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MMOBomb has teamed up with Daybreak Games to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of PlanetSide 2 with a cash code giveaway! Each winner receives a code redeemable for $10 in Daybreak Cash!

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● You will receive 1000 ($10) Daybreak Cash to your account balance.




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PlanetSide 2 is a revolutionary massive scale first-person shooter where soldiers battle as one in strategic, targeted missions against enemy empires in an all-out planetary war. The game challenges the skill and grit of the most seasoned soldier through intense infantry, air, and ground vehicle gameplay.

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  1. I love Planetside 2 because of the all out warfare, can even easily kill people who are levels higher than you, all you need is experience and lastly the fact that you can play the game and win without spending money (a true MMO and a diverse way to play)

  2. I love Planetside 2 because,
    nowhere else can a coordinated small fireteam influence a battle of 200+ combatants to go in their favor.
    In this gigantic world you can run / drive / fly countless miles in huge open maps. It’s almost sandbox-ish.

  3. I love planetside 2 course of my clan and it’s way to allow you to get all the gear through hark work, but most of the thanks is on my clan, CSG miller for the win (^.^)

  4. I love PlanetSide 2 because its a perfect balance between arcade small map shooter and large-scale tactics simulator that is perfect for me. You can just randomly solo snipe somebody sitting somewhere at a mountain or organise or become a part of a platoon and join an armored assault on a wall of enemy armor and infantry.

  5. I love Planetside 2 because It’s shooter game unlike others (csgo,…). It’s just a different type of a FPS game that allowing tons of players to fight and conquer multiple continents with soldiers, vehicles and aircraft. Anyway sounds in game are pretty cool too and each faction have their own sounds based on faction. You can customize everything in the game to fit your style of gaming like. For those who love epic and huge fights i can just recommend this game.

  6. I love PlanetSide 2 because it’s the biggest and funnyest (is that even a word?) sci-fi large-scale warfare simulator. It’ll always have a place in my heart.

  7. I love PlanetSide 2 because it is my favorite first-person futuristic MMO! Just by the fact of conquering continents and going where you want, when you want, make me love this game.

  8. I love Planetside 2 because as someone that has played this game since the beginning on pc and spent alot of time and money into this game it still gives me reasons to come back. Something that no other game can match is the size, scale and epic feel that battles can have in this game. Just watching these fights especially at night is one of the best moment i ever had in a videogame.

  9. I love Planetside 2 because it’s skill based and unlike other FPS games you don’t have stale maps. You have an entire world to explore and conquer and there’s no artificial barrier (maps) to keep you from going wherever you like. There is still no FPS game like it on the market.

  10. love PlanetSide 2 because this is the place where i met my friends. And we play alredy for 3 years togehter. Maybe you know us – we call us SITHs.

  11. Люблю эту игру ибо это замечательный онлайн шутер от первого лица. Набор реального геймера.

  12. I love Planetside 2 because, it keeps me entertained enough compared to other shooters where I can keep enjoying taking places over and taking down people.

  13. I love Planetside 2 because it’s skill based and unlike other FPS games you don’t have stale maps. You have an entire world to explore and conquer and there’s no artificial barrier (maps) to keep you from going wherever you like. There is still no FPS game like it on the market.

  14. I love PlanetSide 2 because it was the best game ever that i ever played in this world.This game teach me a lot of thing in my everyday life.i also make a lot of fun and this game is a fair game cuz its not pay2win.That why i love this game.

  15. I love Planetside 2 because it gives me the amazing feeling of epicness when i join a 100 vs 100 man battle/siege of a base. It feels like you’re a small cog in this giant machiene

  16. I love Planetside 2 because of all the explosions and mayhem, but the as important need for tactical planning. Kind of like battlefield for free, just way better.

  17. I love Planetside 2, cuz it’s like the game was made for me straight up, I’m playing it for years now, and i just love everything about it.

  18. I love Planetside 2 because, this game is the first game I’ve played that is a MMO Shooter.. I’ve never played a game like this, massive maps, a wide variety of guns, a most importantly, it’s fun, very fun and kinda addicting, well for me that is. Planetside 2 gives you the experience of what a futuristic space war in different planets look like. You can call it Futuristic Battlefield type of game. But better because you can freely roam the massive maps, open world combat. Live it, Love it, Play it.

