APB Reloaded Free Weapons Giveaway
MMOBomb.com and GamersFirst have teamed up to give our users a code key which will grant free in-game weapons for APB Reloaded! To get your code key you just need to click on the button bellow.

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Login with your GamersFirst account to the Armas Marketplace
4. Click the “Redeem Code” button at the top of the page
5. Enter your code in the box and click enter. Choose your character and you are ready to go! Your weapon will be sent to your chosen character’s in-game mailbox.
6. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook or Twitter!
7. Have Fun

The Key Includes:

The code redeems a 10-day weapon selector. People that redeem the code will get to choose 1 out of 4 different 10-day weapons:

– ATAC 424 ‘Bodyguard’ (Assault Rifle)
– N-HVR 243 Scout PR2 (Sniper Rifle)
– OCA-626 ‘Whisper’ PR2 (SMG)
– Colby CSG-20 PR2 (Shotgun)

APB Reloaded First Impressions video:

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  1. wtf on November 8, 2013

    “this account is not eligible for this promotion” WHY?!

  2. neil arvin on July 28, 2013

    how cna i get my redeem codes ?

  3. Alecs on January 3, 2013

    When codes get?

  4. Alecs on January 3, 2013

    А где код сам получить?

  5. Kingsanx on December 26, 2012

    No more, lame >.< this is the only key I actually want out of all of them. lol

  6. Jonas on December 23, 2012

    Nice 😀 play this game actually ^^ please team up with GamersFirst and see if you can get any Codes for Permanent weapons 😀 and thanks for the code :DDDDD

  7. TIMOUSS on December 23, 2012

    How long codes ?

  8. XENOOX on December 22, 2012

    will this code which i saved on my notepad i can redeem it after 10 days?

  9. XeRios on December 22, 2012

    “this account is not eligible for this promotion” – WTF??

  10. Johnny on December 21, 2012

    The key is for you to pick one of four weapons with a 10-day expiration date from the time you remove it from your in-game mailbox.

    Lame considering you can just go to the armastore and trial a bunch of different weapons which probably includes these four as well. These codes should have been for a perm weap. :\

    • R0senkr3uz on December 21, 2012

      Except for the part where the free trials are 30 minutes, whereas these are 10 days.
      So which would you prefer… enough time for 1 or 2 decent missions, or a week and a half?

      • buggy on December 22, 2012

        depends do these even have mod slot or just have nothing if you played apb leased weapons come a dime a dozen its ordinary A perma weapon giveaway would be better even for new players to it.

  11. bill gates with a mac on December 21, 2012

    are these limited like 3 day use or perm use

  12. n on December 21, 2012


  13. :D on December 21, 2012

    Does it work with another APB? I play the BR version 🙂

  14. Echoman on December 21, 2012