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MMOBomb and Hi-Rez Studios have teamed up again to give our users 5 premium SMITE god codes – The SMITE Ao Kuang unlock code. Each code will automatically grant Ao Kuang as well as his alternate color skin, Tempest, when redeemed in game. To get a exclusive code, you just need to follow the instructions below:

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How to get a SMITE God Code:

1. It´s easy, you just need to Register on MMOBomb and submit your email below to get free alerts on upcoming giveaways, we promise not to spam and, of course, you can always “unsubscribe” at any time! If you already follow MMOBomb giveaways via email you can skip step 1 and 2.


2. Check your email and locate the confirmation email. Click on the Confirmation Link in the Email to Complete Your Sign Up.

3. Complete the following sentence: “I want to be Ao Kuang because… ”. Leave your sentence in the comments below, please make sure you use the email address you signed up for MMOBomb with. This is really important, if you do it with another email you won’t be eligible to receive your prize.

We’ll select the 5 lucky MMOBombers on December, 2 (2014), we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.
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Lucky Winners:

Coming soon on December, 2 (2014)
– George7aria
– mehdin85
– DanielStoSve
– Sagato
– Cyber


Results may take a few days to be announced after the end of the giveaway.





  1. I want Ao Kuang because I really like that he can be used as a jungler so it really spices Smite up a bit. Because most of the time physical assassins are used as the jungler. Being Ao Kuang jungler it’s difficult for the enemy guardian deciding between Magical and Physical defense early game so it’s kind of a scramble, keeps the guardian on his toes. 🙂 Another reason I want to be Ao Kuang is because of his kit and the combo with watery invisible form and baby dragons.(Which by the way in my opinion is just plain wrong, and just bad parenting they’re just tadpoles and he has them out of their nest making them fight like that) They bring out so much damage used with basic attacks or even just using them as a bullet if the enemy is running. I am going to be honest, my first impression with his ult was that when you got into the air you could fly around for a short length of time but you just sit up there like a lazy Thor. But you still look like a sweet dragon up there with a great view and staring down upon your foes and making them wonder who you’re going to land on! I just wish that they allowed you to fly around in the air for a little bit like Thanatos but it’s still a sweet ult. It can also be used as an escape if you’re being chased just fling them into the air and disappear into invisibility and get the heck outta there! I love how much they went into detail on him even down to the whiskers on his nose! 😀 Another reason why I would like to win him is because I just really want to play with him in a real match and not in just practice. 🙂

  2. I want to be Ao Kuang because he has powerfull skills that I belive I can dominate. I play and earned enough to get Hades and I truly love him but I belive is time for me to start from beginning with a new character and I belive that Ao Kuang is very suitable for me. So thanks in advance for the opportunity to get him. If I lose I will have to play much more to get him my way 🙂

  3. I want to be Ao Kuang because dragons are legends…It would be difficult for any man not to want to fight being a dragon… knight…

  4. i want Ao Kuang because i have an obsession with dragons and id like to take him into the jungle and be a dragon assassin 😀

  5. “I want to be Ao Kuang because i never won a giveaway before, and also because i love him i love his concept his art his remodel was really well thinked by hi rez ao kaung it’s my favourite god, unfortunately i dont have money to buy the godpack so im trying my luck here. 🙂

  6. I want to be Ao Kuang because… well because he is pretty much the coolest God of the game……..and compare to Ao the rest are a bunch of losers and nabs in these “being-a-god” stuff.
    (And because saving Favor in this game is a f*** torture)

  7. I want to be Kuang because it looks amazing and i want to try it plus my account got hacked so … guess i can play with this one in my new account c: thanks

  8. I want to be Ao Kuang because drangons are leeeeeeeettttttttt and #smite knows how to make a bad ass dragon God. #AuKuangislegit #letsdosomedps #timetogetmysmiteon #smiteforlife #hi-rez # happythanksgiving #turkeyisnom

  9. I want to be Ao Kuang because I’m fan of Ao Kuang even before Smite was created. And I’m a moba adict (Playing jungle / assassin) That’s why I have to be ao kuang please let me. (:

  10. I want to be Ao Kuang because I love tricky gods (stealth), that way I can nom nom nom some gods all over the place then fly away to the sunset

