Firefall Beta Key Giveaway
Magicman and Selfius were just sitting around today when they realized they have a total of 6 friends and family passes to Firefall just waiting on someone to claim them. Well, they decided that since MMOBombers are their friends they would give them away to fans.

Just our way of saying thanks for your support in everything we do! We wish we had more to give away but keep in mind this isn’t a key giveaway. You are being invited as our friends, which you all are! Here’s what you have to do to try and get one:

How to get your Firefall Beta Key:

1. Easy, you just need to be registered at MMOBomb and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube (if you donยดt have an account for example on Twitter, itโ€™s ok).
2. Post a comment below on why you should be one of the lucky 6! (please use a valid email)


Here’s a tip: If you’ve ever watched or listened to the “Free to Play Cast” you know Magicman and Selfius aren’t exactly normal so the more creative and witty your reason, the more likely you are to win.

Magicman and Selfius will review the comments as they are posted and select 6 winners on Friday, May 18th. Winners will be contacted via email (so please use a valid email and check your mailbox) with how to gain access and a winners list will be posted below so everyone can see who won.

Gameplay Preview


Alexandre Pauquin


  1. Useful info. Lucky me I discovered your site by chance, and I’m stunned why this accident didn’t took place in advance! I bookmarked it.

  2. I really have been waiting for the firefall beta eversince the summer started but I never got a beta key so yea that’s pick me if you want :D:D

  3. i waht so mach a bera kay please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi please i realy want test this game is look awsome. Please send me beta key i m so good fps player. Please I WANT BETA KEY

  5. I would like to get beta key cuz i wanna try it out and it looks one of the coolest games came out lately.And i followed you in twitter facebook and subscribed at youtube.So please if its possible i would like to get beta key ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. i should earn them cuz i like the games and i search of every site evry site and and i always lose and i would like if i get a key i want it so badly and i followed you an twitter facebook youtube so plz i would apriciate

  7. I’ve been following this game with my friends for about a year. I had no internet at the time and my computer was not up to par for this game so I didn’t bother making an account. I updated my computer and I just got internet yesterday. My three friends kept me up to date on the game. We have been looking for a game that we all would like to play. This is my type of game and the other three love it. If I could possibly get a key I would greatly appreciate it. If not or if you are out that’s fine.
    I have done beta testing for games in the past so I have experience in reporting bugs and such. Even with out internet I would go stay at my friends houses and beta test games. I know you are probably looking for active members and I have about 3 or 4 posts but, once I get into a game I check the forums three or more times a day, help out anyone that I can and I make videos for youtube.
    I’m a Hardcore committed gamer. I’ve been waiting for this game since September, 3rd, 2010 and would love to play this game.

  8. Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am a true mmobomber as in watching your videos liking them and of course same goes with your facebook and i think i am quite worthy of having the key, thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I saw the trailers and reviews of the game, I really liked it here so much I want to play the game.I hope I’m lucky with the key

  10. this game seems really cool, watched alot vid’s, and some of my friends are playing it already!
    i’d love to play this game

  11. My brother sits next to me playing the game… it looks so cool, plz can i get a beta key
    i dont want to be playing this game after beta is done when im 20 or so

  12. plz give me a beta key i have wanted this game for a month i have signed up at firefalls website ive liked on facebook and (not registered to twitter) i like some of your videos i love suiciding on most games when i have grenades -_- i would like to play a game that everybody likes

  13. Hey, i redeem beta key already at the firefall website, but you know, im boring to wait, i do have plenty time off, so i may use for somethink usefull.

    I know , i know, no more beta keys abailable, well sometimes the people are busy bombing other stuff testing other games and have access to this games that others want to get involved, i am one of that gamers.

    Attentively one bomb with no fuse.

    P.S: Somebody can delete my duplicate reply?

  14. I would very much love to play this game, i have seen alot of videos of it and have been waiting a long time to play it, and i’m hoping that wont be much longer ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I really need a key because there aren’t any good games at the moment, I’m bored out of my ass! I’ve been spending time on Chatroulette for god sake!

  16. looking at the numerous reasons as to why everyone else should get the key makes me look like i have a 0.00% chance of getting one. here goes

    i have some amasing ideas for firefall, there are some aspects that i dont know about that isent on youtube and if i saw them i could give loads of great ideas to improve the game. i have been waiting for a pathetic amount of time but i still hope i get a key (or three for my friends who also want to play)

  17. I would love a beta key to play this awesome game I can not get one on the site.Plz can I have a beta key?????

  18. why do i want to play? because i’m tierd of thoes pay to win games and i realy like the game because every single thing is free and firefall is a realy free to play game

  19. Hey ๐Ÿ˜€ ive just got my new com and i watched first look over and over again, i have played some games in beta before and i just love to find bugs and help fix them, ive spend a lot of time at my com and this game looks so awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ i just realy want i key ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. I need bettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttta ket foe FIREFALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL)) Make me the happy

