Aion Ascension Exclusive Pet Giveaway and NCsoft have teamed up to give our users a code key which will grant you a free exclusive Pet for Aion: Ascension (North American Aion servers). We have two unique pets to give out (Green Diabol or Golden Radama). To get your key you just need to click on the button bellow. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer!

Aion: Ascension delivers the one-two punch of proven Truly Free unrestricted game access and the lavish story content and features of the highly anticipated Aion 3.0 update. Aion 3.0 provides the fun and surprising new features that both Daevas taking wing for the first time and grizzled veterans will enjoy.

Final Update:

We sincerely apologize to all members that couldn’t get the key for the Golden Radama pet that they wanted so badly, we truly understand how you feel. Sadly we only got 5000 Golden Radama keys from NCsoft, so it was predictable that many MMOBomb members wouldn’t get a key before they ran out. With the best of intentions we scheduled the day and hour of the giveaway and that clearly was a terrible idea, one that we won’t repeat. All the new members registering simultaneously in MMOBomb and trying to get their key plus the high number of users that were already online resulted in a delay on our server, making the site very slow and inaccessible to many users.

Sadly we can’t promise more Golden Radama keys (since it really depends on NCsoft) but what we can promise you is that we’ll have more and better giveaways really soon. We are constantly upgrading our server and resources and so we hope that we’re geared up for future situations of super crazy huge traffic. Thank you all for your comprehension.

How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Get instructions on how to redeem your key, just go to this page:
4. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, sign up for our daily newsletter, it´s free!
5. Enjoy your free content.

NOTE: These gift keys will only work on the North American Aion servers.

Aion: Ascension Trailer:


  1. I’m afraid to make myself dinner, for fear the keys will be gone in the short time it takes me to make spaghetti….

    • iknorite?! I took like a two minute shower and now I’m afraid to get some coffee and have my morning smoke

  2. /siigh
    It seems that NCsoft is too concerned with their stupid houses that most people could care less about and their even stupider creation restrictions that are only pissing people off to give mmobomb the codes. Whyyyyy?! NCsoft Whyyyyyy?!!? T_T

    • I don’t really get the whole housing thing… but they could also be busy with the coding for the massive PvP event going on. Which is why I’m staying away from Heiron….

  3. I’m beginning to wonder if these Golden Radama pets actually exist. D:

    Please to be releasing the keys right now!!!

  4. hello people!!!
    I would really appreciate if you could share 1 pet code you don’t need with me )
    I have lost all giveaways and it is late night here …so I will sleep and lose this one too…
    please send one!!!
    kostaslar20 @ ..

  5. Well, that was quite literally the fastest shower I have ever taken. Ohhh the motivation of Llamas <3. Now I just have to manage to grab a cup of coffee and get through a ciggy and I'll be good to sit here for hours!

    -Drama Llama, Nekomata 😀

  6. codess codesss codesssss codess!!!!!!!

    gimme a C
    gimme an O
    Gimme a D
    gimme an E
    gimme an S

    what does it say¡???!!!


    I need to go shower, but I’m afraid to leave my computer T_T

  8. Good morning, fellow campers! xD

    I have successfully managed to stay home yet another day so I can GET MAH FREAKIN’ LLAMA (I love my bf so much <33)

    *F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5FFFFFFFF55555555* ლ(ಠ益ಠლ

  9. Kurioni – that sounds adorable! 😛 There is nothing better than a llama with a backpack. I’m afraid to leave after work to get errands done because I know that’s when they will decide to release the llamas.

    TJ – lol I think you may be right. 😉

    ~Refressshhh page~

  10. Still waiting lol this is awesome, I wish there was some kind of counter though so we could see how many ppl are just sitting here refreshing the page over and over. I bet this is a ploy for them just to get more traffic on their site than normal lol

  11. Hm… there should be a livechat box here on this page. Constant F5’ing would be a lot less exhausting x_x
    Besides I’m curious how many people are camping the site atm :p

    • Unfortunately I still am… I need a llama for my cleric. haha I’m trying to keep a tab open until I get off from work. ^_^

      • Haha, same here mate :p
        I’ve had this tab opened since Monday though x_x

        I have the worg/pluma codes.. but mah, I don’t really care about those.. I just NEED THAT LAMA! @___@
        One thing I wish those lamas had though is.. hm. There is this free mmorpg Secret.. something. Secret Garden? Don’t remember the exact name. Anyhow. They have those llama mounts which look almost exactly like these pets.. but with a four-leaf clover growing out of the top of their heads XD Honestly it’s one of the cutest things I’ve seen..
        On the other hand these little bastards have backpacks XD

        Ok, F5 had enough rest, need to mush that fella some more :p

  12. So, I have a meeting until 5… what classifies as evening in MMOBomb world? 6? 7? On whose clock? New York? L.A.? Because I really want this radama….

