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MMOBomb and SOE have teamed up to give our users 20 keys for the EverQuest II Altar of Malice Collector’s Edition. These codes grant players the Altar of Malice Collector’s Edition ($89.99 each) and the new Aerakyn Player Race (which is a separate purchase normally). That’s more than $1800 worth of goods! To join the giveaway follow the four steps below:

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3. Complete the following sentence: “I enjoy playing EverQuest II because… ”. Leave your sentence in the comments below, please make sure you use the email address you signed up for MMOBomb giveaway alerts with. This is really important, if you do it with another email you won’t be eligible to receive your prize. Don’t forget to confirm your email address.

Rules and Notes

– We’ll select the 20 lucky MMOBombers on December, 14 (2014), we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.

– Results may take a few days to be announced after the end of the giveaway.
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Lucky Winners:

Coming soon on December, 14 (2014)

– Vinhou
– magicrikus
– Elskar
– Today
– dbrackish
– Ossian
– Krwawy Fred
– voyagames
– Minermanz
– Mariano

– ichigoez
– Daedrax
– H8ff0000
– LadyMallyce
– FrostedFlakes
– Sape
– Nik
– DarkGirl
– Davidl6
– Samuel Keke

This giveaway contains the following items:

These codes grant players the Altar of Malice Collector’s Edition and the new Aerakyn Player Race. Altar of Malice is the 11th EverQuest II expansion and one of the most robust in recent years. This expansion features several new zones and dungeons, level-cap increase to 100, and must-have in-game items.

Plus the following items:
– Mage Tower Mirage (Teleporter Item)
– Prehistoric House Pet
– 3 Gems of Armor Advancement (Armor Upgrade)
– 80 Days of Spell Research (2 Potions)
– Elite Battle-Mystic Mercenary
– Striped Savage Pterodon Mount

EverQuest II Altar of Malice Trailer:




  1. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because to me it always has been and always will be one of the most enjoyable MMOs to date! I have played this game since before the first expansion and still do! Only reason I want this is because I don’t have this one 🙂

  2. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because i nearly played any MMO and looking for a new one i can play for Months. And with this awesome Bundle i would have a great start into the Game.

    Greetz from wonderful Austria ;D

  3. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it is a lovely game. Out there are lots of MMO and RPGs but you just can’t spend hours on a poor gameplay and story that’s why I think EVERQUEST II ALTAR OF MALICE will be a saving spot. I’m looking forward to play it!

    Bye Bye…

  4. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it has a lot of amazing contents and at the same time the game never forgets about its players. The game make sure that its players are enjoying every single bit of the game, even the F2P’s. I am one of those F2P… I have seen a lot of games but no game that I played before gives such amount of content to the ones who never spent on the game. In the past, a lot of games requires you to pay to get more content and sometimes they even force you to pay to remove all the pop-ups. This game doesn’t. It never forced any F2P to pay a single cent. They just wait patiently until we decided to pay for some content. The developers of this game is very enthusiastic about each and every update or expansions they released. Other than that, in this game, I get to meet new people, having fun, doing things together, make jokes and many more. It made me feel like I am in a home.

  5. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because i love raiding with a community and just talking to friends and people i meet its a wonderful game and thats why i enjoy playing everquest

  6. I’m going to be honest, I have been looking for a good MMO for a long time and I think this one will fit me. My friends have it and all they say it is very good, so this will be a chance to play with my friends and try a new MMO that hopefully I will stick with. So given that I have never played this before and want to try it out, i’m going to say I enjoy playing Everquest II because I feel like it will be a new MMO experience that I will get to play with my friends on.

  7. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it has character creation feature and I love being my fantasy-version of myself in it and I enjoy being inside a fantasy world with online-gamers community and socialize there

  8. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because…

    #1 – It looks good for its age!

