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Eldevin is the new free to play 3D story-driven MMORPG from Hunted Cow Studios. The game is fully playable in any modern web browser via a Java applet and has strong elements of both PvE and PvP adventuring.

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Eldevin Gameplay Trailer:


  1. Thank you, Hunted Cow, for a nice and decent game. It has a lot of features (like crafting, bank, various creatures). I played this game, however, I did not enjoy it that much (I’m very sorry, Hunted Cow! 🙁 ). It’s not my cup of tea. To each his own. Onwards to other games.

  2. I played runescape since 2002, and i can tell you right now this icould be better the only problem I have with this game is the camera angles but due to performance issues its set like this for now. Ive read that they will introduce better graphics in the future.

    This is defo a game to compete with runescape in the coming years after its been polished.

    • If you actually visited the Eldevin forum and looked around a bit, they are aware of the controls and since it is a “beta” not everything works the way it is intended. Apparently they need to do some sort of update or upgrade in order to fix the camera or else it’ll have serious lag issues.

      It is similar to Runescape, and Eldevin’s quests are actually pretty good… Way more quests/tasks then Runescape has though Eldevin’s can tend to be a bit repetitive with their side quests but the main quests are actually interesting.

      The graphics for Eldevin makes it look more old school and a bit more real then Runescape which honestly I realize to be cartoon looking compared to Eldevin. Pretty sure it’s because RS still need to do updates to many cities.

      I mean the water/fish in Eldevin is way better looking then the water in Runescape (it’s soo shiny?)

      Eldevin’s professions are interesting, some are a bit more complex and realistic like Cooking compared to Runescape’s,

      Eldevin has a lot of areas to explore like Runescape as well, but Eldevin has the actual “wilderness” style of animals and trees (deer,bears,beetles to name a few). And Runescape has unicorns and bears…

      Eldevin has a lot of potentional for players who are as picky about the graphics, the quests are optional but would be helpful. It is also driven by your choices which Runescapeis starting to do too.

      Both games are great. I play both at same time, usually afking on Runescape.

  3. Oh my god the amount of retards these days.
    What you are all saying is:
    “Yeh runescape is the only game that should be released no one should release a game that looks like it cuz,insert no reason here”
    Seriously JUST because it looks like runescape..Oh and the only thing that it looks like runescape is the 2Dness of it (i guess)
    Try it,its completly diffrent from that crappy runescape you all are orgasming about.
    Im done here

  4. Although many are complaining that it’s nothing good, I’d beg to differ. You’re all looking at it to be a 3D high graphics and perfect animation MMO, but it’s modeling an older style MMORPG, like Baldur’s Gate. It actually does looking promising, and I think those who favor older style MMO’s should consider it.

  5. So I played it and I have to say I like it it’s rare for a MMO to actually keep my attention after a few hours of playing and while it’s nothing groundbreaking it’s still a nice game not for everyone but still worth trying

  6. No offense but I find it strange that some people like this semi-alien , semi-traditional , strange graphics mmo over runescape . But I didnt see any better graphics . And those who think that they want a more lively runescape would be happy to know HTML5 gonna replace java in Runescape 3. So After that the Eldevin Java Game can not be even be compared to Runescape HTML 5 Game . Eldevin looks crap to me as compared to even Runescape Java . And now that Runescape will be written in HTML 5 the game will become so good that you would not be even able to compare it with Eldevin.

    • Yes, Runescape is dope, especially the fact that you can’t access 50% of everything in the game until you subscribe to it. Eldevin has changed its sub plan and now everyone can access the entire game for FREE when it launches and yes, you can access the entire game up to level 30 cap in beta now. SO unlike Runescape where you cant even raise your damn Dexterity stat or half of the trade skills/items because you’re not paying $7.95 a month…yeah ok, Runescape loses.

      Movement in Runescape is craptastic, as are their controls. Graphically speaking Runescape has its own style vs Eldevin, but Eldevin has better textures and environments seem more lively and “clustered” making it feel more real (although both are browser games and graphics aren’t Skyrim quality).

      In a total comparison Runescape, has better open world, better crafting/gathering progression (minus losing out on 50% of recipes if you’re not paying to play) and their skills and leveling system is better as well(minus the crap you won’t get if you’re not paying, once again), imo. That and being around for more than a decade they’ve added loads of crap vs Eldevin, which is still in development. Combat wise, Eldevin wins hands down, its not slow or erksome like Runescape.