  13. Guys I just started playing aion and
    have lost all giveaways…if you don”t
    need any pet or have it double
    please send me one…I cannot give
    anything back….
    Really tnx and sorry for my English!!
    please let me also know here if you gave any pet to me )

  14. is there supposed to be a GET KEY button when the keys get released? or they will send by email or what??

  15. How do we get our code again, if we have misplaced it? I got a code a week ago but lost the paper i wrote it on, and i did not get an email from the site giving me the code, or which one of the pets i got. I hope it is the green diabol.

    Any help is appreciated

      • BY the way Jafar, you didnt read what i said… I did NOT get an email from them 🙁

        Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to get the code back? I had misplaced the paper where i wrote it.

        Thank you in advance 🙂

    • 4 Aussies (cos im an Aussie) late tonight (Thursday night) or early Friday morning
      Cos their time is our time but switch the a.m for p.m and take 2 hours off
      Aus: 6:00pm = USA 4:00am
      Aus 1:00pm Wednesday = USA 11:00pm Tuesday
      Aus 2:00pm Thursday = USA 0:00am (Thursday)
      Hope it helped!

      • Good to see other Aussies around. I missed out on last pet giveaway on the other sites so really hope to get one of these keys. I’m only lvl 21 ingame so I dont have 10+KK kinah to buy a code which is happening atm.

        Anyways better keep refreshing I guess


        • U can buy a code with kinah? Btw what sever r u on and Whuts ur name?
          I might b able 2 help u out when u need it, anyway my name is Fearriser and I’m lvl 24 assassin on Timat, how bout u?

          • Good to see more Aussies! XD

            I hope they hurry up and release this pet key and soon! I don’t want to pull another all-nighter. x_x

  16. @Hellriser, mmobomb has been deleting posts from trade spammers, so they may have deleted yours in the process. Sorry to hear about your gf being so upset D: I wish had an extra key now lol

    • Its k, just trying, and If I can’t get the merek, I’ll buy her the little shugo,
      she loves them both 😉

  17. Guys I just started playing aion and
    have lost all giveaways…if you don”t
    need any pet or have it double
    please send me one…I cannot give
    anything back…
    Really tnx and sorry for my English!!

  18. Btw my internets screwing up, I already said this but is says I haven’t so…
    I’m looking for a pink merek code for my gf who was
    nearly in tears when she missed out, so if you could;
    tell me your giving me a code (tell me through mmobomb) then email it to me
    My email: skipperlolz @ (no spaces)
    My server: Timat
    The pet: Pink Merek
    And Thanx heaps if u can help us out!
    (soz if there’s already another message like this but my internets messing up)

    • 5000 is what I usually see for these things. Hopefully ncsoft will realize that the demand for the radamas is much higher after making everyone wait and will give out more

      • Yea, hope so. But more keys could mean more
        Time 2 wait for Kay’s unless they giv out 5000 now, 5000 again l8r

        • If they give out more, I imagine that’s how they’ll do it. For alienware and it only took them one day to get more keys. It seems like NC has been too concerned with the housing auctions to be more on top of it with this one

  19. /siiiigh. Yet another day gone and still nothing. Looks like I’ll be trying to find a way to stay home again tomorrow…

    • Word. I’ve had this page open every day since they released the first keys and spent pretty much all day yesterday and today F5ing over and over. I’ve got shit to do tomorrow, so if they release the keys while I’m gone and I miss out I will most certainly not be a happy panda for having wasted my time. It’s pretty sucky that we have to sit here and camp the site if we want one because there are so many people and so few keys in comparison. Not to mention there are those that will get more keys than they need, which only makes it harder for everyone who wants one.

  20. Since when do my comments require moderation approval? I’ve posted tons of times on here and this is the first time I’ve seen this lol

  21. Hello everyone, Im new to both this site and Aion. Can you all please explain to me how to get a pet? I registered today but got no key. Is something you get automatically when logging in here or a post with them keys?
    Thanks =)

  22. Guys, does anyone know exactly when they are gonna release the keys? I have 2 classes and work part time on thursday,and I may have a chance to get one only if I know when the key will come out.
    Btw, I have an extra Kungfu manduri for my friend, but he didn’t want it. So, Does anybody here want to trade with a diabol key? Thanks in advance 🙂

  23. Guys I just started playing aion and have lost all giveaways…if you don”t need any pet or have it double please send me one…I cannot give anything back…
    Really tnx and sorry for my English!!

  24. Well, I’m really hoping the keys will be out tonight or sometime tomorrow, since I have to take my bf to the dentist on Thursday. At this point I’d be pretty pissed if I missed out on getting one, after having waited around for it all week >_<

  25. Omfg people, stop bitching and being butthurt. Alienware has released more keys like 4 times now, I think there are more available NOW!

    And I’ll DAMN well admit I went through nearly ten trying to get BOTH pets from Alienware… and I DID get both! Stop whining about being butthurt and go get your own damn code, really.

