Aion Ascension Exclusive Pet Giveaway and NCsoft have teamed up to give our users a code key which will grant you a free exclusive Pet for Aion: Ascension (North American Aion servers). We have two unique pets to give out (Green Diabol or Golden Radama). To get your key you just need to click on the button bellow. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer!

Aion: Ascension delivers the one-two punch of proven Truly Free unrestricted game access and the lavish story content and features of the highly anticipated Aion 3.0 update. Aion 3.0 provides the fun and surprising new features that both Daevas taking wing for the first time and grizzled veterans will enjoy.

Final Update:

We sincerely apologize to all members that couldn’t get the key for the Golden Radama pet that they wanted so badly, we truly understand how you feel. Sadly we only got 5000 Golden Radama keys from NCsoft, so it was predictable that many MMOBomb members wouldn’t get a key before they ran out. With the best of intentions we scheduled the day and hour of the giveaway and that clearly was a terrible idea, one that we won’t repeat. All the new members registering simultaneously in MMOBomb and trying to get their key plus the high number of users that were already online resulted in a delay on our server, making the site very slow and inaccessible to many users.

Sadly we can’t promise more Golden Radama keys (since it really depends on NCsoft) but what we can promise you is that we’ll have more and better giveaways really soon. We are constantly upgrading our server and resources and so we hope that we’re geared up for future situations of super crazy huge traffic. Thank you all for your comprehension.

How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Get instructions on how to redeem your key, just go to this page:
4. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, sign up for our daily newsletter, it´s free!
5. Enjoy your free content.

NOTE: These gift keys will only work on the North American Aion servers.

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  1. ….So.. is this pet only available on one character? Cause it wouldn’t let me use it on my main Glad. ;-; And then put it on my Sorc.

    • I’m having the same issue. I put it on a low lvl that I won’t be playing for a while (was the first in my list) and I can’t get it on any others. If it’s one toon only, they should have specified that. I’m just putting in a ticket to see if it is if I can get it switched to my main

  2. This website is a “HUGE SCAM”, 5k keys were given to mmobomb’s staff and now they’re selling lama’s eggs for 100kk kinah at kharun and all the other servers.. lol i think it’s pretty obvious this was a huge trick to fool everyone.
    NCSOFT this was a huge fail, giving away free keys to scammers tsk tsk..

  3. The most annoying thing is most of us didn’t miss this giveaway – we was here, logged in and ready! Our chance for the pet was taken from us when the site went down, over and over. I can’t believe all the pet codes are really gone when the site wouldn’t even load. Such a disappointing waste of time 🙁

  4. So, despite my continued determination to F5 this page… I only got through when the event was over. No key for me despite being online the whole day.

    Why don’t they just GIVE MORE KEYS AWAY so people aren’t trampling all over each other and the site’s bandwidth?

    Do these sites not realize the crazy amount of players AION has? Why the minuscule amount of codes?

    • It’s NCSoft that determines the amount of codes. MmoBomb just determines how to distribute those codes. There were a couple things MmoBomb failed to take into account.
      1. The previous giveaways and how quickly those keys were grabbed.
      2. The high demand for a pack-pet among new players.
      3. The bandwidth limitations of their servers.

      If they’d taken that into account, they wouldn’t have done a stupid idea like a countdown in the first place.

  5. Crewman’s Log: Day Infinity+1

    We were in sight of the golden Radama. I swore I saw glimpses of gold darting about the edges of the bay. The Captain had taken charge of the helm, and actually seemed to acknowledge the crew. Then, suddenly, the ship gave a tremendous lurch. The belly of the ship quickly filled with water, and we had to abandon her. Many of the crew were lost in the undertow as the ship sank. A few of us made it to shore. I have not seen the Captain, nor have I seen the Radama. I must make a camp before it becomes too dark. I pray that tomorrow brings better news.

  6. great as soon as im aboul to get on this website from the times outs and lag this wedsite had i missed out on the giveaway nice

  7. I want a key. It’s not my fault that the site does not have the capacity to receive such visits. NCSOFT should better choose which to promote their games.

