MMOBomb and Aeria Games have teamed up to give three lucky members Founder’s packs for the upcoming Anime MMORPG, Aura Kingdom. All Founder’s packs come with guaranteed access to the Aura Kingdom Founder’s beta which begins on December 16th, along with a special mount, pet, ingame currency, unique items, and Founder’s title.

One lucky winner will receive a Diamond Founder’s pack which adds among other things; additional currency, character slots, an additional title, and a special Panther Eidolon. To be eligible to win an Aura Kingdom Founder’s pack just follow the instructions below.


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1. It´s easy, you just need to Register on MMOBomb and follow us on social networks like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter (if you don´t have an account for example on Twitter, it’s ok).

2. Visit the Aura Kingdom official site and create an account. An account is necessary in order to properly redeem your Founder’s pack.

3. In the comment section below, describe what excites you most about Aura Kingdom. Please make sure you use valid email address when commenting. This is really important.

We’ll select the 3 lucky MMOBombers randomly on December 14th, by 12pm PST, with winners notified via email.

Lucky Winners:

– Kira08
– Kazilik
– Sepenia


  1. Im Very Excited about the art of the Game the Combat style looks very interesting and Cool…:) but i have never luck im my life but good luck everyone..:)

  2. Im exited because not many anime MMORPG games are very interesting imo, but Eden Eternal was amazing, and seeing this comes from the same guys, its gonna be awesome!! SO LOOKING FORWARD FOR THIS :DD

  3. Well what i think is the coolest about this game is that you actually have to move while in combat, not like in other games like flyff or something similar that you just stand still and spam spells and abuse some health pots, you actually have to move so combat won’t be something boring as it usually is! Finally a Anime looking mmo that fits me perfectly ^^

  4. Ive always been a fan of Aeria games and I’m so looking forward to Aura kingdom. Ive been following it for months now getting to see it develop and soon release is so exciting. What Im most excited about? Getting a new mmo to play! The art is cute and beautiful and the interactive companion features Im looking forward to very much. Cant wait!

  5. Hi everyone !
    I realy hope that the combo system is well done like it says and its good optimisated.
    If all of this is done then i will love this game :X

  6. The only thing that made me fall in love with this game was the skill system and drive! combos and quick attacks, and clear so al’me double jump followed by the flight and the graphics cartoon

  7. Stunning anime arts (graphics). No gender lock which is awesome as well.

    If i don’t get it, I’m going to get founder’s pack anyway. That game is just awesome (and I can :D)

  8. What excites me about this game is that it is created by aerias games, which also created eden eternal and grand fantasia, the art style and graphics, combat and class systems

  9. I’m in total awe of how well the graphic looks for an anime-style MMORPG. Especially the skills! They look flawless and beautiful. I’ve always been a fan of these type of games by XLEGEND and this one will definitely be on my eager-to-play list!

  10. This game looks amazing, the combo system, jobs, but i hope they dont make it p2w i think it will you will have to buy to upgrade your weapons since its from aeria games, but i’m really exited to play this game.

  11. I’ll make this simple! What excites me the most is the gameplay which is very different from the standard mmorpg as it requires skill, people can’t just blindly spam skill and grind through the game.
    Further more the mount look awesome AF!

  12. The pure customization of almost everything, I’m excited that even if this is an MMO we can now actually be different from one another, skills, equipment’s and titles plus the eidolons.. Individuality is the best!!

  13. meh if i say what i liked about the game…. DX no im kidding i would love to put my both shaking hands on it for its art…. the combo system well here is ur cliche answer … but i have been playing a lot in my pc lately.. MMOs at it and this one peeked up m y interest.. soif i say it again… i love teh art that they got in the game.. the combat systen looked neat,, those classes i think are a bit overused in so many MMOs but whatever i will take my sorcy.. :3 so …. so…. i think i need to say im not native english speaker but i know ust enought of it to make this readable :D! ok bye for the time being see ya all in the beta xD

  14. Aura kingdom seems like a good game

    The anime graphics looks awesome and the pet systemalso seems interesting

    its seems like a good game so cant wait to play it o__o

  15. Im personally excited to play with my friend who gets back from the army, he bought a diamond pack so i said i would play with him.

  16. Ive been interested in this game from the very first moment I saw it. I felt like there was an intimate connection between me and the game, and I would love a chance to be able to obtain a founders pack and enjoy the game even more. From the graphics to the combat style, I think I found my future game that I will be dedicated to. I’ve played lots of games in the past such as Guild Wars 2. Diablo, League of Legends and NONE of those games even compare to Aura Kingdom. This is how strongly i feel towards it.

    • I thought it over, and I come to realization that that words aren’t even enough to express my love and joys towards this game. It would be an honor to win this founder pack and I can promise you that it will NOT go to waste.

  17. Frankly speaking i have been waiting since long a beautiful new game like Aura Kingdom…the realistic graphics..the all time action combat system..the fluid movements..i love them !! and Eidolon that’s something which makes this game soo unique and interesting…i would be really grateful if i could play this beautiful game ..ty!