    • And the reason to continue getting more after you get both pets is…. what, exactly?
      Because, you now, to figure out what pet you got you have to use the key, which means you can’t trade it. Just sayin’

      • Who the hell said I got MORE after I got both? Someone’s jumping to conclusions, I see..

        Nothing you just said makes any sense.. I applied multiple codes, I got multiple pets.. I didn’t GET more codes after I had what I needed. What about this is confusing to you? 😀

        • Did I say YOU got more? Nope. L2read kthnx. I was referring to someone whose posts were removed along with all the people I see selling them. I’m not confused at all, but clearly you are.

          • Learn to type, kthx. Are you that damn lazy you can’t type two words? Jesus.. the internet is ruining children everywhere.

            And you sure as hell implied it, you replied to MY post.. If you didn’t mean ME then you shouldn’t have replied to MY thread, kthx.

            “And the reason to continue getting more after you get both pets is…. what, exactly?”

            ‘ to continue getting more’ suggests that I was getting more, excess.. English isn’t your first language, is it? ):

            If you were referring to someone else then comment on someone else’s post, moron.

          • Wow…

            First of all, I am quite obviously fully capable of typing out full words when I so desire. To bring up the way a person chooses to type is a rather poor form of insult, imo. I trust you realize that I could do much, much worse. IE “omg u ppls r taking 2 mny cds!!!”…. Actually, I find that it takes more effort to type that way.

            Second of all, I replied on your post because you were claiming that we were all just bitching for no reason. I was, in fact, correcting you in this matter. People were complaining because others were getting large numbers of keys to trade and sell. It was not my intention to imply that you were such a person, but I see that that’s how you’ve decided to take it, regardless of my clearly stating otherwise. I do apologize for coming off that way nonetheless, so let me rephrase “…the reason for getting more after one has both..”. Happy? I did, in fact, reply to the person that I was referring to, but since that person’s posts were removed, my replies stand alone, which is how I assume you were lead to such a conclusion.

            Now, I tire of this utterly pointless discussion. Good luck with getting your radama and good day, sir.

          • Not so much. I call my female friends “sir” all the time <3
            In any case, ma'am, if you prefer :]

  26. Dear mmobomb,
    Thank you for removing the spams from the “I have 10 keys!” person
    And thank you even more so for putting up with my epic nerd rage lol
    The llama is srsly like the coolest pet I’ve seen so far in the give aways. I just really want one that holds items and was going to buy one from the ncstore until they took down all of the original items they had before it went f2p. Now all they have that hold items are only temporary and, sorry, but I won’t pay for something I can’t keep. I must have teh llamas! <3

    -Drama Llama, Nekomata xP

  27. If anyone here have key for flame bogel/worg and don’t need it, will you be so much kind and give me one? Or sell? I started to play short time ago at NA server and passed all giveaways…:/
    Here is my mail:
    Thanks at least for reading, have a nice day:)

  28. ugh…i dont mind that it’s delayed…it’s the whole span of THREE DAYS that bugs me. i’d rather you just say it WILL be Thursday instead of the vague…it could be in 5 min. or at 6am or Wednesday…etc. I would just like one key…that’s ten times harder when people take 15 for themselves in an attempt to sell them later. fun suckers.

  29. ….. Thursday…. evening……ლ(ಠ益ಠლ

    Guess I’ll be doing absolutely nothing for the next 3 days =/
    /sigh Owell, thanks for the update, mmobomb. I know it’s not you guys’ fault, just kinda lame that many of us have been waiting all week and spamming F5 all day >_<

  30. WTF?! Please, no one trade with anyone that has more than ONE of each code. I mean really, TEN?! You should be GIVING those away.

  31. I am not robbing people’s chances. Even now you can still get Alienware keys. They gave so many keys that everyone got them. And I gave lots for free to those who couldn’t.

    • Well, if everyone got one, good luck finding someone who doesn’t have one. A bit contradicting, no? How about let people get their own codes?

  32. Srsly, wtf are you doing with TEN bogel/worg codes? I hope no one trades with you. That’s what you get for robbing 13 people of their chances. Talk about rude.

  33. I have a flame bogel/worg of the
    dead key to trade for a green
    diabol key. Email me. thank you!


    Still have my code as of 3:26 central time. There are a few people offering this from the looks of it. but I’m a real person and i’m still looking so please contact me.

  34. Still standing by for new codes…….. 3:43pm (just wanted to see if what they were saying was true)
    really would love a pet 🙂

  35. Are they out of the : “Free Pet Codes” for today? Said above, would be more on Tuesday, since missed out on others for Aion.

  36. anyone else notice the times posted on may 1st go to like 6pm (its not even noon for me yet) then back down to 2pm on the next post?

      • The times are set for a different time zone by default. I was on at 1am last night and it was saying that my posts were made at 8am lol. There should be away to change it toyour time zone somewhere in your account settings. I’ve just been too busy spamming F5 to worry about it

    • yep. we noticed that too. (I might be off by an hour or two)the comments time stamped around 6 and 7am this morning, were actually posted around 2 to 3am-ish.