  8. Well that sucked The last 2 hours iv been trying to get a key but keep getting a error while loading the page.. T.T

  9. This site sucks for giveaways, especially in this case of this one. Yeah, no doubt demand for the llama was high but you guys should have anticipated that instead of letting the site constantly time out with error pages … nice going there … NOT!! >_>

  10. I was logged in 2 hrs before the event waiting for a pet , countdown over …need to refresh page ? why ? anyway did and then WHAM !!! 3 hours trying to get to the webpage to finally see event is over. Now if like me many others were trying to get in the webpage it means the server had crashed so NO ONE could’ve get a pet! now where are the keys if no one could get them? I WANT MY PET 🙁

  11. “we really want to give an opportunity to all members to get a key”. (lol. >_>)

    You failed your members. That sentence I quoted above is a joke. I’m a member so where’s my key? Myself and other members having been trying to get a key for hours … where are they? Fair’s fair. You more or less promised all members would have the opportunity to get a key but that didn’t exactly happen. Come on, do the right thing and give ALL your members a key! v_v

  12. That lost time … fulfilled when the time to ask for the key, so it told me to refresh the page. I could not re-enter more and I run out of the pet. I figure that many people have been here. other sites that also gave away pet sites ever collapsed … and the strange thing is that there is also no comment today … It would be good to improve service

  13. So um it’s been Server Error 500 or Database error and I’ve been trying constantly since it was time so I’m assuming you guys shut off the contest based on your Facebook post but can you please clarify that here.

  14. Is this giveaway really over? Are comments still enabled on this page? I sat around trying to get the page up for the past 4 hours or so, and now all the keys are gone? really? This is the most unfair way to run a giveaway I’ve ever experienced. The countdown did nothing but give those who will take 15+ keys to resell time to make that many accounts. I’m going to continue to hope this isn’t how the 2 week ordeal is going to end for all those who waiting more than patiently.

  15. cualquiera, pagina d mierda una perdida total d tiempo. no tienen ancho d banda para soportar siguiera mil usuarios. una estafa total. registrarte para consumir esta publicidad de mierda,
    pagina d mierda

  16. Sigh, cant get to the page until now (it kept timing out because it was too busy). Now I’m here the giveaway is over. This sucks.

  17. did people actually get the keys?!?! I don’t understand how they could possibly given anything away with the site being down the entire time. WTF…

    • They claim that they just got lucky. They are the only 2 people on all the servers who got a llama the page just loaded for them enough for them to get the key

  18. LOL wow amazing how 10 minutes before just logging in for this give away and your servers flood and keys fly away like nothing after i finally get the page to load this site kinda seems not worth it any longer

  19. I tried to get this site to work for hours =/ and now It finally does.. nothing is left.. sad panda =(

  20. wow srsly I’ve been waiting for the goddamn giveaway for the whole week and by the time it suppose to be started your server went down, i couldn’t update page for 3 hours and when it’s back up the giveaway is over… how the hell is this possible ://

  21. Are you serious? You put a countdown saying ppl to DDOS this site when it reaches 0… that was rly genius MMOBOMB… rly.

    You said that you did this for all of us can have a chance to get one pet and you did all the oposite.

  22. I find it very interesting that from the time this giveaway for llama started all I got was that the site was having problems, couldn’t connect, or site down…. yet..this giveaway is OVER? I’d sure like to know how others got it when the site was down.
    This really po’s me that it was done this way.

  23. Update 5: Sike! We had no keys. We just wanted traffic so we can say we’re the #1 site for news and happenings in the MMO world. Thanks for being a tool!

  24. this was lame =s i barely got on page then the page says SMF not loaded stuff and i refresh so many times and the same stuff :c till i finally get its over

  25. WTF!…..been waiting since 3:00 ffor this pet, it goes up and and then cant get on the site for 5 and a half hours finaly get in and the give away is over? again wtf?

  26. I’ve been trying to get on the site forever and kept getting the 500 internal error. Now that I finally got the page to come up it says giveaway is over? 🙁

  27. MMOBOMB 2 people were able to get the keys. I waited while the delays happened and while you used a countdown (very stupidly I might add) Instead of giving the keys out when you got them that night. Where is the key or was this a scam to get more people on your site? No more delays just give the keys out tonight since the traffic will be low

  28. sly u just see people selling extras keys n cuz of this “web crash” some didnt got it? srly this is fail on week waiting for nothing. Tnx a lot

  29. Lol this is a shame, all days waiting and looking everyday the counter and when finally “appear” ready collapse and cant take the key, isnt just, these days all time waiting for key and cant take one with server down….