  18. The thing that excites me the most on this game is the different classes and skills that are offered in the game ^^! I think its awesome to have a main weapon and then a side weapon that unlocks so many combos you can go! This game wont leave you bored! I also love the Eidolons! I cant wait to collect them all ^^! Im also excited to see the whole community and to make some awesome friends to play with ^^!

  19. I love the flying/gliding feature and the secondary job system (not to mention the instant skill cast) :PP
    Customization seems a little limited at the moment but at least costumes aren’t class-bounded 😉
    Enchanting system is nice too (no need for insurance scrolls) ♥

  20. im excited how pet system and pets looks like. plus awesome grapics gameplay makes me wanna play this game! and end my year with a BLAST!.

  21. I love this game because of its combat system and its anime style so AWESOME ! i would like to get at least a closed beta key that the pack . That excited i am about this game . Lets not forget about its classes , gender switch ( which is a problem in other games ) , the feed back you get while hitting monsters . It’s going to be good .

  22. What excites me the most is the dragon stuff in the game and I’ve been waiting a long while for this game, haven’t played any MMO in 2 years lately.

  23. Most interesting thing is the dual class & heroic road system, allows you to unlock unique abilities and actually makes your character distinct.

  24. Aura Kingdom is a game that I’ve been waiting for so long. I think that this game would have so much potential. I love how you can get separate keys from quests and gather 10 of them to get Eidolons. It would be an honor to play a fantastic game like this and I’m excited for where this game will be headed.

  25. I can’t wait for the small extra amount of damage if you’re behind the monster. I’m also excited for the Eidolons and how you can get different key fragments and combine them. Combo system also seems really fun!

  26. Im excited because i’ve been waiting for this game for months now with a good anime graphics and something fresh and new MMO that looks so promising and the feeling that this is a new game so you need to be 1 of the 1st players to be on the top of this game.

  27. im really interested in how the interactions between the player and eidolons would be like as well as what the various level 40 ultimate combos with the secondary class. im also an anime fan and the art style of aura kingdom intrigues me. additionally they introduced some new features/interactions while retaining the features of other mmorpgs.

  28. i am really interest in seeing that pet system, unique combat system is a little bit different from both clicky click or the action is like in the middle which seems really interesting

  29. As a veteran MMO player, I am truly astounded by Aura Kingdom’s distinct and unique features such as the variety of available jobs, the fluid combat system, and the Eidolon pet system. In my opinion, Aura Kingdom closely resembles a synthesis of “Dragon Nest” and “Eden Eternal.” I am eager to participate in Aura Kingdom’s exciting combat system and take part in its other amazing features. I am fascinated by its marvelous anime graphics. Aura Kingdom clearly differentiates itself from other anime MMOs currently in the market and proves to be fun and enjoyable. Aura Kingdom seems very promising.

  30. What Excites Me The Most About Aura Kingdom Can’t Be Defined. Something That Amazes Me Is the Companion System And The Leveling/Skills System

  31. What I find to be interesting is the combination of off-hand weapons unlocking various skills depending on which you have equipped. And the future implementation of the “Warbow” class as I’m a huge archer class fan.

  32. i love the graphic,the classes,everything,i dont know wat to say lol,but all i know,all my life i never interested in joining beta,and this is the first game that i really want to be a beta tester and i really like anime mmorpg but i never find an anime game that suit me.

  33. What excites me the most about Aura Kingdom is the fact is reminds me of Eden Eternal, Lunia, Elsword, all of those good games that I had to quit because it became Pay2Win heavy but while it lasted, it was the most fun time of my life. It kind of reminds me of Blade and Soul because of the way that you view the characters, and the character creation looks like Lunia’s character creation system just a little revamped up and customization. So this game will be a literal walk down memory lane.
    Can’t Wait!

  34. Very excited for this game because it eerily gives me a nostalgic Ragnarok feel. I’m hoping it fills that mmo void I’ve been having ever since leaving Ragnarok. The combat looks good, and I’m a sucker for anime visuals

  35. What excites me most about Aura Kingdom? I think the thing that excites me most about this specific game is that is an anime styled mmo. I recently watched Sword Art Online and wanted to play a game exactly like that and now there is one!!! I am specifically excited for the duelist class because they are duel wield fighters. This is also my first time signing up for a beta test and now this is another chance to get into it. So now instead of only having one chance to beta test this super awesome game i have two! Thank You for considering me as an option!!

  36. The thing that excites me most is going to have to be the quests and classes. I am really excited about the class duelist because of dual wielding.I am very interested in this game also because of the quests and the suprises its going to bring.

  37. I love the way that your companions fight with you, also the lore of the game is amazing.
    Definitely something I will be playing for a long time! <3

  38. Aura Kingdom is one of the best Anime MMORPG with A Very Cool Character, Classes, Eidolon, And Many More!
    When i hear about this game for the first time, i think i found a very perfect game for me, I love the Dual Job System, The Eidolon Combo and Interaction, Eidolon Evolution, All the Cool Classes, Dye Costume Feature, And The World and Character’s Design are Amazing.
    Ah I can’t wait to play this Perfect Game and feel the Greatness of this game!