    There are really few games that hold up well after 10 years. You log in and not only do they look outdated, but they feel outdated. But both visually and with respect to gameplay, EQ2 stands the test of time surprisingly well. It was ahead of its time when it launched in 2004, and it’s still standing strong a decade later. Not everyone likes the character models or graphics, but that’s a minor hiccup when you take the overall quality of the gameplay into account.

    #2 – Shinies!

    Okay, it’s silly, but who can resist a shiny? In EQ2, when you see a glowing blob of light on the ground in the distance, you have but to pick it up to find a piece to the many collections in EQ2. Collect all the pieces (bone fragments, for example) and get a reward from a special collection NPC.

    #3 – The Guild Finder

    MMOs are more fun when they’re social, and the longevity of any game for any gamer often depends on the people you play it with. Fortunately, EQ2 makes finding a like-minded guild easy with an in-game guild finder. You’ll have to get to level 20 before you can use it, but that won’t take you long. If you’re committed enough to work your way through 20 levels, then it’s time to find some friends to chat and hang out with. Which brings me to…

    #4 – The Community

    The EQ2 community is solid. This is one game that’s truly populated by a majority of friendly, helpful players. And most of these folks have been a part of the community for a long time, so they’re truly invested in the game and not just passing through. They’re more than willing to lend a hand and answer questions. I’m not overstating it when I say that I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with EQ2 players—it’s 100% true.

    #5 – Depth

    It would be a real challenge to run out of things to do in EverQuest 2. If you’re not pursuing quests and PvE content, then there are plenty of dungeons to be had (more on those in a minute.) Not interested in going afield and fighting right now? Harvesting and crafting provide a fun (and surprisingly deep) diversion. There are dailies, collections (the shinies I already mentioned), housing and plenty of things to keep players of all types, from the casuals who simply want to fart around for an hour or two to the raider who wants to take down dragons, hooked.

    #6- Tradeskills are fun

    EQ2 takes crafting further than most MMOs, which require you to gather necessary materials and then click a button to craft. EQ2 makes a sort of mini-game out of crafting that actually requires your attention as you counteract certain adverse events. You’ll have to watch your progress and durability bars to keep the quality of your crafted items up—if you lose enough durability, you’ll fail to craft the item. (Don’t worry, you’ll get materials back, but you will burn the fuel you had to use in the crafting process.) The process itself is not difficult, but it requires more thought than a mere button press. Beyond the actual act of crafting, there are also tradeskill quests players can undertake, making the entire system a very robust one that’s virtually a game in itself.

    #7 – Player Housing

    Plenty of games have player housing these days, but EQ2 was one of the pioneers of this MMO diversion and really kicks it up a notch. Or several notches. Every player gets an instanced home early in the game, and through crafting, trading and questing there are many, many ways to turn your hole in the wall into something truly fantastic. Of course, player housing is upgradable—you don’t have to hang out in a little hovel forever, and you’re able to own multiple homes. You’ll have to pay upkeep on them, but what you’ve built (or, more to the point, decorated) never goes away due to an upkeep lapse—you just can’t access it until you pay the piper. On top of all that, there are housing leader boards, and you can use them to visit and tour the homes of other players. Again, this system could be a game in itself if you’re one of those players who’d rather craft and decorate than dungeon crawl and raid. (Not that you can’t do any or all of those things, of course.)

  9. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because… EverQuest II is the epitome of massively multiplayer gaming – the ultimate blend of deep features, heritage, and community.

  10. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because i have played this game since it came out and i still enjoy it to this day and have fun playing with friends

  11. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because I enjoy kittens, kittens are funny. Kittens have nothing to do with Everquest, but my quest to pet all kittens will be foreverbest.

  12. I am actually getting into EverQuest II after 15 years of playing the original EverQuest. I figured what better way to get started than to get all the current content & I still have 8 or 9 months of all access on my primary account so I can enjoy the full features of the game if I were to win one of the keys. I’d buy it myself if not for being strapped for cash & going through a slow fall & winter.

