Closers Alpha Key Giveaway, En Masse and LootXP have all teamed up to score YOU alpha access to the upcoming action RPG Closers!

This key will grant access to the alpha test starting on Friday, September 29 at 9AM PDT, and all subsequent weekend alpha tests!

To unlock your closed beta key you just need to complete all the steps on the top. Get your key now while supplies last!

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How to use your Key:

1. If you don’t already have one, sign up for an En Masse account at
2. Download the En Masse  launcher at
3. Install and run the launcher and sign in with your En Masse account.
4. Select the Closers tab and click on the “Redeem a Code” button.
5. Enter your code and click the “Submit” button.
6. You’re all set to begin playing on Friday, September 29 at 9:00 a.m. PDT.

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1. Each code can be redeem just once and each person cannot redeem more than one of these codes.


Closers is an online action RPG which follows the exploits of an elite team of psychic teens in the futuristic city of New Seoul as they balance the everyday obligations of high school life with the daunting task of saving all of civilization from an army of invading interdimensional aliens.

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  1. Kelerick on October 1, 2017

    i’m going to unsub and block the emails from mmobomb from now on,
    thanks MMObomb, you guys suck.

  2. ego on September 29, 2017

    no key no response from sight owner. no response to my forum post….fail, fail, fail. think i might be about done for good with the bs that is MMOBomb

  3. Leonardo on September 29, 2017

    key plz ???

  4. Alex on September 29, 2017

    soooooo, this is some sort of GhostX

  5. panda35 on September 29, 2017

    i activated the key but it still sayes that the game is unavilable i cahcked the schedule and at my place it is 29 to september and im writing this at 9:29 am sooo why isnit it working

    • Diefool on September 29, 2017

      It is only 8am PDT time zone (says right in the text above the beta times are PDT no one read I guess?)

      Still one more hour, I’m anxious too 😀

    • Diefool on September 29, 2017

      Also, Install button is unlocked NOW but servers probably will not be online until 9 PDT

      I’m installing as we speak

    • Diefool on September 29, 2017

      even better, MMOBomb was misinformed, alpha started at 8 PDT not 9…it’s live, folks!

  6. vladislav on September 29, 2017

    need a key pls

  7. steve on September 28, 2017

    key please thanks

  8. Satokai on September 28, 2017

    Give Me Some Key 🙁

  9. Satokai on September 28, 2017

    Please give Me Key Ty

  10. Lussid on September 28, 2017

    This is why you come fast – luckly I came home from school, and got the email. Finally got a key 🙂

  11. Blanny on September 28, 2017

    i want a key

  12. Diefool on September 28, 2017


    This game only runs testing on the WEEKENDS…. the first weekend is Friday, September 29th and starts at 9am…. the Install button will not be greyed out as soon as this time hits and you will be good to go so stop freaking out!!! Also, it will run every WEEKEND following and will probably evolve into a closed beta/alpha that is up all week long. I can’t wait fellas lets get it in!!!!

  13. jigsaw on September 28, 2017

    Shit subscriber system and with that im unsubbed.

  14. Mad Gamer on September 28, 2017

    How is it every time I get an e-mail saying there is a giveaway and I come it’s already ended

  15. SirGoodSmell on September 28, 2017

    You don’t need a second key. If you have entered the previous beta’s than you are permanently in the beta.

  16. Sunny on September 28, 2017

    Please May I request a key!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone T T

  17. Deiser on September 28, 2017

    The heck? I got this email an hour ago and they’re already gone? 🙁

  18. SugoiKorea on September 28, 2017

    I got the key it added on enmasse but I can’t download. Gotta wait til tomorrow to download?

  19. X on September 28, 2017

    The game releases on 29th, if you activated the key, the game will be available on release to download.

  20. Your Heart on September 28, 2017

    Someone give me one key ;-; error in group steam :/

  21. ego on September 28, 2017

    did 6 no key…

    • Sunny on September 28, 2017

      Could i get one?

  22. ego on September 28, 2017

    Did 6 of them didn’t get any key 🙁

  23. ALX on September 28, 2017

    Cant get a key. Steam part doesn’t work.

  24. SoulKnight96 on September 28, 2017

    so when i went onto the launcher i entered the code as soon as i saw redeem apparently it was on the wrong game but it still ate the code. either this is the worst launcher ever or the code did activate but its still asking me for another code.

  25. vaal on September 28, 2017

    The page doesnt format good on phone it cuts the key after 15 characters

  26. chris on September 28, 2017

    code didnt even work.

  27. Take it on September 28, 2017


    • vaal on September 28, 2017

      Why are doing this if you dont want the key?

      • Take it on September 30, 2017

        Because I am an angel.

  28. HERE on September 28, 2017


  29. dropsteve on September 28, 2017

    i want key pls

  30. dropste on September 28, 2017

    i want key pls

  31. mouzed on September 28, 2017


    • vaal on September 28, 2017

      Why are doing this if you dont want the key?

  32. Nick on September 28, 2017

    Limidetd staem accouns?????????

    • mmobomb Author on September 28, 2017

      Please try again! Also dont forget that your Steam account should be public!

    • vaal on September 28, 2017

      Isnt for steam dude

  33. PhilipS94 on September 28, 2017

    Here you goo 🙂 if somebody cant complete giweaway here you go the key is – 4TREL6T45FJAKA65YLXK