C9 Beta Key Giveaway
MMOBomb.com and Webzen are pleased to present our users with a invite to Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) Beta and you get a chance to participate 2012 C9 Championship Tournament (starting on April 14th). To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button bellow. Don’t miss out on this offer!

Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) is a free to play action MMORPG showcasing splendid graphics, strategic battle zone system, and story driven quests.

How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Login in to the website
4. Redeem your Beta Key on Beta Key Promotion page and enter your beta key number, then click “Confirm”. (If you are new on Webzen.com, please create new account.)
5. Wait until your input key digit numbers is verified, then click “Apply”.
6. After you have activated the beta key, access to C9.
7. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, sign up for our daily newsletter, it´s free!
8. Have Fun!


Beta Period: April 14 ~ May 5, 2012 GST

C9 Video Preview

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  1. here are 2 key’s that u can use for OBT on 30 june

    F2TG 9F7H S5U1 A72V

    Use it now before some1 els uses it!!!

  2. So, when i start the game everything goes well. The launcher pops up, the game patches and eventually, i am able to press the start button.
    Once i do that i get a pop-up, asking me to pick server region, and as i live in sweden i chosed the EU one, but when i did that i got a message saying “Wrong parameter!!! ( ip port patchurl )”
    I then tried the US one, but the same thing happened there.

    What should i do?
    Fast help would be appriciated, thanks!

  3. eu ja saquei o jogo e ja tenho uma key que tirei do site oficial mas agr vou ao sitio onde se inicia o jogo e diz n sei que do OBT algem me pode ajudar a por a funcionar o jogo?

  4. Please allow 2 more key for me and my brother, well, really want to play
    My mail zashihin_ilya@mail.ру
    Thanks in advance =)

  5. i got 1 beta keys now here’s other 4 unused… enjoy guyz

    PIEW 603O RFE7 LO0V

  6. i have 3 beta keys im just gonna put them here for who ever
    V4N0 F162 2DDU 2P4S

  7. I was very excited with the game…… its fun and all but…… the pvp is so hard, i mean so hard. there’s some people from korean there, that they do a full 5.000 hp combo without you being able to move a finger…. QQ will prob quit soon, it’s not about “skills” it’s about laying someone on ground and never letting get up again lol XD

  8. i got the key 🙂 ty c9keys ;))
    Now how do i start the game? xD
    I downloaded it , got the update but when i run it it says “Wrong Parameters!!! (IP port patchurl)”

    • sorry..i had e-mail reciving disable..i see i cannot pos my e-mail address here so.. just put the @ and ” live.it ” after my nick bollak778..

  9. I have same keys for people:

    FBDF 0P9R V96X W4IQ
    7TE2 5XCF UFP6 SV8E

  10. The game is awesome! The missions and quests are fun and not repetetive like in Vindictus, at least, and pvp is trully beautiful! I’m only hoping that webzen doesn’t ruin the game with some pay2win shit, other than that – 10/10!

  11. Okay. Figure out how to make it work people.
    1º Make your account on the webzen.
    2º Go to http://event.webzen.com/C9/tournament, at the botton you’ll find a place to put your open beta key, log into your webze account and reendem the key there, confirm and wait.
    3º Go to main page and start the game!


  12. uh…. was reading their forum, and I’ve seem peopel saying they couldn’t even PvP (wich is like main thing of game) because of the REAL insane lag, that on the vip closed tests. Can’t wait until it lauch open beta with 4000 peope on, and see how laggy it will be! just the fact it got super delayed and their gm /staff don’t say a single word in forum is already stressing

  13. Okey i’m tired of all these Beta Games like C9,Tera and others.
    The C9 got problems just like Tera ,i just cant get why do they even give us these keys….
    If someone who plays or have played Tera pls tell me why i cant play it.. Dafuq…

    Error: 8000:0001

    TERA’s servers will be open for the following events:

    4/13 – 4/17: Early Character Creation for Pre-Order Customers
    4/19 – 4/20: OBT Early Access for Pre-Order Customers
    4/20 – 4/23: OBT Access for all Customers
    Help please…

  14. Okey i did everythink from the steps,and when i start to play the game it says : Comming soon! :
    When we are going to play the game ? Thats my question.

    • aparently it’s not out yet.. it got super ultra delayed, god knows if we’ll be able to play it today. I also can’t post anything on their forums, i keep getting errors. so far a shit job from their part, sad but true.

  15. someone managed to get into game? I’m still getting the “comming soon” thing. and it was suppose to be working already ¬¬

  16. no way yet…..18.22 pm here and COMING SOON write again….grrrrrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrr c’moooooon c’moooooon i wanna plaaaaaaaaaaay it

  17. I just found out that GST actually means, GAME SERVER TIME, and not gulf standart time! so aparently the game will come out at 9 GST, it’s 8:12 gst right now, so it will come out in 48 mins! =)

  18. soooo Question Does anyone know what GST time the game “SHOULD” be ready to click start and actually work? im in EST time zone so i need to know what GST time it will be ready so that i can know when to try, any ideas @mention me please, Thanks.

  19. When i press start in launcher the eror pops out saying: “Wrong Parameter!!! ( IP port patchurl )”. Whats that about? Pls reply.

  20. I still have a key left: UKES 721E BBRG Q2CV

    And if you visit your Webzen account page you can see the Game Service Time clock.