  30. …i waited a week with this page open, even set my alarm, for the last minutes…the page has been hung for over an hour , i refreshed a thouasand times but the page would not load….now that it finally loads…no keys FML not fair. Please post more keys ;(

  31. This is bullshit I been waiting since 4-5 days ago waiting for this key and now I missed out on it cause this stupid page would not load 🙁 so another pet I missed out on….

  32. Do you mind actually fixing your site or maybe even informing people of the problems that are going on with this? if this giveaway is over then you may have a big problem.

  33. This site suckz!!! been waiting all day just for the site to freaking load to get a key and then the minute it works, all the keys are freaking gone Dx

  34. 3 hours sitting at my computer waiting for the site to come up and nothing to show for it.

    “This giveaway is over!”

    Well that’s what I get I guess. WTB that 3 hours of my life back >.>

  35. …no words will or can describe how angry I am right now…2 minutes in and I go to log in and then the whole site goes down for me, I tried for hours and I MEAN HOURS to get on and never had a chance…now I finally am able to get on and this contest is over?!?!?! I have waited for days for this pet that now I’ll never get because of the site failing

  36. Well I will never trust another thing on MMOBomb. I have been trying to get this page to load all day to get a “This Giveaway Is Over” message! What a Scam

  37. Were any keys given out….lots of rumors outthere from mmobomb emailing codes to no one has em since site took em down due to crash…. Whats the official word cuz i would love a llama

  38. I’ve been refreshing this page for two and half hours and following this giveaway for a week. All I’ve gotten in return is server timout errors and no code. Can anyone help? MMOBOMB??

  39. waited a week with this page open, even set my alarm for the last minutes…page was hung all this time,refreshed for over an hour …. when i do get through….no keys….FML not fair. please post more keys 🙁

  40. Well, I KNEW this was gonna happen! After taking two hours to attempt to register, activate, log in and get on this page, I get the lovely message, in bold red font, This giveaway is over!

    Bravo, well done!

    NCsoft should really check out who they let distribute keys. The couple of keys out there are being sold for kinah, and us poor saps who only have registered once for one stupid key are left out in the cold again.

  41. This giveaway is over my ass.. there was never a giveaway in the 1st place. The website crashed nobody couldn’t log in, coz ur website is a huge crap and couldn’t handle the traffic. Not to mention i haven’t seen anyone with radama’s pets on the kharun server which makes me think this is bs. Been trying to loggin since 3 hours ago and what do i get? nothing. Srsly the best thing mmbomb should do is giveaway pet’s to everyone who logged for nothing. Ty for wasting everyones precious time.

  42. bad fail guys, u want to be the must go to site for f2p game sites but cant handle 1 games worth of hammering? need to step it up alot guys or ur gonna lose face fast..

  43. this giveaway is bs i was here refreshed and it said severs down or cant connect cuz sever busy, total BS!! im here now finally and its over, this was really for hackers to make money on the game, now all i see is ppl sellin the codes ,so much BS takes the fun out of the game and thes contests!!

  44. The site is lagging out massively. Hve to admit, after waiting around for over a week, I’m gonna be really disappointed if I miss out due to lag 🙁

  45. “To get your key you just need to click on the button bellow”

    Well, it would have been nice if there was an actual button to press :/

  46. Official reply: Not sure how many they’ll put up at this time, however they were given 5,000.

    5000 keys, it will take at least some minutes for them to run out of keys ;P

  47. this site is lagging so much that i wouldnt be surprised if it goes down at the time of the giveaway ;p
    thats what you get from placing a countdown, there always are disadvantages!

    • I do! wolfsfyre
      but… I’m like never on there. If you would like to add me in game I currently have Asmos on Siel and Ely on Kahrun :3

  48. Finally, Panaku has returned to me with some truly wonderful news! I sent him above deck about thirty minutes ago with my telescope because he was complaining that he was bored and I was trying to nap. The next thing I know, here he comes, storming into my quarters flailing a fish about in one hand and my telescope in the other babbling on about some sign that he’s seen. It took a bit of time to calm him down enough to speak properly, but he has come to tell me that he’s spotted a sign on the upcoming spot of land, which reads…

    “Here your dreams shall come true
    If within your heart resides such a virtue

    The great radama will soon become yours…
    …just don’t get drowned near the shores!”

