MMOBomb and Aeria Games have teamed up to give three lucky members Founder’s packs for the upcoming Anime MMORPG, Aura Kingdom. All Founder’s packs come with guaranteed access to the Aura Kingdom Founder’s beta which begins on December 16th, along with a special mount, pet, ingame currency, unique items, and Founder’s title.

One lucky winner will receive a Diamond Founder’s pack which adds among other things; additional currency, character slots, an additional title, and a special Panther Eidolon. To be eligible to win an Aura Kingdom Founder’s pack just follow the instructions below.


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1. It´s easy, you just need to Register on MMOBomb and follow us on social networks like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter (if you don´t have an account for example on Twitter, it’s ok).

2. Visit the Aura Kingdom official site and create an account. An account is necessary in order to properly redeem your Founder’s pack.

3. In the comment section below, describe what excites you most about Aura Kingdom. Please make sure you use valid email address when commenting. This is really important.

We’ll select the 3 lucky MMOBombers randomly on December 14th, by 12pm PST, with winners notified via email.

Lucky Winners:

– Kira08
– Kazilik
– Sepenia

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  1. Im excited because ive been bored out of my mind with all the mmo’s out there. Aura kingdom promisses something else, common a pet that fights with you, hell yeah! Hope i win, fingers crossed!

  2. The thing that excites me the most about Aura Kingdom is that it’s an anime styled game, I’ve always liked anime games and since Iris Online shutdown I really haven’t’ found anything else that I stuck on too.

    Sincerely Haikuren

  3. I have always been really interested in games with a advanced pet system. I truly believe that this game will take the concept of a pet to the next level. To a level so high you possibly can’t even call it a pet anymore ! As such my parthner and I will strive to be the greatest duo in all of Aura Kingdom ! I also really like anime themed games and the visuals are just stunning and to add on top of that an interesting skill tree/job system with many possibilities. So that’s why I’m so looking forward to this game.

  4. I’ve been itching to play a newly released mmorpg. It’s been awhile since I’ve played an anime-styled game so I would like to look into it some more by playing the game.

  5. What excites me about Aura Kingdom the most is “Way of the Game” it isn’t just another 0815 MMO Im a huge Fantasy Fan I already read my whole Library (atleast every Fantasy Book) and the Story sounds exciting you can see that the playerbase of those Fantasy Games are mostly friendly and open. The Art Styles also seems amazing ( Im a huge Fan of Eden Eternal ).
    I would love to contribute my Part for the game and as a Founder I would be able to help at looking for Bugs so everyone else would get a Bugless Improved and Awesome game!

  6. The thing that excites me about this game is the art style and the classless like features plus the combo system i cannot wait to try oWo

  7. The Interactive companions and anime style visuals really excite me for this game. Good luck everybody with the giveaway. Can’t wait for open beta. I think it will be in January or February.

  8. What i like most about Aura Kingdom is the gliding feature and the colourful style of the graphics. It looks like a really promising anime style game

  9. I dont cnow where to start…
    the combo system is nice
    the graphic style is also greate i love anime games 😀
    i could list more but these are some examples

  10. The combo system looks great! Just the fact that it’s not a generic point and click game makes me want to try it out. The anime style graphics only adds to how great the game looks overall 🙂

  11. well its feel like new style game about graphic and skill system bla bla..well thats why so many ppl wants to play this game so much(me too) cant wait till open beta…most good part is this game anime style but feels like fantasy game how to say cute but little heavy its mean all age players can enjoy.

  12. Aura Kingdom is an anime themed game which has quite a variety of.. extremely CUTE characters >w<!!
    With the action/point and click fluid battle system, it just makes it a must try. But most of all, I'm rather interested in how players would progress in the game and which combinations (9 characters, 4 eidolons+ alot more unlockables, the number of skills there are, the amount of ways to chain comboes) they would use to get the upper hand in this game.

  13. What excites me the most the way of exploring the world by gliding and fluid battle styles also teaming up with unique companions, I’m really looking forward to this game,been following the game updates for sometime now.

  14. What excites me the most about Aura Kingdom is its lore. I deeply enjoyed reading the Chronicles of Azuria. My favorite has to be “The Siege of Navea”

  15. The thing that excites me the most would be the game itself! I’ve played Eden Eternal for many years now and love the game play. What AK looks like, is a more action oriented version of the Eden which sounds absolutely amazing. So I guess, the way the game plays is what excites me the most, not just one aspect of the game.

  16. I really like anime style games, and Aura Kingdom has fantastic mounts, a good skill system, and I’m really anxious to exploit this game

  17. The style and setup of the game are amazing. I love that is has a anime feel but, still has that classic aeria style. The most exciting part for me is the talent tree becuase it kinda lets you make your own style of play.

  18. I never been one to like f2p anime mmos all that much since they could never really interest me but after coming across aura kingdom itll be the 1st anime style mmos ill be playing (im not kidding this will serious be the 1st)

    but i love how the art style and unique gaming mechanics with combat and npc interaction caught my eye and had me anticipating when id be able to try this game out

    if u guys hav ever seen the anime log horizon and sword art online ud prolly understand how this game could catch ur interest, the combat sao had and npc evolution of log horizon

  19. Aeria games is well known with they’re anime style mmo.every game they launch like this is an wonderful adventure and there’s so many things with this one that I don’t know where to start XD

  20. the art style, combat system, and the classes seem to excite me, also the pets seem to be an important part of the game too not just some accessory.

  21. I like the Gameplay, the classes, the skills, and that the pets actually do stuff, because in mmos usually they just follow you unless you are a class that controls or gets pets as units that damage.

  22. I am super excited for Sky Tower! Though it probably won’t be in the NA version for quite some time, it’s exciting to know that Aura Kingdom will have this feature. A 40-player platoon going into the depths of the Sky Tower tackling one floor at a time is thrilling to hear; bringing shivers to my skin. My Sword Art Online fantasies can finally come true through Sky Tower, as I will be readily prepared at its gates with my Kirito-inspired Duelist.

  23. i am excited for this game because it features many of the factors that I consider good in a MMO. Example: the various classes, pvp, anime style, distinguished by own builds characters and incredibly detailed scenarios.

  24. I’m really excited about The Sub classes mainly, Being able to switch your weapon to another is amazing in aurakingdom. This will be the first anime MMORPG that I’ve seen where you can switch your weapon from a primary to a secondary almost like an FPS game except its anime RPG MMO based. The Cash items such as costumes. PVP wise 5v5 is going to be great having 10 people fighting each other with secondary weapons, different skill layouts. I’m sure AKing. (Aurakingdom) would easily be the best anime mmorpg top 10 of late 2013-2014

    • However i do seem some things that’s been used in other MMO’s before im not to excited about this. When you make a game with a steep name (Aura Kingdom) you want to give it your own taste not something people has used before.