  19. I love PlanetSide 2 because there is no other game like it, the world is so massive and so are the battles on it, it really is just incomparable!! <3

  20. I love PlanetSide 2 because… I can play it for hours, and it’s the ONLY game offering epic battles on huge maps. I can play with squad or I can do my own thing and unlock achievements for awesome weapons and armour!

  21. I love Planetside 2 because …. there’s always something to love at this game. Starting with the Huuuge map, the variety of guns, vehicles, aircrafts, classes & all the customisation all of these support. Let’s not forget about the battles, the never ending highly entertaining battles.
    A very unique game nonetheless. And I love it!

  22. I love PlanetSide 2 because…Let’s see where should I start? 1st of all this is the closest game to an online war/Battle Arena and because of this it kinda feels great when we capture a base and then BAMN we hear the theme song of our team. Now that we metion the theme songs 2nd THE THEME SONG IS AMAZING! Honestly when I wanted to join the game I got up to youtube and when I heard the theme song of the Terran Republic (the red team as many would know them) then I knew that its a must try game and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute that I’ve spent on this game because when we have a good team and we take out like the base of someone else and when that theme comes up it really feels like we’ve accomplished something….. The teams: Well thats the 3rd part of “Why do I love Planetside 2” because every team has its own style has its own story and it feels differently to play with any of these characters… for example the red ones have more damage (the Tarran republic so my team) the blue ones more quicker and the 3rd one is purple and by that I mean that the Vanuu team is more different than the others.. I mean we have laser guns there which sometimes can give them the upper edge IF WE DONT HAVE A GOOD TEAM of course and because of this the Planetside 2 encourages us to play with friends and make squads for alone we cant just go there and take a base…. Honestly for me this game was a must try and since I’ve tried it I cant just leave it behind though there were some time when I took some break out of the game mostly 1-2 month but still I keep coming back to it because its a fun game with friends, teams, and a good community….. and honestly what else do we need in an online fps game? A good combat system? we have it here.. different maps? we have 3 huge maps…. so yeah to me this is my favorite online fps game and these were the reasons why do I love planetside 2!

  23. I love PlanetSide 2 because of the massive battles that you just can not have in any other shooter. Being part of a 30+ sized tank convoy moving towards an enemy base just feels great.

  24. I love planet side 2 because so far, it’s the closest thing to a full scale syfy war simulation, didn’t play a lot of games that made me feel like a solider working together with more then 60 people to achieve my goals.

  25. I love Planetside 2 because of the persistent worlds and large scale battles with a nice SciFi flavor. It’s always hard to log out when your faction has just made a huge push and you are afraid the other two factions will come back and take it and you’ll miss the fight.

  26. I love PlanetSide 2 because…
    It’s a massive huge world where players have to work together which is the way all MMO’s should be and it’s pretty. :3

  27. I dont know why i love Planetside 2. Its no reason, but im addict to it. Maybe because its different from other FPS mmo game or its awsome.

  28. I love this game because it is very immersive and really open up a whole new world for fps moba games like this or help fps grow to a more new catigory

  29. I love Planetside 2 because the scale is massive, there’s a variety of roles, you can get an armored or air invasion set up, and some of the outfits have fantastic leadership. I tend to go for vehicles and support in games, and PS2 has it in spades.

  30. I love PlanetSide 2 because half the times i land after a tense ESF fight to repair, my scythe flips and lands on my head killing me instantly and exploding.

  31. I love Planetside 2 because my mother left drug through the game, my girlfriend thinks I’m just a geek , not a drug addict, now my dog eats better. Thanks

  32. I love PlanetSide 2 because it is currently the only FPS that is of the MMO’s scale. Three-way fights are fantastic, vehicles battles are fun to watch and play, and you can be in any role of combat that you like: medic support, armor support, sniper, driver, pilot,… you name it. Even though the game still feels incomplete after 3 years due to bugs and missing content, I would say it is still a unique experience to new and veteran FPS fans alike.