    I’m so happy that I can hardly contain myself! Finally, after all these years of searching! Finally, I have found the Golden Cove, home of the Great Radama! I must gather supplies to leave my quarters and prepare a boat to take to shore. Finally! Finally! Finally!

  49. just read the f*ckin message

    Here your dreams shall come true
    If within your heart resides such a virtue

    The great radama will soon become yours…
    …just don’t get drowned near the shores!

  50. ╔════════════════════════════════════════╗
    ║ ║
    ║ Here your dreams shall come true ║
    ║ If within your heart resides such a virtue ║
    ║ ║
    ║ The legendary llama will soon be yours… ║
    ║ …just don’t get drowned near the shores ║
    ║ ║

  51. Captain’s Log: My final hours:

    It has been roughly three days since my last telegraph from an allied fleet, but I believe that I am finally nearing the end of my journey, the Golden Cove. I have been sending the panda bear, whom I have decided to call Panaku, out above deck to catch fish and keep an eye on the seas, whilst looking out for land. Often, when he returns he speaks of my late crew. I am not sure if he is daft, pyschic or simply seeing things… Either way, I suppose it doesn’t matter. I have made great friends with Panaku and since realising that he is quite the fisherman, I’ve decided to abandon the idea of making him my emergency food source. He truly has been wonderful company these last few days… According to Panaku’s latest report, we are coming upon a small spot of land and that by now it should only be a couple more hours before we reach it. I am hoping beyond hope that it is the Golden Cove. That I will finally be able to show the world that the Great Golden Radama truly exists. At last, Moby Duck shall be mine….

  52. So yeh I was right. I kinda thought that NCsoft would not have the codes in since they delayed us this much. Good luck to everyone. And I hope everyone gets a key.

  53. Crewman’s Log: Day Infinity

    It’s been eerily silent aboard the ship since we recieved a message from the Bombing Fleet. Perhaps it is the nervous anticipation of the crew that has them so quiet. According to the Captain’s panda, we are nearing the Golden Cove where the Radama is said to dwell. The swabbie we tied the crow’s nest is gesturing that he sees land, so perhaps in a few hours, Moby Duck will be ours.

  54. Its pretty possible with a macro. This site has no ip lock security and no captchas.
    MMOBomb should install a recaptcha system (which is very difficult to bypass) to prevent abusers!

  55. i tryed to get help to get a key but no one would answer me thx for not helping i wont be coming bk to this site

  56. I also camped this **** from the very beginning and they put the giveaway on a monday… I have university at that time, will have to skip it i think, because no one is trustworthy enough to get me the damn key. If i skip ill email u a key, I know what ur feeling.

    Btw loved ur stories read them all

  57. I know for a fact I won’t b able to get that so CAN SOM1 Plz save me a code and email it to me, skipperlolz @ no spaces, PLZ i waited from the very start and I’m still going to miss out, PLZ SOMEONE NICE HELP ME, also if your going to save me one message me with ur email, than ill email my accounts username and password then get the code and email it to me PLEASE!

    • Dude, DO NOT email your username and pass. They have no need for it. Just have them email you the code…. I’ll see if I can get one for you, but I can’t promise it… I think mmobomb has an IP tracker that makes it so only one code per IP is given out. I’ll still try, though, I’d hate for you to miss out after all this time.

  58. Why is everyone still asking why they’re not getting a key when there’s a big fat countdown in bold letters stating when they’re being released? Is the countdown just not showing up for some of you?

    • No, you can get a key if you live wherever, but you can only use the key if you are on one of the North American servers. the keys just aren’t out yet.

  59. if we got one of the old codes for a pet. will we get the chance to get one of the codes for the upcoming pet?