  25. yo this game right hur….dats some nice stuff right thur…..All joking aside I think this gave will change all of anime MMORPG period. I’ve played dragon nest and a couple of different anime mmorpg and they are seem to lack one common thing, fantasy. Aura kingdom seem to capture that from the trailer and the comments from the producer. They seem to focus on the feedback from the players and really bring that to life. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game.

  26. What really excites me about Aura Kingdom are all the cute and fierce looking Eidolons that a person can own and also the combat system that requires some actual instincts and brainpower.

  27. I’ve been following Aura Kingdom since g-star where it was called fantasy frontier, the game has great animations and lots of classes/customization.

  28. What excites me is that the companions are more interactive while other games they just follow you. Also the cool anime style of it makes it more unique because alot of MMORPGs try to make it realistic and then fail horribly at it while anime style makes it more slick and look better.

  29. The thing that excites the most about Aura Kingdom is the sub classes since you’re not locked to just 1 subclass and can reroll a different subclass at the cost of in-game currency and the rumored Sky Tower people are talking about which should be very entertaining.

  30. I’m most excited to start with the Eidolons and to work out with the duelist class. I’m a big fan of dex duel wielders who have a high evasion.

  31. I absolutely love the Eidolon system in this game, and the costume dye system. I was lucky enough to review the game, and play it abit, and the things that come along with the package (the mount and such) are amazing. I suggest everyone to try and get it. The costume dye system really allows for everyone to look different even with the same costume! Eidolons are also fun to collect!

  32. The action paced combat of the game coupled with the non-linear movement is excellent. This is the kind of game that Aeria is known for and I am very excited for what this game has in store for us. Looking forward to it.

  33. I want that game because the combo system and game play are very attractive. I have been waiting for it in a long time. Travel in the World of Azuria would be fun. Game graphics is base on anime art and I’m in love with the graphic style of the GAME for the first time I see game demos ^^.

  34. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    There’s many things that excites me about Aura Kingdom after I first started looking into the game after a friend told me that it’s about to hit open beta.

    From the Eidolons designs, I just love it! Alessa being my personal favorite. Their description is done very well and it just constantly makes me inpatient for the release.

    I also love the overall anime style they went for in the design, aeria is known for it but you can tell that in this game they put in even more effort in the design if thats even possible.

    And the feature that truly sold me in the game was the Envoy paths, it almost reminds me of a grid system which I just absolutely love and hope it has the ease of flow like most grids do.

    Can’t wait for open beta to start!

  35. My oh my!!! You got me on this MMOBOMB!!! I have been waiting for Aura Kingdom in a long time now! Soooooo excited about the game play, exploring the World of Azuria would be soooo much fun! I would love to have an Eidolon especially “Serif”. Can’t wait to enter this new world and travel with style, riding an Ostrich is one yet there is more! Plus the graphics is base on Anime Art which made made me a Fan of this Game! Awesomeness of this game just keeps on going, can’t wait! can’t wait! can’t wait!!! Waaaaahhhhhh!!! >=O Seriously dead to play Aura Kingdom! =3

  36. I’m SOOO excited to play this GAME!!! xD The combo system seems to be so amaizing and I’m in love with the graphic style of the GAME is so wonderfull, I actually saw a few Images of the world of Aura Kingdom and now I can’t sleep without this game in my head. The anime style is my passion, thats why I played EE, but when I saw this GAME I just fall in trance.

  37. What excites me the most is the eidolon and the classes. The animation looks cute and grasp my attention when I see all the different combinations that are available and customization that you are allowed to do.

  38. The fact of being F2P with a Cash Shop that is not unfair. It makes me happy to play with friends a MMORPG that we can get strong without spending a penny!

  39. I’m really excited to see how fluid this game will work with a companion pet and how they will execute skills and all the other possible things they might try to implement with it so that it could finally be one of those MMO’s that is unique to itself! I can’t wait till i can play it! 😀

  40. its looks diverse in a way, with the eidolons and the combat system. it looks smooth an attractive. also the class system where u can use another weapon from another class is something you have to be looking forward to!

  41. I was waiting a long time for a game that lets me be so eager to play. I hope this game fun hours. I’m already a fan of Aeria a long time. This will be another great game.

  42. What excites me in aura kingdom are the eidolons and with your eidolonhow you can interact with them and the way the skill tree works. Unlike the traditional skill tree their skill tree can tak e different directions. I’m also looking forward to the combination attacks. I also heard that the game will have active dodging and some rumors about a 100 floor tower or something

  43. My friends and I needed a game to play together, but we had to find a game that interested all of us. When I found this game, the graphics instantly caught my interest then the Eidolon system, the combat system, and the variety of classes like the duelist and the sorcerer. I showed this to my friends and they were definitely interested in playing this game.

  44. I like the dual wielding classes and how the artwork is. also the gameplay is great. i want the founders pack to play and experience Aura Kingdom personally

  45. What excites me the most about this upcoming game is that according to the trailers, it brings a playstyle like never seen before! the subdivisions on classes seem very interesting, the anime-like graphics look just awesome and the potential combos that you may achieve with other classes look incredible and really fun to try out!
    Whether I win this giveaway or not, it looks like a game I won’t miss out on playing, for sure!

  46. What most excite me is that my friends are up to play this game with me, so that`s really good since the last time that we all(7 friends) played together was in Ragnarok 1, about 5-6 years ago, since them just 2 or 3 was playing games together, and the game is awesome I played it in CH, even when I was playing without understand anything about the quest Lore and some itens descriptions this game was amazing, there`s lot of classes to choose, lot of combinations, the anime graphics are so cute!!!!! I`m a big fan of animes, I watch lot of them, I also read mangas, I really love the way the characters are drawn, male characters look`s like the hero or villain from most TV animes, and the female are so cute haha, I really hope I can get picked so I could try to make some streams for my friends and people who still dont know the game.
    That`s not all I could say, but I guess you guys could understand a bit why I was so happy when I saw that this game was coming to US.

  47. What excites me most about Aura Kingdom is the art style. Like, the feel and the surroundings are so colorful like a magical, fantasy land. Most mmorpg’s today are becoming so dark and violently filled with death and gore. This game will show us the light and be one of the best mmorpg’s available. And to make it even better: it’s free to play!!!