      And I find it strange that you think Runescape and Eldevin dont share a lot of similarities like “semi-alien , semi-traditional , strange graphics”. At the end of the day, I’d rather be playing a downloadable client based MMORPG like TESO, Defiance, WoW, etc than a browser game, but for what it offers for a browser when you’re at work and what not and you don’t want to be subbing to a mmorpg? Runescape vs Eldevin, I’d go with Eldevin….till Game of Thrones releases. XD

      • its not pay2win that everybody played the beta and beta restricted you how long u play if u didnt subscribe and thats not the case when its launch subscribers only lvl skills faster hold more money u can set up stalls offline more storage space and u help your team lvl skills fast in a team practice

  7. i honestly love this game. It’s really fun and feels like the most well made browser-based mmorpg ive ever played! also its even better if you used to play runescape (the nostalgia is cool, while the game has many many other elements that runescape was missing)

  8. LOL tried it . LOOKS BORING CRAP. THe game trailer looked bad. But the game was worse. I m not gonna play it.

    your right

    1.I think even if has more dynamic graphics. Runescape graphics look alot more clear.
    2.Runescape NPCs look more interactive with their faces shown in chat in which they appear to be happy, shouting ,suprised , sad ,angry….. And NPC s of Wizard Tower now also have voice speech.
    3.I hate double click NPC in eldevin and right click to hit. I prefer runescape’s interface.
    4.I get angry when the camera can only rotate and not move up and down in eldevin. Runescape feels more{comparitively} camera friendly , specially when u can use orb of oculus.
    5.In combat Runescape gives more feedback than Eldevin.
    6.What I love about Runescape is that it never says you have to do this quest or that quest .
    7.And I find eldevin strange for many reasons .
    8.Well I will get tired mentioning them…
    CONCLUSION:If I love such an old game over this new game then I feel its an extremely outdated one. And I am sure it is outdated .{ which doesnt mean I am referring to only graphics }

  10. I’m pleasantly surprised by Eldevin. Plays well, looks decent enough, it’s actually quite addicitve! Has a graceful charm to it, kind of a kick back to some of old school games I used to enjoy. I get bored pretty easily with most new MMORPGs these days, it’s good to play something that’s actually fun again. Well worth a go.

  11. I have played runescape for years and I am [limit(x–>infinity) x%] or infinity% sure that this is a copy.
    I may have liked it b4 but no not now. I love runescape and I doubt this game can take its place . Runescape has been epic with excellent stories and they always make you feel connected to the Runescape gods . Evolution Of Combat , New God focused content and Upcoming HTML 5 Runescape 3 says I am not gonna leave runescape for this copied concept . Though i have to try this as I must never underestimate any game without playing it. But even if it works good I will feel that it is a copy . I dont understand why do they release a game on a concept which is aldready existing. The trailer look so much like runescape but somewhat inferior to rs. I gotta try this game.

    • Your logic is simply retarded. I’m sure if they made Eldevin have better graphics then you’d say they copied Drakensang Online or something and that they made it by same concept. If they made it 2D anime-ish graphics you’d say they made a Aurora Blade (or some other similiar anime-ish browser mmorpg) copy.

  12. I just played it and the whole time I kept comparing it to runescape. That’s basically how it feels. The bad thing is it feels like runescape now not the good old days. I personally don’t like it.

    • I heard people complain a lot about that one major Runescape patch. What did they change that made people so angry about it ?

  13. After trying it out I can say that people passing on this game on the account of graphics are robbing them self of a perfectly decent experience. If you like this type of a game, you will love Eldevin.

  14. The game actually peaked my interest when the trailer showed the young king painting. Very few games of this sort shy away from the “generic knight” or “generic half naked sorceress” images and present an actual character from the game. Makes me think that this game has a story that is actually relevant. I respect that enough to make those few clicks needed to register.

    Thanks MMOBomb for the code.

  15. Graphics don’t make a game, especially an RPG where gameplay, story and features are far more important. I personally like the graphics of this one, they’re not high-end but they definitely aren’t bad. The only things that make me not want to try this game is the fact that if you want access to whole game and all areas you have to pay subscription (at least that’s what i heard so far) and that the game is browser based (i really dislike playing in my browser, i prefer installing games).

    • It looks like it, but a bit better. Also the browser can only hold so much information, so it is hard to make a 3D mmorpg that doesn’t look like that.

  16. I hope you don’t predispose hatred towards this game just because of a trailer. It is actually quite superb and well-made even for a beta; it’s nothing perfect but it really should deserve a proper sit-down. Don’t be dissuaded, at least give it a shot.

  17. RUNESCAPE CLONE FFS! THIS TECHNOLOGY IS LIKE 15 YEARS OLD! Learn how to create proper games! my son could create this…

  18. Well it’s a web browser game, but it’s good; nah! no need to be so meticulous about the graphics. I’ve played it and the gameplay is alright, quests *sigh* i’m ok with a lots of quests. This browser game have more fun than any other crap MMORPGs releasing this year. Better play it now.