    Thanks MMOBOMB and AeriaGames !

  39. Well I’ve been waiting for Aeria Games to come out with Lime Odyssey for SOOO LOONGGG and then it turns out that they’ve been working on another anime MMORPG called Aura Kingdom. And so I’m like……okay guessing no Lime Odyssey. But then…I got realllyyy excited for Aura Kingdom after i saw the videos and the betas and the classes (They’re all awesome >w<). And since I recently got bored of LoL, I've been looking for something else to play and I think this might just be it! The graphics look really nice and considering that Aeria Games is putting priority on this game I'm hoping for great things. Of course the thing that makes this game so attractive is the anime and all the unique designs of the characters and the maps. And although I might not win the Founder's pack, I'll still be extremely happy when the open beta opens.

  40. I think Aura Kingdom is really good game . They made the combo system look COOL , cute anime game style, the combo system, the Eidolons, the um combat style, the classes! Everything! The storyline is also very interesting too, I can’t wait for the beta! 4 days

  41. What I really like about Aura Kingdom is the prospect for really getting immersed in the eidolon/combo system. I finally get to be like Kiba and Akamaru from Naruto, how dope is that? I’ve been following many MMO games for a long time and I friggen love pets (mained as a warlock in WoW) so this game is pretty high up on my hype meter! :]

  42. I have no idea whatvto say aboutvwhat excites me about this game, besides all the things said by everyone else, I am a huge anime fan and have played eden eternal sine closed beta, aura kingdom is in the same genra and the pet system looks so awesome, the classes and their skill system looks to be fun and adaptive. I look forward to the combat style and graphics. I am chewing my nails waiting to immerse myself

  43. Well I’m just excited for a new MMO really and i would like to play another game published by Aeria again since the others were fun, so i think that this game (Aura Kingdom) would be refreshing for me and fun as well.

  44. I’d have to say the number one thing that makes me all fired up for Aura Kingdom, is the fact that it just generally looks like a fun game and I’ve been looking forward to it, ever since the first bit of information about it was released.. Not to mention, the eidolon system is pretty BA and unique.

  45. This Game is going to be the best MMORPG ! this is exciting its like getting a early xmas gift from aeria. Nuff said lets get it on!

  46. I love the dungeon system most because you can make it solo or in groupe. And if you are a very good gamer you also can make this dungeon in harcore mode and this is a so cool feature.

  47. The most interesting part of aura kingdom is the devs seemed to be able to incorporate ideas from many other anime style mmos and make it look fresh.

  48. This game really excites me because of the combat. I also like the skill effects and the classes. I’ve never rly seen a game like this and I’ve been waiting for it since release in TW!

  49. Game seems different from other anime MMORPG’s with the combat style of the variety of different weapons and showing good effects from the combat system. Also features of the game such as the art seem to stand more in Aura Kingdom then any other game in this genre.

  50. I am most excited about Aura Kingdom for the companion/pet system,The graphics and animation system.
    The art style has always appealed to me.

  51. Being an older game I’ve tested out a lot of MMORPGS, this one looks very pleasing to the eye. I am looking forward to trying out this one out.

  52. The glide system plus the action like tab targetting combat will definitely play a huge and interesting part on this game, the eidolon pets which will help you find secrets and progress through the game and the different class choices in this beautiful anime mmorpg are amazing.

  53. what excites me most about is that kingdom aura is a game that goes beyond the classic mmo as it is a great inovation with the combo system of pets, weapons and dungeons for me it is something very Awesome and all his great gameplay

  54. Well im excited to play this game because of some factors, first of all the class system, i love the idea that you can have a main class and one more with the same character, second factor is that eidolons are a really nice feature, and comboing with an Eidolon, and after all, Class system,Eidolons, Combo System, the game looks good with a nice touch of action.
    Can’t wait to play it.

  55. What excites me the most are the graphics, they look amazing the combat system looks cool too but i’ll have to try it myself to see how good it actually is.

  56. This game looks so unique. Its art style is amazing. But the best thing is that it tries out new things we havent seen in other mmorpgs before like the floors.

  57. So many people comment. For me, I want to be honest. I will give Aura Kingdom a try. it will be my first Anime MMORPG game. I want to be honest here. I just leave a comment because I just want the pack. I dunno if I will win it. Good luck guys. I will see you all there in Aura Kingdom. Take care.

  58. Aura Kingdom? I’m just interested in the game, I wanna see how the world is build up there, the characters and Eidolons? something new i think that wasn’t be in other mmos. There’s plenty of games but tis one is looking kinda better than the others.

  59. I grown up watching animes, and now their is a proper anime MM. By far how the game is made is what excites me most, as I grown up watching different kinds of animes and now that I can actually play a MMO that is made to look like an anime is just too great. ^^ The other thing that excites me is the Eidolon, they remind me so much of pokemon, I love the whole thing about the having a partner who helps in battle. I always loved a game, where you can get combat partners that help you out. Overall Aura Kingdom is a very exciting game and I can’t wait for to be in open beta.