  48. What else? Of course the Eidolons! They are so diverse and I can’t wait to keep some of them especially the cool looking ones, It will be like one of my long-term goal/achievement for this game! Another thing is the Adventure-Road system as it freely gives the player the decisions they’d like to make using this system (somewhat reminds of league’s masteries. lol) Anyway Thanks mmobomb for making this event possible! Cheers!

  49. Aura Kingdom, as well as being an Anime MMORPG (advantages for otaku, like me x3) has an excellent class system, which gives you the freedom to feel the character and really believe it is the hero of the story!

    Making new friends, you can really feel the emotion in the skin to be the one that completes the story, and not only is your character evolves, but also, YOU! :3

  50. the secondary weapon + combo system provides almost unlimited possibilities, this makes the game exciting and non linear compared to the 1 weapon stereotypes.



    • While I am excited about the eidolon system so far I’ve loved every game I’ve played from Aeria Games. Like the way I love Atlus games.

  52. The thing that excites me the most about Aura Kingdom is the vast amount of customization that you have access to ranging from the level 40 sub class to the skill trees themselves.

  53. Before telling what makes me feel excited about this game, i want to thank MMOBOMB and AERIA for the chance you giving to us, if theres anything that make us feel excited is you guys!!!

    About my post:

    AURA KINGDOM brings me fresh air, for years and years i have been jumping from mmorpg to mmorpg, most of my timesi lost interest because it was the same thing with different skins, when i heard about Aura Kingdom i though, “one more anime mmorpg”, but after a lot of research i found i was wrong and discovered amazing things,

    First was the eidolon system, for players that solo like me or play with no friends, games can be a quite lonely, but with this system i can interact with the eidolon and make combos like it was a friend doing a party with me, it will make us feel someone or something is watching us and that we will always share our life in game forever,

    Second thing that called my attention is the combat system that permits us to move while we use a skill, thats amazing because brings more reality to a battle and the “NO MORE MP” changes magic classes life forever, less money spent and less trouble fighting,

    But what makes me more excited is the producers behind the game, Aeria and X-legend found how to change the anime mmorpg image people had!

    Theres much more to say but i will keep that to all who read my comment, “Only if you come play AURA KINGDOM you can earn a different experience that most mmorpgs didnt offer”

    Thanks for the opportunity you guys gave and good luck to all who participate here^_^

  54. What excites me the most is that it isn’t just another 3D MMO or MMORPG that requires you to stand still while you spam a button to attack. Rather there’s just SOOO much more life to the game that I gets me so excited to watch gameplay. Graphically wise this game is also so beautiful too that it’s another exciting feature. OVERALL I JUST CAN’T WAIT, and it’d be an honor winning this pack and supporting the game !_!.

  55. Can’t wait for this the class system and the anime style art have not played a good mmo in a while (note I do know there r lots of great mmos I just don’t want to play them) the partner system looks cool too

  56. I am most excited about the variety of classes as well as the graphics. I have a group of friends from my past years of gaming who I have shown Aura Kingdom to and they were instantly excited to play. I love the anime-style graphics and I can’t wait to try out the duelist, wizard, and gunslinger class.

  57. What I’m most excited about is the awesome combat style, the anime design, the awesome pets and mounts, trying out multiple classes, and having fun in the game with many new friends! 🙂

  58. The reason I find this game interesting is because it really reminds me of Sword Art Online, with no classes and a weapon based MMO it just feels like it has a gameplay for everyone that may want to play this game. The gameplay seems like it’s an Anime style based game which I find extremely fascinating.

  59. What excites me the most about this game is how beautiful the world and the characters are.
    And it would be nice to get the founders pack because i do not have money for it.

    Thanks for this chance mmobomb and good luck to everyone ^^

  60. I’m excited to play aura kingdom because i love anime’s! 😀 i also like the classes and eidolon system and i really like the fortification in this game cause when you fail you get more potential for your next fortification not like other games that could really give you a hard time just making your weapon a little better. the Lore is kinda intriguing just wish we could live ingame 😛 i can’t wait to play this game!

  61. Because it’s my birthday tomorrow and I want a gift from a random stranger (you). I’m also looking for a good anime style game and Aura Kingdom seems to have exactly what I’m looking for. Their skill tree system is also unique and feels like you can create your own style of gameplay, something that isn’t offered in many other games.

  62. i am excited for the eidolon system and also the classes with subclass system because while you have one class you can get a lot more skills plus the skill you get with some of the idolons to cause way more damage with your class is awesome. The battling system is way better than most anime mmo’s where it is fast paced great art moving around and a control of mouse and keys not just one.Change combat into an art form! Engage in battle like never before, and watch as your screen explodes with the power and grace you exhibit on the battlefield.

    If you still need more than that, call upon your trusted companion and team up for spectacular combos.Why walk when you can ride an ostrich, why ride an ostrich when you can fly,there are a number of unique and fantastic ways to get around the world of Azuria, making the journey just as gratifying as the destination which is better. Also the monster loot details so you know what it drops and auto pots so i dont accidentally die every so often for forgetting, and how you can hunt monsters for a bounty ive never seen that its not a quest its different i like it.

  63. What excites me the most about Aura Kingdom is the system itself. Class types mixing together to create different play styles definitely is a unique feature, as well as companions (Eidolons) that fight and combine their power with you instead of generically attacking enemies. These and all of the other features make Aura Kingdom definitely stand out from their competitors and bring forth a new experience of fun and enjoyment for players.

  64. It’s kinda of hard to say only one exciting thing about the game due to the whole idea being so… interesting. The classes and appearances of the characters are one thing and another being the Eidolons seem really great. What really gets me going though, is the art and all of that. Been playing Eden Eternal, also from Aeria Games and love it but I’ve been trying to search for a new game to play so… Really excited for when it comes out! >w<

  65. I love how Aeria Games are approaching this MMORPG. the Eidolon system, the environmental depth along with the anime based art style this game seems to offer. at first glance, this appears to be a game that will draw my attention for a long time and I trust Aeria Games to compel my attention to Aura Kingdom.