  21. I want Firefall beta key because ” I like to living free. And this game is free. I like its style. I want to join your family. Please You take me your family. And Please give me ”Firefall beta key”. You will not regret it ๐Ÿ™‚ Also I am from Turkey. I want to distribute this game. You never rue ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. look in 2009 i not konw mmobomb but i play your games all my life i can give you a lot of reseoans why should you give my a key but 6 poleple wath i will be ok if they have 50 or 100 but no you have to have 6 winers i love you no home i like your games but the min i see 6 poples poleple ben bustimg ther ass off waiting for this f*** game to come out we have to wait mothes 3 for this game and im suck of it make the game open all reby

  23. I have been waiting for a beta key for a very long time, and I will help balance the game, and I will be helpful to all newcomers, and nice to everyone!

  24. I know I am a one in a million person to get this and will against any odds in my favor be passed up. But if you’ll read this anyway I would appreciate it. I enjoy playing free and paid MMORPG’s and continue to play and eventually review them through youtube. I have, however, been following FireFall since its announcement. I have watch any gameplay I can get my hands on. I would love to play this game. Thank You. -Jace

  25. I know I am a one in a million person to get this and will against any odds in my favor be passed up. But if you’ll read this anyway I would appreciate it. I enjoy playing free and paid MMORPG’s and continue to play and eventually review them through youtube. I have, however, been following FireFall since its announcement. I have watch any gameplay I can get my hands on. I would love to play this game. Thank You. -Jace

  26. i want the beta key so that i can play this awesome game. i really games like firefall i have been running around the internet to get a key for firefall i have tried many sites but no luck, i hope i get the key i really like the game

  27. I need a beta key because my friends are playing and i cant and im tired of listen you cant play and we are playing.

  28. I think i get one from you because i have been waiting since 2011 and i have been active and do everything to get fully deserved beta key and i can discover bugs for the creators to fix and i can also make my own games in my experiense.

  29. I think i get one from you because i have been waiting since 2011 and i have been active and do everything to get fully deserved beta key and i can discover bugs for the creators to fix and i can also make my own games in my experiense!

  30. xD lololololol the giveaway is over. And I assure you no ones mad. But add me on steam or something Red 5 studios is supposed to give me 2 keys to give out myself since I’m already in.

  31. Damnt BOMB !!! Arrrr !!! I am BOMBER and i like you guys on FaceBook and i sub you on Youtube , i dont speak well English and i Write this for you !!! And you still asking me why i should get key ??? Pffff!!! Yo , I am the Best Bomber !! )))) And if you dont give me Key , that mean you dont like Best Of The Best Bomber fan !!! That all !! Bomb AWAY!)

  32. i should get a beta key because i have been waiting for many months to play and i will like to try it so please give me a beta key

    I looked it like… 1000 TIMES!
    I REALLY wanna have the beta key!
    I would really like it to have one…

    Much game fun for the guys who have one :D!!!

  34. Avast yer matey!

    I be known as Captain 4oveka The verry dark brown beard that looks black. If ye give thee a key of beta, me and my mateys shall sale the seas and vanquish any landlubber aliens and steal any booty of thou. And if ye wish to make use of our services we’ll be more that happy to put a knife to the sad sob you want dead. I hope ye see me as a fitting man of the seas and let us sail the seas of FireFall together. I be off now, there be more pillaging to do. Where did the rum go?

    – Captain 4oveka

  35. I would really like to have a key. Im experienced in many mmofps but they look all the same. Firefall have something new and interest me at a high range. I am able to give feedback to devs or community if asked to improve the game.

  36. pls let me be 1 of the lucky sex because i have been looking around for beta key so i decideed to come here and take at friefall here and i found some beta key i have watch the first look alot time already so pls>

  37. i’ve been waiting for about 5-6 months to get my beta key and still haven’t received it. This is not a reason to give it to me though. I think that the fact of the success of your website is due to the first members of the community who spread the word and invited their friends to join the growing community and make today’s Mmobomb. I was part of these guys that spread the word. Giving me a beta key would simply be a symbol of your recognition. Even though, congratulations on your success!

  38. I want a beta key because I can spell correctly and use punctuation.

    And because I liked the Facebook page and subscribed to the Youtube channel.
    But sadly, I do not have twitter.

    Please give me a key.

  39. dude let me have it i have no pc games my dad said they steall stuff when you enter your card so i cant buy pc games

  40. just received this email, I was out for the weekend, I really hope I can still have the key :9

    Congratulations on winning our Firefall beta contest. When trying to send your invite the game says the email you provided is already in the beta. Do you have an alternate email address or a friend you would like your invite sent to?
    Editor-in-Chief MMOBOMB.Com

    I currently signed up with my brothers email, which I wasnt aware he had a beta key. Please send it to email
    I really hope I didnt lose my chance! Thanks

  41. Hey Guys! Ive been a massive fan of yours for a while. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ive seen alot of videos about firefall (Yours was my favourite!) and it looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Ive been spending most of the last two weeks on the firefall forums, Trying to decide what class I should role. And im still not sure! So anyway, This beta key would mean a heap to me.