  11. I want to be Ao Kuang for many reasons. 1: He can jungle and being a magical it will be a bit tough for the enemy team because he like a magical Loki. 2: I really do like his re-work and his shoes. 3: His kit is so goood the combo of water invisible+them little baby dragons brings out so much damage. Which by the way, I think he needs dragon child services called on him, having his babies fight like that, I mean what kind of a monster does that? Well, now looks like I got a little sidetracked back there. Back so business: His third ability is very useful if you’re chasing the enemy. Now his ultimate I’m going to be honest, I was a little disappointed because I wished that they made it so that you could fly around the sky as a dragon for a short period of time, but unfortunately you just sit up there like a lazy Thor gazing upon your next victim. But then again, the execution makes up for it. Don’t get me wrong here, it’s still pretty awesome to turn into a dragon form and scare your foes. Well those are my 3 reasons on why I would like to be Ao Kuang. 🙂

  12. I want to be Ao Kuang Beacuse Ever since i was a child i wanted to be a dragon. I’ve always watched shows with dragons in it and always wondered…Why can’t i turn into a dragon and protect citiezens.Please Give me a code to make my wish come true 🙂

  13. “I want to be Ao Kuang because this will help me show of this god to the smite community and encourage new players to give smite a chance.”

  14. I want to be Ao Kuang because his facial hair is desirable and it will aid me in navigation and future employment endeavors. His shoulder pads are also dragon heads, and that TURNS THE LADIES ON YO. I mean, what lady would not want all up on this with those dragon shoulder pads and THAT DAMN GOATEE !?

    None, I tell you. Just by writing this comment I have already been laid 3 times, gotten a new job and a new car. Just by thinking this comment up before typing it, my paypal account had an anonymous donation of 20 bucks, and right now as I type it, some girl is pounding on my door at 7 AM screaming about how SHE NEEDS TO GET IN HERE AND DO ME CAUSE THIS COMMENT IS DRAWING HER TO ME. Hell, somebody gave me 300 dollars yesterday, and said it was for this comment. I had no idea what he meant, but now I do, I know this comment was so powerful that it went back in time and convinced that dude to GIVE ME HIS 300 dollars. Even though he just got paid from his minimum wage job, and he needed that money to feed his kids. HE GAVE IT TO ME. I am going to spend it on getting an MMOBOMB tattoo actually.

    And now, after finishing this comment, it is going to be powerful enough that I will win Ao Kuang, and I will possess that sexy man god facial hair. We know why he is a GOD, it’s because that Goatee made him a god, and this comment being related to him is what endowed him with dragon powers, and gave him key/deed to the eastern seas. Why not the western seas too? Because the wesetern seas are A PART OF HIS BODY NOW.
    You heard me.
    That’s right, this comment actually vibrated the particles of the universe, and took all sub atomic particles, atoms, etc…. and fused them into him, and it gave him BITCHIN’ GLOWING GREEN EYES YO’ !

    And I want those Glowing Green Eyes, I have already clawed out my regular, stupid, non glowing, brown eyes out in anticipation of becoming Ao Kuang and having bitchin glowing green eyes yo’ !

    Was this irresponsible, dangerous, and stupid on my part? Absolutely.
    Was it also a bit hasty, in preemptive passion for a bitchin goatee, dragon shoulder pads, and sweet glowing eyes. Fear me Mortal. .

  15. I want to be Ao Kuang because he’s an interesting combination of mage & assassin. Also, he’s a dragon. Who doesn’t wanna be a dragon?

  16. I want to be Ao Kuang because I want to be able to experience the elegance and shear majesty of becoming a dragon….. plus I want to get back into the game and Ao will help me 😛

  17. I want to be Ao Kuang because I need this code because i need this god to play well,and i’m going to be so happy when you give me the key plsss.
    I need it

  18. I want to be Ao Kuang because I regularly play Smite since beta. I am a supporter of the game, I have bought the “Ultimate God Pack” and have bought a few skins as well.
    I’ve been waiting for the Ao Kuang rework for a long time and I’d really like to get to play the reworked god with a free skin 🙂

    Thank you MMOBomb! YOU GUYS ROCK!
    If Jason will not be reading this, please tell him he’s the coolest “old man” in the world 😉

  19. I want to be Ao Kuang because dragons are the best, and to be the king of dragons would be amazing. Also, I love the power he holds if you know how to play him and use his moves correctly.

  20. I want to be Ao Kuang because i play Smite since its beta and i always loved Ao Kuang , the new one looks fantastic and i will be so happy with it.

  21. i want Ao Kuang because im new to the game and i had a lot of times where i didnt get the promo codes from this site and this one is the one i really really want and this is the one i dont wanna miss btw keep up these promo codes -dear MMOBOMB i love your vidz.

