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To celebrate the recent open beta launch of Armored Warfare, MMOBomb and have teamed up to give our users 40 Armored Warfare: Operation Typhoon collector’s edition packs ($35.99 each). To get one exclusive key code, you just need to follow the instructions below:

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2. Check your email and locate the confirmation email. Click on the Confirmation Link in the Email to Complete Your Sign Up.

3. Complete the following sentence: “I love Armored Warfare because… ”. Leave your sentence in the comments below, please make sure you use the email address you signed up for MMOBomb with. This is really important, if you do it with another email you won’t be eligible to receive your prize.

We’ll select the 40 lucky MMOBombers on November 14 (2015), we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.

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This code contains the following items:

An exclusive pack presenting Mowag Taifun II tank destroyer that was developed as a private project for the Swiss army. Built as a single prototype and never mass-produced, now it is reborn in Armored Warfare along with:

60 days of Premium Account Time
3,000,000 Credits
3,250 Gold
“Typhoon” achievement
+25% credits & experience for 1 week


1. This companion can only be redeemed one time by a single character on each account.

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  1. I love Armored Warfare because tanks are king of the land. You see them rolling, you hide. Run and you die. I love tank games and started with battle city, the ultimate classic tank game. Hope to play this beautiful tank game.

  2. I love Armored Warfare because … it’s a game who simply astonish me…and i always was a fan of tanks! In real life i visited almost all the tank museums in the europe…and listent ever story of ever tank that was told…i even heard a lot about tanks from a veteran once! i think tanks are awesome and i hopefully think i can drive a tank for at least 100 meters! I hope i will win this….G.L. To everybody!!!

  3. I love Armoured Warfare because this game is like a world I live in, a digital mystical binary concept of art. I don’t know what I’m saying so please send me key or else I’ll get lost in the world FOREVER!

  4. I love Armored Warfare because its one of my favorite games I am really interested in modern tank technology and specs but all we had was World Of Tanks and War Thunder until Obsidian decided to step up to the bat and make this wonderful game its a blast to play and I have spent a good bit of time in it and I appreciate all the time and work that went in to making it this kit would really help me out.

  5. I love Armored Warfare because…Tanks tanks and more tanks I’m here to kick Tanks and chew bubble gum and I’m all out of tanks

  6. I love Armored Warfare because Obsidian Entertainment is one of the best, if not the best developers in gaming. And from what little i’ve been playing , this game is worth it and more.

  7. I love Armored Warfare because its the best tank game online right now that doesn’t shaft the player with microtransactions. Its not a grind, and it doesn’t pander to any one nationality of tank.

    • “I love Armored Warfare because, it gives us the opportunity play modern and the latest tech in warfare, specially tanks. The game even though still in BETA is growing fast each day, since the devs are listening to the players suggestions which is a BIG plus and likewise, are introducing new game mechanics not found in its counterpart.”

  8. I love Armored Warfare because I love wars game especially tank and I enjoy my heart content with WoT so I really really want to try out new Armored Warfare and the giveaway will help a lots to improve my starting experience with AW

  9. I love Armored Warfare because I am sexually attracted to tanks, specifically modern tanks, and this is the only game that caters to my fetish.

  10. I live Armored Warfare because I Have seen Tons Of developer Videos and really liked the Game. I love these Types of Vehicular War Games in General but I think this one will stand out. (World of Tanks has become shit anyway).

  11. I Love Armored Warfare because it’s giving off a familiar feeling yet, it’s also a whole new experience! the mechanics of the artillery is so damn freaking balanced! this baddie will own other games.

  12. I love Armored Warfare because… this is the best tank game of the last 4 years ever made and i’m spending a lot of my time playing it basicaly 12 hours each day.
    I’m enjoying it so much and it will be very cool to get a tier 6 premium tank like the taifun 2 TD.
    See you on the battlefield.

  13. I love Armored Warfare because it is the first game that offers an enjoyable experience with modern tanks in a multiplayer environment with interesting and unique mechanics that encourage teamplay and gradually present you with more and more of the intricasies of modern day vehicle combat.

  14. I love Armored Warfare because of the more intense and balanced gameplay than any other wargames at this time, and its simply the best way to kill the time 😀

  15. I love Armored Warfare because a friend never stop to talk to this game, and now i have curiosity to play the game, have a good appearence.