  66. Not going to lie, the thing that makes me excited about about Aura Kingdom is the potential of the game and it’s community that they built so early on,

  67. MAAAAAAAAAAAN ‘=’ Aura Kingdom is the game of year ! theeee beeeest anime MMORPG of the ages T.T i need this ,o/ give to true players

  68. I myself have played couple of games made by X-Legend. Starting from Kitsu Saga, Grand Fantasia to Eden Eternal. When I heard about Aura Kingdom being a mix from the three games I mentioned, I couldn’t help myself but to just say “Wow” I was speechless. When I began my research about the game I was astonished by how the game mechanics work: The Eidolon, Sub-Class system, Envoy’s path, achievements and of course the combat (graphics are not everything). I thought all of them was complicated but then I said, “Well, guess I’ll just have to find all of it by playing it then.”. Although I sound completely biased but it’s just the game I really want to play. What excites me the most is that, even though the North American version game of the game hasn’t been released yet, X-Legend are STILL making upgrades/expansion in the countries where Aura Kingdom has been released. I really cannot wait for the game and am looking forward to the new expansion or upgrades of whatever X-Legend come up with.

  69. I most excites for the great game is aura kingdom, like the classes is really fantastic, I like the grenader for can put torrets. The pet companions is really cool for you can have are really companion like Prius, you talk whit him, lelevel up, transform and any more. And this game the fight is really impressive.
    This game i follow last the firts time i see in the annonsment in korea.

  70. The most insteresting is when the power awakens within the Envoy, and a spirit of the Aura Kingdom is drawn to them. This spirit takes its shape and its personality from the hopes and fears of the Envoy. And, than, together, Envoy and Eidolon stand against those who would destroy Azuria.

  71. Naturally I’m excited about the eidolons. I also really like the character design and battle animations. I give a big thumbs up to the armor choices! Finally more games where the armor for girls is the same as the guys and not just two pieces of metal or cloth!

  72. what excites me the most is that im looking for a good anime mmorpg game but I havent found one one but I think this will go to my top 1 and the eidolon system is pretty neat 🙂 Overall Im excited!

  73. i love the combo system and the skill effects looks realy awesome for a anime mmorpg, already played realy much anime games but the most doesnt looks so nice and funny, and the eidolons system looks interessting too, Grimm seems to be realy funny.

  74. The most exciting thing about Aura Kingdom is the type of missions that were described in an article I read on MMORPG! I didn’t know Aura Kingdom had different missions, let alone missions similar to being a spy. I can’t wait to do those missions!

  75. what excites me the most in the game is the character creation and the eidolons, the character creation looks nice and theres many choices :3

  76. It is so hard to single out a feature in the game since all features of the game are exciting. But if you insist in picking what excites me most, it’s the balancing of all classes + skills + combos + Eidolons. Graphics together with the combat system looks really awesome. Can’t wait to play the game. Hope to get a Founder’s Pack. Thanks and peace all!

  77. the entire kit of the game has had my attention for a while i mean look at it, it is a awsome anime game which my favourite art style for mmo and the pet system is going to so FUN!!!

  78. Just it being a new game is an exciteing thing because it has a brand new unspoiled economy with few things overpriced. now i wont feel like a noob cuz i cant afford stuff

  79. I really like the Action combat system they use. Not many games can make it both fun and so smooth in the animations as i’ve seen this game do it,

  80. I have to admit, I was originally attracted to this game because a friend told me that it resembles Sword Art Online. But after watching different videos, I found the companion system to be very in-depth and useful. Moreover, the skill trees were extremely elaborate! The beautiful background settings and the dynamic active combat– I can’t wait for the official release of this game!

  81. What excites me the most is the game in general. I really like the animations, I hope to see some cool cosmetics and some fancy ideas that might sprout from such a game. I usually play MMO for enjoyment. I play alone and with friends. I am really looking forward to try this game out so I can ensure some of my time is enjoyed, as well as my friends’.

    But as I said. The animations, combos and cosmetics is what enlightened my spark at first glance.

  82. Honestly i’m just excited fo the whole damn game, all the cute character creations and what not been waiting for about a month now just for it to come out !!! 😀
    Cant wait to play the game.

  83. the game seems like Eden Eternal Kick up a notch i need those combos and I’ll get to play my pokemon theme song while while hunting for these pets

  84. The things that interests me the most in Aura Kingdom are the cool skill animations, the classes, the pet system which allows for tag team-like fights, and the great character design. Hoping to play this game soon! 🙂

  85. actually, at first glance when i saw aura kingdom i know that it will be a great anime style game and i like those kind of games i’m really looking forward to this can’t sleep without thinking what to do when this game came out ohh yeaa. THE BEST OF THE BEST 🙂

  86. Honestly i’ve been looking for more anime mmorpgs that could grab my attention for more than a couple weeks at best. The class and pet system they’ve put in this game gets me excited and i hope i really do get this founder’s pack so i can play the HELL out of this game.

  87. I find the dual class system, pet system, and really versatile movement amazing and honestly makes this game stand out for me.
    Already found a guild for the release date 😀

  88. what excites me most about Aura Kingdom is its sharp creativity in unorthadox classes. Idk I just adore any MMORPGs that took the time to look away from warrior/archer/mage/priest setup and went all out with something unique..and Aura Kingdoms just does that! With a Founder’s Package I’m afraid I might just lose my life to this game 🙁

  89. I want to play this game so badly , i love the combo system and the gameplay ! The graphics are really nice , i like the colours 😀 classes are nice too and i wanna try all of them ! I’m really exited only to think about this game 😀

  90. Well, i could try the open beta of Fantasy Frontier Online, it was good, but the experience wasnt full cause i had lag and the language´s barrier, now i am amazed due to i could understand the dialogs and have a good ping, enjoying the game in fully terms and having the chance for it to be a great game 🙂

  91. I loved Eden Eternal and I can’t wait for Aura Kingdom! I’ve already asked all of my friends to get me an Ultimate Game Card to buy the founder’s pack! I would love the Diamond pack though and I can’t wait for the class system! I already joined a guild that will form in Aura Kingdom and I really can’t wait. I’ve been playing Eden Eternal for 3 years and I just started Ragnarok Online 2 XD They’re all so great and I’ve been waiting for Aura Kingdom for 3months now 😀 I’ve also created a Aura Kingdom Fan Help page on Google Plus where people who will play joined. I really can not wait for this game XD The graphics and the classes look awesome! Even if I don’t win, good job Aeria Games and if you win, nice 😀 Add me as soon I I’m able to get a pack 🙂 Thank you for rthis giveaway MMObomb and keep it up guys! 😀 Cannot wait 😛

  92. What excite me the most on this New revolutionized anime MMO is in fact its very unique system such as Eidolons, you could have different combonation with a variety of eidolons and classes. The fighting style too! and though i have never experienced the end game, I heard that lots of cool things will be implemented for endgame players such as battlefields, dungeons, and also about the future impact of the guilds on guildtowns.

  93. The thing that excites me most is the combo system you can initiate with your Eidolons, how the classes work and how u can make them your own..OH YEAH!