  60. I really wanna try out this new game been wanting it since i first saw it and want to play with my friends who got founder packs already

  61. I have played plenty of Aeria anime MMO’s and they are all amazing and this one seems like the best with updated class systems, combos. and the Elidions pets seem amazing like a major updated Grand Fantasia.

  62. I can’t wait to try new things. I’ve always tried action mmorpgs, I was never really interested in these kind of mmos. But this looks very interesting and I want to give it a shot.

  63. Hm…what can I say?I just looked at the trailer right now and it like something different than the others mmo of this gen…The teamplay right there,the combo,the jobs,eidolon and the graphics typically for this gen of game…I think it will works just fine!We need improvement on this side of gen game and I think it a beginning,how awsome is that? ^_^

  64. I saw previews for this game a few days after they were released and I’ve been waiting for it since. My friend and I kept getting pissed because the game couldn’t come fast enough, and now it’s finally almost (WOO!)
    This game looks awesome, it helps that I’m into anime, but it should appeal to everyone since the combo system seems pretty sweet. I mean mix and match 2 weapons, and then depending on what 2 weapons you mix you get some epic combo skill meant for just that weapon combination? Awesome. And then I noticed like 3-4 different skill systems, which i don’t completely understand, but I can’t wait to figure it out. AND then the pet/partner system looks epic, always love MMOs where you can get a BA companion 🙂

  65. I’ve been searching for a good anime MMORPG for a long time and I would really want to check this one out, because in two weeks I’m traveling to Higashine, Japan on an educational course in Analytical Psychology and I won’t be able to spend time in games for the next seven months.

    I would appreciate it if you choose me, I’ve been checking this website out every day and I enjoy the videos Spunkify makes, it just makes my empty day a little bit brighter.

  66. I just cant wait to try out the new combo system, new pets/mounts, weapon, cute characters, etc.. My heart is bumping up. Let’s rock!

  67. To be fair, the graphics are spectacular, either way, I do also love the combo system, I personally think it is unique and fun to play, also, it will not only rely on how much you play, but rather on how much skill you have. The classes seem pretty awesome too, not mentioning the Eidolons that seem absolutely fantastic. I won’t mind if I don’t win, I guess I can wait for the Stress Test! Good luck everybody!

  68. The amount of customization available between each class excites me most such as;
    8 weapon classes (and more to come) with a sub weapon aswell and combination skills between the two weapons.
    Envoy’s path a kind of skill tree which differs for each main weapon class.
    Offensive and defensive points to spend as we wish on atk/crt/spd and hp/def/eva.
    Different stats on gear including prefixes that further modify endgame crafted items.
    Ultimate skills that we can change to suit the situation which modify our classes skills.
    And finally but by no means least the Eidolon system which with 16 eidolons on release and more to come will lead to many many varied builds in the game. 😀

  69. What excites me about Aura Kingdom is the “semi-action and semi-traditional combat system, there’s also the eidolons which reminds me of pokemons, where you can “catch ’em all” and the fact that it’s a free anime mmorpg 😀

  70. Im very excited a new game has come out, been very bored with what is out there. Cant wait Aura Kingdom is something new. I like anime styled games. im looking forward to this game a new style awaits us all

  71. What I’m most excited for is the sub-class system and how it will be implemented, how exactly the sub-class will help and/or hinder pvp and improve pve.

  72. The idea of being able to start playing a game from the very start, from day 1, and “grow” together with the game, and help the game / community with guides, previews, achievements, and so on …

  73. what excites you most about Aura Kingdom is the combat style with 2 classes, eidolons and great raid plus eidolon raid in your guild town

  74. I like the Combo System and the Dating Portion of the game 🙂 so me and my crush can finally play a game together! 😀 It’s quite cheesy, sure.. but i bet its going to be AMAZINGLY fun! Not to mention the awesome Job system!

  75. “describe what excites you most about Aura Kingdom” Mmm… Basically everything from the game excites me. The classes, the skills, the social system, the eidolons. However, the thing that excites me more is the dungeons. Working hard with friends and guildmates to beat up some nasty long dungeons is the dream of almost any player. I just can’t wait to defeat some dungeon bosses with my friends.

  76. The classes with the combo system i am pretty interested in seeing but the thing that has grabbed my attention the most was the atmosphere and style of the game. Reminds me of grand fantasia when it came out 😛

  77. The large cast of classes and the combo system. I’ve always had a soft spot for Eidolons/summons so this game really interest me. The best part is it has a class with an AXE, my absolute favourite fantasy weapon.

