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MMOBomb.com and Jagex have teamed up to get 160 lucky MMOBombers a gift pack for the free-to-play Chronicle: RuneScape Legends game on Steam. Each code gets players 10 card packs and 100 Platinum Premium currency.

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How to get a Code:

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2. Check your email and locate the confirmation email. Click on the Confirmation Link in the Email to Complete Your Sign Up.

3. Complete the following sentence: “Deal me in because I… ”. Leave your sentence in the comments below, please make sure you use the email address you signed up for MMOBomb with. This is really important, if you do it with another email you won’t be eligible to receive your prize.

We’ll select the 160 lucky MMOBombers on October 21st, 2016, we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.

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This code contains the following items:

• 10 Card Packs
• 100 Platinum Premium Currency


1. Codes are limited to one use per account.


Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is an online strategy card game from Jagex, the studio behind the award-winning fantasy MMORPG, RuneScape. Set within the pages of a magical book where the world of Gielinor unfolds before your eyes, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends offers a unique strategic twist on card games.


  1. Deal me in because I’ve been playing this game a lot lately. The raptor is my favorite at level 46. I really want the card packs because I have yet to get a diamond card, after the 30+ packs I’ve open myself.

  2. Deal with it because i want to be the very best, like no one ever was. to catch them is my real test to train them is my cause. ill travel across the land searching far and wide, for more code for me to redeem the power thats inside.

  3. Deal me in because I’ve been playing Runescape since 2001 and topped #1 on the hiscores for 6 months straight in 2008.

    Looking forward to Runescape Legends 🙂
    Thanks in advance for the giveaway.



  4. Deal me ‘cus you probably can’t find biggest nerd on the entire universe,and i have nothing to do but play TGC games,so it’s kinda vital for me to keep doing unnecessary stuff and by providing me more resources you literally keeping me alive XD.

  5. Deal me in because I always loved TGC games, I don’t know I simply just love, I used to buy this kind of cards in the nearest Street kiosk and I liked it, If I had this Pack it would cleary boost me ;D, because I’m a boosted player … #feelsbadman

  6. Deal me in because since March 17 of this year, I’ve been physically unable to do any REAL gaming because, due to a stroke, my left hand is basically useless right now. This doesn’t look too bad, seems like I may be able to play this one as it is intended and, OH MY GOD, I AM SO CHUFFING SICK OF PLAYING CLICKERS!!!

  7. Deal me in because I am a longtime fan of RuneScape and would love to play this as I also happen to like Hearthstone.

  8. Deal me in because I love to trying a new games to play, i love to experience new stuff and new type of games
    from F2P to 60$ games
    and its would be much fun with rare stuff to play with ! so please 😀

  9. Deal me because I used DeLorean to see the future and I’ve discovered that I’m one of the best choices to give a key.

  10. Deal me in because….. wait what? This isn’t Texas Hold em? Fack….. Well deal me in anyway….. I’m feeling lady luck is on my side tonight

  11. Deal me in because I…have no fcking clue wtf it is, last time i played rune was around 10 years ago, wtf is this shit xD

  12. Deal me in because I… love Runescape and all online CCGs and this looks far funner than Hearthstone by far! I’d definitely down to play it!

  13. Deal me in because I have a serious poker addiction but I can’t gamble money so I have to finad an alternative card game.

  14. Deal me in because I… “know when to hold ’em…
    Know when to fold ’em…
    Know when to walk away…
    And know when to run…
    You never count your money…
    When you’re sittin’ at the table…
    There’ll be time enough for countin’
    When the dealin’s done”. – The Gambler

  15. Deal me in because I love card games. Because I love Runescape. Because I am a collector. Because I am a deckbuilder. Because I love Runescape Legends. Deal me in because I have faith in the deck I built, because I trust that the decision will bring victory for my deck.

  16. Deal me in because I love playing games like this, i.e. hearthstone. I have never tried this game and have been looking into it and winning this will allow me to catch up to some of the more experienced players

  17. deal me in because … I’d love to have this and get back to playing runescape! Man I haven’t played that game in ages and I’d love to get something to get me started 😀

  18. Deal me in because I… love card games, more on mobile devices! I played them most and currently am playing Heartstone and occasionally some others, but I’ve been wanting to try this game and having this pack would be an awesome way to start, so hopefully I’m one of the lucky winners, so thanks a lot!

  19. Deal me in because I’m very fond of RuneScape Legends and it’s getting even better for me! It was a little complicated at the beginning but now i’ll be playing everyday! Thank you!

  20. Deal me in because i like this page and its awesome giveaways and news and i want to play this card game because i love card game like, magic, hearthstone, hand of fate i i want to add this impressive game to my collection

  21. Deal me in because i’m horny on the game! Im playing in others card games, but im boring and i need try something else. I played very long time in RuneScape and i expect many hours, days, months and years of good fun !!! <3

  22. Deal me in because I really like this game and I’d like to get some new cards for my deck. I think this is actually the best cards battle game of all, it’s really a good game and I enjoy it. Thank you 🙂

  23. Deal me in because I really believe that Chronicle is a totally diferent experience to all CCGs, i cant get enough of it and im f2p! 🙂

  24. Deal me in because I try to make a lot of interesting content on Reddit and need the cards to help me in that. I could experiment more to make better guides as well as learn more so I could make more interesting content.

  25. Deal me in because I started playing this game in alpha phase,and i went the full f2p way,and i got out from the rng based games like HS,so this will be a nice add to my colection for the cards i need to be a bit more competitive,thanks !

  26. Deal me in because I have been addicted to card games for years and am a diamond player in chronicle who needs to complete his collection.

  27. Deal me in because I think this game is fantastic,
    My head is confused and my skillset is plastic,
    I need all the help I can get,
    So my opponents aren’t all a threat!

  28. Deal me in because I am a huge fan of card games! I played hearthstone for almost 2 years and i still enjoy it. playing, opening packs is the best part when you get amazing strong cards. hopefully i can also play the chronicle would be very nice of you guys!

  29. Deal me in because 160 people are definitely not gonna comment on this. And probably 50% of the ‘winners’ are going to be on this forum saying “[h] chronicle key [w] 100$ steam wallet’. sry.

    but for real im prob 80% gonna use this key. 20% just put it up free in forum.

  30. Deal me in because I am really really enjoying card games! I write preview and review for any kinds of card battle game. Hearthstone, Elder Scrolls Legend, Gwent, Clash Royale, Chronicles, etc. There are few kinds of game that I am still playing right now. Hearthstone, Elder Scrolls Legends, Pokemon, Mabinogi Duel and This, Chronicle: Runscape Legends.

  31. “Deal me in because I am a huge fan of card games! I started playing card games since I was 7, and moved on to play online card games like Hearthstone, which had a big impact on me. Now comes this fanstastic and a whole new revelation twist of card game. I really hope to achieve those rewards as Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is one of my favourite game. ”.


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