  13. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because i’v put hours into the first heck my best est friendship was formed due to that game 😀

  14. Eu gosto de jogar EverQuest II porque eu amo esse jogo porque não se sentem pressionados a “jogar uma tonelada ou não jogar em tudo ‘. Eu posso jogar um pouco, jogar muito, quando eu sentir a ele, e se eu continuar com amigos, é muito melhor.

  15. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because of the community and creativity I’ve experienced there. I’ve tried so many other games but EQ II trumps them all due to the people and the lore and content

  16. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because I love this game, I have often played and it would be an enormous privilege to be able to receive the same for this game.

  17. Hi! I enjoy playing EverQuest II bacause i love MMO games and i can donate, if developers need it. I am 32 ears old, started plaing MMO games when i was 14. I like World of Warkraft and i think, that EverQuest II will be similar for WoW.

  18. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because of huge variety of classes, races but it’s pretty usual to current mmo standarts. What I really enjoy about is an immerse world which has a certain flavor making it stand out from other mmo’s. I’ve played a lot of mmo’s but everquest is one of the few I return to.

  19. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it has crafting, adventuring and I love decorating my characters in game houses. I have fun sharing my game play with friends and family.

  20. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because I love to raid, quest, craft, decorate, do group and solo zones. I have a blast in the game and just love EQ2.

  21. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because i’m an old Eq1 user, and would like to play Everquest2 again to see new inprovements !!

  22. Я люблю играть в EverQuest II, потому что с детства обожаю сказки, а в сказках должно всегда побеждать добро.

    П.C. А чтоб добро победило в EverQuest II мне нужен ключик;)

  23. I love to play EverQuest II, because of his childhood love of fairy tales, and fairy tales should always win good.

    P. S. And that good can prevail in EverQuest II, I need a key;)

  24. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it’s not just your average mmorpg its an endless amount of fun, battling, questing, dungeoneering, and friending.

  25. I enjoy playimg EverQuest II because its one of the best game out there. Its very entertaining and i find it quite better than WoW and its free so i dont have to worry about paying to play. With the expansion i can get even further in game and continue to enjoy such a wonderful work of art.

  26. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because I played EverQuest when it first came out, but never had the chance to play EverQuest II and I’d love to be able to get back into Everquest with this :3

  27. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it was one of the very first online MMO game i ever played :D, my dad introduced me into the game and i fell in love with it ever since. I wish to continue this legacy when i grow old.

  28. I enjoy playing everquest because its similar to WoW and free. I love everquest more than WoW because of the fact its free and im planning to make this my everyday game. It is so entertaining and with such great gifts it will be even more fun and entertaining.

  29. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it is a solid and enduring legacy game that remains fun, innovative and at the top of the field.

  30. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because, Hello? It’s EverQuest II?! The game ROCKS! I also enjoy chatting with my goofy guild, who always make playing even more fun! Now excuse me while I go back to my addiction… err…uhh… game!

  31. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it’s the only game I’ve ever played that just keeps getting better and better. 3 years of playing and I’ve never had a dull moment, with each new expansion the game just keeps throwing the punches. No one can say anything wrong about EverQuest II cause no matter what happens the journey through Norrath will never end.

  32. I enjoy playing Everquest II because I’ve played the series for most of my life, and I will continue to until the day I die. RIP Vox 2012.

  33. i enjoy playing everquest 2 becuz all u noobs luv 2 suck da dik of mmobomb for n e amt of $$ u can get. ur so sad losers lololol

  34. I enjoy playing Everquest II because I don’t. Look at all the kiss ass schmucks in this thread. I hope you all enjoy the taste of ass after you peel your lips away and have received nothing for it. Hahahahaha.

  35. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because Im in love with it. In every single piece of it.Because EverQuest is the only and it will stay the only worthy of wasting my time MMORPG game.

  36. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because I love the fantasy setting and the world. The different races are nice to play and it always brings up light in a dark day!:)

  37. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it has good servers so I can at least attempt to play it with my dial-up speed internet.

    P.S Stop screwing me over BT.