  78. First of all the game lookes awesome in every way, there are not a lot of FTP anime RPG’s with this kind of graphics. I’m also very excited about the Envoy’s Path which give you passise skills next to your normal skills so you can custumize your character even more. I’m also very curious about the variety of PVP arena’s and give a ‘thumb up’ for the great site they have made with a wiki and a lots of information about game features and more to start your journey well prepared

  79. I am really most excited about the skillsystem. A skilltree which offers full dynnamic changes with every choice you make. Even the final skill you can learn after you found your path is suitable to the Eidolon you chose.
    Additionally I am excited for the social System ! I’m going to play with a group of around 10 friends and we are very very curious about how many players can take part in a party, how the guildsystem is working (Maybe which bonuses are available for leveling in a group as well) and how the destribution of loot will work.
    Since there is already Eden Eternal, Spirit Tales and now Aura Kingdom is coming I believe that X-Legend learnt from their faults . The Graphics are the first proof for that I believe.
    Not less interesting for me is the Fighting- and combosystem. More dynamic than Eden Eternal but not that fluid as C9 e.g.

    (Sorry if an older Message from me was posted before this one. My Browser was kind of bugging around.. Sorry again.)

  80. this game is very beautiful. the weapon system is magnificent. the game offers us great freedom pet system looks amazing and combo system is amazing

  81. I am really most excited about the skillsystem. A skilltree which offers full dynnamic changes with every choice you make. Even the final skill you can learn after you found your path is suitable to the Eidolon you chose.
    Additionally I am excited for the social System ! I’m going to play with a group of around 10 friends and we are very very curious about how many players can take part in a party, how the guildsystem is working (Maybe which bonuses are available for leveling in a group as well) and how the destribution of loot will work.

  82. I like all the cool combo systems and jobs and the game looks like eden eternal but better,
    also I love the look of the classes

  83. This game looks amazing 🙂 The graphics are great, especially since it is not a “completed” game yet. Battle system looks fun as hell, and it looks like everything I have been waiting for in a MMORPG 😀

  84. Pretty much everything in the game is amazing, though I must focus on one thing: the pets.
    How awesome would it be to do all those flashy combos and then, out of nowhere your pet comes to aid you running like crazy. It’s like in real life, when you’re doing something and your dog comes desperately with it’s tail waving to poke you or even when you’re using the laptop and your cat sits on the keyboard. Anyway, including that and much more, I think this game has a great future ahead, It’s really unique in a lot of aspects, lots of features, never have I seen before and I can’t wait to play this as soon as possible.

  85. What I find most interesting about Aura Kingdom is the talent tree which will offer various set ups, and at higher levels the possibility of mixing with another class, making your character feel more unique!

  86. The prospect of perhaps developing a somewhat unique character, the fact that the most viable characters used builds that everyone follows with the same equipment set every level has always bothered me to no end. I have read into many Light novels, manga and anime on virtual reality games and the similar ideas such as hidden quests, complex skill systems, whole server goals(where everyone works together to eventually achieve) and large amounts of content to set you apart from the rest( huge range of clothing dye, rare monster drop equipment, secret quests and equipment enhancers such as secret stones) that this game advertises seems to me like the budding or beginning of a new age of gaming where you can actually go on an adventure.

    Secret quests. Easter eggs always make games fun, gives you incentive and a way to set you apart from the rest.

  87. I’m very excited about the double class system, eidolons and combos, the combat, the graphics, the gamplay…. Well, i’m excited about pretty much everything in this game.

  88. There are many features of Aura Kingdom that excite me, the main one being the combat system. Others include the primary and secondary weapon ability, the classes available and the story behind it.

    The Eidolons immediately piqued my interest when I saw them in a trailer a while ago. This is the first time something like this has been implemented (I think? I haven’t seen any other MMORPG have combat partners that can use skills that fight along your character until now.) which obviously attracted a rather large crowd of people, including me. Eidolons is what makes the combat in AK unique, which is why I am rather excited to collect Eidolons and see what combo attacks can be created with them.

    The concept of allowing players to use primary and secondary weapons is another feature I’m looking forward to test out. With this, I’m guessing that players will be able to create “hybrid” characters – something that I’m enthusiastic about. Unlike some MMORPGs, AK has a pretty wide range of classes you can choose to play as – I’m particularly interested in the Grenadier class. Once again, I think AK differs from other MMORPGs (IMO – others may have a different opinion) as the story behind it doesn’t bore me – when playing other games, I tend to look at the story and find it plain and/or vague enough to forget almost immediately. However, the story in AK played a major role in creating the hype and excitement for me and my friends.

    AK looks aesthetically pleasing, and from what I’ve seen in trailers, the graphics and visuals look amazing. Azuria seems like a rather vast world, so I will definitely spend hours immersed in exploring all regions. I am extremely eager to participate in the upcoming beta tests, and I hope I am given the opportunity to start with the Founder’s Beta test. Thanks for this giveaway, MMOBomb!

  89. I joined a guild even before CB was announced. I would really love to play AK with my guildies and I’ve been waiting for a long time to play 😀
    I really love the eidelons and the class/jobs are looking really nice. 🙂

  90. What I like most is the art, but the combo and Eidolon system looks great too. Probably the best game in 2013. Really excited with the overall game.