  22. I want to be Ao Kuang because i think his design is amazing and so are his skills. I mean who wouldn’t want to transform into a dragon and eat everyone? #IWantToBeADragon

  23. I want to be Ao Kuang because…who wouldn’t want to be a giant dragon with huge claws AND a bearded man wielding a mighty sword? #AoKingOfAwesome

  24. I want to be Ao Kuang because I’m not very good at smite, and I love it, I play it every day with my friends and I want Ao to play better. Thanks.

  25. i want to be Ao Kuang because i love playing smite and trying out every god i can get my hands and test it out, be it **** and giggles.

  26. I want Ao Kuang because LOVE assassins and I am good with ranged magical damage based gods also I want him because I have never actually earned enough points to actually buy a god 🙁 sry. and my last reason is because im a noob but a very experienced (kinda’ve) and I have played smite for quite a while THANATOS, HUN BATZ, LOKI and not so much Thor are pretty good assassins. That is why MMObomb. P.S I would love to see another f2p game everything you guys comment about is right.

    • You should it is epic. First of all you get to play as a GOD
      Second It’s a 3rd person MOBA. I’d tell you more but you gotta see it yourself

  27. I want to be Ao Kuang because he is a king and a dragon, two of the mightiest, greatest, strongest, beings in the world just I would like to be.


    Roses are red,
    Ao Kuang is blue,
    If u dont give me the god,
    I’ll wreck *yue!

  29. I want to be Ao Kuang because I BELIEVE IN MMOBOMB and love ur giveaways. Also I want to believe that I’m part of amazing community.

  30. I want to be ao kuang because I like the theme of dragons like that before they remodeled was my favorite character and it seems that it will return when it gets done

  31. I want to be ao kuang Because im 2 big to fit into the smite maps… 🙁 they always hurt my feelings.. im just a dragon looking for love *looks at FREYA* Mmmmm dat ass

  32. I want to be Ao Kuang because the developers and it’s affiliate (mmobomb) are amazing for giving the opportunity to players a chance to acquire codes and giveaways; in addition to the great gaming aspects of SMITE.

  33. I want Ao Kuang because I had the Original version Ao Kuang and i’m not saving up to get a God I already had before just because they wanted to Retconn him.

  34. I want to be Ao Kuang because I love smite
    I think its the best out of LoL or dota2 even thought most of my friends play LoL. I will say with smite forever
    And because the Ao Kuang is my 2nd fav god
    Thank you.

  35. I want to be Ao Kuang because i adore chinese armor and the way the character is designed. when i saw this character it reminded me of xin zhao from league. and he is awesome.

  36. I want to be Ao Kuang because i’m a dragon myself. I see him, I see me. Since i was a kid, i loved dragon ball z, but when i saw that Dragon.. wow, and now watching this SMITE Ao Kuang, excatly the same. I love you Dragon, come to me.

  37. I want to be Ao Kuang because i had my first penta with old Kuang and i CELEBRATED it hard so now i want to bring his MIGHTY SWORD in a SPIRIT TEMPEST state! (Get it? Get it? Oh im so lonely….)

  38. i want to be ao kuang because i love dragons and ao kuang is the god of dragons please he is my dream i checked smite almost every hour please u must give me ao

  39. I wanna be ao kuang because its freaky badass, i like to try all of the things that i never had. Tha’s why i wanna be on that top 5… Let me join that dragon force 😀

  40. I want to be Au Kuang becaus in Soviet Russia none has it . It mean’s that I’m going to be powerful than … Putin? Or may be I am Putin? Who knows? May be I just need more power ?

  41. I want to be Ao Kuang because he is a freakin OP Dragon-man. You thought that is all? Oh hell naw, He also transforms into a huge ass dragon who eats other gods, how cool is that? Not only that, he has small dragons who follow him around! That is all. Ao Kuang for Prezident!

  42. I want to be Ao Kuang because he is the son of Paarthurnax(skyrim),and he deserve to revenge on those who banished hem and humiliated hem.The time of dragons has come the Ao Kuang will prevail…no one will be saved.

  43. I want to be Ao Kuang because my daughter is afraid of his dragon form and when she doesn’t want to study I’ll frighten her that Ao Kuang is comming to eat this little lazy girl!!!

  44. I want to be Ao Kuang because I need this code for my beloved gilfriend who has no godpack yet, loves mages and assassins and can’t enjoy playing new Ao who combines this two roles


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