    P.S If you do give me a beta key, I will personally hug a baby kitten.

  42. I would like a chance a Beta Key, because I am searching for a new mmo that would really grab my attention. It has been a long time for that.. I have been watching this game closely, and it totally looks like something I would enjoy. Thank you for the chance <3

  43. I want it because i’ve followed this game for a while now, a year or two actually. When it was first starting to show the videos and stuff, I fell in love with it and have been wanting to play it ever since! ๐Ÿ˜€ But so far no luck ๐Ÿ™ So i’m hoping to get one here. Thank you I hope I get one! ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. wow that’s a hell of a lot of comments, and I have no reason why I should be so lucky to have the opportunity to play but I figured hey, it’s worth a try

  45. Please i want a beta key i will love to play the game and when the game is lauched to the world i will recommend them to this game

  46. I want the Firefall CBT Key! Every Kill I execute will be in the honor of MMOBomb! Choose me to represent your awesomeness with the blood of fallen warriors.

  47. Cause my English is so bad that you must hit me,cause my ping is so high that I died 5 times before I realized it, cause my self esteem is so low that I usually commit suicide save you the trouble the other team
    But mostly because I would love play with you guys (mmm… I think that doesnยดt sound very persuasive)

  48. Why do I deserve a beta key too FireFall?

    Because the last time I was set loose in a technology atmosphere I used a pistol, a rubber band, and a paperclip. Put my MacGyver cap on, and ripped a hold in space but somehow not time which in and of itself was impossible by the laws of unproven fact. Only broken because I said so and I am just that awesome to make it happen.

    Thus the terrible scourge of The Wibbles was released. Pure evil in fur covered cuteness. Much like an active cat on cat-nip (kitty crack.)

    How were The Wibbles defeated? I do not know. By sheer amazing and my massive ego I managed to banish the beast of unbearable cuteness back to the >Insert made up dimension here_> *grumbles* see if i ever save the world again.

  49. I have Hopped on Goombas, eatin mushrooms that hav e tripped me out, traveled the world of warcraft, and have sailed the land of free to play MMo’s. Throw this dog a bone and let me get it lodged in my throat!

  50. I’m hoping my comment is amongst the winners selected! I know so many ppl irl that want to play… and if for no other reason, I could use some company… yes I live in vegas, not that kind of company.. I need a buddy to roll around and mob with ๐Ÿ˜€ please deliver

  51. I just wanna win this key, because i see the game is a epic! I have see the pictures of the game “FireFall” are beautiful ,lovely, …! I hope win one Key.

  52. all my friend have the game and they are showing off about it, i want to join them….

    please i really want it..

  53. i am really a big fans of FPS and MMO..
    and acutally im an extreme gamers..
    please give me the beta key ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The winners have been picked!! Selfius and I made our picks and we have sent them to the site admin to make sure they meet the requirements as outlined above. The list (and the keys) should go out tomorrow!!! Congrats to our potential winners!!!

    If someone doesn’t meet requirements we will of course pick a replacement winner!
    Thanks all!

  55. Well first of all, I think I should beta test for this game because of my previous experience with beta testing. I’ve beta tested Gmod 13, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Diablo 3. I have a pretty good computer configuration so i’m pretty sure ill be able to run it on it’s highest settings. So that’s why I think I should be chosen for beta testing this incredible game.

  56. PLEASE NOTE!!!!
    This is now CLOSED! Selfius and I will be picking the funniest and most clever comment winners today. ALL COMMENTS BELOW THIS COMMENT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED! Sorry, but we need time to pick the winners to get them posted today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Iโ€™d love to play Firefall! Please send me a beta key!
    I hope that I’m one of the luckiest person. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  58. oh jeez. there are so many people who commented! o_o

    I’m starting to think I waited too long to do this, but I guess I’m better late than never. I would like to have a beta key please. >_ >

    I know I’m probably not going to get one, but you live your life based on “what-ifs”, right? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Anyways, I hope I get a beta key, even if my chances are really slim.

  59. i only got one beta key and it was for uncharted 3 multiplayer from attack of the show and they post like 5 a day and i DVR it and watch it the next day so i got lucky. hopefully i get lucky this time

  60. im a really big fan and love your site and would really love to play this game. so can i not have one i can wait.

  61. I would like to be an honest individual and resign my entry into this competition, regardless of the immense amount of a-z effort put forth ^^, due to the fact I was fortunate enough to get one from a friend.

