has teamed up with Suba Games to giveaway closed beta keys for their PvP focused sci-fi MMORPG, Bounty Hounds Online. To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out!

Bounty Hounds Online boasts several classes with epic combat abilities, each catering to different play styles and features a dual pet system, including transforming mechanical beasts which aid you in battle. The MMORPG offers multiple PvP and PvE events, from combat on a lunar surface, to a T-Rex invasion, and weekly large scale battles.

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3. Sign up for a Suba Games account here.
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6. That’s it! Download and install the game client to start playing!
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8. Have Fun!

Bounty Hounds Online Trailer:

Beta Start Date:

The Bounty Hounds Online closed beta begins on or around July 4th. You may need to wait until then to download the beta client.

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  1. I tryed the game and didn’t like it, maybe I’ll try it again on oficial release, but by now, i see it like an Scarlet/Queen’s Blade copy with more males an less “nudidty”, is mo opinion

  2. the download link is dead. The forum is dead. (last activity 4 months ago). no replies from admins since months ago. This game is dead!

  3. I will give it a shoot , i like the si fi graphic also i like that pet system and that classes it wont hurt to try 😀

  4. This is the third time Suba games has had a beta for a game that came out years ago.They said 9 dragons was a completely new game,rebuilt from the ground up.But it wasn’t so I don’t have faith they actually did anything to this game.

    • Wouldn’t have the new crap without the old crap. And even with the new crap it doesn’t matter unless it comes out within the year right? Else it doesn’t matter. right?

  5. game was not shutdown they just did cbt 1 now is cbt 2 from gm post on forum they said that all is diffrent now whole game is changed

  6. this game used to be released a few years ago, it wasnt an overhyped loud launch, people played it for a week and quit

    i dont know why it is being relaunched again, clearly its not worth people’s time and i suggest everyone to ignore it

  7. This game was the only Grinder that i really liked because of all the systems…dunno why, but yeah content was close to 0 and i was one of the only players reaching higher levels on the first release

  8. So its still alive? jesus, I almost forgot about this game lol. I was part of that never-ending CBT god knows how long ago and it never seemed to get no where and the forums were dead of life. Hopefully it won’t fall into the depth of hell again because I actually found it interesting.

  9. this game fail, i get key, i reg, enter key, but Closed beta client is not yet available. what is trick? how to be in beta if i cant download? this game fail like it did before…

  10. Why do they even need a closed beta when it already launched 2 times. If they didn’t fix most of the bugs back then, then they should close the whole game right away and throw it into the Recycle Bin.

  11. Why is this this game a third time in closed Beta ? I mean it failed to atract the last 2 times and it will certainly do again. even thought the pet system is good.

  12. had my fill of defiance, not bad 2 / 3 weeks of ok fun.
    the trailer looks a little like that within defiance e.g giant bug

    worth a shot if I can remember to go on the site i.e to see if i can dl the client……..

  13. I might try it out, even though I did a couple years ago.

    The website is laggy though so you might have to wait to register.

  14. Their site is so slow I can’t navigate there. They should pay oreattention to their slow bugged site and fix it before they continue with games.

    I also want to tell you that you won’t be able to download this game:

    Closed beta 2 client is not yet available.

  15. Their site is slow. I can not register. I always give me errors and tells me my username and email is already taken. I tried multiple times. First it tells you its available then it loads forever and then throws out some errors.


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