  37. this is getting to be a pain, everytime i make a post here the mods delete it.. tried to tell ppl about the codes AW had the day they posted them but deleted.. then again deleted.. wtf is the deal with this.. they really dont want ppl going to other sites i guess.

  38. i follow this: 1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
    But was redirect to the forum -.- and no´t recive nothing D:

  39. Can someone please tell me roughly what time this key will be available? Spam refreshing this page is not exactly something I can do at work.

  40. I have got worg of the death or flame bogel keys

    and I want green diabol keys

    does somebody want to substitute?

    I know it so the keys working only North american version

    my e-mail:

    hikari85 @


  41. people i need kung fu manduri or green diabol

    i can trade for:

    – crewcut fungie
    – both alienware pets
    – pink merek

    please send email to
    imakstallo @ gmail . com

  42. people i need kung fu manduri or green diabol

    i can trade for:

    – crewcut fungie
    – both alienware pets
    – pink merek

    please send email to
    imakstallo at gmail dot com

  43. Willing to trade 5 or more worg of dead/flame bogel keys for diabol or pink merek key

    eimantas3373 @ gmail com

  44. warmasterhunter @ gmail. com (WITHOUT SPACES)



    warmasterhunter @ gmail. com (WITHOUT SPACES)

  45. I have got worg of the death or flame bogel keys
    and I want green diabol keys

    does somebody want to substitute?

    I’ll shut my mouth of they give the keys :¥

  47. These keys are NOT US only. they are North American Aion Only. Which means if you have an account for NORTH AMERICAN Aion, then you can use the code. If you play Korean or European Aion these codes will NOT work. that is all.

  48. Ok so I registered to an account here but didn’t see a key to activate with ncsoft. What did i miss in the steps?

    • You didn’t miss anything. At the moment there are simply no keys to give. We have to wait I’m afraid @_@

  49. Hi i was wondering if this Promotion is for Australia too? on top it says ( US only ) as in N.A Aion only? or …. =[ really U.S REGION only?

  50. anyone got a green diabol code? been trying to trade for one, but they all ended up being the fungie.

    plz email me, I can trade pink merek for one nodicehomeslice @

  51. omggg i missed it :'( would anyone please send me an extra code if they have it?
    my mail is blackpingas @ thank you very much.

  52. Heeeey guys
    I’ve just come to know about this promotions as well (always too late for thr party). So if by any chance there is still someone with some spare keys left I’d be more than happy to grab myself one as well.
    my mail is kuroioni [dot] akari [at] gmail [dot] com
    ( FYI [dot] = . [at] = @ )

  53. could someone please send me a spare key too? I was too late to grab one 🙁 my mail is:
    nthubert @
    Thanks a lot

  54. Want to trade my flame bogel/Worg code for you Green Diabol code. Obviously I can’t say which of the two you’ll get, as the codes random. Email me at m_mcmartin

    • Mizuka

      If you send your flame bogel/Worg key to Draumaxtrauma, I will give you a diablo key in trade 🙂 If thats okay with Draumaxtrauma

        • When you trade codes it doesn’t matter what server you are one it is just bound by an account to all characters you create on whatever server


          When you hatch the egg you can’t sell it, just to clarify and I certainly wouldn’t mind that since when I looked the keys were wiped up that’d be nice of you and would work out for us three haha If you confirm I’ll give you an email to shoot it to then I’ll let Mizuka know that it was sent and worked.

          • Even before you hatch it you can’t sell it. The eggs are untradable, unsellable, etc. ): They’re stuck on you, the only way to do it is to trade codes. Then once the code is applied you get one or the other for ALL chars on that acct and even if you apply another code you won’t get another pet, once you get one or the other you loose a chance at the other on that acct sadly. D:

          • The e-mail will take a bit to process since it needs a mods need to approve a post with e-mails in it

          • If you put a space between the email name and it should post right away. That’s what I did with mine

          • Mizuka,

            I just sent your code, sry it was a few before I got back on this site 🙂
            Thnx again for doing that and helping him out 🙂

          • Ever heard of Maynard James Keenan? The lead singer for the band Tool? Puscifer is one of his other bands. If you like Tool you should give them a listen. They’re pretty great, if you like that sort of music ^^

          • I luv Tool!! but google the name and see what comes up touring under ticketmaster…you’ll laugh 😀

          • LOL XD

            They’re definitely a band that I consider one of the greatest in existence. Hence my need to name a pet after them 😛
            Bands and songs can make great names. Like, I have several characters named after Mars Volta songs 😀

          • I looked up Maynard James Keenan and saw his site of misfit toys lol cool looking toy icon on there 🙂

          • Baah! My computer has contracted the google redirect virus and so won’t let me go to most sites through google >_<
            I'd forgetten about misfit toys, I was a gonna check it out D:

          • You’re welcome ^^. Pretty much all of Puscifers songs are on youtube. I’d recommend specifics, but they’re actually all good lol

        • 🙁 too bad the site is cool and it has a bunch of their songs you can listen to,,just heard “the humbling river” and now listening to “man overbroad” 😀

          • No worries, I got to it finally lol. Last time I checked they also have some really cool merchendise and I think Maynard sells his wine through that site (he owns a vineyard in Arizona)

  55. Yay update! A question though. Will the people who misunderstood the first key wave (and got Diabols, thinking they could choose to get Radamas) be able to use Tuesday’s keys to ACTUALLY get the Radamas? 😛 I’d soooo appreciate that.