    *Should you decide to nevertheless reward my efforts in posting as well as real world recruitment of gamers whom I am trying to convert (Jason^) into online pc gaming, I would give it to Jason (see above)… so, you may as well give one to Jason. He played an mmorpg CoH before but went back to console gaming ๐Ÿ™ He is a good guy irl too. Help me convert him and show him the potential of pc online gaming! also he is smart and i will force him to make reports often… aka forced-feedback vs force-feedback which console gamers are used to xD

    could you imagine a force-feedback laser gaming mouse… LOL

  62. My adventure began this morning when I set sail through the heat wave streets of Vegas to meet up with my friend Travis and his pit bull beast dog Jackson. I showed up and my friend, just this morning, had downloaded the Firefall BETA and is raving to me about it. He shows me some gameplay for an hour or so, and I suddenly find myself engulfed with anxiety and my retinas are burning with “I WANT!!”. I’ve never really been a PC gamer. Always playing MW3 on Xbox to get my fill on FPS games. I know that the PC games are better, but nothing has ever sparked my interest for PC MMO games until today. I ask for a key so that I may brink myself into the PC gaming world and expand my triumphs, learn from my failures to prevail, and gain valuable comrades to take on the alien fog and the exterestrial foes that stand in our way.

    Thanks for reading.

  63. I would like to get beta key for the game cause i never gotten chance to play game like this.
    i hope that i will get the key. Gl to every 1 for key

  64. One of my friends actively plays the game and I would love to play with him. Unfortunately he hasn’t gotten any keys at all or I’d bum one off him.

  65. โ€Ž1. Event Joined
    2. Alias: Blindshot
    3. I deserve this beta for a number of reasons. The reasons are as follows:
    a. I can clearly follow directions.
    b. I have been PC gaming and beta testing games since 2001.
    c. I have been patiently waiting since 8/2011. (*verifiable via email)
    d. I am a HUGE fan of the MMOFPS hybrid genre.
    e. I recently invested almost $2000 into building myself a performance pc with i7 2600k processor and AMD Radeon HD 6950 graphics card (so I can definately push this beta on full graphics settings.)
    f. I am dedicated to analysis and feedback that would contribute to the betterment of the game for not just myself in the future, but the entire community.
    g. I was just recently laid off my job of 2 years and now have all the time in the world to beta test Firefall — perfect timing ๐Ÿ™‚
    h. I graduated cum laude from UNLV with a Bachelor’s Degree in Rhetoric, which enables me to effectively persuade other’s that the game is awesome and they should check it out too! (also a good reason to give me beta keys x 5 — so I can distribute a few to family/guildmates/buddies)
    i. I am generally a good person and go out of my way to create a positive gaming experience for myself and those I am gaming with.
    j. I am reciprocal by nature.
    k. I found an opportunity to promote the idea of reciprocity within this post.
    l. I will donate $10 to a local charity if I receive a beta key, so you will be doing the community a good deed and perhaps saving a life/feeding a starving child by giving me a firefall beta key.
    m. I will allow you to choose the charitable organization.
    n. I am an environmentally friendly individual who recycles old pc hardware when I replace it.
    o. I will report bugs you the development team at Red 5 Studios, and highlight all the great experiences I am having in the forums.
    p. Playing the beta will give me a great opportunity and reason to start becoming more involved with the existing community by posting in the fourms etc.
    q. I am one of the first to post a response to this contest.
    r. I am putting an extraordinary amount of effort in obtaining a Firefall beta key, as we speak…
    s. I love to explore new and exciting environments.
    t. I am not afraid of heights, I like to jump, and I love jetpacks!!!!
    u. I like guns… okay, I LOVE guns too!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    v. I once helped save someones life and performed the heimlich maneuver on an elderly woman choking on a large piece of fondue at The Melting Pot restaurant in Las Vegas! (I helped save a life, that alone should get me a beta key)
    w. If you were me, and I was you… I would give you a Firefall beta key!
    x. I would make the same trade pact with you that people all over this great nation make in every schoolyard every day… If you give me a Firefall beta key, I will be your best friend! Yes that is correct. BFF ๐Ÿ˜€
    y. I chose to keep my reasoning to a minimum and only give you the really really good reasons xD
    z. I chose a reasoning format and stuck with it, showing dedication to the cause… c’mon, I gave a reason for & used every letter in the alphabet, I deserve at least one beta key for that alone.

    p.s. you always got a hook-up in Vegas for whatever you need should you come to visit ๐Ÿ˜€

  66. Well, I believe I should get a beta key because I’ve been following the development of the game since it was first mentioned around. I’ve watched many update videos, just waiting to hopefully test someday (as I haven’t got into the team yet). I hope now the wonderful MMOBOMB will consider giving me one of these keys, as I am a true fan!