  91. what excites me the most is it finally comes out this december or maybe next year, mmhmm but still pretty exciting though if i get this bundle!…

  92. I really love the Eidolon system and the way you can do combos with them.I have been waiting for this kind of game since 2008 but i cant find any good games with decent graphics, I have tried SO MUCH mmo games none of them were for me. So I think this game mite be for me. I am hype about this game since I first heard about it. 🙂

  93. the most exciting thing of aura kingdom for me is that im gonna start to play it with my entire guild of other game that just finished I told everybody to join this game cause seems to be the best 1 that combines emotion, fantasy and epic battles with all those effects that we love, btw the characters are amazing those jobs omg, I cant wait more hehe I need to play it, the gameplay is perfect all that my guild wants is in this game. After Lunia closed we were looking for something like tera and lunia and this is the most amazing fusion. count with us joining your game guys we are a gamers family of almost 200 players. Help us and our guild^^♡. we will reward u back . Granted!!!

  94. How can you be excited about just one thing? Although, one thing did stand out in my mind and that was the Monster hunting idea. The sheer thought of being able to capture what might take a while to beat and THEN having been rewarded with a trophy, a trophy if I may add that can run away and leave you in utter shame and defeat if you end up dying, causing your efforts to burn up right in front of you. The hunt is on! The hunt IS on people! Apart from that I am looking forward to the auto-potion system and the activities that will be part of the game: Robot Vs Robot. Sign me up! Also the gliding, great man, just fantastic, and then hurling down, and landing like the righteous hero you are. Yep, I’m convinced, this will be an epic game. Rock on!

  95. Can this mmo make combat feels original? Can these twists be enough? Anime art style is good, always liked it, im interested to see what these guys have to offer!

  96. the combo system, the secret stones, the multiple jobs and the eidolons (and their functionality) combined with the anime style of the game is what makes me most excited about this game.

  97. For me, what looks like a big change from the usual fantasy MMOs is the big push on forming bonds with your Eidolon partners. Also, the customization between skills, combos, and appearances should keep people from all making the exact same thing.

  98. What excites me – fills my soul with a burning desire to once again be one with mouse n keyboard , abour Aura Kingdom is the free combat style , the awesome magic effects , brand new questing , story , and of course those cute little feckers who are going to kick some serious whoop ass , the combo system will be a dream in my fast frantic rise to being the most epic pimped player for Aura – !!!!! O M G the rush of adrenaline is now pumping through me – my eyes fixed on the screen – my hands poised with the precision of a naked ninja in anticipation of the game arrrghhhhhh let the wait be over – save me and I shall rise to omnipotence – granduer and Uberness !!!! ( kiss kiss Kiss )

  99. Developer team whats making it has made good games what i have played(Spirit Tales and Eden Eternal)and now cant wait to try this 1 out.As much as i have seen right now theres good amount of different classes to pick at start,skill system seems intresting.Realy want to see how eidelon system works and what other suprises can be seen ingame.

  100. Well for me what does AuraKingdom excites me the most is that its a new fell to mmoprg and also it provides the cutest animation of the characters ever i had seen compared to the other latest anime mmorpg

  101. Because i love ANIME MMORPGs! Looks f*cking awesome! Would be cool to get a Founder pack, so i can give this one to my Girlfriend as a xmas gift 😀

  102. Game graphics look awesome, combat system looks amazing, it’s a NEW ANIME mmorpg, right from the trailer I just couldn’t wait to play this! Somehow it just looks DIFFERENT, I mean yea it’s just another MMORPG, but somethings are just different that make me want to play this game.

  103. Well the things that excite me most about Aura Kingdom is the Combo System and the Eidolons. the Eidolons seem a bit different than the pets in any other mmo and yeah the classes too, i’m looking forward to be a Ravager. plus I’ve always loved Anime-Styled MMORPS. hope i can play AK soon.

  104. im excited about the eidolons system with a wide range to choose from but most importantly the gameplay itself looks very interesting then any other mmo i had played so far, the classes are cool enough that i think i would have hard time choosing it. crafting without break on fail, im so looking forward to spending money which i never did in other mmo. feels like eden eternal without class exchange and more mature anime character style, i tried this game in taiwan server and seems like i finally found an mmo i would play forever.
    “life is short. ..sleep less play more” 😀 😀

  105. what im most excited about aura kingdom is the many great classes such as sorcerer and ranvenger which will be the classes i choose because they fit my play style excactly and generally look awesome also im looking frward to the eidolon because there are so many of them and they are all diffrent in there own ways and alll have there own roles ina team like a tank and ranged attacker which makes them great and im also looking forward to the great adevnture im going to have

  106. The most interesting thing about Aura Kingdom is the hidden quests and how they will be discovered and what they reward us with as well as the ultimate skills that differ our characters later.

  107. I really like the graphics and the anime style of the game, plus the companion system looks great, no to mention it seems to be a fast paced game (:

  108. I’m really excited for Aura Kingdom US release, I’ve been playing the TW version so far without even knowing Taiwanese! Really hyped up but sadly I can’t afford a founder package. I’m still actively playing it and I’m most excited to play and work together with other players. I love the different gameplay style it provides and the feel to it. I can’t wait!