  21. FFS why am I still here? I swear the community is full of retards, kids or retarded kids. -.-‘ the only good thing of mmobomb is easy beta key access.

  22. Ok. Maybe this will put away a lot of questions GST on Webzen means Game Service Time. And from my current time its 4 hours until CBT right now its 5:16 AM on the game servers so you people are gonna have to wait about 4 hours to play

  23. Ok. Maybe this will put away a lot of questions GST on Webzen means Game Service Time. And from my current time its 4 hourse until CBT right now its 5:16 AM on the game servers so you people are gonna have to wait about 4 hours to play

  24. for everybody who’s got my same problem(the file is corrupt or invalid) or if the downloader abort or break the downloading operation,just try to low grade your internet protection in control panel\internet security….i also deactivate my antivirus,but i think it was only blocked by that internet securty(spam,spot,ecc..).so i download it without problem…finally…i install it as well….and now it tell me COMING SOON…goood goood it works..i just need to wait a bit more….good playing to all…see in game.i’m italian..if some other are italian please contact me..i’ll post here my nick in game for friends request…ty all and ty mmobomb as well with it’s betakey giveaway’s service….great

  25. now i tryed without antivirus and with low internet protection…finally i download it withoutproblem…let’s hope i can install it without more issue

  26. soooooo does anyone know why its delayed? and approximately how long it will be before it is back up? i am 1:53 est time so if anyone has any idea please refer time to est, thanks =)

  27. it tell me this message when i try to extract it after download

    ..C:\download\global_C9_VIP_Full.zip:CRC failed in C9_setup_GP_VIP-2.bin.The file is corrupt.

    someone MUST help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..pleaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeee

    • Check the file size, exactly. I think its 4.2g, I deleted my zip, but you must check EXACTLY. then you might have your asnwer :C

      Also it says “Beta Period: April 14 ~ May 5, 2012 GST” ok GST, 14th copy. Doesn’t say the time when the servers open, it’s 14th on gst already according to google! ¬¬ 4:28am GST haha

  28. no way i download it ,but when i try to install it ..it stuck in middle of installation and say ….files corrupted or damaged…don’t know what to doooooooo..i can’t believe a cannot play this game after more than 1 year i wait for this…..please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  29. now i try to download it with a downloader manager as flashget.or free download manager…let’s hope…why i have issue with firefox downloader?whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  30. Okay so i dunno if it’s just me but i can’t find out how to get the serial number. It says there are 600+ keys left but whenever i click “get key” it says “only 1 per user”, but no serial number.

    How can i get a damn serial number? I have an account both on here and webzen.

  31. I downloaded the full zip file. 4.2g I think, none problem. Worked in first try. I’m more worried right now if the game will run here since I do not have 3d video board. lol.. 2g ram and hm 120mb video only ={ prob won’t work

  32. no way if i download the full client it abort the operation at the end… now i go to try to download it in 4 parts…let’s hope….why they didn’t make a normal game downloader as
    all other game…damn them…i think i’ll never play this beta

  33. no way if i download the full client it abort the operation at the end… now i go to try to download it in 4 parts…let’s hope….why they didn’t make a normal game downloader as
    all other game…damn them

  34. Right now if I click to start game, I get a message “Comming soon”, nothing happens. Guess, waiting until tmw….. XD

  35. meh, mine went everything ALRIGHT. except that aparently the beta starts only TOMORROW, and not 11th as told in this post. ^^ so i guess, waiting for tmw!

  36. —-For all the people who dont have keys (if theyre all gone)—-
    Here are 5 more:

    48DU V0SV E656 TTEU
    JIUV U23W S2P7 7ZXK

    ———-Here you go 🙂 —————

    • Their website is incredibly lacking. Seems to be thrown together in quite a hurry.
      All it says is “GST”. Doesn’t give an hour or anything. So maybe it starts at 12AM GST (UTC+04:00). But that’s just a guess.

  37. hi…i redeem the key,but when i try to download it,it stuck in the end,and tell me that is not possible to complete the download,cos the font of the link is unknown…is cos it’s available 14th april or what?
    please someone help me

    • Nop i think u have a proplem with the download try downloading the full cilent its the best for u if it stucked with the cilent try downloading the parts hope that helps but for me it downloaded and worked just fine good luck

    • If you are referring to the additional 5 keys it give you after you register, those are your own keys you can give out to your friends to register as well.

    • It’s likely the download was corrupt. Delete and re-download.
      Also, it may be wise to check your RAM to see if it’s failing, as this is one of the primary symptoms.

  38. I’ve redeemed the code and still in download process. So it is up in April 14 then, I guess I have some time to download the game. I think my time is 12-14 hours faster than the server.

  39. I just register with key and download all the stuff. But when i want to launch game it open game website and it order for me to input key!!! WTH?!

    • Yes there are US and EU servers. also @ LOLord, this is a post from c9 forums.

      no IP blocks so far. pple from pluto can prob play this game if they wanted. wish they would IP block the countries that alrdy have the game though

      So im thinkin its just not open yet or under maintenance. Becaus when I launch through the web it says “Coming Soon”

  40. ok got key, saw the video, did read everything. Just missing one thing, where’s the url link for the official game site? XD

  41. thx, i really happy, but i have problem with the game…
    when i click “Start”, its says: “Wrong Parameter!!! ( IP port patchurl )”
    plz help??? plzz??? :<


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