  38. I like Playing EverQuest II because I enjoy playing Adventure games with other people.
    Especially games with cool Graphics and good mechanics. I haven’t tried this one yet but look forward to getting in the game.

  39. “I enjoy playing EverQuest II because… ”…….. I have never played it before so the first time is always the best time!!!

  40. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it’s truly beautiful and vast beyond compare. The passionate fanbase. And most of all SHADOW KNIGHTS!

  41. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because… because it is the only title in this genre that offers real mmo experience mixed up with arpg elements, it is fun to be played with buddies too because of that.

  42. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because… The first MMO i ever played was Everyquest Ruins of Kunark, and since then EverQuest has been a staple in my gaming experiance.

  43. I enjoy playing EverQuest II, because no game in the world gives such a combination of beauty, atmosphere, communication and joy from the gameplay… No doubt, this is the best game ^_^

  44. i enjoy playing everquest ii because its my first mmorpg and i fell nostalgic evrytime i play this game was the start of may mmo life

  45. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because i think it’s a really beautiful game and was one of my first mmo games and it’ll be great if I can enjoy this too.

  46. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it goes great with my lifestyle, makes all my Mountain Dew taste that much better, and really adds spice to my Doritos!

  47. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because… I have strayed to other MMO’s and need a reason to come back. Sony, I’ve missed my bae, please take me back.

  48. I enjoy playing Everquest II because it is one of the best rpg out there, will keep it for future , and give sample to my future children about what is good rpg look a like..

  49. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because… I have never played it before and this is the right place to start playing it because it is important to get new people to play it as well.

  50. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it has filled the hole in my heart which EQ did not. EQII has special place in my heart and I’ll never let it go… It shall live with me and die with me

  51. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because I can’t really afford a home of my own for my husband and my daughter while we’re all students. This game enables me to travel to new lands, collect items for housing, and build any thing I can think of. This is also one of the few places I feel relatively comfortable, socially, considering how much bullying I had to put up with as a kid. /ignore is a beautiful thing some times.

  52. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it’s a world rich with adventures, dangers and treasures, a place where I can be a hero together with my friends and family!

  53. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because, it is the most epic game ever made, and its features are superb, games like this one, simply dont exist!!! EverQuest II forever!!

  54. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because EverQuest is a good game and I very very like it. So i want to have EverQuest II to play.

  55. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because I would love to complete my dream and get to level 100 this time as I enjoyed playing the game at my friend’s house before.. those were the days man.

  56. I enjoy playing EQII because when I was young I was fascinated watching my uncle play. There are no rules, you can be who you want, and just communicate with far away friends and family. MMO’s are the greatest thing to happen to the gaming society.

  57. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because there’s a great atmosphere and dynamics, many levels and freedom of action, and moreover it is free and available to everyone on Steam.

  58. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because MMO is one of the best genre nowadays, because of the internet. And who doesn’t like Free MMO games?

  59. I enjoy playing Everquest II because it is an immensely immersive experience. The combat is great. The skill, crafting, and exploration system are all great. But what really keeps me going is the lore, NPC interaction, and quests. All so believable and very interesting and keeping you invested in the game world around you.

    Everquest was one of the first massively popular MMOs that got it right and Everquest II while maybe not as popular as some of its competitors it sticks to its roots and innovates in its own ways to hold up today.

  60. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it’s an mmo fill with fantasies, and wonders that are not found in other kiddy cater mmos. The graphics make the game look real, and amazing. The gameplay is smooth, and the cities have a lot of depth in them. I love it.

  61. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it has amazing lore, classes, gameplay, housing, etc. I’ve been playing on an off since launch and it’s better each time I come back. There’s so much to do and read about. I have so many fond memories from this game and it has a very special place in my heart.

  62. I enjoy playing Everquest II because the original Everquest was introduced to me by my IRL GF at the time, forever sucking me into to the world of MMO’s. Only to further the relationship with an in game wedding.

  63. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because, I have played EverQuest since the first expansion of the first game. I have tried many other mmo’s but Everquest is the one I end up going back to every time.