  33. I love PlanetSide 2 because the over all game play and friendly community of this free to play game add to the play style and interaction wanted in a game. having a huge friend base for me to play with adds to the experience and the over all fun!

  34. I love PlanetSide 2 because… I am a fan of this game and other former SOE games, now called daybreak games. I love that I am able to play it on my PC and PS4 and enjoy it both. Would be great to win a code and enjoy it even more.

  35. I love planetside 2 because its overall a great fps it can be enjoyed casually or competitively. It still has a very large player base even being as old as it is. Its just amazing.

  36. I love Planetside 2 because it has endless opportunities for customization, sure it may be costly but it’s all totally worth it cause this game is amazing and the different levels of customization make it even better.

  37. I love Planetside 2 because it’s a game I’ve openly supported since PlanetSide 1 launched. Planetside 2 offers something unique to the Open World FPS genre. It’s unique in design and fun overall.

  38. I love planetside 2 because you never feel like you’r useless. as longs as you have a weapon, you can score points and in some cases you don’t even need a weapon, medics and engineers score points without pulling a trigger. A game that this easy to get right into and have this much fun playing deserves the credit.

  39. I love Planetside 2 because……well if you really need a reason, it’s because, it’s amazing, a nonstop always evolving multiplayer battlefield which gives you equal opportunity to score points in multiple ways, who wouldn’t like a Game that offers so much for so little =)

  40. I love PlanetSide 2 because… has a REALLY big and non-stop battles!!!!! you can REALLY feel this battles!! REALLY… i Love this game!! :L

  41. I love Planetside 2 because it brings back memories of a few close friends that played it with me and we would yell and scream, lovingly, at each other haha. <3 We had so much fun in this game!

  42. I love Planetside 2 because a small group of friends can easily coordinate and make tactical assaults on key parts of the map and 3 way wars are awesome!

  43. I love PlanetSide 2 because…… you can kill your teammates(they may not like it, but hey, who said there is any rules about espionage and slowing down your team, or rather, your enemy ,)is different to other first person shooters, the maps are gigantic, the battles are epic and never ending, you can swap out classes on the fly, you can control ground and air vehicles, hack stations, did i mention kill your team mates in an attempt to slow them down :)?

  44. I love Planetside 2 because in no other game can you experience battles like thoes in Planetside. Having long battles together with large groups of teammates, against massive forces, that is such an amazing feeling.

  45. I love PlanetSide 2 because you can’t see anywhere else such a deep level of interaction with your team and such a level of futuristic military warfare! PlanetSide 2 is the explanation of why Battlefield games can’t go into the future…we already got all that we need and even more!

    • I love planetside 2 because of the large scale battle.This is a game that requires team work and not just one person doing everything by themselves.

    • “I love PlanetSide 2 because… of it tactical yet fun warfare system they manage to pull of with all the hard work and effort they put into this game and i say this to all the people who help make the game

  46. From the start I used to play counter-strike a lot, but one day a friend gave me planetside and asked me to try it. I didn’t played it that time because that time I loved counter strike more than anything else, but after his strong recommendation I tried it, and guess what I loved it a hell..I didn’t think about counter strike once after playing that game….I love this game <3

  47. “I love PlanetSide 2 because you can play this game either everyday or every week and be any class you want to be without your teammates yelling out we need a medic so go change into one omg.”

  48. Я люблю PlanetSide 2, потому что … это футуристический война MMO игра, я играл, что с 1 сезон (я помню, я говорю “это невозможно, что игра бесплатно играть”), как поле боя, но witout в DLC, вы можете получить все veichle в игре и карта безумно большой, вы можете бороться с что-то вроде 50vs50 для цели без ограничения по стратегии, самолет? бак? Максимум? галактика? или, может быть, все! я всегда любил эту игру, но я никогда не покупал что-то, да itemshop действительно стоит и не pay4win (вы можете получить тот же оружие в игре), вы можете получить красивые рога для veichle как ездить на
    valkirie., что игра красивые и дать много в интересный момент, если вы не верите мне, просто попробуйте.