  94. Lookin’ forward to the new world and lore to explore. Could become the next game I’d pour hours into after Warframe and the like; some fantasy sounds good about now.

  95. I LOVE the Eidolons and the combat system! Already have am part of a guild and i would love to play the Founders Beta. Already know which class and subclass i will take.

  96. What I’m most excited about is the fact that the game hasn’t even launched yet and the people of Aura Kingdom are already involving so many others. I mean, on facebook you could actually name the Tanuki mascot (love the name Kero ! ), they keep posting updates and more. That makes me really want to play this game as soon as possible, I’m really eager to see what they come up with next to involve more people!
    (Oh, and I’m also a huge sucker for anime mmorpgs XD)

  97. The most exciteing thing for me in aura kingdom is the combat system and skills of the characters. Just a little + for me the Eidolons. I would like to try the mage as usually im going with a ranged combat character.

  98. The Most Exciting Thing about Aura Kingdom is how their combat settings are set up so you can actually make combinations with your own pet or Eidolon whichever you prefer to call it and the Graphics are pretty amazing on a Anime mmorpg.

  99. I am extremely exited for this game! because it has so many option for pets and mounts plus this new Eidolon system looks VERY intriguing.

  100. what excites me, i dont know, i’ve been waiting since the chinese server released, since they ipblock most of the country, the urge of wanting to play, would you understand? WOULD YOU?!!

  101. Most in Aura Kingdom surprises me with stunning graphics, favorite game genre and a variety of classes. Very similar to the Sword Art Online anime 🙂

  102. The game looks amazing the classes and skills look so unique and original *well mostly* the pet/mount system also really stands out

  103. I’m really excited to fight alongside my eidolons. I like the idea of having pets as an extension of your own character’s abilities rather than just a separate entity that adds dps on its own.

  104. The thing that excites me about Aura Kingdom is the art style and its from Aeriagames which I have been playing from for years 😀 cant wait to play duelest(dual weapons?)

  105. Everything about Aura Kingdom excites me. I Love anime, animals, costumes, and playing with my friends. I also love that I can customize my character. I especially Love that you can ride animals. How awesome is that!

  106. This game interests me the most because I have been looking forward to all the cool things that they have in store. It is a game that I would be playing for a really long time. Beautiful graphics.

  107. I would like to test it first cause ill help to AK community to grow, second, looks really awesome, and third its really hard to me get $ in my country cause im from Venezuela, i really apriaciate if i could get on founder pack thanx

  108. The very wide variety of details, and the unique system would love to be a founder of this game but cannot afford a pack hope I win 🙂

  109. so many things about aura kingdom get me pumped. the art style looks amazing, the classes and skills look so unique and original *well mostly* the pet/mount system also really stands out. i have been keeping an eye on aura kingdom for a while, because in my opinion it will be the first good mmorpg/anime mmo in a while.

  110. I love test new games and this one looks a realy good game,i want to play it on beta and keep playing to be the number one with mmobomb by my side.

  111. The most interesting thing of Arua Kingdom is of the art, not only it is detailed, but also it is pleasing to the eye. Also, the dual-classing is an interesting aspect of the gameplay, which makes the game even more fun and interesting to play.

  112. i would like to play yet another mmorpg game that goes to the next level of gaming, i have beta tested and alpha tested many games in my life and have never seen such a amazing game.

    I wish everyone luck and Hope i Win 😀

  113. I really like the design of characters; i think they created a excellent anime style to go with the game. The feature that i’m looking towards the most is the 100 floors tower. I’ve read up on it and it seems to be a end game 40 man raid which sounds really awesome and I’m psyched up for it :).

  114. I have always been really interested in games with a advanced pet system. I truly believe that this game will take the concept of a pet to the next level. I also really like anime themed games and the visuals are just stunning. So that’s why I’m so looking forward to this game.

  115. What most excites me about aura kingdom is the classes and eidolon that you can ride on and summon to fight. Also the gameplay looks beauty and I believe its going to be popular game in the Western world. The art is always looks great, but the most exciting part about the game is that it is going to be free to play ad not buy to play

  116. What excites me the most about Aura Kingdom is the unique pet, weapon, mount and skill tree system which has so much more to offer than your generic MMO and that it is developed by X-Legend games who made the absolutely Beautiful game called Eden Eternal.

  117. Hi!!
    i really LOVE mmo games but i think aura kingdom is something special. you can have a a partner to aid you in combat. that’s what I’m really looking forward for. I’m really forward for this game to come out and i hope you pick me 😀

  118. I can’t decide where to start about my favorite aspects of this game from the choosing of a second weapon specialization and the eidolons to the massive achievement system and hidden quests. I’m just excited to see a game reward you for exploring everything and doing everything and paying attention to the small things!

  119. what exites me the most is the visual graphics of aura kingdom.. it reminds me of my favorite anime SAO (Sword Art Online). This game gives a lot of diversity for the gamers to enjoy. You will never be bored in playing this game. Another plus points is the eidolons which also aids you in battle, and not only that they evolve! woooh. Mounts too are nice. i mean who wouldnt want to ride on that cute tiger with a beautiful effects while running? this game is so dope but the sad part is i cant buy founders pack as they are soooo expensive 🙂

  120. What I found really interesting was the simple, yet breath taking artstyle. Very colorful, nothing out of place. I also like the, I guess what would be called, a kind of sandbox experience. Very immerse on stats, skills, and hopefully, costumes 🙂

  121. Aeria Games are really fun to play and tend to be much more adult themed and oriented than other mmo companies. I am looking forward to playing Aura Kingdoms.

  122. What excites me most about Aura Kingdom is the fact that I haven’t played a anime mmo since Killer Combos… and I have been following this for a while.

  123. The thing that excites me most about Aura Kingdom is the pet system. A lot of games have pets in them that help you in combat, but in Aura Kingdom it seems like they make the pets more interactive and fun to have.

  124. Hello mmobomb,
    I’ve been following your site for a long time (wink,wink) ;).

    Now on a serious note, I’ve been following Aura Kingdom for a long time now and I am interested in the game for a few reasons. Everyone knows that Aura Kingdom is not a ground breaking, new generation game. It really isn’t a secret. But from what I’ve seen from the other games that have been developed in the past few years, Aura Kingdom looks most polished, the artstyle is great and they have an overall great idea with the Eideolon system.

    I am also very interested in the environment since I enjoy running around a beautifully crafted world. That just give more immersion in the game and I’ve seen some beautiful land designs in Aura Kingdom.