  16. I love Armored Warfare because i played on BETA and game is awesome with nice gameplay like WoT and more interesting cuz the game is with modern tanks. So would be nice to get some price like this, and thank you for this giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  17. I love Armored Warfare because i really like the game it looks really good and makes fun and its a real rival against World of Tanks. I hope this game will get more notissed.

  18. I love Armored Warfare because the game is so intensive, and vivid to the eye. I love how it recreates that old look while staying modern. Its a true classic that sure can capture any heart.

  19. I love Armored Warfare because Armored Warfare is the best tank-war simulation game ever. I can get cold war tanks to modern ones , even “future” tank (T-14 armata but not yet).

  20. I love Armoured Warfare because the play is smooth, the controls easy to pick up, I love the Tank Aspect games and Armoured warfare by far has it down. Best tank game. Great development team.

  21. I love armored Warfare because the game is not as insane as World of Tanks with there RNG rolls always being against me not matter what.

  22. I love Armored Warfare because it is game that i will defiantly have extreme fun playing it and I love tanks explosions and shooting things , what can i say , ohh yeah thanks mmobomb for making this giveaway, it is really awesome.

  23. I love armored warfare… Because life is glorious and fun when this game came out. You can’t go wrong with free fun right?

  24. I love Armored Warfare because it looks like the first Free2Play Tank-game that’s not programmed by blood-sucking lawyers like those other tank driving games ;D

  25. I love Armored Warfare because all of the vehicles are so much more realistic than other tank games, they behave how there meant too ! Also artillery all the way !

  26. I love Armored Warfare because the gameplay is unique and fun, the game modes (PVP / PVE) are both really fun, especially with friends, and the game has very good graphics. There are a lot of different tanks and armored vehicles to use in the game, and they all play very different from each other. The Base feature where you can get materials and upgrade buildings is also very unique and cool.

  27. I love Armored Warfare, because this game is one of the most awesome tank warfare games out there. The Publishers did a wonderful job, and I hope to keep playing it from now until I never can. Thank you for making such a great game. Loving the tanks and loving the system.

  28. I love Armored Warfare because its modern warfare game, something different beetwen War Thunder and World of Tanks. In real life im in army so i can compare real-life driving and shooting mechanics to those in game. Sometimes that make me laugh, but sometimes i am really impressed about realism. Add to this beautifull graphic and pretty realistic sounds and you will have the best tank game ever made.

  29. I love Armored Warfare because modern armor is awesome and I’m sick of the RNG and money grabbing in WoT. Also because Obsidian listens to the community’s complaints and the RPG elements seem promising!

  30. I love Armored Warfare because it is not completely focused on PvP, it offers choices for players who are more keen on fighting alongside players than against them

  31. I love Armoured Warfare because i feel that it needs people like myself and other game testers to advance the game in a way far from WOT and other games to become unique and the leading game to play 🙂 that and because im already playing it in between college and working 2 jobs 😉

  32. I have been a long time MMO Bomb fan and armored warfare player and this would be a really awesome way to make me love you even more !!! I also I really want it !!!!

  33. I love Armored Warfare because when i first heard about the game in blogs and reviews i immediately searched and followed the game and boy was i impressed, i immediately signed up for early access so i can personally test the game’s good feature’s and unique aspect’s that i longed in my previous tank game that i used to play before i found Armored Warfare, i hoped that this game won’t be a disappointment tank game like WOT after the horrible and frustrating things i have put up in that game for so long……even though its been a month since i played the game(because of slow internet), i heard a lot of good things about it and if i have the chance (and a good internet)try the new feature’s that are newly implemented overall i would rate it 10/10.

  34. I love armored Warfare because; it’s an new fps game and it has a cool feeling too it, kinda attaches me to the game. AS its free it has restrictions But it’s an very easy going game but still great!

  35. love Armored Warfare because i have been following call of duty since the start and this will just be a treat to have, game is just perfect

  36. I love Armored Warfare because it’s world of tanks made by a competent, well adjusted dev who is genuinely interested in what players have to say and in making the balance of the game feel better for everyone, instead of just trying to get as much money from their audience as possible.

  37. I love Armored Warfare because it is the best in it’s genre of tank games and it mixes both Strategy and Action into one amazing game 🙂

  38. I love Armored Warfare because it’s the best game with tanks ever! I’ve played World of Tanks, but Armored Warfare is much better.
    Thank you MMOBomb for this opportunity.