  49. Я люблю PlanetSide 2, потому что это огромная одна игра когда-либо опубликованных

  50. I love PlanetSide 2 because… is a futuristic war mmo game, i played that since season 1 (i remember i say “is impossible that game free to play”) is like battlefield but witout the dlc, you can get every veichle in game and the map is insanely big, you can fight something like 50vs50 for the objective without limit for the strategy, plane? tank? max? galaxy? or maybe everything! i always loved that game but i never shopped something, yeah the itemshop is really worth and isn’t pay4win (you can get the same weapon in game), you can get beatiful horn for veichle like ride of valkirie.
    that game is beatiful and give lot’s of fun moment, if you don’t believe me just try it.

  51. I love PlanetSide 2 because of the open world combat, the feeling of greatnes when you roul out with 10 tanks the big battles you can have

  52. I love planetside 2 because my older brother loved and played the original Planetside Beta for PC when I was a kid and I would watch him all day & night, and my whole life I always thought it was the future of first person shooter games. And the most EPIC. I love Planetside more than anything because it reminds me of my childhood though and reminds me of when my brother and me used to get along… that’s why I love plantside.

  53. I love PlanetSide2 because since i started playing the game i can”t stop playing it never had so much fun in a game the maps the factions the insane battles just love it

  54. I love PlanetSide 2 because for me it succeeded where the newer Battlefields failed in scratching that giant-scale warfare itch. Plus it’s been more stable, less spiteful towards newcomers and doesn’t require a $50 season pass.

  55. I love PlanetSide 2 because there’s absolutely nothing else like it.

    Since 2012, it’s been the only game to provide truly enormous real time fps action and the fact that you can run, drive or fly almost anywhere makes it a joy to play. It’s a rewarding experience whether you prefer to play alone as a heavy assault or in a team trying to help push your faction’s objectives.

    Although the game has slowed down in terms of decreasing population, continuing bugs and disappointments, I still play because of the unique and enjoyable experience it provides.

  56. I love planetside 2 becuase… theres a great community and is a very humorous game, with my good comrades aka pootin and pals. Joking aside. The tracers on night fights are beautiful and is getting perfected every update..

  57. I love PlanetSide 2 because of its epic combined arms battles, awesome people i have met while playing it, and cant forget Gatekeeper OP.

  58. I love Planetside 2 because of the fact that I can charge forward in large waves toward a base and fight a glorious battle. I love the feel of running with other players and riding in large convoys. I love riding in Galaxies because of the awesome feeling of dropping into an enemy base and wrecking the living Nanites out of them. I love that every soldier counts when it comes to taking a base and conquering a continent. Lets be honest here, whats not to love.

  59. Planetside 2 is one of them games that just amazes you! The massive battles and ongoing fights makes it feel like a proper war!

  60. I love PlanetSide 2 because Its a FPS and I’m really good at them, and its just amazing how so many players could be on 1 map. Its awesome.

  61. I love Planetside 2 because after having played this game for a pretty long time I can honestly say that I can recommend this game. This game is easily my favorite fps game and maybe even one of my favorite games altogether.

  62. I love PlanetSide 2 because its an open world fps, with alot of features to it.
    Planetside 2 is a game that offers endless gameplay & tons of fun, love the graphics & is a bit unsual compared to other games i play, each match has lasted a long time for me, so its alot of back and forth capturing points etc. but i love the uniqueness the game brings to the gameworld, i’m sure there are other games like it out there, but this is the only game of that sort, i’ve bothered playing if u think away from the games like battlefield & other classics.

  63. I love planetside 2 because it’s the first free fps game I played and fell in love with it straight away. It’s really fun. I would advise everyone to try it out. It’s Amazing

  64. I love PlanetSide 2 because… it;s one of the very few freemium games which sell items that affect the gameplay, but does not have the free items sistematicly weaker / underpowered and the paid ones sistematicly more powerful /overpowered.

  65. I love Planetside 2 because it is the only FPS game i can play with my friends that is free, massive and awesome (even though they can focus a bit more on tuning instead of pumping out new content)! Planetside 2 is the only game to date that is an MMOFPS, and despite that, it does not try to grab your money everywhere you go. I also love Planetside 2 because of the amazing graphics that it comes with, despite being entirely Free to Play.

