games like Warframe and Path of Exile, though those games…


Harvestmath Festival Returns To LOTRO, With New Quests And Events

The Lord of the Rings Online‘s version of Halloween, the Harvestmath Festival is back in today’s patch update. You can sample the conclusion of the…


Trion Rolls Out Halloween Events For All of Its Games

The spookies are on their way in all of Trion Worlds’ games. The Autumn Harvest returns in RIFT tomorrow, trick or treating comes to ArcheAge…


League Of Legends Star Faker To Donate Entire October Stream Revenue

League of Legend‘s pro player Lee Sang-hyeok — better known as ‘Faker’ — plans to donate all the revenue from his October streams to the…


World of Warships Halloween Patch Goes Live, Bringing Submarines, British Destroyers, And An NHL Star

The British are coming — British destroyers in World of Warships, that is. The new line of ships goes live today, continuing the Royal Navy…


ZeniMax Hiring For Position With “MMO Development Experience” For “New IP”

Is ZeniMax Online Studios looking to expand its MMO offerings beyond The Elder Scrolls Online? That might be the case, to go by a job…


ZULA Gift Key Giveaway (Europe Only)

ZULA Gift Key Giveaway (Europe Only) IDC Games has granted MMOBomb thousands of gift keys for Zula to give away to our readers (Europe only)….

First Look

MapleStory 2 – Gameplay First Look

MapleStory 2, Nexon’s follow-up to its smash hit F2P MMORPG, is finally here! Like its predecessor, it’s cute as can be, offering a lot for…


Dark Reaches Update Hits TERA

TERA‘s October update is here, and it’s brought several serious changes, including the addition of the Apex skills system to the Archer, Gunner, Ninja, Reaper,…


Path Of Exile Wants To Sell You A Super Creepy Spider Cosmetic

Well, if any of you Path of Exile players dig spiders, Grinding Gear Games has been thinking of you. (Either that or they really just…

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