Dragons Prophet EU Closed Beta Key Giveaway

MMOBomb.com and Infernum Productions are pleased to present our users with an invite to Dragon’s Prophet (Europe) closed Beta test. To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below.

Dragon’s Prophet is a new free to play MMORPG set in deep fantasy world forged by dragons. Tame, train, ride and fight alongside over 300 dragons and unlock their unique skills and abilities.

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2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
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5. Have Fun!

Dragon´s Prophet EU Exclusive interview:


  1. So… IF anyone sits on a KEY still and not sure if they will play. Well.. I am sure i WANT to play so… Send and you will have a friend for life!

  2. My opinion is this game isn’t my cup of tea. bad graphics (used to playing Tera), very bad voice acting…

    The tutorial? … it takes 2 minutes and they throw everything at you way too fast. You get dropped in the game with all spells and abilities for one short fight against 5 targets and thats it, figure the rest out yourself.

    UI isnt user friendly at any point imo.

    You start using spells etc and killing stuff but have actually no idea what your actually doing to the mobs. The floating combat text is ridiculous to say the least.

    Overall i give this game a 4 / 10 in its current state, but i dont think much will change in the future. Low budget developement i guess, but still not much effort to make something of the game even tho the dragon system has a lot of potential.

    This is a key I received today, but I already have one. Also if someone can help with a problem, every time I start updating I get an error on 93%.

  4. if anyone have another spare beta key, would u please give it to me ? (ishimaru_kazuki@yahoo.com)
    thanks, i appreciate it

  5. Hey guys. If anyone happens to have a spare beta key they don’t want, would you mind giving it to me? (apan354@gmail.com). Thank you in advance (:

  6. Hi guys. I already have access to the beta from getting the key from here, but I received one by Dragon Prophet by E-Mail.
    Here is a spare key if anyone wants it.


  7. Hi there,
    PLease help! I copy and paste the code but it did not work! Please could find a solution? I wait for this for so long time!!!
    Many thanks fore paying attention to my request

  8. Thanks a mill – the gf loves dragons, so I can’t wait to show her this game – maybe she’ll let me play some more!!! ;o)

  9. Did anyone got to download it and make it work properly?
    I get the client from the site but the download ends in 2gb when the client is supposed to be 7gb.

    • It probably got interrupted, you’ll have to download again.
      That’s why I said they must be crazy making a file that big only available via direct download, not many providers offer connections stable enough to download them.

      • I did download it like five times and it always stops at 2gb
        Not an error or something,it just seems its normal finished….

  10. Just got the key but for whatever reason it pasted wrong and doesn’t work on the game’s site. Could you please resend it to my e-mail MMOBomb, please?

  11. I felt pretty nice when I got the closed beta code for the N.A version 2 weeks ago…and boy oh boy was I disappointed. The controls and response times on skills and evades/blocks are poor, animations are poor, textures are poor, quests are standard fetch this kill that, and well…outside of taming dragons (which isn’t rocket science) and the plans they have for the frontiers and what not, games such a bore run of the mill mmo with some action combat.

    FYI, I know it’s in BETA and I know they’ll likely have a massive patch with textures and fixes to the no named quests, npcs, and put in some voice acting? (maybe) but the core of the game as a whole, is just boring and lack luster. Thank the gods I didn’t pay for the support bundles they have till I tried the game, otherwise I’d be wholey disappointed. Even though its in BETA, it’s no excuse since the Taiwanese open beta was already announced and from what they have already compared to the NA and EU versions, it’s pretty damn close if you ask me.

    I hope they’ll make the game more entertaining and fun than what it is right now, along with ui, control, and quest fixes but I’d honestly be playing Rift (F2P yes!) Path of Exile, all while waiting for Elderscrolls Online.

    • It is still in Closed Beta and lots of changes are going to be incoming. Did you hear about the territory control and housing on the floating islands? It looks totally awesome

      • Here is a problem that a lot of MMOs tend to have and tend to not do soo well due to it. Not enough high end content with too fast of leveling. It is a quick way to loose subscriptions and end up having to go free2play. Some MMOs can not even stay up even on a free2play setup either. ( Matrix Online is one, very big example. )

        Though part of that “fix” for not being able to be sustainable enough on its own without using a free2play system a lot of companies are starting their MMOs off as free2play now. Does not take much to notice why though once you start playing those games.

    • Click the link from the mmobomb site it brings you to a different place to enter your key rather than the one on the homepage of Dragons Prophet


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