and Gamersfirst have teamed up to give our users a key which will grant you a free 10-Day Premium Key for APB Reloaded! This giveaway is only for new accounts! To get your code key you just need to click on the button bellow.

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. You must create a new Gamersfirst account HERE
4. You will need to log in to APB and create a character.
5. Then go to the in-game marketplace and click “Redeem Code” or click HERE
6. Enter your code and click “Redeem Code”.
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8. Have Fun

The Key Includes:

Take your game to the next level! Pony up to premium and get the following benefits in-game:
* Up to a 90% bonus to all Contact Standing (XP) gains!
* 125% bonus to all APB$ (in-game currency) gains!
* 20% discount in the Armas Marketplace!
* 50% reduced cooldown on activated abilities!
* Advanced creation and customization suites (cars, clothes, decals)!
* Extended duration for free Armas weapon trials!

APB Reloaded First Impressions video:


  1. This game is fun, but very hard to new players Always make sure to go to the lowest threat leveled server you can and You’ll be fine!
    Many say it’s pay 2 Win…. thats just bullshit, Once you master a weapon you are the winner!
    and as one of the game tips reads: “Even the strongest weapons can be bested by teamwork”<–This is what no one understands to d, hence they rage and write bad reviews ._.
    Have fun folks!

  2. Game sucks. Hack infested. Will never change. Doomed to the same fate as the many, many, many other crappy F2P games.

    You get what you pay for. Free can be ugly.

    Garbage game.

  3. What a piece of crap…

    Out of curiosity I downloaded this so called “game” I created my character and jumped in the game and since I was new to the game I had no idea what to do and I find my self in a match with out knowing how the hell I entered into.

    1.The game is absolute Pay to win and people who say otherwise are wrong and should be ignored. As a free to play you must rebuy your weapons that cost insane amounts every 10 days and have access to better gear so on..

    2. Retarded gamers that are outside the match find it funny to block you or stop you from completing a mission (specially if they are in the opposite team clan)

    3. This game is crawling with hackers which reminds me of WarRock (I don’t know if that game still exists)

    4. Free to play get limited customization options for gear and cars

    If I had to rate this game seriously I would give it a 3/10 Terrible ,This game should have remained dead..

    I recommend you do not play this game don’t even bother downloading it even if you would subscribe it’s not worth it.

    • 1. Yes the game is pay to win of course, but the fact that you need to buy your weapon each 10 days doesnt make since you pay your guns with in-game money with is at all expensive and yeah if you want better gear you need to progress trough the game just like any mmo. but of course you can buy guns trough arma the microtransaction of the game so yeah its pay to win.

      2. yes there’s trollers. Solution: troll them too

      3.Fun fact WarRock was published by gamerfirst !

      4.yeah that sucks

      But really just try to make friends group with people teamplay and your gonna get so addicted after that. 😉

  4. This game is very bad since in Beta…they never even want to look to fix the latency issue causing the performance of the game at all. Hate it lag so bad on my PC which runs 60-100FPS in Ultimate settings in Tomb Raider 2013, don’t need to say there isn’t a single game that I can’t play but the only game that can’t play is this game, which the FPS is somewhat will be influence by latency…
    I play it from Australia, so they don’t actually had local server for Australia, so I play in Hong Kong server. No matter how smooth that this game running as 140+FPS…it will always freeze the game for 1-5sec due to the latency not keeping up even playing in US still having same issue.
    This game is coded very badly, should just shut this game down in 1 year…
    For newbies who wanted to play this game. DON’T PLAY IT! It’s very imbalance in this game. No matter you are newbies, the match systems will not match it with same lv as you, they will match you with very high lv people and you just watching them keep killing you with rocket launcher.

    • I plan to get into saints row 3 and 4 soon, seeing how the customization for characters and cars are almost on the level of apb. only problem with saints row games i dislike are the stupid story, which is why i haven’t been able to play it yet. if only a mmo game came out.

      btw saints row is better than gta 5 and 4, but no way better than gta 3, vc, sa

  5. why only new players almost everyone has played this and by looking at the APB forums not much new players and lots of complaining, I only play this game because GTA IV is boring

  6. their trying to revie a dieing game but this only works for new accounts so these wont be used that mutch because most people have played before and would rather play gtaV
    ohh and mounted

      • GTA 5 story sucks, the customization is beyond horrible. The only way APB will shut down again if another game with the same amount of customization came out. the game is on its death bed though, seeing how the population on joker and Colby are at a all time low

        • The customization for APB may be good, but it does not hold up the game when the core gameplay is garbage. Many games have already surpassed APB in gameplay and simply overall quality. This game has been dead for years now. I only hope the new engine might fix something.

          • Well yea you sum it up best. Hell even sleeping dogs which i have been playing now is better than APB and its not even a mmo game and has yes customization, but way more content. So yea there are other games which i play that is better than apb, despite apb having the best customization i ever seen. Shame nobody else didn’t pick up the game and upgraded the engine when they first bought it. So yea the engine upgrade we will see if it changes anything, but don’t hold your breath. I’m waiting for watch dogs anyway.

    • It would have been a good offer for players who haven’t had premium in ages too, I personally haven’t played in a good few months, do i miss the game, not really. but i certainly miss the customization, something GTA 5 cant live up to at all.

    • Actually APB isn’t dying, but could be within the next 2 years if they upgrade engine they plan is coming don’t do anything different from what we see now. So within 2 years i see it shut down again. The game is over run by hackers, and lack of GM’s who don’t care. Not to mention the lack of content and same boring missions. The only saving the game from dying today is the amount of customization it has, no game atm has that much. So guess gotta wait and see what happens after the upgrade. I stopped playing APB about a month ago though. Hopefully i won’t go back.


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