  67. I’ve been waiting for a beta invite for about two years now when the producers first announced the game. I’ve started following them on FB and been crossing my fingers for an invite to no avail. This might be my last chance before release. Please don’t ignore me like they have.

  68. i been waiting for my keys since day one… and nothing… not even a notice to me not getting one.
    *paranoia sets in*
    those beta keys probably dont exist… just like god probably doesnt exist…
    *stressed to the point i start speaking in tongues*

  69. I need a beta key because i really want to try it out and i have been waiting for the game for months and months… i have been telling my freind about it and they love it too.

  70. i found this game on one of the reviews and i belive that it might be THAT MMO that will brake me off wow and other games , i would love to try it and would appriciate a key

  71. Because the game itself is awesome, I want to play it very much and I’m waiting for the key for like 2 or 3 months and can’t get it :s and it makes me sad :/

  72. I wanna win cause this game is totally kickin’ ass ๐Ÿ˜€ and mmobomb also ;D
    I mean it’s a open world first/third person shooter :O

  73. Ive been playing global agenda quite some time, and when i first saw the trailer for firefall , i knew i had to get it, mainly because it reminded me of global agenda, i love games that have engineer classes, turrets, large raids. the excitement and adrenaline rush that you get when surrounded by enemies in a confined space is something i live enjoy very much. its a game that i can jus shit back and let instincts take over.. i’d really appreciate it if i was chosen to receive one of those lucky beta keys. thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. I would like to get one of these beta key codes so i may continue on to make my commentary for this game, as it would be a great selection to do.
    This game has good ratings and im sure people would love to hear more about. so if can i get a beta key that would be great, Thank you~

  75. First time I seen this game on youtube. After first look I enjoyed and wanna play firefall so much. Before this game I played Global Agenda. But I bored after 2 days. I want more action by skills ultimate moves and more good things. Firefall the only one MMORTS game can gime this things. Please give me Beta key and make one more dreamer happy.

  76. Well I think I deserve one because I’ve been with MMOBomb since its birth, I remember being on freemmogamer and it said they were on mmobomb now. And I checked it out. Watched the first Free to play weekly when it came out. I shared this website with all my friends and probably I got atleast 10 people to join mmobomb. Mmobomb has lead to some great games and helps me see how the game is before i download it. Great website. Great support. Thanks. Forgive my grammar, I’m very sleepy at the moment.

  77. I don’t want a damn beta key. I wanna sit with all the other members that don’t have a key from the official forums in a circle and cry our eyes out until the open beta because that’s what real men do!

    And we’re also pathetic wussies!

  78. My friend got one on this giveaway, please let me play with him :3 ive been waiting for firefall with him long time now (my friend is: Wildstorm98)

  79. hey, i just liek playing games like that. Love the graphic, the idea of a futuristic mmo and i wanted to try this game out for such a long time already…. i’ve been watching videos and trailers of this game like for almost 2 years…. If you wont give me the key, i wont be bad, but afcourse i will be sad. And i would like to ask, when is the full version of the game coming out? ty ๐Ÿ˜€

  80. OK I won’t talk about waiting for a long time some other blah-blah. Obviously there is no reason why u should give it to me. But plz, I just finished my finals, did all the presentations and I need RELAXATION and FUN and the sign that I’m lucky and won’t fail any subjects :D. So give me the hope guys.

    Whatever is the result of this good luck about the site.


  81. First off all thank you MMOBomb beacouse from your videos i found so many good free game to play.The most people wants the key just to enter play a bit and forget about to review or help other people or share more infos about their experience.Its not a simple game just to get a beta key and when you go in game and do crazy things.I am a simple guy that likes this game and it would be great to have a beta key becouse i would enjoy it 110%.Good luck to all.
    Ps:sorry for my English but This Is Sparta ๐Ÿ˜‰

  82. You should pick me. While I am fairly new to the computer FPS games I have loved playing FPS games on the xbox 360. This game, being somewhat similar to Borderlands, in terms of art design, seems to be a perfect match for me. I have been looking for an MMO that would allow me to combine the FPS experience with a huge world in which a large number of people will be playing in. I would love to get in on the action and help out the devs, being a computer programmer in college this would allow me some first had experience in noticing bugs in computer programs. My goal is to become a game programmer so any way that I could further that goal, even a little is a great move on my part. And plus, getting to play a kick ass game wouldnt hurt.

    Thanks for your time and I hope that whoever gets the codes will enjoy it to the max for all of those who have to sit and hope and pray and beg and cry and … I need a min …*begins weeping silently in a corner …. Sorry about that, I am good now, anyway, where was I …. of yes, GL to everyone!!

  83. I do follow many MMORPG games, but this one is just one of the less games that I really like to play. I did sign me in on the site of Firefall/Red5, but still no beta key recieved. I really want to play it. I do follow the reviews of this game since the last part of 2011 and I did keep saying to my self that I want to play this game. And we are here in may 2012 and I still can’t play it. So please help me out of my dream for to play this game and please give me one of those beta key’s so I may play this wonderful game finally.

