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Auto Club Revolution is a free-to-play online racing game and car community built in collaboration with the motor industry. Featuring officially licensed cars from over 50 of the world’s leading motor manufacturers.

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Auto Club Revolution Gameplay Preview


  1. i signed up and everything, but why is the download taking forever??? its at the yellow steering wheel and the progress of the download goes above 100% but still it doesnt end, and game wont start.. help?

  2. The thing Sandra and I have always wteand to do in the MMO world is take one of these modest games, these Champions or Warhammers or Asheron’s Calls or whatever, and run them, and turn a tidy profit for many years. I don’t even work in developing and that’s such an appealing idea to me too, it’s more to do with grimacing and a feeling of unseized opportunities. Have been playing the unlimited trial of WAR recently and it’s actually quite fun, plenty of people in RvR and public quests, and the Forces of Destruction/Order does give a feeling of camaraderie and is inviting to new players. Some good ideas all in all, but still it’s cluttered with some uninspired design. Public quests which should be the jewel in the crown are a little lacking, being more social PvE than instancing or phasing is ever likely to be, especially when you’ve about 16 people clustered around what was designed for half that number, where’s the scaling? The disappointing fact is that if the uninspired bread-crumb trail of quest hubs was cast aside and PQ’s expanded and designed as a lead in to the RvR taking place in the middle of the map, it would be more engaging funnel leading to the core of the game and give the feeling of an army marching to engage an enemy, with skirmishes on the periphery.It probably goes back to your other point that VC companies are less likely to cast a critical eye over their game, take what works and expand it and casting aside what doesn’t work (although WAR seems to be getting too deeply cut at the moment, or rather complete zones left fall by the wayside), but more likely to just start on again on another game.

    • Yeah, i know that game, and i think everyone else does or heard of it. But is too arcade, no skill is required, and that’s why my little 6 years brother play that game.

  3. I played this game from yestarday and i’m rank 8 (i have two cars, and the second is fully equiped).This game is a simulator (its not childish/arcade like NFS World). Looks hard to drive for the first 2-3 races, but you get used to it, and you will like it more and more. In my opinion this game is great even in Closed Beta, and will be amazing once they will fix the bugs, even for those who play without paying.

    Are a lot of admins in chat and if you have a problem with the game, or you have a question, they will answer quickly and fix it.

    I recommend to try it, you will have nothing to lose. Do not look at gameplay on youtube, because i made the same mistake, and i jumped to conclusions before i try it.

  4. Well, this game does one thing right, it adds an uninstall button for itself on your desktop, thought it was funny that it did that until I tried playing. Most of the time when trying to join a race the game freezes, and if it does not freeze it lags to the point of being almost unplayable. Thi game might only be in CB but I have played other racing game that were and are in CB and they were much better. I used the uninstall button after a half hour, this game needs to get its act together or it is going to crash and burn.

    I give this game the Abomb.

    • I see. I hope you let us know what you’ve discovered, sabeuce I’m finding your attempt fascinating. I’d like to see if it evolves into a rock band , or a cooperative, or maybe something new and different.I think one of interesting aspects of this experiment is how you’re not explicitly putting everyone in the same company, but you’re still going to create teams. In my experience, company cultures have always been less about employer-employee relations, and more about how peers treated each other. In your case, you’re not going to have a shared employer, but you are still going to have peers, and you’re going to need to negotiate all the usual stuff with them, such as the way you share resources, responsibilities, and benefits.Now, I’m not saying all this so I can be a smartass. I hope you do well, but I have an even bigger hope that what you’re doing can be replicated. 🙂 You can only replicate something if you know what makes it tick, hence the question.

  5. Can someone plz help me. i can log in, i signed up and everything but it wont let me log into the game. plz help thank u in advance


    There is no Galardo or any Lamborghini carz ?? WHY WHY WHY ?
    i made account thinking only abt that 1 car 🙁

  7. Haven’t played it but judging from the video I think it looks kind of strange. Driving in the water/river thing and it has racing barricades? Seems out of place. Kinda a small thing to nit-pick about I guess but yea bothers me.

    • Agreed… Though, ACR? Doesn’t it remind you something else?
      I don’t really know about this but I think I’d give it a try.

    • You criticize a game from a video ? how dumb are you guys ?

      In the future, do not post anything about a game if you not play it (even if you like that video).

  8. First impression? I think its a nice game. The weird thing though if you sign up with lower age than 18 it says you have to be 18 so you’ll be able to join if you change the date of birth (bit too easy)
    Anyway its starting off with a nice beta car, seems like an Opel. They hand out a welcome mail and a very good and simple explaination of things( Its one of the best i’ve seen so far, but thats my personal opinion.) Yup the car is an Opel Astra. This is all happening on the site itself. Downloading takes about 4 minutes. Anyway thats it for now.. I really think the game will be worth checking out. When i got more to tell I will.

    Ps. Add me overthere TheDutchFudge



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