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ARCHLORD 2 is a medieval fantasy-based MMORPG that takes place in the mysterious and dangerous world of Chantra. Players will join in a never-ending conflict between the two opposing factions of the Azuni and the Crunn. in Archlord 2 players may satisfy their thirst for power by participating in enormous PvP battles comprised of 400 fighters all vying to claim the ultimate prize and become the Archlord – the world’s supreme ruler.

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3. Visit to redeem your key and download the game client.
4. Install ARCHLORD 2 and login. If you do not have a WEBZEN account yet, you will have to register a new account in order to play the game.
5. Closed Beta Begins on June 17th
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6. Have Fun!

Closed Beta Key Benefits:

Players with access to the Closed Beta will receive a special gift when the game launches, to mark their special status as early adopters!

Archlord 2 Trailer:

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  1. Don’t even bother guys. I’d rather play the first Archlord again.
    This is a generic pos mmorpg. I wonder why they even made it…
    At least the first AL had a unique style and nice classes..This was is really bad.

  2. 16th swordsman online closed beta
    17th black gold early open beta
    17th archlord 2 closed beta
    wich one u guys gona pick?

  3. when i read all this comments i cannot belive how gaming comunity changed during all these years. Being a gamer meant something years ago, today you see all these retarded kids playing a games they shouldn`t have…

  4. i played Archlord till the end, it was a amazing game. The greatest was the battlesystem with the attack on a castle. Much bugs but very great fun. A little bit bad was the tons of levelbots in the game and the very bad GMs which did less tilll nothing against them, hope this going on now much better!

  5. KEY CANT BE VERIFIED all the time, also registration in webzen is so slow and complicated, and u need to wait vertification email forever FAIL!

  6. Kinda clicked the claim key button without looking at the game first. Now after having seen it I’m not really interested anymore. The look and feel doesn’t suit my tastes tbh.

    So in the case they keys are gone, I haven’t mine yet.


  7. Aion Jr. baby of an old game is an old game’s baby.
    PVP focused and out of date before its even released. no thanks

  8. A little more than slightly buttmad that Webzen is forcing me to update my account to redeem my code. Meaning I just had to change all my account information, email, username, password.
    I might as well have just made a frickin new account.

    • dont worry, i couldnt use my original account, i couldnt use my gpotato account, i had to create a completely new account for Age of Wuline and i lost my high level character ^_^

  9. I would say it’s a misrepresentation to call this an action MMO. The connotation of that phrase – action MMO – is a third person shooter style combat system, often including dodge rolls and active blocking. Other systems also fit into the genre a little more loosely, like that of WildStar. Having watched several gameplay videos, Archlord 2 appears to have a fairly standard tab-target combat system. I suppose that type of system still has its place. Heck, I’m planning on playing ArcheAge. Still, I think it’s a bit disingenuous to call Archlord 2 an action MMO, and it’s basically turned me off to the idea of playing it.

    As a side note, what’s with all the Arch(e)-MMOs coming out lately?

    • archloard 2 of course is the newest in the archlord games. I played the orginal one forever its just they name they went with

    • a real action MMO would be something, where you can use the environment to your advantage:

      climb trees, walls, destroy buildings, throw rocks and people at other people

      rolls, dodges and combos are a bunch of bullshit

      • Hey, why not have combos, active dodging/blocking, etc. in an MMO with all that other stuff you mentioned? Or maybe not combos, but definitely dodging and blocking…

        I’d play it, but a game like that is still a ways off. Anyway, my point still stands.

        • Agree. Also I dont get why Archeage is called “Sandbox”. Thought that sandbox was GTA style: Open world with no level, XP or grind… with a series of missions / quests that unlock other missions / quests and so on. Archeage is just another openworld tab targeting MMORPG, just like this Archlord 2. All that “Action MMO” and “Sandbox” is just to make you think you are gonna get something revolutionary and completely new… aka big lie.

          • It’s called a Sandbox because players can alter and itneract with the world around them.

            Note the city/castle building/sieging
            Open world is also a large part, though not the only part.

            And how it is supposed to feel more like you’re in a world as opposed to on rails.

            Games like GTA and Elder Scrolls are More “Open-World” than “Sandbox”
            True sandbox games are those like minecraft where the world can be altered persistently by you

  10. It’s Webzen… Gonna be great. (sarcasm)

    Nevertheless, worth giving a shot even if only for the closed beta test.


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