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MMOBomb and Snail Games have teamed up to give our users free in-game items (Phoenix Gift Pack) for Age of Wushu open beta. This gift pack will help to make your journey of adventure as easy as possible! To get your code key you just need to click on the button below.

Age of Wushu is a new martial arts themed MMORPG directly from China’s Snail Games. The game brings an authentic presentation of Chinese martial arts to devoted players, and with its innovative combat, cultivation and offline play, the game creates a unique martial-arts experience.

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5. Have Fun!

This package contains the following items:

Phoenix Gift Pack:
– Coin*50
– Steamed Bun*20
– Xuan Spirit Pill*10
– Dew Pill*20
– Life Expansion Pill*20

Age of Wushu First Impressions video:


  1. They made this game very resource depending,what i mean?In close beta i could play with all graphics almost on high,now i cant play this game because they made a system that will change your graphics to very low and that is annoying to have,when you fight and u use medium,high or end graphics u will get that to confirm the video change,that happens if u have low fps or latency,so i cant play it,and i don`t play a game that have graphics with low video quality.

  2. If you were really reporting about games you wood say the bad things too!!
    This game is bad especially because of 1 thing…. BOTS play… Bots play it a lot and with things like teleport and stuff like that that humans cannot do…. bots farm way bether and any 1 that uses a bot software…. don’t create 1 bot … but up to 25 or 30 at the same time.
    this is a waste of time wen every time you find something a bot teleport in front you you and take it just has it spawns

  3. my character name is ShaeKhant and my current rank is mentally balanced.but i cann’t enter into game.When i starts game, it appears until character info.but when appears loading place it suddenly disappear from screen.I enter many times today but can’t GMs

  4. i took a key but it seems you cant use these keys for gpotato’s AoW. (yeah didnt think so)
    anyway here it is enjoy

  5. This is a great game, come play with us! Server is populated well but we could always use more players! Give this game a week or two of play time and you will not regret it!!!

    Also, you dont have to pay to be good or pay to win! And you can beat players wearing the best gear even if you have crappy gear…. if you have the skills to beat them!

    Great game!!!

  6. i start 5 min ago play on this game, and i finish now, game it sux,battles ar retardet, this is not action mmo, half of quests i dont undystand just klick on answers.Evrything is slow,lags ect.

  7. I bought the deluxe package of the game was a lot of time playing and more who submitted bugs that are common for every game in development, I believe. My account was hacking, took my money and gold in contact with the GM and they suport me repondem that the security of my account was in jeopardy auteração suggest a password and an apology since nothing more could be done. That was respota areditar by the company, terminate such wastes that sell gold & Tools with the game economy. Never throw anything that Snail, never …

  8. This game isn’t all what the hype made it out to be I’m kind of disappointed in it. The combat is very slow paced of for one of the schools there is a skill that seems to one hit any mob if you continuously cultivate. The game is very much pay2win and finally 3 days before the game came out there was a special promotion that if you make your character 3 days before the game came out you would receive a special package. Guess what? The game deleted my character off the servers and I had to create my character again. Im not mad about the character remake part. Just the fact that they deleted it when they said you could make 3 days before the game came out

  9. can some1 help me:I click to get a key and it goes in my mail key backup so how can i know which key is for age of wushu or loadout??????help

  10. I just noticed..Take a GOOD look on the banner..and then search for Tekken Kazuya

    Just look on the faces! What a friggin rip off! they just took his face! >:O Shame on you!

    Bad publisher! *smacks with newspaper*

  11. OMG

    Combat system is too slow,


    (u get all ur skills on early game haha)

    >Pay to win
    btw, still trying to say “mimimi is not pay to win”, but when u start, ur first quest say “become a vip”-towin- LOL

    Have moar spam gold than players, that’s all

    *going to sleep , cause this game is rly rly boring*

    ps:Game for perfect world lovers (:

    • the point to getting all your skills early game is to not be stuck with one skill set, or get your ass handed to you by another skill set you don’t have.

  12. please choose wisely for the gift pack you wanna redeem.
    You can only redeem 1 gift pack from the available 7 sites to one server character on your account.
    There are 6 other sites other than mmobomb giving out gift packs. But u can only choose one of the pack, using one of them blocks u from using any other gifts.
    And you can only give to one of the server char out of 3 servers. Doing so will block the other 2 servers from receiving a gift pack.

    Currently the most worthwhile pack that i see is the one from GAMESPOT and MMORPG, so choose well

  13. You can only use one gift pack code per server.

    I am also getting the message “There is no gift pack to receive!” when I try to put the code in.

