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Frequently Asked Questions

How does MMOBomb work?

MMOBomb is more than just a gaming news website, MMOBomb is a independent distribution platform of multiplayer games with an extensive gaming community. With MMOBomb you can get access to exclusive perks and giveaways, maintain your own games library, track what you've played and search for what to play next!

Why should I register on MMOBomb?

You can easily browse MMOBomb without registering, however you aren’t able to take advantage of the features we offer exclusively to registered users, such as personalized game sugestions tailored just for you, giveaways, user reviews, rating rights, user library and more.

How does MMOBomb make money?

We may sometimes earn a small commission from some publishers and developers when you play their games or make a in-game purchase. It’s what allows us to provide a free service. What we don't do is sell or share your data. Regardless, our advertising and partnerships functions completely independently of our editorial process.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, go to your account settings and scroll down, then click on the "Request Account Delete" button. Once you’ve confirmed, the deletion of your account will become effective immediately. You can also contact us directly if you are having issues.

My review has been removed, why?

We may delete reviews that do not comply with our rules including spam, hate-speech, swearing, illegal content and self promotion.

Is MMOBomb Free to Use?

Yes - it’s completely free to use.