    • It’s intended for the North American servers, so it’s using a time that is convenient for North American users. (It’s roughly 6pm EST)

  60. thx for the update ive had this tab open for five day just reading everyoe comment but now i can wait know when it be here so thx mmobomb for reliveing this tension is it sore

  61. hi everybody, i have an extra code for flame bogel / worg of the dead
    i also have an extra code for crewcut fungie

    i would like to find a code for a pink merek, and a code for a kung fu manduri

    if anybody wants to exchange with me, here is my e-mail adress:

    mizuno7777 @ (remove the spaces)

  62. I need the green diabol pet!
    I can give pink merek or kung fu manduri for it

    if ur interested, contact me:

    obuclakctin @ G M A I L . COM

  63. I have all the pets but green diabol
    I can give pink merek or kung fu manduri if you hand me the little green devil!

    kladistrab @ G M A I L COM

  64. 1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
    2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
    3. Get instructions on how to redeem your key, just go to this page:
    4. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, sign up for our daily newsletter, it´s free!
    5. Enjoy your free content.

    i did that but wheres the code says theres time left anyone?

  65. the site says free Green Diabol as well…can i get a Green Diabol pet key code? or is this more false advertising?

    • Green Diabols were in the first keys given out. They made it sound like it would be a random give away but as it turned they gave out the diabols in the first wave of keys and the supposed-to-be radamas in the second wave. Pretty sure that this bunch of keys is only going to be radamas.

  66. Three days, actually. Should be Monday around 4pm PST. And I’ve got NOTHING to do that day 😀 (good thing it’s not tomorrow, I have to go grocery shopping and apply for a job lol)
    Thanks for doing the countdown, mmobomb. I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates not having to sit here constantly while waiting :]

  67. “Finally we have the highly anticipated Golden Radama keys! Check the countdown, inform your friends and spread the message, we really want to give an opportunity to all members to get a key”

    What count down are you guys talking about?

  68. my green diabol or watchful ailu for your pink merek

    cradcorb @ gmail .com <-correct email, the other was deleted

    leave ur message

  69. caps letters to avoid suppression, they keep changing the detection system to block messages

    Still trading, ive got all pets so far, all but the diabol
    I want the diabol, ‘kladistrab’ is my email (google’s service y’know)

  70. I have all the pets so far but Green Diabol.
    I can give ANY PET YOU WANT if you hand me the little green devil!

    kladistrab @ G M A I L C O M

  71. I have all the pets so far but Green Diabol
    I can give ANY PET YOU WANT if you hand me the little green devil!

    kladistrab @ G M A I L C O M

  72. Captain’s Log: Day: ???

    It has been just over 12 hours since I recieved the telegraph from the NCsoft vessel and, still, it seems I am making no progress at all. I should have recieved more word on the location of the Golden Cove from one of the other fleets by now. I wonder if they’re even still out there?…. I am beginning to suspect that I really, truly am alone now. Though, I did manage to fetch up the mocking panda bear. He’s not much for conversation and, quite frankly, not very bright, even for a panda, but it is has been a small relief to have someone to talk to. I ran out of m&m’s several hours ago, but the panda had a zip-lock bag of chex-mix in his shirt pocket and I found a few day old sandwhich and some cheetos in my desk drawer. I think I can make this food last a day, maybe two between the panda and myself.

  73. Still no keys. It’s not even suprising anymore…. I’m losing some serious respect for ncsoft because of this. I sort of yelled at Aion on their facebook page and, of course, got no response. Also not suprising.

    Btw, wtf happened to my Captian’s Logs? D:

  74. I’ve cyber-stalked this site for a week desperate for a chance at a code I think I sat 6+ hours on here yesterday waiting for news not quite sure which timezone’s “evening” it would be. I was lucky enough to score a code from Alienware but I really wanted the Golden Radama it’s just so damn cute! XD

  75. I just started playing Aion recently and would love a key.. i’ve missed out on the opportunity to the get the last few pets please save a key for me T______T

  76. I have watchful ailu… I want to trade it for green diabol… anyone?

    warmasterhunter @ g m a i l . c o m

  77. Captains log – Hour: 725,472
    I am the last survivor of the ship, Pursuit Into Darkness. The crew lost their sanity and where left behind on our original ship, when what was left of us hijacked The Pursuit Into Darkness. Now I am the last one left, forced to eat anything I see, unable to leave my position from fear I may head in the wrong direction. Although considered a child’s story; I am determined to find the sacred llama. I have but one regret, I am unable to bring back the fallen with the golden llama…oh god…oh no…it’s happening…I feel it…my sanity slipping…and yet I feel although, I was so close to seeing the llama, and there it is…just around that corner…Golden Cove, I’m afraid I won’t last all the way back, this is now a one-way trip. This is Captian Hellriser, captain of The Pursuit Into Darkness saying for the last time, I found it, it’s real, believe its there and it will come, but it will test you…only a worthy man shall return alive with the llama itself, only a worthy man can survive…