  56. Yes thank you for the update so very much this is great to hear. To the rest of you guys 1 key per person please and if you find people with extra keys selling DO NOT BUY you need to stop the cash flow before it gets out of control.

  57. Yay! I can finally stop camping the site and get back to gaming xD
    Thanks a ton for the update, mmobomb ^^
    I’ll be back on Tuesday :p

  58. willing to trade pink merek or kungfu manduri for green diabol. please email me zeta_alpha002(at)

    1.) you email me with your preference on which on you want
    2.) I will reply with availability
    3.) you send me green diabol code
    4.) I will send you your desire code

    please be aware I may not in front of my desk all the time but I will try to check email every 30minutes and get back to you ASAP. thanks

  59. Great Idea, now track/log the IP’s & accounts which requested multiple and ban them from the REAL worthwhile giveaway. For the IP’s which only used 1 code and was respectful and allowing the community to be awesome together and not be greedy key-hogs we should get a chance to apply back in for the codes if the Lama is ever offered 🙂 That’s my Idea, ban anyone who received multiple of the last one and let only good samaritans receive the true prize 🙂

    • ^^Word.
      I felt bad enough gettng two keys from the other give aways for my two seperate accounts (one for Ely one for Asmo). Those who got 9 extras to sell should feel horrible… but of course they won’t because sadly, there are people dumb enough to pay for something that was free in the first place. Their emails should be banned from ALL future give aways imo.

      • There’s a difference between getting another key because you didn’t get what you were supposed and getting more because A) You got the green diabol and not the llama and want to cry about it, or B) you’re greedy and want to make money off of FREE things. I think trying for another key after getting the fungi is perfectly justified.

          • If you’ve already used the code, I don’t think you can trade it. Most of the pets are untradable =/

          • Doesn’t it not tell you which one you got until after you applied the code? I think it was that way for the worg/bogel give away.. Either way, I hope you find someone to trade with, you seem like a pretty genuine person :]

          • thnx 🙂 I know which code because I received it at the end og the first wave of numbers and people had already been posting on forums that no1 they knew of received anything but the diablo pet and that the mmobomb admin had posted when first set of keys were gone they would do the alpaka (which didn’t happen) so I have a fungie instead 🙁 lol figured maybe a trade would get me something better than a diablo 🙂

          • Ahh, I see. I was under the impression that the codes were random, but having read some previous posts I see that it is wasn’t. In any case, I wish you good luck in finding a good trade! ^^

    • ….wait what? Everyone complained about alienware because they had no blocks so NCSoft sent keys to an actual MMOsite with blocks in place like and no one complained really but now this site literally takes all precautions they actually can to make sure it’s 1 key per limit per game per computer and that’s not enough? You can’t really do more than that as people tend to have non-static IPs that stay the same and they change when you reset the modem. You can’t stop that…Just be grateful about this site. Yes people try selling it but more people simply gave it away so I’m not sure about this grief on the site for doing the right thing.

      • I’m really not so sure that MORE people give them away. If they were going to give away extras… why get extras in the first place rather than just letting people get their own codes? Sorry, but that makes no sense to me. Fact of the matter is, I’ve seen a lot of people selling codes in game after they released a second set of keys for the pink merek and there were tons of green diabol on ebay last night.

        • True, in my opinion more people are generous in this game than most when it comes to codes and the community isn’t afraid to give instead of ask for collateral I think this new trading code trend is great for the wrong reasons but at least it’s not selling. Solution to that is to not buy from them if people aren’t coaxed into buying them then they have no reason to sell them other than that its not against the TOS so with that code they can do what they like though I’m not saying it’s right but people really need to stop buying those things when they were free and this “market” will die out.

          • Indeed. I’m much more accepting of the fact that some people want to trade. But selling them, to me, is just wrong. I’m actually rather suprised that selling them for real cash isn’t against the TOS, as in most games you’d get banned for it. I was amazed when I checked ebay this morning and found that there was only one diabol left on there. I would NEVER pay (cash or kinah) for something that was given out for free. Though, I’d be more than happy to buy a pet out of the ncstore.

    • So I take it you saw the post from that jackbutt who got 10 keys because he didn’t get the one he wanted .. yeah im a lil piffted .. we have 3 accounts in this house, both my kids play as well as i do and none of us get a chance to get codes. I can’t stand greedy people ..

