MMOBomb has teamed up with Aeria Games to give away Closed Beta keys for Chaos Heroes Online. To get your code you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this offer!

Chaos Heroes Online is a MOBA where two teams of five players battle to destroy the enemy base. In Chaos Heroes Online, every player has the chance to turn the game around until the end of the match.

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once you close your browser.
3. Sign up for an Aeria Games account if you don’t already have one.
3. Head to this page and login.
4. Enter your beta code on that page. You will then be directed to a page that has a download link for the game client.
5. Open the game client and it will begin downloading and patching. Once you log in, you’ll be able to join the battle and play Chaos Heroes Online!
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7. Have Fun!

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Chaos Heroes Online Trailer:

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  1. Slannesh on September 30, 2014

    hey this is the same game what be relase only in jappan ?
    With skins on champs from anime?
    I have acc on this and i play with changed IP +proxy to login. Its possible to move acc from JP to rest of word?

  2. xstomper on September 28, 2014

    Where key? 🙁

  3. jose antonio on September 27, 2014

    nao consegui fazer meu log in na pagina para resgata minha chave pois toda vez que o log in e feito retona a pagina sem minhas informaçoes

    the translation
    Do not get in my log in page to redeem my key because every time the log in and done Retona the page without my information

  4. Nezz on September 27, 2014

    AU-X9P7-PDGX-9EUA-FCKR <— rlly?..

  5. Dreadlox on September 27, 2014

    Another ctrl-c ctrl-v MOBA….. such originality, much uniqueness, very creative, amaze wow

  6. Mee on September 27, 2014


  7. Yuiss on September 27, 2014

    Lat thing we need is another pathetic mobs with that pathetic camera and controls. How hard is it to make a moba where you use WASD to move and that has only locked cam.

    Also this game is hosted by Aeria ( worst company ever ) so it will be full with cheaters and of course it will be big time pay to win.

    • niniad7 on September 27, 2014

      “Lat thing we need is another pathetic mobs with that pathetic camera and controls. How hard is it to make a moba where you use WASD to move and that has only locked cam.”

      Ever hear of Land of Chaos Online (LOCO) or Smite?

    • maddogreilly999 on September 27, 2014

      dude there is a moba like that called smite it is in 3rd person and using WASD to move check it out

    • NErdb73N on September 28, 2014

      maybe u can try on Gigantic but the games is not yet release ^^

  8. KalameesJr on September 27, 2014

    Don’t bother, considering the current popularity of the game i’d give it 1-2 months before aeria pulls the plug and it goes the way realm of the titans did.

    • Hytf on September 28, 2014

      but Realm of the Titans was actually fun and good.

      • KalameesJr on September 28, 2014

        I know it was, I actually played it and I know how it disappeared from aeria page overnight. Which is why I predict the similar fate for this game with its 50 players player base.