  78. Hilarious that some of you were glued to this site all day, and still no llamas. No llama for joo !

  79. Thanks for Update #4, I’ve been checking the site every few hours waiting for the keys, so I hope I can get one now 🙂

  80. I have watchful ailu… I want to trade it for green diabol… anyone?

    warmasterhunter @ g m a i l .c o m

  81. if anyone has an extra Green Diabol…i can trade you with Watchful Ailu Or the Flame Bogel or the Worg of the Dead

    thecrow @

    let me know

  82. Seems the comments section is somehow broken for me :/ Is not refreshing comments properly (and that’s why I didn’t see the Ailu post and missed it as well.. damn this all @_@ )

  83. And also.

    I would like to trade my Worg of the Dead/Flame Bogel codes for Watchful Ailu or other pets. If you’re interested respond to this message and we’ll swap emails 🙂

    Thank you.

  84. i really want a Green Diabol…if anyone has an extra key i can trade them for a Panda one…let me know.

    cant wait to get that pet…this site is awesome!


      • yeah, because you’re the ONE person they’re going to send a special email with a special, extra code of a specific pet too. really? i don’t know if you’ve heard, but the world doesn’t revolve around your pretty little bleached asshole. there’s thousands of ppl who didn’t get codes….

  85. What you guys should do is email a code to all the people that have been sitting on here for 3 days when you get them. I know you’re able to keep track of IP’s and who’s been logged in. The countdown idea is nice, and I’m free tomorrow, but Saturday I CANNOT be here all day. Considering I’m one of those people that’s been waiting on this all week, I’d pretty pissed if I missed out because it keeps getting delayed over and over.

  86. I sure hope I will be able to get the llama key, I have been waiting since the first giveaway (which I missed) and have been checking everyday hourly…and now it’s postponed again! Oh no 🙁

  87. Srsly, though… incredibly lame. We’ve been waiting ALL WEEK, camping the site for three days and you’re telling us that even though NCsoft can give out keys for other sites right away, we have to keep waiting? Nice. Really, nice. Good troll, NCsoft.

  88. really wtf !!!
    u made us w8 and after all that w8ing u say no keys !!!
    really thats cool .. coz its free u wanna us crawl for it !!! idiots

  89. Captain’s Log:

    I have just recieved a message via telegraph from what I believe to be a vessel with either the Bomb or NCsoft fleet! They are telling me that the Great, Golden Radama is out there! That I must continue on route heading North-West and that I should (with all luck) arrive at The Golden Cove in a day or two’s time! My only regret now is that my crew is no longer here to witness this momentous occassion with me. Oh, how I wish they could have made it! When all is said and done I shall build a new ship with the head of the Great Radama as it’s figurehead and I shall call this ship the Ishmael, after my favorite swabbie!

  90. Sorry I forgot, thank you for the update. Knowing is so much better than waiting and not knowing if and when


  91. Crewman’s Log: Day 101

    A ship was spotted on the outskirts of the Bombing Sea. It brought news that the Radama was spotted several days sailing away. Perhaps the captain will be more at ease. The crew seems annoyed by the news, but some of them looked relieved. Perhaps there is still hope.

  92. Thank you for the further updates and it’s completely understandable. LOL who knew so many people would whine about the delay….. go figure they get something for free and whine like the world’s about to end just because there’s a slight delay. LOL some people just want jam on it hahahahaha

  93. Ahh delayed again, but I am very happy you guys are gonna go with a countdown this time, it makes it much less stressful for all of us lol.

  94. Its pretty sad they havent released an update if your not going to release then just say it all this waiting is making me want to end my account here and never come back

  95. Captain’s Log:

    The pangs of hunger in my gut have returned. I am not sure how much longer I can go on eating these m&m’s. I think they’re messing with my mind, but they are all that I have… I am still considering leaving my quarters to investigate the now constant noises above and to find more food, but…. I just don’t know if I can now. I am afraid of what I might find. What if the crew turned to cannibalism before the last of them died off? I’m not sure I can handle it, but I am so hungry. I will not give up my quest. I can’t. I must find a way to keep myself going. I’m just so hungry.. and so lonely. Perhaps I will go back and fetch that mocking panda bear to be my friend (or emergency food source). Yes, perhaps that is what I’ll do.