  39. I love armored Warfare bacause its a lot of fun … ! My english is not good, so i cant say much … but i can say, its a realy awesome game … ! And this is the perfect giveaway … i love it … ! 😉

  40. I love Armored Warfare because u get to try all the best war machines and they made it fun …..will love to see more of it and its best free to play ….thanks you….

  41. I love armored warfare because includes 68 tons and 120 mm cannons (M1A1) of pure awesome; Only in one modern game can you find a visually appealing battle between tanks of different nations!

  42. I love Armored Warfare because it is a great game and the closest one to match with World of Tanks which I have been playing a while, but I’m looking for a fresh take on the genre.

  43. I love Armored Warfare because the game has excellent graphics, a true and fair fight, many combat vehicles, and finally a myriad of options for tactics and outwitting

  44. I love Armored Warfare because it’s an ambitious MMO with really high hopes and good developers. It fills a niche of Armored Warfare rarely used, the Contemporary Period is a very rarely trekked area in terms of Armored Warfare. Because of that, the game feels refreshing compared to the usual World Wars that everyone uses. While the game is the perfect product that everyone wishes that it was. I feel that the route that the developers have taken will lead it down great roads. With more content, better gameplay, better community and a game that will stand the test of time done properly. Between the Players and Developers, this game has the potential to rival the likes of titans like’s World of Series and Gaijin’s War Thunder.

  45. I love Armored Warfare because it is a nice change from the WWII tank games that we have at the moment and that it has a nice feel and look to it.

  46. I love Armored Warfare because has modern tanks, its fun and it’s having a lot of potential. I played since Closed Beta Phase 3… i really love it

  47. I love Armored Warfare because of the smooth gameplay it provides and the difference of play-styles available provided by the different tank lines.

  48. I love armored warfare because although everyone says its just another tank game,it comes out of the bushes and blasts away all the competition just like a kv2’s explosive shot.

  49. I love Armored Warfare because it a nice designe and fun to play and spicial becurse of the Game engine i love the move ment in it and the way you shoot and aim

  50. I love Armored Warfare because it’s an easy going game. Like a casual War Thunder ground forces. Here and there you will get some frustration but as with any game, when you finally get the hang of it, you learn how to avoid that by being skilled and as well just learning to have a good time. I would recommend and have recommended this game to many of my friends. Cheers c:

  51. I love Armored Warfare because it is a game that is making right the things that someone doesn’t and I can’t wait to see what other things they will show us.Recently I got my first arty and it did the opossite than to make me mad it made me say “That’s how arty has to be”.Then I got blown up because I forgot to move between shots.Anyway it is a great game and it is still in beta i can’t wait for more.

  52. I love Armored Warfare because I want a fresh and exciting battle tank game and I’d like to retire from the super repetitive World of Tanks!

  53. I love armored warfare because it is a really well made modern land warfare simulator. The feeling of driving a leopard or an abrams is just brilliant. Also the multitude of different ammo types gives the game some real depth. What shall I use? HEAT or maybe AP with stabilizer wings? It is just really well made.

  54. I love armored warfare because i like tank games and this is right my stile,i would like to win this giveaway and good luck to all others!

  55. I love Armored Warfare for the simple fact that it is an enjoyable game with a high skill ceiling. It is a solid game and a whale of a time with a couple of friends.

  56. I love armored warfare because it is a very good modern tank combat simulator. The feeling of driving an modern abrams or an leopard is just awesome, also the inclusion of tank destroyers and artillery is very well done.

  57. I love Armored Warfare because i know it will be better then WoT and WoP, and have a dedicated PvE mode. + modern tanks look awesome. and what more important the community the players are not that toxic like other games.

  58. I love Armored Warfare because they take PVE seriously, and encourage cooperative play, something rarely done in the genre these days.

  59. I love Armored Warfare because i have bit exp. in games like aw. im war thunder closed beta tester and playing till wot player from its launched.
    but with all that- im never donated in games(infucient founds)
    so it will be great start for me.

  60. I love armored warfare because simply you get in seat of a variety of modern armored vehicles and tanks i love it because it gives you also the chance to see some cutting-edge technology tanks from some countries i love it because of the mechanics the strategy and the gameplay fast-paced unexpecting tactics from both sides its all-in conflict that why i love armored warfare no hide n seek just grinding metal all over !

