District 187 Closed Beta Key Giveaway
MMOBomb.com and CJ Games are pleased to present our users with a invite to District 187: Sin Streets closed Beta test. To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this offer!

District 187: Sin Streets features cut-throat, urbanized warfare in a player vs. player environment. Gameplay matches vigilante SWAT agents against ruthless gang members.

How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Go to www.district187.com to sign up for an account or login, if you already have an account.
4. Redeem your key here. (You are not able to redeem the keys untill Sep. 18th 5pm PDT)
5. Download the Netmarble Launcher and District 187: Sin Streets client!
6. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter or sign up for our daily newsletter, it´s free!
7. Have Fun!

District 187 Gameplay Preview:

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  1. lucasdacapadocia on March 1, 2013

    n entendi como faço pra axaruma chave para district 187

  2. tootyksa on January 11, 2013

    where is the key for the game dirict?

  3. claudxp on January 11, 2013

    onde estão as keys?

  4. leandro on October 10, 2012

    onde consigo uma chave

    • stay on October 10, 2012

      já meu filho kbo

  5. lolkiddc on October 10, 2012

    onde pegoa a key ajudaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. vaidas1230 on October 8, 2012

    Whay game dasn’t vork now?

  7. Sthennno on September 30, 2012

    This game is pretty bad, it’s like a cheaper version of Crossfire/Sudden Attack. Some might like it though I guess, give it a try.

  8. purewitz on September 28, 2012

    Just a heads up. You don’t need a key anymore to play. Oh and don’t bother with this game, its uses Pando Media Booster to download the game. Pando Media Booster and Games for Windows Live (I know their not using GFWL. Just making a point.) two things that kill a PC game quick.

  9. GR on September 27, 2012

    GatsuRage comin into this game!!!! (and nobody seems to care? 😛 )
    Thanks for the key!

  10. Euphoria on September 26, 2012

    I signed up on the website and I never received an account confirmation email, it’s been quite awhile and I have filled out the forms to make it send another confirmation email 20 times…. So I can’t even use the beta key now cause their stupid website won’t let me confirm my account.

  11. rafas666 on September 26, 2012

    Tank’s !!!!

  12. MAx on September 26, 2012

    I cant register an account please help!!!!!!!!!!! how do i check availability of name???

  13. NoMoreRice206 on September 26, 2012

    I got it !

  14. SgtDomo on September 25, 2012

    Installing!!!!!! 😀

  15. A Gamer on September 24, 2012

    Whats with all these fast paced fps why not some some games u can chill a bit like s4leafue but slower paced

  16. Lolgoneworng on September 24, 2012


  17. n1ke326 on September 24, 2012

    good game

  18. nocturnalAA on September 23, 2012

    Nueme is in charge of this game? Oh well then it will eventually fail miserably, and he will get fired again. Just like at G1. (GamersFirst)

  19. -.- on September 23, 2012

    this game SUCKS.

  20. FallenSVK on September 22, 2012

    disconnected game server !! Client State – default . this error show me after minute of game please help

    • hanyngomy on April 30, 2013

      disconnected game server !! Client State – default . this error show me after minute of game please help

  21. CHZ on September 21, 2012

    Don’t even bother downloading this one guys,i did and i unistalled it after 10-15 minutes.

  22. bluefunny on September 20, 2012

    Sudden attack 2 Suck ;(

  23. NinjaBird on September 19, 2012

    Another one of those Counter Strike copies !

    same crap with
    1) Different name
    2) Different banner.
    3) Same guns with different name
    4) Over powered cash shop items.
    5) Hackers and nooblets 😛

    anyway the guy in the video cant shoot for shet 😀

  24. horrible on September 19, 2012

    guns shoot as if was semi auto

  25. KingRider on September 19, 2012

    i got key is not cannot play =(

  26. DISTRICT HOMICIDE? on September 19, 2012


  27. donnnyy LIKE SHOOTERS on September 18, 2012

    i can’t even INSTALL THIS the green bar has been stuck on the same spot for a longer amount of time required for a short file

    • Marto on September 18, 2012

      Have you installed any games using Pando Media Booster before?