  96. So… gets an unexpected 4th pet giveaway today (they were only supposed to have 3) but NCSoft is unable to round up some llamas after we’ve been waiting a week? How sad is that?

  97. if theres a good soul to share a key there please tell me got noting to trade cause im anoob in game so imd esperatee here

  98. Crewman’s log: hour… whatever

    It has turned to night aboard the ship. The crewmate in the crow’s nest keeps shouting obscenities at me, and the Captain seems worse than before. I thought I saw a glimpse of the Radama past the horizon, but it might have been a trick of the sea. Then again, it might have been a whale. Or a mermaid. I’m not certain anymore. The remaining crew seems disheartened, and I can only hope that another ship will bring us news of the Radama’s current location. Perhaps there is a ship of the NCSoft fleet nearby; one can only pray.

  99. I don’t need a Watchful Ailu anymore, I received one from a very generous person on the aion forums. But I don’t know how to edit or delete my previous post so don’t send any code to my email.

  100. Captain’s Log:

    I am still hearing strange noises all around the ship. Not long ago I heard many seagulls up above and some yelling. I am beginning to think that the ship has become haunted with the souls my late crew. I thought, very briefly, of going out to investigate, but I cannot. I cannot leave my quarters until I find Moby Duck. For if I do, my maps… my precious maps which guide me through the Bombing Seas might disappear like the water I spilled earlier in the day. Evening is now upon me and the seas are growing restless. Soon it will be black as pitch outside and the Great Radama will be even harder to spot. But I cannot give up hope. I cannot abandon my quest after I have come so far. I must find the Great, Golden Radama. I must find Moby Duck…

  101. Still no word from Captain if i can leave the crows nest. I thought I saw a fish, earlier, but it was only Ishmael trying to throw yesterday’s dinner at me to get my attention. I promptly annoyed them by dropping my stale urine pot on their head. They later responded by tricking some seagulls into attacking me. I hate the crows nest. Tomorrow I will make sure to punish Ishmael, but for now….. For now i wait….. Wait for the signs that the Golden Radama….. Exists, mainly.

    If someone finds this message, please return the bottle. I need more ammunition to throw at Ishmael. Please fill with rum, as i drank mine already to send this message. Also, please return the paper as its the only thing i have to wipe my anus.

    As a final note, watch out for flying sharks. You never know when they will

  102. Please if someone has a spare Watchful Ailu can you please send me one. I been watching this page all day and the comments never updated once for me to see you guys tell about the Watchful Ailu on mmorpg.


    my email is

  103. Shoutout to the lovely derptastic Spiritmaster watching these comments like a hawk while i’m working. You know you can get on the game now. I can keep my eye on here.

    As for an actual comment: Times like this i enjoy the fact im a programmer, and made a program to tell me when the section of HTML where the key goes changes from what it currently is to ANYthing different. Makes it nice to be able to be in the next room… though im anxious to see how loud the police siren alarm i made for it is gonna be… Lol

  104. Captain’s Log: Hour: ???

    I seem to have lost my watch… where the hell is that damned watch?! I suppose it doesn’t matter. I began to lose track of the days some time ago when the stupid thing broke…

    There is still no sign of the Great Radama, Moby Duck and evening is fast approaching. A while ago I spotted a panda-like creature, possibly an Ailu… I was so ecstatic when I first caught a glimps of it. I was sure it was my Moby Duck, but I was mistaken. As my ship passed it by, it appeared to be dancing. It was like… it was mocking me. Mocking Moby Duck! How dare that damned panda bear mock me!

    • Ship-wrecked log #34

      The rest of the pandas have perished, and this is my last piece or paper. I used the rest to cook a minnow this morning.
      A ship passed near the deserted island where our vessel crashed. I tried to get the crew’s attention by dancing… The captain seemed startled by my appearance, and began ranting and raving. A bottle was thrown at my head, and a mop landed on the beach beside me. As the ship sailed away, I heard the captain shouting “Radama” over and over. I can only hope that another ship passes by the island before too long…

  105. 🙁 i’m starting to think the Llama keys are a myth now. as if we won’t be getting any, instead someone is gonna jump out of the bushes and yell “psych! you fell for it! sucker!!!”