    I like the bard class. I’ve enjoyed playing bards in alot of mmorpgs such as lotro and rift but I want an mmorpg that will do a perfect job with that particular class. It’s a fairly rare class in mmorpgs so I’m dying to try it out.

    Since the shutdown of Trickster online, I haven’t really been able to find a game in which i could sink my free time in. I like to be involved in helping the developers with finding bugs and helping with problem fixing in general and I’ve done those things in all of the games in which I’ve beta tested especially in Trickster.

    So mmobomb, I hope you pick me!

  125. Look, I really can’t say much to convince you guys that I deserve the game. I leave for deployment on January 20th, and I wont be back for 9 months. I’d really enjoy to play the game as much as possible before I leave. I’ve watched the live streams and become really interested in the who combats system, being a previous Eden Eternal player since CBT.

    Thank you for considering me in this process.

  126. What excites me the most is to be able to enjoy the game and have adventures with my friends, i know its not unique but in all honesty, thats what im excited the most about. No mmorpg is complete without friends to play with.

  127. Well like everyone has already said the Eidolon system is going to be something to look forward to. Having sub classes is always a big plus, it makes your character never seem boring/repetitive. And then finally the look/style of the game, anime style games have always caught my eye!

  128. The best thing, is that it’s a world where you can jump in and dream with the characters, fly away in the flow of fantasy and believe…..the world that sticks out from this one, separate yourself from the physical and follow the adventure that is sure to keep you going for years and years, best thing are the “mobs”, I think they were quite creative with them, and we haven’t seen that in a while.

  129. I haven been waiting for a long time for this game to be releases. It excites me as it looks totally unique with special combo system implemented (awesomazing) as well as the amazing artwork and different types of skills and talents for each class . I am really looking forward to playing this game as it looks to be enjoyable and keep me entertained for quite some time.

  130. What attracted to me the most about Aura Kingdom is of course the things I saw with my eyes that was the combat graphics. It looked really unique. The next thing was the combat system, I have never played an mmorpg where I can do a “partner skill attack”.

    I am an anime fan so of course the anime art style attracted me too. There isn’t too much info that isn’t visual at the moment like in-depth information on class, eidolon, combat combo, and such so I can only be interested in graphics right now.

  131. What excites me most about Aura Kingdom is how the battle system is because it reminds me a lot like the tales of.. series ( Tales of Xilla. etc.) and the companions. The companions is the most exciting part for me as I usually don’t interact with other players and let solo players like me have an ally while fighting. The pet feature allows me to know that there’s a cute or cool looking companion watching my back and will grow along side me.

  132. What excites me the most about Aura Kingdom is the graphics. I love the anime style graphics and Aura Kingdom seems to have the most beautiful of this kind. The Eidolon system seems awesome too, but i need to try it out first.

  133. I have played Eden Eternal for a long time and it was an awsome game but after i saw Aura Kingdom i was intrigued by the gameplay, the Eidolon system and the graphics everything is awsome about this game i can’t wait for the beta to start. I am one hundred percent sure this game will be amazing.

  134. What excites me about Aura Kingdom is a new fresh anime mmorpg coming with new elements.
    This new concept, “Eidolon”, makes combats more interesting than your typical battles you would have (e.g eden eternal). I could even say this is the future version of “Flyff”

  135. I’m looking forward to a good game to end my year and start the next, it does give a certain feeling of antecipation since it’s a title released by aeria, which is enough to guarantee the community and game qualities I’m used to.

  136. I honestly do not know much about the game, so I guess I am most excited to receive a kickstart when ‘learning the ropes’.

  137. What interests me most about this game is, well, everything. From the beautiful landscapes to the interesting dungeon designs, from each unique NPC to the various monsters and creatures covering the lands. The class system is exquisite and the pet/partner system just makes it even more enjoyable. I can see myself spending most of each day on this game, doing anything and everything available to me.

  138. What I’m most excited about is the game itself, because it looks great and I’m really looking forward to it. But if I had to be more specific I am really excited about being able to wield weapon from from different classes even though its only after you have reached a certain level.

  139. the game design looks really like sword art online and its amazing, the combat system classes skills its really anime style and it looks that you can really feel the power of your skills when you use them.
    just amazing.

  140. what excite me the most? gosh I’ve been waiting for the release of this game for ages!! i am having my holiday break now so i can play anytime i want XD i find the dual class that features in this game to be unique plus eidolon is soooooooo cool!!! not to mention those battle animation is so cool as welll!! i really hope i can get my hands on the founder pack 🙁

  141. What excites me the most aura kingdom is definitely the eidolon system and the combos you can do with them which is really unique and the combat looks really amazing. The anime art style is looking great aswell. The classes look really good can’t wait t make a Duelist and get the grimm eidolon and wreak havoc in Azuria.

  142. Hmm…what excites me the most about Aura Kingdom? The thought of exploring the environments. Seeing how cool and beautiful the land is. Just sightseeing at the beauty going from town to town, field to field as I slash through the monsters with my Duelist or just riding through on my mount. Not gonna lie, I’d love to see the different mounts. Big or small; I’m sure they’re all unique in looks and some may even fly. The environment alone is a sight to see though.

  143. Guys one quick thing though.
    For the people that have never played Games from Aeria yet,
    Let me tell you that they are a money hungry,
    The games they took over from example IJJI
    Are all ruined now..
    I wouldn’t be surprised if this game would become
    Pay2win in no time.

    Best regards,

    Proud Aeria Games member

  144. First of all, thank you for this opportunity for the founder pack. I have been a proud member of Aeria for a few years. I am looking forward to playing Aeria Kingdom more than you can imagine. The one thing that excites me the most about the game is the Eidolon system. It is a very nice pet-like feature that allows you to go in more depth relationship than your standard mmorpg. You can perform combo attacks with it as well allowing for some pretty sweet attacks. Best of all, you can collect them all like pokemon and use them whenever you want to. It makes me excited lol.

  145. I love to play AnimeMMO games because it looks so much better than realistic games.
    I am excited for aura kingdom because it look really awesome with the Eidolon and that your first eidolon you can choose the Pink unicorn and you can use it as a mount and you can capture them so you can find your mounts without trying to buy it with real money. In aura kingdom i would like to play it with friends so we are all at the same level and we know nothing about the story line so someone like me who gets bored doing the same story line. But i would love if i got the Founder pack because i would just love it in general and i wouldnt have to buy a founder pack. And the pet system where you can have a support person while you are tank or something. Like i would play as a DPS style or maybe with friends with a Support Eidolon and help my teammates. Thank you for reading this and Good luck to all!!