  28. hello on September 18, 2012

    You cant activate keys until 5pm it says

  29. trytrytr on September 18, 2012

    counter strike clone 9999999999999999

  30. FPS2RPG on September 18, 2012

    thanks for key; but if I try to log in on the marbelnet launcher it doesn’t let me, so can’t play! need help!

  31. xhongi on September 18, 2012

    is this game good ^-^

  32. Unicreatum on September 18, 2012

    Dont expect to much its form a new company this is their second game i believe,

  33. kimor on September 18, 2012

    How can i see my key again after closing my browser?

    • ChrisHateZ on September 18, 2012

      In the e-mail you used to sign-up on MMOBomb.Everytime you take any key/code from any kind of giveaway MMOBomb sends you that key via e-mail.

  34. Okoice on September 18, 2012

    bad graphic and waste of time

    • ChrisHateZ on September 18, 2012

      Bad graphics?Are you serious?I guess you are one of those spoiled little kids that only play games with top-notch graphics?

      I feel sad for people like you,not only the graphics aren’t important in the game but this game actually got decent graphics,now they are not top-notch but they are just fine.
      What makes the game good is gameplay and story/background setting,now since this is mmofps we can put the story off,but gameplay-wise the game looks good;it feels like an old-school fps with some modern shooter elements like weapon mods,etc.

      • ElijaBlack on September 18, 2012

        I agree with ya, Hate.

      • Jericho on September 18, 2012

        The graphics are alright. But to me I think that the game is just another tactical shooter and aren’t there enough of them already. We need more shooters that are not tactical.

  35. cbomb1247 on September 18, 2012

    i have my key! tanks!

  36. Narudin on September 18, 2012

    Owhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhh Baby Downloading client hehehehehheheheheh, Thx MmoBomb u guys the best :3

  37. cacalips on September 18, 2012

    Having installed a netmarble game before I got 3 beta keys in the mail this morning. DL now. See what all this is about…

  38. zenomex on September 18, 2012

    For those QQing that it fails because it’s still Asian, that’s because the gang members are, one of the 2 factions you can pick every game.

    Other than that, the game looks terrible. WarRock is even better than that, rofl.

  39. Kocain on September 18, 2012

    no crosshair
    well,that gonna be awesome
    just lik parabellum

  40. thfus483 on September 17, 2012

    This game is fail korea

  41. Razer on September 17, 2012

    Why do the guns in these games have such slow fire rates? This isn’t friggin WWII.

  42. Al3x L3g3nd on September 17, 2012

    Still can’t activate my code and it’s 5:30 PDT

    • Justin on September 17, 2012

      yea same its 5:52pm PST and i still cannot redeem or DL the game. Still saying the same thing “This function will be released on September 17.” what gives?

      • Justin on September 17, 2012

        ahh ok so i guess maybe we all got the idea that it was today the 17th @ 5pm PDT cause netmarble website says otherwise.
        “Closed Beta for District 187 starts on September 18th with our first stress test from 5pm PDT to 9pm PDT (-7 UTC).”

  43. Me on September 17, 2012


  44. Steven on September 17, 2012

    If people are still looking for an FPS game to play COD4 or CS:GO – dependent on where you live is the best choice. COD4 promod is win, CS:GO is competitive.

  45. thoor on September 17, 2012


  46. slaughterer0 on September 17, 2012

    OOO YEAH ! Can’t wait to start playing this game !

  47. Tallborn on September 17, 2012

    Can’t access it and its 2 PM PDT

    • Tallborn on September 17, 2012

      sorry read it as a 2 not 5 😀

  48. BlackAceZero on September 17, 2012

    …again, it is not 5 p.m. yet….

  49. Lycidas on September 17, 2012

    its not working, bullllllllssshiiiitttt.

    u are dismissde, next game.

  50. BlackAceZero on September 17, 2012

    for you guys who can’t read instructions:

    The Key Will Only Be Able To Be Activated Today At 5 P.M.
    It’s Not 5 Yet.