  84. Wow, lots of comments, what can i say? I’ve been waiting for this game for a while (since July last year), been reading up on it’s progress and such. I think it looks like a great game, lots of fun to play, i would really love to test it, even with all the little querks it might have. ๐Ÿ™‚
    -Best regards


    so just give me a beta key, think of the buckets of puppies.


  86. I am super excited for this game. I’ve watched as much gameplay as I can find.
    I would leave valuable feedback and try my hardest to help make it an even more awesome game for others!

    Also, it was my birthday last week. ๐Ÿ˜€
    And I just got married to the girl of my dreams! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  87. I would love to earn a beta key because I have been waiting FOREVER and I don’t think i can wait till the fully developed game comes out…this game looks EPIC and also THANKS for giving me another chance to get one!!! I really hope i get one this time!

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUUUUUUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. I’d love to see how the devs manage to make it free2play without making it pay2win.
    I also miss a MMOFPS with many RPG elements to it. I hope co-op against the environment will rock one day; With the right AI it could.

  89. I would like the beta key because I’m Irish, therefore you should keep to tradition and have me be one of the lucky six.
    -Thank you

  90. i would be a good pick because
    1. my friend plays it and he says its awesome
    2. i dont have any free to play fps/tps except a hacker infested combat arms(which i rarely play)
    3. majority of the games nowdays gets filled full of people who try ridiculously hard which makes newer players hard to fit in
    4. I just got a new laptop which can handle the graphics of this game ๐Ÿ˜€

  91. i want to play the game so bad and i am not going to bother putting any information about my self bec i tried doing this in all games and i never get any beta keys anyway. But i at least tried ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. I want it so bad cause its so cool and is will be shown on my letsplay chanel on Youtube so pleese giv me one of the keys ยฐ-ยฐ

  93. I’d love a key for this game. Ive been waiting for this game ever since info started being given out mabey 2 years ago, mabey even 3.

  94. i want beta key coz i really wanted to play this game. even tried to get beta keys from other sources but nothing. i hope ill get key from you ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. Haai !
    Just posting to say that i don’t want a beta key for firefall.. :3
    i just wanted to post to say hello to everyone and do like everyone i guess..
    Why are you all posting? you think you’ll get a beta key with some classic “oh yeah im this
    because i do that ect ect”

    Come on who care of what you do, did, or are..
    You’re just here because this game look damn good so stop the cheap excuse and funny stuff
    Like yeah registered on the website but still got nothing…
    Come on.. im on it since the website of FireFall is open and got nothing so what…
    I just wait like everyone, like we all did for diablo 3, like we all do for any game ^^

    Anyway i wish good luck everyone and hope for those who get one to share some more video about the game \o/
    *Hi5* to all Mmobmber

  96. Well I was going to give a reason but id rather not give a bull**** reason for getting one I love Beta testing but I do love making up dumb reasons for needing a key. So I wish whoever good luck on getting a key.^^

    Give me a key to steer my HATE into LOVE!
    Show me some LOVE to stop me HATING you!

  98. In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years. So please, make my years full of life and video gaming on a game that looks totally awesome otherwise I will hunt you down and smack you round the face with my 15 inch 3=o until your ๐Ÿ˜ bleeds and you are :’C your eyes out. No pressure…

  99. i am a reporter for a gaming site and also i have big line of beta testing that i have done over the years like coh,cov,aion,tubla rasa,guild wars,tera.

  100. I should receive the beta key because guahgfbihyakjhgnjaskfl,bahkfjbawndegjlkan…
    Or to put it simple… I like the game, and I think i would keep playing it and not get bored.

  101. Because Im not a begger and simply want to play the game so I can determine whether or not its a trash hyped up game

  102. i think i should get the beta invite, because im an active beta tester, i have tested tribes ascend, champions online, black light retribution. i gave a lot of feedback to the designers so i think i should get the key.

  103. I want this key because i fallowed it from the first rumor…
    This game is imo best game this year , even diablo 3 wouldnt be as awseome as this so please mmobomb Pimp my life ! =D

  104. Reason:well i have been with u guys for a long time since u only had a few shows,all i could watch was “Free 2 play weakly” and “First looks”i have been here with u while u were “evolving” into something much bigger and something i am proud to be a part of,just saying u guys are great and i am proud to be a BOMBER.
    O yea and good luck 2 ALL!!!

  105. I want key so i can sell it for real money and buy me night-vision camera and other spy equipment! With that camera i can record my boss and hes 20-years old girlfriend in “action” in his office! With that video he must promote me to partner in this shity firm and raise my money to limit i want! With that money i can buy some sport car and pick up some model girls! With that girl and that car i can go to my older brother house and i can laugh when his face goes “green” when he see my girl and car! I dont care about this game,i play only solitary online,but i see sooo many “gimme gimme” comments and they will pay money for that key for sure! So send me that stupid key or just give me money FAST,my brother is making some big stupid party in few weeks and you must do it fast!!!