  106. In my country there is Friday 1 a.m. already and still no keys :< Many people wait a long time on it, maybe we can please about any update did we can go to sleep?

    • I understand Kisa where I live it is after 2 am and I really would like some sleep…just an update of ETA would help

  107. Crew mates log day 100

    Its been over 8 hours now and the captain has locked himself in his quarters with the last of the food stores, we’ve tried everything…but all we hear are the mutterings of llamas and Ncsoft…some of the crew has resorted to canabilism…Oh dear god! Why MMObomb Why! release the Llamas

  108. Captain’s log: Hour: 34873483674

    Still no sign of the elusive Radama. We’ve lost many soldiers to starvation and dehydration. I am the only left. I found some m&m’s on my desk. They’re not very nutritious, but they are keeping me from passing out. I’m low on water, but I think I can make it last a little while longer…

    • Deck-Swabber’s Log Day: 100

      Call me Ishmael. The Captain has gone mad with desire for the great golden Radama. We have heard rumors that it resides in the Bombing Seas, but passing ships have warned us away. The Captain seems determined, and keeps muttering about the llama while eating m&ms. Many of the crew have abandoned ship and joined piracy. I am one of the few whom remains….

      • Captain’s Log: Hour: 34873483675

        I’ve been hearing strange noises over the last hour. Voices. They say I am going mad…. But it’s not possible. I am the only one left. I am alone. The task of capturing the Great Radama is mine alone….. Strange.. very strange things are happening on the ship. I spilled my water and when I went to mop it was gone… Just.. gone. I swear it was there earlier. Only a few moment ago… But, no, I must have been seeing things. The m&m’s must be making me jittery. I should probably stop eating them.

        • Deck Swabber’s Log, Day 100 (part 2)

          The Captain seems to not hear the crew’s question, and seemed confused by a glass of water earlier. The wear of the voyage seems to be addling the Captain’s mind. Some of the crew are talking about jumping ship if we pass another vessel, but I will remain. I want to believe in the Great Golden Radama, or Moby Duck as the captain has began calling it. The Bombing Seas have not given us a glimpse of Moby Duck, but I will remain vigilant.

  109. Seriously, any idea if or when the keys are going to be released?

    Any chance of an update letting us know what is going on? TY!

  110. Are the codes def being released before the 4th? I have to go out soon and don’t want to miss out.


  111. Not that I don’t appreciate my new panda but……They can put out mmorpg’s week 4 pet (even though there were only supposed to be 3), but they can’t give us the freakin’ llama?! wtf?

  112. Been keeping my eye on the MMObomb twitter but the last kind of update there was over 3 hours ago and there has been nothing about an Aion pet yet.

  113. which thursday today or next week or next month wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  114. Well, they’ve updated the comments so we don’t have to scroll waaaaaay down… but that is NOT LLAMA CODES D=<

    Pleeaaaase don't make me sit here aaaalll day… again -_-;

  115. I wish they would update the information maybe a guesstamate of the time. I play on NA but I am Living in EU….after midnight now

  116. Hi all,

    I just woke up and wondering if the keys were released yet? I dont want to miss out this time.


  117. wth, when are the keys going up? Thursday night could be Friday morning for others, what time zone are we talking here?

    • o demn, i waited so long, when it was time,i cant go to the site,and now i was able to log in, but it says giveaway is over T,T so sad

        • Wow…. wait until the time… try to log… nope… Finally get on to mmobomb. Keys are gone. Bravo :/ They did the countdown so everyone could get a chance to get one, but kind of screwed everyone by overloading their system xD

          • Even me, followed this shit before the countdown started, when it started i kept checking and when it was the moment a bunch of people raped the site, hours later i finally managed to get in here and the only thing i’ve rad was “This giveaway is over”. well, screw you.

          • Got to fifteen minutes left with the countdown, just fifteen more minutes and the site screwed up. I sat up for hours watching and waiting for my chance to grab a key but MMObomb failed big time with this giveaway. The very least they can do is give all their members a key since they claimed they had enough keys (plus extras) so that all their members would have the opportunity to get one.


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