  146. What I find so interesting about Aura Kingdom is that it’s from X-Legend Entertainment. I have played every game they had released and I just love their play style. Aura Kingdom have some cool graphic that shows a lot of skill effects and combos combing together to create an awesome image. The skill tree system is also very cool, allowing many people to customize their own abilities and play style. With Eidolon, it would add more effects and provide an entertaining game play. I’m really looking forward on the release of Aura Kingdom!

  147. To be honest, I was brought down to my hopes several times during the process of knowing Aura Kingdom. Initially, the game seemed elegant and fresh, but as I looked into the gameplay, I cannot say that I wasn’t disappointed by the combat system; however, I recently came across Jason Winter’s article about Aura Kingdom, and I am, again, hot-blooded for this game. The reason? Simple, every game offers an experience, and I believe that each experience offers a different degree of excitement. Aura Kingdom is no exception at the end of this spectrum.

  148. What excites me about Aura Kingdom is how refreshing it is! So many MMORPGs are just the same these days this is sure to be a breath of fresh air.

  149. i really like the eidolon concept about how u can level with them fight with them even interact, and some even mount and the combo’s are nice too i hope its as fast paced like dragon nest but open world

  150. What excites me the most is the anime visuals since I’m an avid anime fan (3tb+ of anime download ;-;), it looks absolutely adorable!

  151. I discovered this game just a while ago and I think it’s going to be fantastic. I’ve been waiting for a game like this for literally years; now i can finally start a new mmorpg adventure to the top.

    I just can’t name what excites me the most, because everything looks amazing, so I’m just gonna go ahead and say that what excites me the most is that the game will soon be released. Other than that i love the art, the combat system, the classes, the mechanics and everything.

  152. I usually like every anime mmo but this mmo has something special maybe its the eidolons or the unique combo system with them but i guess i will really love and play the heck out of this mmo 😀

  153. Absolutely everything! From the artwork to the combat / magic system. The game is probably going to be my main mmo to play when it is released! I am looking forward to kicking some mob butt with the awesome classes! <3

  154. Honestly, there is far too much that excites me about AK to pick just one XD. From the gorgeous art style, to the eidolon partners, to the classes, to the world itself, to premise of the game, and much more. Been signed up for beta for the longest time and hoping for the best, this is a game I have been following closely, and hope to be able to play and enjoy soon! ^^

  155. I think what most excited me on Aura Kingdom is the nostalgia this game gives to me, when i saw the first gameplay of it, i got very excited about the combo system and skills, i love showoff skills like that, i think every game should bring this sensation of joy and happiness to everyone who plays, and i think Aura Kingdom is doing that in a awesome way.

  156. i love this games look epic..i dont like apply a comment so long if you want give me a pack i will glad and hapy for this(present for christmas)<3 have a nice day Bomb people

  157. the thing that excites me the most is that it reminds me of my favorite game Tales of Symphonia. that game was my first real rpg i played and it got me hooked from there, im loving the art style and loving everything about this game, really hope i can play soon!

  158. The most Exciting thing about this game is about is the no gender lock and i hate it when games do that so this is one of those unique games that will give you a choice. Its all about choices and i cannot wait for it to come out.

  159. Honesty, There are many great things about Aura Kingdom! From the actual pet system, to the anime graphics. I love many of aeria’s games including Eden Eternal, and from the looks of it Aura Kingdom will be another great game. I love everything from the classes, to the class system. Being able to use skills specific to your duo class is gonna be awesome! Too many things to look forward to !

  160. The most exciting thing about Aura kingdom for me is the amazing art style . I loved eden eternal , and this game looks very similiar yet it brings cool looking combat that seems close to blade and soul. cant wait to give it a try ! 🙂

  161. eight classes that each have expansive skill trees, with the ability to multi-class, the game returns to the roots of fun fantasy RPGs.. love it!

  162. It has 2 of my favorite things in a game Anime Graphic and Gunner class, even better 2 of them :p, but in every other game Gunner classes usually have Cannon or Sniper for a weapon or 1 gun, while i prefer Dual guns, i find them more fun to play with and simply can’t wait to get started! Also Epic Combo with pet’s x)!

  163. What excites me about this game is that it has some different and fun-looking concepts, and especially because of the Eidolons. I’m tired of playing the same old, same old… and this game looks like a nice change of pace for me, personally. 🙂

  164. what i love in this games?
    Easy , its a unique form of gameplay , with anime graphics ( i love anime ) and a very interasting story

  165. Well i have been playing mmorpg’s for a long time now ten or so years, and lately I have been put off by mmorpg’s because they all feel generic. I have been watching news and interviews that involves Aura Kingdom for a while and i can say I feel excited to play it. Simply because they do a few things different to other mmorpg’s like actually put effort into gameplay like the combat system and skill point system, another thing they do well is try something new (which is always risky in todays mmo market). So overall I can i honestly say i feel excited to give this game a try and pull me out of the generic mmorpg pool.

  166. What excites me about this game?
    The graphics and the gameplay seems so fluid. I think Aeria is stepping up their game now.
    I thought Aeria was some kind of bad company but now, I think it’s going to be great because of Aura Kingdom. The pet system seems so spectacular, I haven’t seen any other game that has this feature, this is what excites me the most about this new epic Mmorpg. I’m glad MMOBOMB is giving away 3 Founders pack, If I was chosen to be one I would be grateful.

    I hope everyone tries their best. I’m happy MMOBOMB is giving away something this grateful. This shows how awesome the community of the MMOBOMB site is.

    Thank you, MMOBOMB! 🙂

  167. The thing that excites me the most I would say is the pets. I always feel so happy when I have my pet by my side. And when my pet looks this beautiful there is no way I can lose!

  168. So.. what excites me more ? I just wanna say true.. Ok you can think why then i post anything if i have such opinnion but still. I hate anime-style art yeah i agree.. I rarely played any anime-style game, coz for me it’s hard i can’t take there too long. Last i played was Eden Eternal Online and i love it. So what that mean ? I think no many good games right now with Anime style this why most of ppl hate anime-style’s game. Just remember Ragnarok 2.. that was ( even can’t find words).

    Ok i know i should say excites.. i can lie you ( yeah i can) just say.. “Woooooow i love this coz this super Anime style, i am art-fan this game, wooow super NEW combat and i know we already have ton’s games with those combat , but still i am liar and lickspittle coz i want this Founder Pack and i gonna cry like baby, coz i am poor and i dont have good family, so for live i need some good game and i can’t forget about my bad live”… Yeah i say this ! or i just say TRUTH:

    I dont know what excites me most.. I really forgot when i played nice MMO this year was so bad for MMO and if you live in EU really no good MMO”s. I saw videos of this game and i like it, really dont know why, what i see in game, maybe i play 10 minuts and left, no1 knows.. But i just wanna play finally some good Action MMO, enjoy and be MMO NERD like old days.