  61. I love Armored Warfare because of the strategy required to survive in the game. Awareness is key!!! Besides that, its my favorite tank warfare game now…forget the others…

  62. I love Armored Warfare because its a new a good game, its something new from the tank games and its with modern tanks also I love playing with friends this game <3

  63. I love Armored Warfare because it felling like what a tank game should be big powerful beasts arty system so much better than wot version and light tanks actually have a purpose

  64. I love Armored Warfare because it takes what other Tank sim’s games attempt and blows it out of the water, plus its modernized and much more fun with all the different tank designs, varients and classes.

  65. I love armored warfare because it’s the next logical step in armored combat gaming and my clan is transitioning to it now. All the excellent of older games with none of the junk.

  66. I love Armored Warfare because it is way better than WoT and (in some ways) edutacing, plus the community seems friendly and it’s a fun game to spend your time.

  67. I love Armored Warfare because since the early stage has evolved alot in the right direction, it gives you a much better feeling that the other tank games out there.Definetly a must try for those who haven’t!

  68. I love armored warfare because it is one of the first games that has managed to balance grinding and the tanks tier, i have been playing it since the game has came out (i was in closed beta) and i absolutely loved the game there is not over powered artillery that just one shot kill you like in world of tanks or the amount of grind you need just to unlock a tank , if anyone is looking foward to play this game i highly suggest it since the devs listen to the community and update the game following the community’s suggestions and bug report ! i’d rate this game 10/10 !

  69. I love amored warfare because i played a lot of online tank games but none of them are as fun as AW and it keeps me entertained for a long time

  70. I love Armored Warfare because the graphic is insane. The game play and the physic this game provided is near realistic compare to other games.

  71. I love Armored Warfare because this game let’s you kick ass with a heavy tank but also a small 6 wieled tank destroyer that wel wreck everything in it’s path. Plus the explosion and action is like to good old saying: “there is nothing better then the smell of gunpowerder in the morning”.

    • I love Armored Warfare because this site never remembers my login even though I just logged in 13 seconds ago, this page still wants me to sign in, so I probably won’t ever win anyway! YAY!

  72. I love Armored Warfare because it has brought in Player versus Environment play into the fray. The graphics are far superior to it’s competition. The overall feel of the game is just more involved and it is not a pay to win format.

  73. I love Armored Warfare because of their diverse selection of game options, modern battles and the large scale battles that could be won or lost with a single action.

  74. I love Armored Warfare because they understand have joined the darkside. And now together we will over throw the Galaxy!!

  75. I love Armored Warfare because i love tank games, especially multiplayer tank games where you can have your squad on point and get an epic killing streak if your tactics are good.

  76. I love armored Warfare cuz this game is the bomb like litteraly the bomb u go kappao babeim like if i was a tank i would love to get my cannon on that game and babaim this game,im totaly not high right now trying to get this awesome game <3

  77. I love Armored Warfare because the developers listen to feedback and thus make the game for the players, not just for themselves.

  78. I love Armored Warfare because it’s free2play, about NEW tanks and armored vehicles and there will be ARMATA soon !
    Hope i can win !

  79. I love Armored Warfare because there are times in life when you are just like, “You know what, I don’t want to run into this battle on foot.” Armored Warfare makes sure you don’t have to. We can all appreciate that.

  80. I love Armored Warfare because like in the movie of WWII the M4 SHERMAN Tank Crew said its “” THE BEST JOB I EVER HAD “”

    • I love Armored Warfare because I’ve shared a passion for Tank- and War machinery related games since my dad introduced me to them 15 years ago. Even today we still play Silent Hunter and War Thunder together, and it would be a pleasure for me to introduce him to Armored Warfare as well.

  81. I love Armored Warfare because this is a fantastic modern tank game with nice graphics and gameplay. Everyone who loves tanks should try it.

  82. I love Armored Warfare because i have wanted to play a game with modern tanks. This game is a lot of fun and i have always liked these kinds of games, namely Warthunder being favourite till now.

  83. I love Armored Warfare because it has a great community and fans such as, amazing and very generous development team, but most importantly… SMOKE GRENADES!!!!

  84. I love Armored Warfare because its a great game that’s fun to play with friends and enjoy destroying the environment.!

  85. I love Armored Warfare because it is a very fun and tactical game. That it challenges your expertise, and gives new experiences of new strategies you can use.


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