Firefall Beta Key Giveaway
Magicman and Selfius were just sitting around today when they realized they have a total of 6 friends and family passes to Firefall just waiting on someone to claim them. Well, they decided that since MMOBombers are their friends they would give them away to fans.

Just our way of saying thanks for your support in everything we do! We wish we had more to give away but keep in mind this isn’t a key giveaway. You are being invited as our friends, which you all are! Here’s what you have to do to try and get one:

How to get your Firefall Beta Key:

1. Easy, you just need to be registered at MMOBomb and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube (if you donยดt have an account for example on Twitter, itโ€™s ok).
2. Post a comment below on why you should be one of the lucky 6! (please use a valid email)


Here’s a tip: If you’ve ever watched or listened to the “Free to Play Cast” you know Magicman and Selfius aren’t exactly normal so the more creative and witty your reason, the more likely you are to win.

Magicman and Selfius will review the comments as they are posted and select 6 winners on Friday, May 18th. Winners will be contacted via email (so please use a valid email and check your mailbox) with how to gain access and a winners list will be posted below so everyone can see who won.

Gameplay Preview


Alexandre Pauquin


  1. Please could you cheer up a boys day by giving him a key I whatch loads of you video and spread them around so could you help me

  2. Please can I have a key. Haha I downloaded firefall thinking my account was activated and it end up not. So I have firefall in my C Drive but I can’t play it. This game looks really amazing and hopefully

  3. I think this game is going to be awesome because its all about you and the humans to defeat the bad guys its not like just you vs the monsters its but more fighting for survival :3 cant wait to play

  4. i want the key because i register 8 months ago and im bored of playing dota 2 .tf2. arctic combat. world of tanks apb and other games all ways same games with different names -_- thats why i want firefall beta key and ty for all first look give away and all the other thinks you guys doing

  5. i want the key because i’ve been looking badass games like this. i tried other games like global agenda. but it doesnt have the high playerbase and bad graphic. this game look like the on i’ve been looking all year xD.

  6. Guy i have played the beta for about 2 days and ther are very few quests not much to do and olmost no loot trust me wait untill the game comes out right now its realy shity ๐Ÿ™

  7. I can’t say I love this game yet because I haven’t played it yet but considering all the gameplays I’ve watched on youtube I’ve become addicted, Every morning, every third hour I check my inbox if I were one of the lucky ones. And everytime I check I get disappointed. All I think nowdays if how epic it would be to fly around destroying stuff in the game… But I won’t stop check it either, cause a game like that, hehe let’s just say it’s worth the time.

  8. im w8ing for this game over 5 month to get my beta key if they give me the beta key im not going to play the game because it sucks now and who nows maybe they are going to be in close beta for 2 more year

  9. I’ve entered sooooooooooooo many other beta key giveaways and i never end up winning, even if i make 6 different accounts T.T please let me get my first one for a game i already love so much

  10. I have a beta ticket but have unfortunately used it, but the end of the month is coming up and i saw your comment and i think that if i get another two beta keys i will give one to you, just because of your comment. can i have your email please?

  11. i want a firefall beta key because i just saw this game and i got soooooooo excited that i thougt it was going to be the best game i have ever played,but, i found out it was in closed beta, i tried to find giveways litelary everywere, please give me a beta key
    PS:i love your work, your vids are amazing, thanks for all the entertainment.
    from a beloved fan


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