  66. I love PlanetSide 2 because… i dont really, ive wasted 100+ dollars on it at launch getting shit i wanted b/c the unlocking system is stupid. i just want free shit

    • I love Planetside 2 because of the pure magnitude battles in game can reach over a large scale map within an hour, since the world and situation are constantly changing, allowing for endless possibilities of locations to fight in.

  67. I love PlanetSide 2 because it is utter and hilarious insanity watching 50+ people streaming out from behind their one-way shields in a massive co-ordinated rush as a last stand attempt at regaining control of the base, you can almost see the look of fear on peoples faces… despite not being able to see their faces…

  68. I love PlanetSide 2 because it is one of the best fps to play on pc, the massive map and the constant combat keep the gameplay very fun and provide me with some awesome stories to tell!

  69. I love Planetside 2 because it’s an easy game to jump in and out of at anytime and you can just run around killing without taking 15 mins to pick a map *cough* COD/BF *cough cough*

  70. I love Planetside 2 because it is one of the best FPS I have ever played, also it is fun to play and easy to learn. One more thing that make this game special is system of character developement and variety of classes. Sorry for my bad english.

  71. I love Planetside 2 because you have participate in massive fights with action everywhere and new battle situations for which you need new tactics.

  72. I love PlanetSide 2 because it’s one of a kind and no other shooter offers the same large-scale battles and team play. It has one of the friendliest communities compared to other online games today.

  73. I love PlanetSide 2 because it helped me go throught hard problems in my life and its always fun to play with friends on these big battlefields

  74. I love PlanetSide 2 because its one of the biggest FPS games out there! You enter huge battles between different factions and it all comes together with the Graphics that is well designed! This game is a must have for all FPS lovers , It has a wider range of gameplay then just normal FPS games like CoD or Battlefield! Must have game of the century

  75. I love Planetside because some times you just need to strap chainguns to your wrists and mow down some Blues and Purps -nods knowingly to self-

  76. I love PlanetSide 2 because it provides a level of strategy in a game that is rarely ever seen. If you are a part of an outfit, you can lead a platoon (which is around 30-40 usually), and if it’s a well organised platoon you can coordinate attacks and think of military grade strategies, or you can play as a lone wolf just helping out and doing your part in the fight for Auraxis.

  77. I love PlanetSide 2 because it’s everything you could ever wanted if you are a fps maniac. Huge battles with lots of people in an open world in which you can use a lot of weapons and vehicles and many others things. What else would you need from a fps game?

  78. I love Planetside 2 because it’s really fun, it’s an open world shooter that’s good and that’s hard to come by. My laptop isn’t great but I can still play this game well and it looks good.

  79. I love Planetside 2 because it is large-scale, open world havoc. There’s always excitement to be had, especially when there are sieges going on. One time I remember having to take a base, and it was me and 4 other guys, we had some sunderer APCs outside, and looked up at the hill, and there were tanks and tons of soldiers coming down, it was a memorable, epic event, the likes of which can ONLY be seen in Planetside 2.

  80. I love PlanetSide 2 because it’s the best FPS out there! I have been playing since day one and three years later still my favorite. I remember back in the day when the big battle was always at the crown. Good times.

  81. I love planetside 2 because it is the greatest large scale shooter game, it is free, and the community is pretty cool. Customize your char, vehicle warfare. You can fly fool, you can fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. I love PlanetSide 2 because let’s be real here it’s the first FPS ever to have huge battles with this many factions. It has a huge open environment almost like an mmorpg, so that’s amazing. I also think that this is the best game for tactical and strategic battles it rivals BF4 and that says allot! I hope this game either gets a trilogy or continues on forever.

  83. I love PlanetSide 2 because… It’s overall a beautiful game, expertly developed by the guys over at SONY, now DayBreak studios. It features a holy buttload of features considering it’s a free to play title. I just happen to own a GTX 970, making the PhysX aspect of the game stand out even more!

    This is a game that’s never linear, always offering competition, and keeps fresh, even though, at this point, admittedly it is aging. I must say tho, in this case, the game ages like a fine wine, and only seems to get better as time goes by! I’d really like to take another crack at this title, and this is the perfect opportunity for me to do so!


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