    So thank you MMOBOMB and sorry for my bad English !) Only game’s help me learn new language but right now no good games and i forgot how to speak on English language))

    Bomb Away !

  169. well

    i’ve played 5 of 6 games that X-Legend has produced, – GFO (EN/PT/TW), EE (PT), ST (EN), LHO( TW) and AK (Fantasy Frontier, native version, TW) ~huge fan of the developer.

    i was expecting Legendary Heroes Online to be published by Aeria Games. but since game isn’t that attratctive to the market – very Asian Themed, making it less marketable (for the west)
    making it impossible to play at west.

    i’ve had nothing to do but await for the next – possible (?) – game to be published, …
    and then, at Otakon convention, Aeria has announced the publishment of Fantasy Frontier by the name of Aura Kingdom.

    i was excited to hear about it, but then i thought, “the game will take forever to go online like Lime Odyssey”. but it actually didn’t take it forever, around 2 months, they annouced the game release phases, CB > OB > you can Play.

    i’ve played the native version, and all i know about the game is. it is the sum of all past games that X-Legend has created. and i don’t know the game story at all T_T

    i would be nice to be one of the very first adventures to step on Aura Kingdom.

  170. The most interesting thing about this game is infact the classes and the eidolons.

    The classes are interesting because they are still a bit like Eden Eternal, but in a way like Final Fantasy, they look to be weapon based instead, i can’t wait to discover more about it.

    As for the eidolons, it looks nice, warrior pets that aid you and has assists like a fighting game ? Sign me up for that! I can’t wait to try this game, whether i’m a founder or not. Let’s hope this game takes a step up of Eden Eternal!

  171. I interested in the grafics and the anime carecters, beside that i like the pet system its cool and i never played a game with that kind of pet system where you can do combos with pets. I like the fighting system to its better than the usual point and click. sorry for my eng^^

  172. graphics make i interest aurora kingdom if ask me what excites most about Aura Kingdom i think all 😀 Be it story,class system,weapon,etc.

  173. Mainly the graphics and general look of the game. Looks very promising and I have been waiting for a game the looks different visually.
    Another thing is the class system. I really look forward to the weapon-based structure instead of your generic class combo.

  174. What excites me the most is the community all my friends will be playing Aura Kingdoms so i know there will be a place for me since playing with friends is the most fun.

  175. Well like everyone has already said the Eidolon system is going to be something to look forward to. Having sub classes is always a big plus, it makes your character never seem boring/repetitive. And then finally the look/style of the game, anime style games have always caught my eye!

  176. Hmm personally considering how much I like how the areas look Id say I’m the most interested in seeing all of the Leveling zones/dungeons and what not, also the eidolons look like a rather interesting systems,

  177. one of the anime genre,good looking, interesting flying skill like -age of wushu game. maybe this mmorpg what i looking for to play.i like skill visual effects who most attractive me to this seems this game have a lot to offer. challenge and fun.

  178. just excited to play e new f2p mmorpg with higher quality than the average. last mmorpg i played was gw2 8 months ago. i missed the healer.

  179. The game looks amazing! The anime style is done very well and the variety of classes is exciting! The Eidolons are a nice touch and I can’t wait to be able to fight along side them since they’re much different from traditional pets! The game looks like it will be done right, and as a long player of Aeria’s games I’m very excited for this one. The refining feature is one of my favorite things because I really think being able to improve your armor an weapons is a vital part of games, and since this one shares that refinement recipe with all the characters on the account it’ll be even better! You can fortify, refine, and ride out in style which I so look forward to!!

  180. The most interesting feature to this game i would have to say is that peculiar Eidolon system. Will they be upgrade-able or are they something that constantly needs replacing? Will they have special kinds that you may only find in dungeons? How will the Eidolons be incorporated in combat? This game is fascinating and consistently sparks questions. I can’t wait for the release! =D

  181. I mean come on its finally another cool looking anime mmorpg. with i kinds of class, pet, and other systems. I love playing new games. cant wait till this is open.

  182. I’m excited for the sub-class at Lvl 40 xD, the character customization and that each character will be unique and different with a unique skill tree.

  183. The things that excite me the most about Aura Kingdom are how the Eidolon’s play a role within the world and about the secret stone system. The class system seems to excite me because i want to see how each role is played and that some classes are unique to the game.

  184. I think it would be a interesting and very fun game, with no common mechanincs like the combat system. And the graphic and overall appearance looks simply beautifull.
    Sry if I wrote something wrong, i’m not english.

  185. Aura Kingdom, I just love everything about it. I mean what’s not to love? The cute anime game style, the combo system, the Eidolons, the um combat style, the classes! Everything! The storyline is also very interesting too, oh my. I can’t wait for the beta!

    But I think the one thing that I most look forward to in this game is / has to be the Sky Tower dungeon. It just looks so fun and challenging, and what I love most about games is a challenge. 😀

  186. What excites me most is way the game is set up, I mean combo system, art-style, the whole game actually. I love anime mmorpgs so I’m sure I’ll love this one.

    (report cuz of the reply on accident :P)

  187. What I find most interesting about Aura Kingdom is the talent tree which will offer various set ups, and at higher levels the possibility of mixing with another class, making your character feel more unique!

  188. I cant specify only one thing for this game,everything excites me,art,gameplay,graphics,since im a huge mmorpg fan and anime fan this is like best combination ever!!!!! and that unique eidolon system,the originality,i can say only one thing,AWESOME!

    • What excites me most is way the game is set up, I mean combo system, art-style, the whole game actually. I love anime mmorpgs so I’m sure I’ll love this one

    • First of all the game lookes awesome in every way, there are not a lot of FTP anime RPG’s with this kind of graphics. I’m also very excited about the Envoy’s Path which give you passise skills next to your normal skills so you can custumize your character even more. I’m also very curious about the variety of PVP arena’s and give a ‘thumb up’ for the great site they have made with a wiki and a lots of information about game features and more to start your journey well prepared.

    • This game has been on my mind since announcement, the great graphics and brilliant gameplay are making me eager to play it, GIVE ME IT!

    • The most interesting about Aura Kingdom is the History… the dialogs, It felts that you are really living this adventure, Eidolon system are awesome too, they are really important, Aura Kingdom is amazing !


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