  19. I feel that this video is troubling itself just to find one thing to say that’s beneficial about the game. I mean, telling people that there are millions of quests to do isn’t really a good thing. Sure, I see that you have various classes and crafting items. You have PVP, which what most MMO’s have nowadays. Obviously, you need to customize your character to be powerful. I just don’t see one thing that’s unique about it. No special modes or features; it’s just like any other MOBA MMORPG.

  20. seriously guys the game is better than most games coming out its not a joke just play the game its more fun than you think

    • yes this game is good…. but of course now that there is Tera, Path of Exile ,Aion this game is nowhere near but im gonna say this game looks good and dont say anything if u havent even tried it yet

  21. Wow, What is with all these 2004 games launching in 2013. Think i’ll keep waiting for DP (Dragons Prophet) And PSO (Phantasy star online)

    • +1 and you can pso now no restrictions find it on the interweb man even has a english patch very playable

    • I think it’s funny how everyone here is dissing Eldevin when they have no knowledge of the game whatsoever.
      You all accuse it of being a Runescape clone or a ‘2004’ game without ever having played it.

      There is only a small team (I believe about 15 or so) working on Eldevin, and they have paid for it entirely with the profits from their other games. That is why it has taken so long to be completed.

      I have been playing for the entire closed beta and I much prefer it to Runescape. Also, before you say ‘Runescape has so much more content’ or something to that effect, remember Runescape has a much larger development team and it has been out for 12 years.

      I suggest that you all give it a try, you might find yourself enjoying it.

  22. As much as you guys who haven’t even played this game might say you’d go play Runescape. I feel this game plays better than Runescap, and yes I played Runescape. Least Eldevin doesn’t restrict players on crafting if you’re not a subscriber. Eldevin actually has a lot of tradeskills and such like Runescape, better graphics, better combat, and just overall a lot easier to get into and more up to date than Runescape. Everything is open for all players at the moment in beta only though.

    With all the above being said though, I’m going to say that Eldevin’s current plan on their launch pricing for their subscription model is pretty bad. Basically restricting access to content such as dungeons, pvp, and such if you’re not a subscriber. Although only for certain zones, its still basically saying p2win in a certain aspect especially the 25% exp boost you get for buying items from their cash shop or being a subscriber. I still feel free 2 play games need to rethink their price plans on the route of Path of Exile. 100% access to games and all cash shop items are cosmetic and means of players to “donate” to the company and to differentiate themselves from non payers, cosmetically only. Cash shops and subs for F2P, when it opens a playing gap between the community just ends up sinking the game or scaring new players away, my opinion of course but you can obviously look at the success of Path of Exile and the support for City of Steam, which is also not pay to win, to find out. Eldevin needs to learn their own way I suppose.

    • Well.. with graphics this bad it would be hard to keep the game up and running with a cash shop only consisting cosmetic items.

      But then again… the story doesn’t sound any better with bad graphs and restrictions…

      Add the fact that I find the gameplay slow and dated judging from the trailer and there’s no money for which I’m going to touch this title.

      • FALSE there r games with bad grapgics with very few cash shop items that have a full free to play aspect and u can be just as good as everyone else all items in the shop r cosmetic only and its still going well 🙂 tho its a UO clone

    • Lil, I did not see this post but “Eldevin” is planing to make player pay to access specific options in the game? xD i would not play this if THEY paid me to.

    • Just because it has the same bad graphics as runescape doesn’t mean it’s runescape. Runescape actually has some gameplay value to it(although I gave up on it damn near a decade ago at this point).

    • Wow only because one game is similiar to another game in any way it must be a clone? Great logic… Then all RPG’s out there are clones of each others and all FPS (and MMOFPS) games are also clones of each others. Seriously please think before you say something.

      • We don’t care for all these low tech games, we want blacklight retribution codes.
        namely perm Items please

        • Yeah Blacklight Retribution Perm Items please! Its an awesome game and need some new stuff. Don’t mind even taunts

      • Browser games can look like guild wars 2. in fact, guild wars 2 could be ported to browser and look just the same as the client based version. It isn’t any different than porting the game from PC to a Console or to MAC.

        • …. Well, the reason why guild wars 2 is NOT a browser game is because of all of the data that it would have to load. You would be downloading constantly, over and over.
          To port something at all, you need to re-configure your code. Mac doesn’t agree sometimes with C++, and Consoles use a certain branch of C. It is not so simple to port a game. Its actually tedious as all hell.

      • So what if it’s 2013? There were more good and fun indie games with pixel and similiar simple graphics this and last year then those AAA tittles with top-notch graphics.

        Graphics don’t make the game.

        • Chris is right graphics don’t have to be what makes the game, look at runescape for example it’s crap now but the graphics are amazing when back when like 2005 it wasn’t crappy. but the graphics weren’t as good.


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