  60. Still no new keys? T_T
    If/when they finally come out, please do something to prevent people from getting more than two. It’s pretty messed up that some people got like 10 and are now selling them on ebay……..

    • Where are you seeing this….? I haven’t seen anything on ebay..

      I totally agree with you.. but I just find it hard to believe people are selling on ebay. x_x;

      • You don’t see them because they’ve all sold in the last 24 hours. There was a post on facebook about it last night, so I checked to see if it was true and yup… TONS of green diabol for $10 each. I checked again a few hours ago and there was only one left.

  61. I have monkey and Pink Merek I can trade for flame bogel as wel. Please email Kaarina Halonen @ gmail . com remove spaces please to email

        • Wasn’t talking to you here.. But ok. :O You probably should as I’m sure many people DO NOT realize that, some people don’t read shit and just don’t know any better, unfortunately.

        • I meant for the code too, derp yourself. 😀 There IS no Flame code, period.

          And yes.. you should’ve specified you’re looking for a alienware code then as there IS no such code for either pet, it’s just a CHANCE at either.

      • im aware if twas a worg of the dead or flame bogel — chance. as I have gotten a key to every giveway, but wasn’t able to obtain a flame bogel — got the worg — already had one from the ncstore.

  62. Well I see they still never fixed it yet I guess it’s going to be another pet giveaway I miss out on cause GW2 beta is about to start and I will be busy with it so anyone else I wish u guys luck with getting a radama. ^^

  63. I have some extra Ncoin I won’t spend probably so I’ll trade for a chance at a dead worg for something from emotes to dyes or one of those amulets for leveling we can negotiate but since it’s a grab bag and I may not get the worg that will affect your choices but if I plug the code and get the worg I’ll get you a bonus item from the shop. I have the flame bogel but I wanted a worg. I gave all my codes out for free so I have nothing to trade but something from the shop email me at:

  64. u mean when are more key codes coming lol no clue thats even of ncsoft will release them to the site with the new housing up there probabily to busy to hand out more pet keys

  65. Email me a Merek or Green Diablo code, i’ll email you back the Fungie, Kungfu Manduri or the Flame Bogel pet. Just specifiy which one you want when you email me the merek or diablo code. Thanks.

  66. guys please anyone have any extra key for any pet ..
    give me please 🙁
    thats my mail spysawy_007@hotmail .. iam new at the game and i wish to get one badly :'(

  67. I have tried several times! It’s not working. It’s trying to redeem as NCcoin, which I don’t understand. I’ve logged out, then back in… It’s just not working. I’m telling you, I received a broken code.

  68. Yeah mine didn’t work at first either but it worked when i tried a second time.

    I got the fungie pet I wanted one of the other two but I wont complain it’s still a cool pet 🙂

  69. YAY~ I got a broken key. :] Mine didn’t work. ^__^;; So I didn’t get anything at all. D: What a waste of time. ^___^;;

  70. Willing to trade a pink merek, kung fu manduri, or flattop mushroom thing for a Green Diabol (Someone who is almost sure it’s green diabol). IGN is Romances.

  71. Ok so way up there near the top the mod said the keys for the llama would be next because no one got one, NC is saying they were supposed to be random so which one is it? they couldn’t have been sorted separately if they are random. Then the ones that are supposed to be the llama are fungy… yes NC’s fault all together… but no where up there does it say “We have 2 pets to give out separately, we will be first giving away the diablo and then the radama.” or something to that effect, nor does it say anywhere that “if you claim a key for the diablo you will not be able to receive one for the other pet, please choose wisely” (or other wording to that effect). So yes NC messed up the codes, but mmobomb also messed up the wording or the specifics of the offer.

  72. I Have used 4 keys and all i got was the green diabol each time.
    have 6 more codes (unused from first wave)– and im pretty sure they’re ALL diabols…
    i think ncsoft made a big mistake
    no1 in my server has gotten the llama.

    • You took 10 of the keys yourself?…Anyway all the other comments will tell you what you wanna know, as well as the update at the top of the page.

      • My friends came and got codes hoping to get me a Llama… :\
        4 in row yielded nothing
        I got the green diabol…
        3 more codes — my items that i could apply in my char didnt alter.
        so….i assume they were all green daibol..

        • also, I believe that MMOBOMB mentioned that the keys were green diabol ONLY…yet NCsoft claims otherwise…and yet no one has a llama.
          ………so this is an NC mistake, and I feel sorry for mmobomb 🙁

          • Well since it was poorly worded I guess it’s no big deal to use that many keys >.>; But again, the whole issue is stretched out along all these comments.
            What I gather from all this is:
            -The first wave of keys was ONLY meant to be Diabols and the SECOND wave of keys was to be Radamas.
            -There was a mistake in the second keys codes and the wave of “Radamas” turned out to be Fungies.
            -They are working to fix this mistake now, but I’m not sure whether or not ppl who have already used one key will be able to use another for the fixed Radamas D:

          • I also agree that giving out the remainder of your keys would be really cool 😛 Since they’re all going to be Diabols anyway.