  64. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because I played the original starting right after the first expansion and the 2nd on launch day. I have tried other mmo’s but always come back to EverQuest.

  65. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it was one of the first MMOs that I ever played and enjoyed, I made a good number of friends through the game and even a few people that I could meet outside of game to hang out and… play more video games.

  66. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because EverQuest 1 left me with a very enjoyable memories. It’s a well made game and I would love to enjoy it more in EverQuest II

  67. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because of it’s stunning multiplayer aspects. It has features that eclipse many other MMOs, it has the style that other game designers should learn from.

  68. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because of all the friends i have made over the years, not just friends for an hour i find MMORPGs today, but real friends! The time we spend together killing monsters builds friendship!

  69. I enjoy playing EverQuest2 because it is the only game of its kind. It has so many different things that you can do, but decorating is my favorite.

  70. “I enjoy playing EverQuest II because… of how immersive the lore is and the features such as housing, tradeskilling, and broker service really set it apart from other MMO games. I played the original EQ years ago then started playing EQ2 about 10 years ago. The content manages to stay fresh, interesting and relevant.”

  71. I enjoy playing Everquest 2 because it was the game that got me started on MMOs and i couldn’t have known then what this game would do for me. I have met several really good friends in this game and its given me an outlet to be social inside the world of the internet. I owe a lot to this game and what it has done for me personally over the years.

  72. i enjoy playing everquest because its my first mmorpg and i fell nostalgic evri time i play this game was the start of may mmo life

  73. I love everquest II because no matter my mood I can find something in game to enjoy. Decorating, grouping, raiding this game has it all =)

  74. I enjoy playing EQ2 because of the sheer amount of content it has to offer! The incredible lore, community and world that has been created – there is nothing comparable…

  75. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it was the first MMO I played, its been a long time since I played and I need a good excuse to get away from Warcraft!

  76. Look I’m not gna lie I like playing everquest 2 because its everquest 2 simple as that. I hope u enjoy my response which probably will never be looked at. Happy camping :p!

  77. I enjoy playing Everquest because of the Lore and design choices that drew me in at the beginning before Trolls ruined my experience.

  78. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because…because it helps me realize my full potential. Since I have been playing EO2 I have been able to talk to others again and show them I too am a warrior whom they should fear.. EverQuest 2 has brought my faith back into gaming and life for that matter.. Before EO2 I was just a lonely child looking for a dagger in the woods.. But now I’m a mighty warrior looking to slice up those who oppose me with my blades. I would play EO2 all day if I could be honest, but the sad fact is I can’t due to having to work and be oppressed by the “MAN”.. I mustn’t let that get to me though for I have faith this will be my day.

  79. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because…it helps me escape reality and drift into a world of fantasy and lets me become the warrior I know I am inside my weak and feeble body cavities.. I will fight the creatures and those who oppose me with all my might.. I mean until I have to go eat dinner or something.. But thats why I enjoy playing EQ 2 … I gotta go eat dinner now..

  80. I enjoy playing Everquest II because my brother gift me the first one when i was really young and i could play it only on his computer. That’s how I got into videogames and, in a few words, it was one of my first “advanced” games on a pc. I was happy at the time and I fell in love with the game, his characters, his playstyle and mostly his environment (it was really beautiful at the time and right now too).

  81. I enjoy playing EverQuest II because it’s just the best MMO out there, no other game offers the same amount and quality of content.

  82. I enjoy playing Everquest II because it does more than the average mmo. It sets itself apart from every other mmo in the best way possible. Every time I play it I find new adventures in every corner of its world.

    • I enjoy playing Everquest II because…There is always something new to do in the game, and i’ve been playing it for near eight years now. There’s tradeskilling, decorating, raids, dungeons and pretty good gems of lore in each questline!

  83. i enjoy playing everquest because its my first mmorpg and i fell nostalgic evri time i play this game was the start of may mmo life ……….


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