    • I decided to try a different one and still get that message. I think maybe you can only use one in total and even though it doesn’t show a message when you select a different server saying you can’t it is still preventing you from using it.

  14. Do you guys know how many giveaway packs are they offering? I saw some out there but don’t know if I could usa all kinds of them.

  15. Jooq, your statement of u cant be bald is totally false. Because in game one of the class called shaolin monk, they are bald 24/7 lolx. And the reason you have so few customisation at first is because your hairstyle is determined by the headgear you wear so a character who is a tailor can wear a headgear and become a long hair girl and the next hat a short ponytail.

  16. My opinion: this game is bad. It looks bad, UI is awful (look at damn font they used), complicated game with too many features. And you have to pay for chat? What the hell is this? O_O Customization is weak ( only 3 haircuts (for example u can’t be bald XD ) 3/10 -.- BS

    • It is overwhelming at first, I got into it a bit and actually joined a school, the action ramped up a bit after that but, IMO Age of Wushu just isn’t for me, I’ll just wait for Blade and Soul. 🙂

  17. Looks like another one of those cheesy kr games..I guess ill have 2 wait for a actually “new” mmo,meanwhile Ill be playing bioshock infinite and farcry3 toobad Its only sp..

    • First, it’s not korean, it’s chenise.
      Second, if you gonna play with that negative mindset, it’s not the game’s fault you’re gonna have bad experience in it.
      I had the chance to play it, and I can say that this game doesn’t inovating as much as snail games are marketing it. I’m saying this as MMORPG is not my favorite genre because a LOT of games in this genre feel and look so much alike and this game is NOT MUCH of a difference, BUT there are few features that makes this game unique. Buttom line is, from a person who is not a “big fan” of MMORPG, it’s a fun game to play, but expect it innovate as much as snail games are putting it.

    • I do not mean to advertise, but I think this could possibly be what you are looking for:
      Medieval MMORPG Gloria Victis M&B styled combat system

  18. thanks for the key, giving this a try, bit funky, combat isn’t as cracky as it was made out to be, maybe need some real info about skills for pvp otherwise I’m just button bashing in pvp with ease.

    like I said tring to give it a go but it ain’t exactly fulfilling my gaming needs

    • well i can say that the hardest game but the best game and you are doing everything there its Gunz…. but you need to search at youtube k-style gunz tutorial to be really pro and have fun in the game cuz spray(rifle and machinegun and all those fast guns) its for noobs in gunz.. the best its shotguns… you should go and watch korean gunz- gameplay and look for the best gunz players

      and then try to became that good too 😀
      sorry for bad english by the way

  19. too bad you can’t move from the spot you log in at.And the gms are rude and unhelpful.The ****** actually have the audacity to get mad when some goes to them about a game issue.Worst customer service ever.If I wanted to be treated like crap by a gm I’d go back to WoW.Snail games you guys are a epic fail.

      • @oko Actually no the GM’s are really actually rude. They i put in a ticket, they joined my chat asked what i wanted help with. I talked to them about it and then they just left without giving me an answer.

        • ok I messaged asking about server expansions last night and they were prompt as well as polite considering things for what they are. Maybe you just got a GM on a bad day or the exception to the rule. maybe I did the same but either way cursing about them when 1 individual doesn’t make up an entire group is childish and short sighted.

          Though from the look of things I am probably talking to a peter pan complex if not an actual chile who lacks the vocabulary required to actually write something other than a rant about a group just because ONE person on a TEAM gave them a bad experience.

          That would be the same as me saying ALL black people are criminals because I have met a few that are. Short sighted and ignorant.

    • Lol i agree snail games sucks like hell.
      I bought an elite package, didn’t receive it. I contacted them but they don’t want to give it to me.
      The thing that happened they just activated the elite package on a random server, while i wanted to play on a clean new server, they activated it on a server where everyone is max leveled. (and even there i didn’t have anything that was described in the elite package)

      • Its actually very different and amazing. Its hard to get off your feet though that is true but it is very far from a fail.

        • while yes the game is different and that’s not a bad thing.The GMs in aow are terrible.I requested one’s help the day of it’s launch and was berated by the GM.All I asked was if there was a way to unstick my character from the spot i was standing.First hour of the games release and i was stuck in one spot.Now I know mmos will be far from perfect even at launch but I expect the GMs to be proffesional when dealing with players.that is why the game is fail,because the GMs are fail.If the GMs were better the game would be a sure fire winner especially for fans of the Wuxia genre of movies.

          • U fail San if you read the tutorial you would know about teleporting play something longer then an hour before you judge it.


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