  109. Is the best anime MMORPG game that will be released so i’m very excited about it . I can’t wait to play it . Aesthetically looks awesome and now the mount sistem was implemented is even more AWESOME , has cool fighting animations ,cute pets and mounts , many classes to chose from , a really BIG WORLD where you can venture ,the character creation menu is really simple and it explain’s you the basics of the class you chose and the music really suits the game.
    What excites me most about Aura Kingdom is the game itself because you can’t like just 1 thing about it.

  110. what excites me in aura kingdom is the unique gameplay it has. ive seen the trailers and stuffs about the game and i can say the gameplay makes it different from other mmorpg. here you can make use of your eidolon to make attacks and combos unique to yourself. you can also have a set of unique set of skills (coz somewhere in the game you can have another set of weapons, so another set of skills) which expands ur gameplay. im really excited to see how players will make a good use of this exciting features.

  111. Firstly it will be the anime graphics. Second, styles of movements the form.
    I think this game will be good on PvP.
    A variety of character, impressive skills (graphic).
    Interesting costumes, mounts, pets.

    The rest will come out in the wash : )

  112. I’m excited about this game, because it has many classes to choose from and the game has gliding, that sounds interesting also because of companions and robots! 😀

  113. i wanna play this game from the time i saw it and i have feeling this game will be fun i like the combo system and the jobs and the game its self i hope i can get early beta key xd

  114. Aura Kingdom definitely is a new, refreshing anime-style MMORPG that will have alot of success! They are combining many good things into one game. The best thing they’re putting into the game though are the possible combinations of 32(!) classes, since you can combine classes with Eidolons and create your own playing style. I’m really looking forward to it!

  115. Dual Job System, Eidolons, Combosystem, Animestyle everything sounds pretty interesting, gonna try it out for sure (even without winning a pack)

  116. I have been waiting for this game for a long time. It looks really interesting, and i think, Aura Kingdom will be different from other MMORPG I’ve played.

  117. What excites me most about Aura Kingdom, like many people here, is the Eidolon and the combo system. Aside from that, i find the costume/outfit system very unique. Putting the Eidolons aside, this is only one of many features that excites me about this game.

    I’ve tried many anime-MMORPG before including Eden Eternal which I really enjoyed, but this one shows a lot of potential.

    Judging by the gameplay videos and trailers alone, this is easily in the top 3 f2p games that I’m looking forward to. I have high expectations about the game and I’m sure this would easily shatter and set a new standard for the Free-to-play model, and easily ranking as the best anime-MMORPG for the year 2014.

  118. Pour moi le plus intéressant sur Aura kingdom c’est sûrement les Eidolons qui seront de superbe compagnons et aussi la possibilité de changer d’armes (classes) au lvl 40 🙂 ( oui je suis français ^^)

  119. I’m really excited for the partner system, you can team up and have unique combos depending on your weapon. Also there are many Deities to choose from that have their own elemental power that benefits both in pve and pvp!…..Also IT’S ALL ABOUT THE GIANT AXE!

  120. What excites me the most about this game (same goes for most of the people here) is that it is cell-shaded anime style fantasy game and it has an interesting Eidolon system. We don’t see a lot of those in the western market. I mean really, I remember when rusty heart (cell shaded) and Grand Fantasia (Anime style with Sprite system) came out, I was pretty damn excited and had some fun in there. After watching a few of the Taiwan version of Aura Kingdom (Fantasy Frontier) I’m sure Aura Kingdom will blow me away.

  121. What excites me most about Aura kingdom is the amazing versatility offered to players where there is no “Perfect” or “Best” build as players have a variety of choices from Aventurers Roads, Heroic traits, character stats, Eidolons, and skill points to customize their character, thus eliminating the usual boring rule of thumb.
    p.s. The Dye system lets you dye each of your outfits in SIXTEEN different parts, YES.

  122. The combo features and Eidolon in Aura Kingdom are very interesting and my dad wouldn’t buy games for me anymore , because I have to study for school. But if I am one of the “LUCKY TREE” , maybe my dad is going to change his mind and let me play and enjoy this awesome game , thenk you for your attention!

  123. its been awhile since i play mmorpg, but when i saw aura kingdom game play reminds me my 1st mmo i played i see very potential in it that will be a best mmorpg this up coming 2014. so i will definitely it

  124. I am a big fan of Eden Eternal and looking so forward to Aura Kingdoms.
    Glad to see it’s ideas evolve and produse a next level anime mmorpg.

  125. The game just different from other anime-clone games.It actually sims kinda live not statistic like the most “anime”-themed games i see+they have a cute characters.I hope the game dont go to the cash road like -Spend a lot and buy more.

  126. the thing that makes me most excited about this game is that it looks like a great anime game with a nice way of fighting and it really looks great.

  127. Hello! I am Exovian. Really looking forward to this game! I’ve been a long time fan of anime games and play them frequently. Unfortunately I can’t afford the pack right now so I’ll give this a shot!