  51. nubcandy on September 17, 2012

    just so you guys know everybody got a beta key who has ever registered a netmarble account ^^

  52. damian on September 17, 2012

    thx for the key but it dusnt download?
    it will be releashed on this day and it dusnt download?
    please halpz

  53. Carnel on September 17, 2012

    Well… This’ll have to do until Warface comes out.

  54. MartinTheMessiah on September 17, 2012

    The story of this game reminds me of APB Reloaded 😛 I may try this…

  55. Kataklyzm83 on September 17, 2012

    Yea i have to say that i would even pass up a free key to play this game… That white black guy from CJ Games lost me when he said its there goal to get a game a year out… Sounds bad to me…. You have epic games that take 5-8 years and there still not that clean, Sounds like a bad idea and the games looks very VERY VERY bad…. I think playstation 2 could play this game. All I want is that PLANETSIDE2 beta key!!!!!!! PLZ mmobomb!!!!!

    • Chris on September 17, 2012


    • jmerriex on September 17, 2012

      Hi, I’m the “white black guy from CJ Games”. AKA Neume. I stated that we’re trying to release more than one game a year (actually we’re looking at releasing one per quarter). I understand Kataklyzm83 hesitation, however there does have to be some logic thrown in here.

      CJ E&M Game Division owns 8 game development studios. With that many studios it allows us to release a lot of different types of games at a quick pace, even though every game can take 3-6 years to develop. Additionally, as a publisher we are working with other game developers to publish on our portal http://www.netmarble.com

      So, it is not just one development studio working on 4 games a year. That would be a recipe for disaster (we agree). 😀 Hope to see you in beta!

    • Second on September 17, 2012

      WHITE black guy? Are you referring to how he acted, Kat? SOOOOO….How is a BLACK guy SUPPOSED to act, hmmmmmm…?

    • Kataklyzm83 on September 19, 2012

      Not a fun game… really bad to me… 0/10… Just horrible i think…

  56. Kimwer on September 17, 2012

    i’d say it’s better then Arctic Combat, as Arctic combat war utter garbage.

  57. TheAndyPV on September 17, 2012

    got it 😀

  58. Dylan on September 17, 2012

    Thanks guys!

    But , if i try to fill in my Beta code it says :

    This function will be released on September 17.

    It’s 17 september? ._.

    • Ilija on September 17, 2012

      I think we need to wait 7 hours more.

    • Ilija on September 17, 2012

      …or 5.

  59. SpicyKiller99 on September 17, 2012

    i can Look at Arctic Combat Wayyyyy Better or A.v.A

  60. lilfighter on September 17, 2012

    I can tell this game sucks only by looking at the trailer which still had japanese characters in the menu.

    • asdf on September 18, 2012

      It’s Korean

  61. SpicyKiller99 on September 17, 2012

    Ikr Like there are so many FPS There Idk Why i took this beta key Arctic COmbat Looks Better or A.V.A

  62. ZyperDice48 on September 17, 2012

    Can’t activate key -.-

    • mmobomb Author on September 17, 2012

      “You are not able to redeem the keys untill Sep. 17th 5pm PDT”

  63. SpicyKiller99 on September 17, 2012

    wow almost second llija

  64. Yet another one? on September 17, 2012

    A tad bit late.. The F2P FPS genre is dying.. Only a hand full even have enough players to be meaningful.. Or they are infested with the feces of internet gaming, the hacker..

    Looks decent but I really don’t see this game getting much attention..

    • Payback on September 18, 2012

      Only to be revived by Planetside 2, Ghost Recon Online and a bunch of other cool games that’s coming.

    • awda on September 23, 2012

      yet here you are giving it attention dipshit

  65. SpicyKiller99 on September 17, 2012

    Second lol Thx Guys

  66. Ilija on September 17, 2012

    Wow, a lot of keys…

  67. XpoinT on September 17, 2012

    Got the first key, thanks!

    • discreetly on September 18, 2012

      Anybody know how to get the client w/o Pando Media Poo-ster?

      • Razer on September 22, 2012

        Pando Media Booster. The first sign that a game isn’t worth your time.

    • XpoinT on September 19, 2012

      Game is shit, great!

    • awaw on September 23, 2012

      no ya didnt nerd