free G Fuel Energy Formula and Gamma Labs have teamed up to bring you a diferent giveaway. 5 Lucky fans will win a G Fuel Energy Formula sample pack and Shaker Cup! ($19.99 value), including the Blue Ice, Lemon Lime, Fruit Punch, and Pink Lemonade G Fuel flavors! G Fuel is an all natural energy drink made by gamers for gamers! To win a pack you just need to follow the link below.

This giveaway is over!

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How to get a G Fuel Energy Formula Pack:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Visit the giveaway page HERE, register and follow the instructions.
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Giveaway is open to all fans worldwide.


  1. Let’s make something clear. If people need this to win, they’re bad bad bad. If people need this to stay awake, I recommend sleeping more cause it’s much healthier, besides, school.

  2. cause you know when u put cod on anything as a product all the dumb ass people will buy it no matter what just cause it has black ops2 soldiers on the picture. they will die drinking this too while playing the shitty game.

  3. energy drinks for the 12 year olds that constantly play cod. made by the sweat and tears of all the kids on cod. drink responsibly cause kids do that while playing the stupid game responsibly.

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I present you …. Gaming Steroids!! Nerd all night light no other, it ain’t for Pussies!!!

    Shameless promotion MMOBOMB…

  5. made by gamers for gamers? gamers with scientific backgrounds?

    energy drink for call centre staff made by call centre staff anyone????

    or simply mix fruit juice / cordial with a pinch of salt and water down = cheaper home made to taste without pouring tonnes of sugar in energy drink

  6. Lame! Red Bull Mixed w Poweraid light or G2 lite is way better. Give it a try. This is a nasty very bad for you drink.

      • That’s why i said sugar free redbull mix it with sugar free gatorade or sugar free poweraid! fruit punch or orange! the grape is ok to. Really try it!!! it’s good.


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