  106. First of all, I really love MMObomb. It’s not like I’ve been here since the beginning of everything, but I feel like that. I’ve seen every single one of your videos on YouTube, I’m following you on Twitter and FaceBook. Needless to say I’m a really big fan. Secondly I’d like a key, because the game looks full of life. What I mean to say is it’s not mainstream. It’s something else, which needs to be seen with an experienced in MMO gaming eyes. I’ve played a lot of TPS games, starting from S4League and more like those. I’m in love with MMO gaming, so I’d love to see Firefall in action right before my eyes and feel the fantasy.

  107. I have been waiting for over 2 years for a key. The game looks so good, I totally love Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands and I think this is the perfect mix between them. I hope I get a key ๐Ÿ˜€

  108. I look forward to this game I really want a beta key agredeรงo mmobomb in every game, gameplay and videos offered by you guys! s2 group mmobomb

  109. eu ansioso por este jogo quero muito a beta key agredeรงo mmobomb por todos os jogos, gameplays e videos oferecidos por voces ! s2 grupo mmobomb

  110. Hello, my name is Keith. I am new to mmo’s and try to play different ones. If it is ok if i can have a beta key code so i may try FireFall. I have seen your reviews on video games in Youtube and I love how you put into detail of all games. If its ok if i may be part of this giveaway? Please e-mail me back even if i don’t get the access code…

    *I have also subscribed to your Youtube channel…

  111. i wanna get a key because i haven’t been in any betas lately and i have been waiting this game since i heard of it so can i get a beta key to play and find bugs? thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  112. i want to try the game as it look very exciting and good in every way and i have been waiting to get a beta key and try since it was out in its early beta phases

  113. i want to play it with my brother he s actually in an other country so video games are the only way i have fun with him he has already a copy from the closed beta

  114. โ•”โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•—
    โ•‘Hi MMObomb admins. โ•‘
    โ•‘I would like to ask you for one simpleโ•‘
    โ•‘key.. only one.. not more .. just one;]โ•‘
    โ•‘Why you ask me ? โ•‘
    โ•‘Cause i’m the man for the job ;] โ•‘
    โ•‘ + im your biggest fun, this site gave โ•‘
    โ•‘me a lot of fun thanks to all freebies โ•‘
    โ•‘โœฟ Hope top see you in gameโœฟ โ•‘

    _ ,/|
    =(_ _)=
    / | ** My cat also want to play ;] **
    //| \

  115. hi mmobomb,i think i should get the key because i’m subscribed to this game since it started,but since i’m a unlucky bastard,i didn’t get the beta,i really want to play this game because its so unique and fun,and so different than the crappy games i play,i really appreciate your work,giving people a chance to play in the development of a game,so…even if i don’t win,i thank you mmobomb.

  116. Please please please in the name of zeus! I will find you guys and buy you pizza and cookies, everyone loves pizza and cookies. and if you dont (youre weird) but ill get you your favorite meal! i promise!

  117. I want Firefall beta key becouse i have watched the video like 3-5 times and the game looks so amazing! I have tried registering on their site to for about 4 months and haven’t jet gotten beta key….. I would really be amazed if i could have been the one getting beta key hope you read this one and thanks for reading.

  118. Hey MMO Bombers,

    I believe I deserve a beta key because I would not only love to play FIrefall, but I also believe it is important that developers hear back from players regarding suggestions, bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, etc. I will play a large role in providing feedback to the cool dudes over at R5 Studios, because they deserve it! They listen to what we want, which is what makes me love them so much! I’m sure Magicman and Selfius know how important it is to hear back from fans because their development of NNT would be nowhere near close to launch without us, the viewers and gamers. Thanks once again for providing a great gaming community and I trust the 6 winners will deserve those keys!


  119. Honestly I really just want Firefall to come out in a proper state. I finally have a decent enough computer to test these new games and it would be nice if you helped pass me a key so I can help the developers.

  120. i wait this game, and i want this key. Plaese give it to me. I have allready tryed Blade and Soul, and Ranzar Forged by Chaos. I registred on your site. I ask PLEASE GIVE ME THIS KEY.

  121. yo ive been signed up on there website when u typed firefall into Google it wastent the game that poped up any way im signed up on there website but i never get any email from them so if ur giving out keys mmobomb i would love you thanks Ur pal kie

  122. I have watched all videos and all gameplays that kind of exist of firefall i hope i get the beta key so i have a game that is fun to play :).

