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MMOBomb.com and Jagex have teamed up to get 160 lucky MMOBombers a gift pack for the free-to-play Chronicle: RuneScape Legends game on Steam. Each code gets players 10 card packs and 100 Platinum Premium currency.

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How to get a Code:

1. It´s easy, you just need to Register on MMOBomb and submit your email below to get free alerts on upcoming giveaways, we promise not to spam and, of course, you can always “unsubscribe” at any time! If you already follow MMOBomb giveaways via email you can skip step 1 and 2.


2. Check your email and locate the confirmation email. Click on the Confirmation Link in the Email to Complete Your Sign Up.

3. Complete the following sentence: “Deal me in because I… ”. Leave your sentence in the comments below, please make sure you use the email address you signed up for MMOBomb with. This is really important, if you do it with another email you won’t be eligible to receive your prize.

We’ll select the 160 lucky MMOBombers on October 21st, 2016, we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.

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This code contains the following items:

• 10 Card Packs
• 100 Platinum Premium Currency


1. Codes are limited to one use per account.


Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is an online strategy card game from Jagex, the studio behind the award-winning fantasy MMORPG, RuneScape. Set within the pages of a magical book where the world of Gielinor unfolds before your eyes, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends offers a unique strategic twist on card games.


  1. Deal Me In because I absolutely love RS and have been playing for a long time and this will help me become better at the game

  2. Deal me in because I played the Runescape Chronicle beta before it was out yet, since then i’ve been addicted to it and play it almost every day!

  3. Deal me in because I have played the original Runescape for 3 years and I look forward to playing the next Runescape games including . I also check my email every 1-3 days, so I for sure will not waste the code. I played other games like Spellweaver, Hearthstone, Pokemon TCG, and Magic: The Gathering. I am looking forward for this one!

  4. Deal me in because I just started playing this game but it’s soooo much better than hearthstone and I’m already addicted to opening packs and I just want MORE

  5. Deal me in because i love this game, but it is rough to play as a free player, alot of grinding to get the deck you want, this pack could help me ease this journey, and help me to encourage myself to play the game more!

  6. Deal me in because I enjoy playing card games, especially rs Chronicle since rs was a part of my childhood since i was 6 years old and the memories i have with my friends running around varrock and the sad times i got killed by a revenant in wildy hence loosing my (priceless) rune Armour 😛

    My god those were the times, anyways this game is just a short reminder of those memories which are so dear to me

    Thanks Again 🙂

  7. Deal me in because I like this card game, but don’t have that much time to play it to farm gold and this would help me boost my collection.

  8. Deal me in because I… was only 9 years old when I started playing Runescape back in 2007 and I spent the very few money I had on the game.

  9. Deal me in because I love card games, I’ll post a picture of my ye olde pokemon cards if I have to, the move to playing them online really suited some, not so much others, but Chronicle: RuneScape Legends was one that the online environment suits so well.

  10. Deal me in because I I’m an hardcore fan of Runescape since 2008 and recentlymoved to OSRS (because of the memories etc.) I also play Hearthstone and I heard that Jagex’s new Runescape related game will be something about cards so I wanna check this out, with this pack. I might continue to play it (high chance) so I won’t get bored fast (depends on the game). Good luck everyone and thank you Mmobomb for letting us be a part of this amazing giveaway (also, a part of all of your giveaways, including the previous ones).

  11. Deal me in because I have never played Runescape and this seems like the perfect way to start! I’ve been an avid EverQuest player for the last 17 years and would like to try out some other solid MMOs.

  12. Deal me in because I am very interested in the game, I have been following for some time and I would like to have is pack, please

  13. hello james : ) hi ector 😀 mmm hola fabrice~~~ come estas tyler?! whats up reznoa 😮 hey gabijeno more like garbage joe .. buzzy and italy should marry each other, clampdi and river should poop in eachothers mouths, elad twili and sergioishakw should eat eachothers buttholes filled with chocolate syrup, mj and bojenka would make a cute pacific asian married couple : ) thanks you all for your good names and how you can be well together as family, it makes we happy to be alive.

  14. “Deal me cause I really played runescape last 9 years ago and this is will
    Be fantastic to start playing it again 🙂
    And to get some dragon items and to Jill all when thy are still
    Have bronze items heheheehehheXD
    Please please please let me had that let this is will
    Make my day :)”

  15. “Deal me in cause I played that game
    Last 9 years ago and that’s would be wonderful
    To start playing it again 🙂
    So if I will get that game I am going to work hard on killing everyone when I am rich if level 99 ??
    That’s gonna be coollll

  16. Deal me in because I’m an avid fan of all CCGs and I’m trying to explore every one. I know about Chronicle: Runescape Legends, but want to know even more about it! I’m also a game reviewer, so I could probably get enough game experience to write about it.


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