    • Honestly that’s selfish and stupid .. and that’s why not everyone gets a fair shot at getting a key. People like you should be banned from getting a shot at anymore keys …

  73. “ do not control the keys so it´s not really our fault that one of the pets was incorrect – We are trying to contact NCsoft to get more keys with the Golden Radama. Thank you for understanding.”

    You’ve all been trolled by Koreans. GG

  74. This was clearly NCSoft fault…someone asked on twitter if the codes were between green diabol and golden radama and NCSoft replied correct…instead of saying…no, it is between green diabol and the fungie

  75. According to a response on twitter, it was a random chance to get the green diablo or the golden radama. Not even sure if this is true, just relaying the information i saw posted. Happy to get the free pet but it seems like mmobomb and NCsoft weren’t quite on the same page for this giveaway.

  76. I just read small print that was updated there trying to contact ncsoft for the right codes so they are trying to fix it but not sure if the ones that mistakenly got the wrong codes will get the llama tho.

  77. Yeah are the Llamas coming back? And if we got the Diabol already from the first wave by mistake (thinking we were getting llamas) will we be still be able to use another key for the fixes?

    • People have a right to complain when a place tells them one thing then does something completely diffrent. And yes it is free stuff and people should be thankful of that tho…

    • Christ nobody reads comments do they. Open your eyes a little bit huh?

      NCSoft apparently gave the website the incorrect codes. MMOBomb was under the impression that the codes were for the alpacka, not the mushroom. It’s not really their fault. Sad, but up to NCSoft to fix the issue. Complain on the Aion forums, not here.

  78. Errr, I got a key, left the browser idle for about 2 minutes and then my key disappeared from the page? 🙁 What do I do?

      • I think he means he didn’t get a code.
        There were a couple thousand keys given out. If you didn’t redeem one, you can’t get it. After you redeem the code though it apparently will be emailed to you as well as showing up on the page.

        There’s no timer on how long you have to write down the code once you get it. There is, however, a limited supply.

  79. I got the same stupid Flat top Fungie that gave away like 2 weeks ago >.> why didn’t I get one of the 2 unique pets you advertised?

    • the mushroom was apparently a mistake and wasn’t suppose to even be given out. So bomb and NC will need to sort it out. I’m hoping they convert the codes already given out to llamas.

  80. I hope the llama wasn’t the mistake, I was looking forward to it! Not some little mushroom :/ They should reset it though, since it’s technically going to be a “different” giveway. *crosses fingers*

  81. I hope so… I got the diablo which I already have the red one of so the green one is just another copy for me… I would love the llama. its cute!

  82. Not sure but it seems they made a mistake on the fungus or they actually ment to give that and the llama was the mistake. we will see if there is a 3rd batch if not then i just missed out again for waiting.

    • (Copy/pasted from another comment of mine since people like you can’t read.)

      NCSoft apparently gave the website the incorrect codes. MMOBomb was under the impression that the codes were for the alpacka, not the mushroom. It’s not really their fault. Sad, but up to NCSoft to fix the issue. Complain on the Aion forums, not here.

  83. I just got here ill wait for the 3rd key hopefully its the llama I have the fungus I seen alot have gotten that for there 2nd pet.

    • (Copy/pasted from another comment of mine since people like you can’t read.)

      NCSoft apparently gave the website the incorrect codes. MMOBomb was under the impression that the codes were for the alpacka, not the mushroom. It’s not really their fault. Sad, but up to NCSoft to fix the issue. Complain on the Aion forums, not here.


  84. more importantly, wish they would have stated 1 key per account and state which pet was the first give away. the wording made it sound like it was random between the two.

  85. I think it is messed up cause u would camp the site waiting for the pet u want then when u finally get the chance and u click it. it turns out it’s a mushroom….I hope something is done about that but doesnt matter cause I already clicked the key so no im messed up with it. I kno I shouldnt complain but it only mentions the two u can get never mentioned a 3rd…

  86. Give us lvl 60 and full armor and we forget everything xD JK

    Hope they offer free radamas for everyone. Because this was the major NCSOFT fail ever

  87. Personally since there is a HUGE mistake going on here…. I think should give everyone another chance at a key when they sort things out. This is so unfair 🙁

  88. NC can fix the issue with the wrong codes but the problem with people getting a code thinking they could get either the radama or the diablo and then thinking they could get the radama after the diablo is an issue with this site, that you guys would have to fix. A lot of people thought they were going to be able to get the radama and now can’t even get another code.

  89. as well as why are we being limited to 1 key but its said “We have two unique pets to give out (Green Diabol or Golden Radama).” not that is was a chance or that the pets are one set of codes for 1 per first. bad wording why?

  90. Incredibly disappointed with the fungie. I mean- yay, free things, but … it’s still a bit of a let-down when I was expecting one or the other of one of these…

  91. Sad Panda.. I want the Radama and I can’t get both =/ Really didn’t say which one .. Come on please let me have the other.

