MMOBomb teamed up with Z8games to giveaway free in-game rewards for CrossFire. To get your items you just need to click on the link below. Don’t miss out on this offer!


Between NOW and April 2, new recruits will receive significant bonuses to kick-start their enlistment. These include major boosts to EXP, skinned weapons, premium accessories and gear, expanded grenade slots, Extra Missions, and more – even a Cowboy Hat! Returning players will receive additional items with consecutive logins.

Free Alerts On Future Giveaways:

How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Sign Up for CrossFire Using This LINK (or the “enter here” link) until April 2nd 2014.
3. Download and install the game client.
4. Log into the game and receive your first set of rewards.
5. Continue to consecutively log into the game for the next 15 days to earn additional rewards.
6. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook and Twitter!
7. That’s it, enjoy!


1. Creating an account and logging into the game for the first time counts towards your consecutive login count.
2. Prizes will be distributed to anyone who makes an account up to April 2nd and successfully completes the above requirements. For example, if you register your account on April 2nd and play for 15 consecutive days, you will still receive all your rewards.

This giveaway contains the following items:

After First Login:
Bulletproof Helmet (3 Days), Bulletproof Vest (3 Days), 50% EXP Boost (3 Days)
After 3 Consecutive Days:
Expanded Grenade Slot (7 Days), Crystal Grenade (7 Days), Cowboy Hat (7 Days)
After 7 Consecutive Days:
Desert Eagle-Tiger (7 Days), Golden Katana (7 Days), 3 x Extra Mission
After 15 Consecutive Days:
9A-91 (7 Days), Rainbow Muzzle Flame (7 Days), Play CrossFire NameTag (7 Days)

CrossFire Wave Mode Trailer:


  1. Still full of hackers, still bland as all get out..still crossfire. Even after changing hands from SUBPARgames it hasn’t gotten any better.

    Dis game is poo.


  2. seems pretty boring to me … I watched alittle bit of it and it just seems um whats the word im looking for….. hmmmm I don’t think its a word but it seems callofdutyish and I never liked cod because it seemed like the same game over and over but just in different time periods (ww2) (modern war) (black ops 2 in the future) whats next are they gonna make a CALL OF DUTY STONE AGE or a CALL OF DUTY ESCAPE OF THE SLAVES or how about CALL OF DUTY DISAGREEMENT OF THE JEWS AND CHRISTANINS … but back to this game …. yeah its just like call of duty

  3. OMG! i miss that crossfire i dint play it last time my brother deleted it i wish they will download crossfire at my b-day

  4. I try to log in in Crossfire Europe client and it says that I am not in the region ( I live in Estonia so I am in Europe)

  5. Me and my brother has played this game for years and i think this game is horrible. The only reason i played the game for that long is to play with my brother, i dont know why but he really loves the game. I HATE IT. The developers are not even considerate enough to give away an item of any sorts. Premium or not, you either purchase with your earned in-game cash or with your real life cash. On events they only give you timed items which is stupid, we rather not get any at all then -.- This game is missing a lot of things an actual FPS games has too. The only thing you can do as the character is aim ( you cant even use their iron sights) with the game crosshairs and you cant even run but you can walk. Every match you get only 10- 200 GP ( in-game currency ) max and each weapon you can purchase costs about 40,000 GP. The sidearms are even 20,000 GP. There are also hackers. I would recommend the games Blacklight Retribution or Warframe and a couple others more.

    • I just wanted to add the Black Market. The black market is a place where you can get many useful items however it needs ZP ( the in-game currency purchased in real life) and there is a 0.01% chance you would get the weapons offered in the black market that are permanent.

  6. This game has more hackers than a red light district has hookers. I can’t believe this piece of garbage is still alive.

  7. Way too many hackers in this game right now. Apart from the fact that there is an extremely high number of hackers (as in you might get 1-4 hackers in a single room, depending on your server), the money you have to pay just to get some of the “good” weapons and the people that kick you if you’re doing good in a game.

    It’s not bad…

  8. Guys if u want any premium item in that game YOU WILL NEED TO PAY WITH CASH! They never giving away some ‘extra or premium’ items as they said! If they give it will last 7 days!
    This rewards u can see in-game too but will need to play whole month at least 1 game( 1 win) to get those and after achieving it will last 7 days as actually… REALLY PIECE OF CRAP!
    P.S. admin pls apply this text i dont have email i know it.. but dont deny this i dont type this only to waste my time…

    • Over 3 million people play this game and there’s like 3 different countries for the game. Indonesia version has the highest amount of players.

  9. Just an ancient Asian P2W game struggling to stay relevant. Nothing to see here. MOBAs are already painful enough to play without the balance being tipped by a cash shop.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about. This company made almost 1 billion dollars last year I would hardly classify that as struggling.

        • “You do realize they have other games, don’t you? What I said still stands.”

          Uh completely irrelevant…Crossfire alone was the game that brought them $957 million revenues you are clearly very ignorant when it comes to this mmo.

          • Lol..because popular totally equates to high quality, I am sure. What kind of logical fallacy bullshit are you trying to justify here?

          • Some people have no idea how good this game is going to be. you don’t know until it comes out in open beta.

          • @Bic Boi/Razer you are illiterate, no one said anything about the game being high quality. Razer was stating that the company that created Crossfire was struggling and I was pointing out that was a flatout ignorant statement. A company almost bringing in a billion dollars and beating out the competition does not equate to struggling, especially since it must have been really cheap to create this “low quality” game that you’re saying it is.

          • That’s right, focus on one aspect of what I said. Attack it with all your might. Surely must have been the entire basis of my statement. Wait, what was that about being completely irrelevant again?

          • But oh please forgive me for not being informed on the financial reports of a game that is popular only in ASIA.

          • @Razer thanks I will you were trying to act like a know it all when you were misinformed and ignorant. Don’t talk trash about a company like that and no one will have to correct you when you’re clearly in the wrong.

          • Statement revised. *Ahem*

            Just an ancient Asian P2W game TRYING to stay relevant. Nothing to see here. MOBAs are already painful enough to play without the balance being tipped by a cash shop.


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