MMOBomb always tries to have the best giveaways ever, so are you ready for this next bomb? has teamed up with Hi-Rez Studios to give away extremely rare and amazing code keys which will grant you a FREE VIP Starter Pack (29.99 USD, 24.99 EUR, 19.99 GBP) for Tribes Ascend (starting Open Beta February 24). Remember this VIP pack is only available in the Tribes store, but you can get one FOR FREE!!! We only have 5 Keys to offer since this keys are quite valuable so to get a code key you have to be a true MMOBomber.


How to get your Key:

So what you need to do to be a true MMOBomber and get a key? Easy just follow the instructions.

1. A true MMOBomber is registered in the site and follow us via newsletter.
2. A true MMOBomber follows us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube (if you don´t have an account for example on Twitter, it’s ok but you win extra chances if you are following us)
3. If you use iTunes subscribe for free to our “Free To Play Cast” show and submit a review (this is optional but you get even much more chances!!!).

So if you are a true MMOBomber send a email to with the subject line “I am VIP and a true MMOBomber”. In the email please include your MMOBomb username, and your social usernames that you use to follow us on social networks. If you also subscribed to us via iTunes and submited a review, don´t forget to add the review in your email.

We’ll select 5 lucky MMOBombers during the next week. We’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email.

The Tribes: Ascend VIP Starter Pack includes:

– 3,000 Tribes Gold (Value: $30 USD)
– 30-Day Booster (Value: $15 USD)
– Lifetime VIP Status

Tribes Ascend Video Preview:


  1. Only two keys left! Good luck to all, hope to get VIP! Love Tribes, I’m a measly rank 15 right now but I’m grinding xp for equipment. VIP pack would be a godsend. Thanks for this giveaway!

  2. I posted this If I win the AK Studio & Design Amazing Anniversary Giveaway, with the $1000.00 she is gviing away I am going to donate it back to AK Studio & Designs to raffle off to one of her fab. clients!!! And I can’t wait to win big from Missrubysue (one of the vendors) so I can get their amazing hairpieces! (one of the prizes)!!!!”Thanks so much for another chance to win! These are amazing vendors!

  3. Hello there, I am going to go out on a limb and guess I might not win this vip giveaway, would be nice tho, I have been looking into this game for some time, would be fun to be a vip if lucky.

  4. I am truly a VIP and a true MMOBomber. I have been a member of mmobomb since before it was mmobomb. I am always checking out this site and follow you guys on everything. Winning that VIP for tribes would be amazing, the game itself is super hard to earn cash in and teh 30 bucks in cash and VIP status will be awesome.


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