Brawl Busters Closed Beta 2 Key Giveaway and Rock Hippo Productions are pleased to present our users with a invite to Brawl Busters Closed Beta phase 2. To get your closed beta 2 key you just need to click on the button bellow. Don’t miss out on this offer.

Brawl Busters, an online multiplayer action combat game, brings a brand new free-to-play experience to PC gamers from all over the world. Featuring innovative gameplay and a signature offbeat style like no other, Brawl Busters is about to take the genre to a whole new level. Controls are intuitive and easy to learn, letting players focus on one thing: becoming World-Class Busters.

How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Go to and click “Enter your Beta Key here”;
4a. Already have a Brawl Busters or a MicroVolts account? Simply enter your Login ID and password. You will be asked to enter your beta key shortly after you login- enter your key then;
4b. Don’t have an account yet? Click “Register” to create a Brawl Busters account, it’s fast and free; Registration Step 3 will ask you for your Closed Beta Key- enter your key then;
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6. Download the game client and you’re all set to brawl!

Gameplay Preview


  1. Good Day MMOBomb,

    I am a MicroVolter for almost half a year now, I am so in love with MicroVolts that I play and participate in every events of this game. Due to my addiction in online shooter games specially MicroVolts, I am also curious and very much excited to play Brawl Buster. I’ve been checking out the videos in Youtube and Facebook of this game and also updated with the events. Unfortunately, Brawl Buster International is not available in the Philippines unlike MicroVolts. Would it be possible if you can give me a free Beta Key or an already free registered account of Brawl Buster? I am so much interested in playing it. I am hoping for your advise.

    Thank you! XD

  2. can any one give me free account in brawl busters? coz i cant register only north america and south required :(( but i already downloaded the game .even a mule account please ……………………………

  3. can any one give me free account in brawl busters? coz i cant register only north america and south required :(( but i already downloaded the game .even a mule account please …………

  4. pentru toti romani lasatimi aici un mesaj cum obtin cheia .. adica ce trb sa fac dupa ce mama logat pe site un link cv….pls nu agsesc locul unde dau sami apara codul :((

  5. Can you guyz email me another beta key everytime i enter beta key is keeps saying “used key” i made another account to get another key and it said once again “used key” please figure out this problem and help me.

  6. the beta is closed how to i play the game i just downloaded it and everything but it keeps telling me i need a beta key but the beta is closed now how do i still play???????????/


  8. i already logged in, and it still telling me
    “login to get your free key!
    If you don’t have a MMOBomb account, register for free HERE!”

    • ooo, I like this! Having gotten T1 s room make-over (her 11th bidatrhy present) finished yesterday, my goal for August is to get T2 s room back in order (she’s gotten half a room make-over because we had to carpet her room and paint at the same time). Once I get her room put back together I can have my living room and dining room back which have had the contents of their rooms since June. I would actually like to have T2 s room together before school starts but maybe those first few days of school will be the perfect time to finish no distractions.

  9. Omg cna som1 give me a key plz … I cant GET KEY !!! … When i log in and click “Get your Key” after it says “Plese log in to get your key” …. Already reconnected my network nothing help ….

  10. i cant even play this game, keep givin me network issues, other games i can play without problems or issues, dunno whats wrong but they better fix it ASAP, or they will lose a lot of players :/

  11. i wanted to comment again and say thanks for the beta key i love the game. to be honest thats 1 of the best games i have ever played

  12. oh crap Q_Q

    anyway i do hav a key which they gave me thru mail

    and am looking forward for that implementation of solution 😀

    + hai mmobomb

  13. Is there anyway to find the key i just used to activate my CBT account cause i need it . PLZ Mr.MMOBOMB help me out

    i need it cause i just saw this

    Do not delete your Beta Key!
    In the future, you will be able to
    redeem it for a special BONUS.

    • still , this is shit compared to apb… so please dont even try to compare any game at this moment with APB
      for the moment APB is better than any other in Europe

  14. looks pretty nice , played it last night
    cool graphics , characters but still few modes,maps hope they will update with more modes

  15. Help! 🙁
    when i start the game i always get an error message:
    lost connection from game server
    And i can’t modify the firewall! it says:
    you cannot change any option of the user

    • Not like TF2 in anyway at all. TF2 requires skill and teamwork. This game requires button smash knowledge and that’s about it.

  16. awsome but since its still in the beta. yes there are some Bugs and Some classes in some Situation are Way over powered. but since its a small download and free theres no reason to not try it.

  17. I wont be taking a key as I gained one from an email yesterday. The game is quite good and only takes at least 5 minutes to install

  18. Giving me “You can only get one key for each game.” error. I haven’t used any giveaway in a long time, neither did I get any Brawl Busters cdkey :\


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