  92. ya this is kinda a huge mistake, i’d like a chance to get the pet i was after from this.. now its a pet thats not even listed here.

  93. idk if i even should redeem a key everyone is getting a fungy, i have one already from another site, i want the lama, mmobomb u should fix this fast.

  94. yeah, I thought it was spose to be the llama? There is only two listed pets and now I waited for nothing. I was waiting till after the other pet went and I got stuck with a fungus. So now I have no chance to get the llama.

  95. Confirmed: Flattop Fungie Egg for this key, not the Radama. LOL oh well, no reason to complain for free swag, thanks for having this promo!

  96. so I had a choice between Green Diabol…a mysterie green fungus…or a maybe-soon-to-actually-give-out llama…
    and now i am 100% uneligible to obtain the llama..
    this was a mistake on MMObomb’s part for advertising Llama…getting a fungus…and miswording and getting a green diabol…

    MMOBOMB…can you lift the restriction so people can get the other code for the llama please?

  97. MMObomb what are you guys doing? I thought you said we would get a chance at the llama key after the diablo but it’s a flat top fungie? Explain please if you can

  98. Seriously?…I wanted the Radama and thought I could choose between the two :/ Should have been worded better cause I just wasted my only key apparently…

    • I just got this serial for the “Golden Radama” and somehow it gave me.

      Flattop Fungie Egg …uhh..can you give me a new serial? what is this :\ THIS IS NOT A LLAMA


    tomorrow I have work awwww

    I want the other pet sooooooooo badly ahahah

    • heh i was hoping for the devil and got the little llama… it appears most people on my server (Isprahel) got the llama, too. Haven’t seen any on the little green guys yet.

      This site gave me a lot of problems too in attaining my code. E-mail activation took forever, but I kept hitting “resend code” and eventually got it. Then had to wait like 10 minutes for each page to load, was sooo nail biting! I feel really lucky because right after I got my code, the giveaway ended (though there were about 1200 code left when I got mine).

      Sorry to everyone who couldn’t get one… lets of ppl are giving away extra codes, and then there’s always those disgusting people who sell FREE codes for kinah.

  100. Is the Golden Radama a myth? I have a friend who managed to get 5 codes but no llamas. Other people I know also got 3 or so and no llama either… And I got a diabol too xD

  101. You have to then go into Game Accounts and Apply In Game items.

    Question, is this going to be like MMORPG’s and be 1 pet a week, or like Alienware’s and be a random key for one or the other?

  102. I cant even activate my masters account since i dont have a frikkin code , do i have to buy one or what ? cus i cant do that

    • Actually you have to after redeeming the serial code, go to Game Accounts, select Aion, Apply In-Game Items, then from there select the server and your toons that you want to have the pet. They are unlimited but only 1 per character.

    • First you have to activate the code on your NCSoft master account “Use a Serial Code” then “Upgrade Account”. That activates the code itself. Then you must redeem the code you just activated to actually receive the pet, like this:
      1. Log in your NCSoft Master Account
      2. At the right, select your Aion account
      3. Under “Actions”, click on “Apply in-game items”
      4. Select your server and characters
      5. Select the items you wish to apply
      6. Click next, then confirm again to apply them
      7. You should receive an express mail shortly with your items

    • I got screwd out mu pet since it took forever for your site to email me a confirmation email to activiate my account. this sucks

      • I waited and watched for this pet, as soon as the timer was down to 30 min your website went down. Fatal error in loading. By the time your website could deal with the traffic it was gone. Done with this site.

        • Do you have any idea how lucky you are to even have an internet connection, not to mention all your basic living essentials taken care of?

          People die literally every day because they don’t have these things, yet you’re whining about a problem that occurred with a website that probably was dealing with a lot of traffic? Epitome of selfishness. Do the world a favour and think about the deeper intricacies of events beyond your scope of vision. The world is bigger than your petty desires.

      • shite, im still waiting for my confirmation email. but whats really fuked up is how some ppl were able to get 10 codes plus. this site is epic FAIL.

      • Yup seriously a fucking joke. Get a real server with smtp delivery. Waiting around for nothing while your multiple account users grabbed multiples.

      • nobody screwed you out of anything. if you waited until the last day to register an account(unlike the rest of us who were here days ago), then you didnt deserve a pet anyway. you cant get in line next to last(if not last) and whine that the store isnt paying you any attention when they are still dealing with being cursed out by the people who set up tents back on the 26th and camped and suffered multiple disappointments. and considering the number of people who successfully registered additional accounts to try an get an additional pet after it posted on facebook(around midnight) that the link was up…clearly you werent fated to get one.

        that said…if anyone who was here for days and registered ahead of time (like the post suggests) didnt get one…RAIL TO THE GODS, MMOBOMB, AND WHOEVER ELSE YOU CAN SPAM AND DEMAND JUSTICE!!!


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