    The thing that excites me most about Aura Kingdom is its COMMUNITY! I was feeling kind of lonely in my time waiting for AK to come out, but I looked around on the forums and found a really incredible guild called Otaku. As you could guess, they are a bunch of anime happy people. We get along really great right off the bat.

    It’s the community in a game like this that makes it a GREAT game, and not just average. I am hoping that some how I’ll be able to play with all of my guild mates in Otaku when the game launches, and with this contest maybe I can really do just that. I really look forward to playing with all of you! 🙂

  128. The most interesting thing on Aura kingdom is we can all play the best ANIME mmorpg ever! 🙂 I am really happy for this game but i am from the Czech republic and i hope i can play. 🙁

  129. THE GAME IS SO AWESOME!(caps to grab some attention)

    I like anime, and this game is just great for those who like anime mmos. The fight animations, mounts, skill trees and all those items/creating items are just impossibly good made. You guys made a really good job and it d be a pleasure if i could get a key to an early beta access. 🙂

  130. What excites me the most?

    I wanna be… the very best. Like no one ever was.
    To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause.
    I will travel across Azuria, searching far and wiiiide.
    Each Eidolon, to understand, the power that’s insiiiiii-…. sorry.

    In all seriousness though, coming from an anime and an mmorpg nut it’s always awesome to see a potentially different anime mmorpg. As good as the art style is (hand-painted textures?) the concepting behind the fantasy-knight feel looks amazing. Also too much anime mmorpgs have 4 or so classes to pick from and on top of that, 4 or so hairstyles/face choices with too few colours. Looks like Aura Kingdom did a number on that one with 8 classes (with 1 more to come?) and 10 or so face/hair options xD.

    But in the end… Gotta catch’em all 😛

  131. I’m quite a big fan of good art/graphics on my MMORPG games and it’s been awhile since there’s been a good anime MMORPG game being released with such decent graphics and high customisation options. You can say what I like best about AuraKingdom is the anime art style combined with the flexibility of my character’s look.

  132. First of all the game lookes awesome in every way, there are not a lot of FTP anime RPG’s with this kind of graphics. I’m also very excited about the Envoy’s Path which give you passise skills next to your normal skills so you can custumize your character even more. I’m also very curious about the variety of PVP arena’s and give a ‘thumb up’ for the great site they have made with a wiki and a lots of information about game features and more to start your journey well prepared.

  133. What excites me the most is the Eidolons system. It reminds me of the demon system in SMT. Also the combat looks thrilling while still have the traditional MMO feel.

  134. What excites me about Aura Kingdom is it’s awesome Skills and Magic, I have seen gameplay where you can fly and that is pretty awesome and have never seen such beautiful graphics in my MMORPG career, the lighting and the world design is astonishingly amazing. It’s anime look also interests me as well, this game will also have a wonderful combat system where you don’t right click something and your character auto attacks it, when it comes to Aura Kingdom. You slash the heck out of it!

    Overall What Excites me about Aura Kingdom is the Game Immersion and Combat actually being engaging. 🙂

  135. combo, quest, pets, jobs, all of the aspect of the game are interesting 🙂
    Well, I just hope I can get the founder bundle 🙂

  136. Jobs Especially Gunner Class Which I Am Looking Forward To … Amazing Graphic Compare To The Another anime mmorpg ( Eden eternal ) Which I Had Been Playing …

  137. I am reaaally excited about this game. Surprisingly, aura kingdom didn’t become another “Lime Odyssey” (Been 2 years and still no news about that game *Sigh*), which is a good thing.

  138. I think aura kingdom will be one of the best anime MMORPG games at this moment of this time.I also love the combo system and the pets look awesome too.Also the character customization looks pretty good.

  139. This looks like an AWESOME anime game that i would love to play. I would love to get a founders pack, i would be very thankful this is a great game for a f2p. Please give me a chance to get into this very appealing mmo 🙂 thanks.

  140. I see, aeria want’s their crap game to get a bit more meat for p2w users to reign over by tossing left overs to the dogs around here. Nice move, the dogs obviously all too happy to bite.

  141. This game really excites me because it seems to be one of few ‘grown up’ anime mmorpgs. I really like anime styled mmos, just never really liked the kiddy style. It being made by x-legend is a huge plus as well of course. 🙂

  142. what excites me the most about aura kingdom is the combo-system along with eidolons that have different types all over and to see each type and what they are best at, the animations look amazing. the art style, the combat, and the gliding system I never tryed a game with a gliding system so i am really excited to see how it is. the games pvp arena looks fun looks like it will have different amount of people able to pvp in 1 area like a team battle i hope.and to see what the secret stones are like and what different stones are and best for each class and weapon.

  143. What i have been longing for is a game i can play and truly enjoy….I’m sure others feel this way as well. I have been looking for that game for some time…and sadly it hasn’t arrived to me..until i saw this game and looked over it a bit and thought to myself..”Hey this game actually looks like something i can enjoy for some time…” I’m here now hoping i get that chance to play this new game that is presented before me with some hope of entering the founders beta…which can be a new opportunity to play a game as its being brought to life for the public. Well that’s all i have to say…hope i can get that chance 🙂


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