  123. For me FireFall is the mmorpg of the decade! I’ve played lots of mmos, and now the wow “clones” simply don’t appeal any more… this is the mmorpg i’ve been looking for over the last 7-8 years, and now been waiting for the last year! please, give me the opportunity to experience this awesome game.

  124. I wanna a key because i wanna see how my city looks like 221 years from now on HAHA
    (yeah i’m from fortaleza brazil)

  125. mmh..I think I deserve the key because: I love slippers and helicopters and i hope u like them because i want to give u one of๏ปฟ them if u want to give me the beta key. I also like hammers and chairs.. I like them because when I see them I fell like super sayan. So .. I’m not a stalker because i have a dog in my house. However, yesterday i saw a big elephant with a big Burger on its shoulders so I thought that I had to go resturant in order to buy a horse. I love horse cause they are blue. Bye men ;D hope u enjoy

  126. mmh..I think I deserve the key because: I love slippers and helicopters and i hope u like them because i want to give u one of them if u want to give me the beta key. I also like microphones and chairs.. I like them because when I see them I fell like super sayan. So .. I’m not a stalker๏ปฟ because i have a dog in my house. However, yesterday i saw a big elephant with a big Burger on its shoulders so I thought that I had to go resturant in order to buy a horse. I love horse cause they are blue. Bye men ;D hope u enjoy

  127. i like you on Facebook and i subscribe you on Youtube. i like your crew guys, i’m visit this portal every day and i wanna key. it’s my dream! i just wanna play this game, cuz i’m sure that it’s amazing game! i am ready for sell my soul for this beta-key! you are the gods in my eyes, cuz you are have this fairytale-keys!!!!! i

  128. Hey Guys,

    Well first of all, thank you for giving me a chance to even win a key, not every mmosite would make those giveaways.

    I would like to get a key, because the game looks very interesting to me and i am a big fan of beta testing. Also, the game fits my playstyle, i like shooters and this cool comic like graphic. So i hope, that i will be one of the lucky winners ๐Ÿ˜€

  129. Because I’m the tester Firefall deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So you’ll deny me. Because I can’t do anything about it. Because I’m not a tester. I’m a bored student, a desperate scholar. A non-beta tester.

    To take the path of Gotham and exile Batman or to wisen up and accept him with open arms, the choice is yours. Choose wisely.

  130. I would like a beta key for the sake of enjoyment. Now that college is done with for me, I would like the opportunity to have some fun and use my spare time playing this game. I don’t really have any great games to play except for the Guild Wars 2 beta during the summer and a beta key for firefall would be great. I’ve been keeping my eye on this game since August of 2011 and have been waiting desperately for a chance to play this great looking game

  131. out off the games i have i wont this one the most and iv been on this laptop just for this beta key giveaway. iv been going back here every day just for this

  132. I’ve been signed up on the game for a beta key for at least a year! I’ve been going through Hell with college finals. Also being in college makes me poor. In fact I actually live on streets right now and I’m think about moving into the sewers since they’re safer and the police never go down there. Might make a little fort.Come on man I need this alls I got is my laptop and the McDonald’s that I suck wi-fi off of. Come on man help me out just this one time.

  133. I demand a code!

    Well..not really, if I get one meh.

    Either way, I am a fairly active member of the community just popping in for a code for a game I am indeed interested in..

  134. I have been following this game since it was announced because I loved the concept of a Borderlands MMO. I had gotten a key a few months ago, but my computer was too terrible and couldn’t run anything. Now, I’ve gotten my new computer, that is amazing, and I would love a chance to try out FireFall!

  135. I would greatly much like to be able to join this closed beta event my current qualifications are the following.
    1) i have been or I’m a beta/alpha tester for games such as tribes ascend, RaiderZ, continent of the ninth seal, Dota2, spirit tales and a few others as well
    2) I’m a fairly experienced player in RPGs, Shooters, and Strategy games
    3) I’m a true MMOBomber that wishes to build on the great FireFall community

  136. I think I deserve a key for the fact that I have anticipated this game since its talking about, I registered for beta back in 2010, thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  137. I never win stuff. I loved the video and how it looks like more them a shooter. I would love a game where you upgrade your char and guns and have a vender where you can buy things between matches. Like see other players, look at them and say Do I want them on my team or do I not want them on other team. I am new to MMOBomb and I am trying to post to everything I see

  138. If you send me a beta key ill invite my friends when the game is open beta and ill post to some developer’s what else they should put to help the game

  139. Not gonna lie. The reason I want this game is because I’ve been watching it for godages. Always been a fan of MMOBOMB. If I got this game, I’ll tell you right now. I’d be playing it pantless. That’s right. Pantless. No questions asked. Would you like to play with a pantless gamer? Damn right you would. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  140. There are soooo much peoples asking for a key… It might be impossible for me to get it; but i’ll try anyways since i have been waiting years for my dream game to come out. A game like this is a must play. It’s what all gamer desired(mmorpg and mmofps)


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