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MMOBomb and Hi-Rez Studios have teamed up again to give our users 15 premium SMITE god codes. Each code will automatically grant Freya, Serqet or Bakasura as well as their alternate color skin, when redeemed in game. To get a exclusive code, you just need to follow the instructions below:

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How to get a SMITE God Code:

1. It´s easy, you just need to Register on MMOBomb and submit your email below to get free alerts on upcoming giveaways, we promise not to spam and, of course, you can always “unsubscribe” at any time! If you already follow MMOBomb giveaways via email you can skip step 1 and 2.


2. Check your email and locate the confirmation email. Click on the Confirmation Link in the Email to Complete Your Sign Up.

3. Choose one god and complete the following sentence: “I want to be (Freya, Serqet or Bakasura) because… ”. Leave your sentence in the comments below, please make sure you use the email address you signed up for MMOBomb with. This is really important, if you do it with another email you won’t be eligible to receive your prize.

We’ll select the 15 lucky MMOBombers on April, 3 (2015), we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.
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Lucky Winners:

Coming soon on April, 3 (2015)

– knuckles
– itachix666
– deakcor
– Asaf
– Ash Aquarius
– blackblade
– GodGuardian

– january
– faustbax
– Ace Of Spades
– jani308
– Shiba
– duty14


Results may take a few days to be announced after the end of the giveaway.


  1. I want to be Serqet because she is amazing god and she is egyption and i want good god from egypt
    and i live in egypt

  2. I want to be Serqet because she is an amazing god which is poisoning all her enemies to DEATH! Shes sexy and fun to play but i didnt get her yet so i hope i will get her from this giveaway and use the Smite favors to buy her a skin! Thank you!

  3. I want to be Serqet because she has a sick ALIEN skin; and also because the webpage says Serget instead of Serqet; so I feel like maybe she’s going to be my good luck. And Freya because… well she’s a valkyrie, when are they not awesome? And Bakasura… I don’t really want to play Bakasura honestly.

  4. I want to play Bakasura because he is good at damaging his enemies and I love classes that do good damage. He looks amazingly scary and I love to look scary and do good damage while fighting.

  5. I want to be bakasura because I have been playing Smite for quite a long time and I remember the old bakasura. He was the ultimate shredder God and always appealed or caught my eye in some way. He has an amazing kit, with a very interesting backstory and I would love to play and have the experience and joy of playing him. I would definitely be playing this god as much as I could in jungle and solo, thanks for hearing me out and good luck to everyone else who entered 😀

  6. I want to be (Freya, Serqet or Bakasura) because… Lets be honest, any one of those Gods will soothe my inherent desire to stab, impale or rip apart the noobs that populate the game 😀

  7. I want to be Bakasura because i want to have fun playing.. and i never got these kind of games.. so i want to be the special one.. please email me 🙂

  8. Today is my 28th birthday and I want to be Freya because she is the queen of the Valkyries! Everyone loves her stunning beauty and she banishes those who incur her wraith!

    Freya FTW

  9. I want to be Serqet for two reasons. I played her once in that one MOTD with the assault and the all gods and stuff and stuff and, “I shrekt nubz liek a boos.” Second of all, I love Steampunk everything. Because, Steampunk “Shrekz nobs liek a boos.” Now get shrekt bae me Serket bruh!!!!1!!!!!!!111!1!!1111

  10. I want to be Serqet because she looks like Cassiopeia from League of Legends, which is one of my favourite champions and she is an assassin, i love assassins! 🙂

  11. I want to be Serqet because I’ve just recently gotten the chance to play her and I love her play style and hey skills, she can do so much damage if played right.

  12. I want to be Serqet because I want to be able to juke out a whole team by using my only escape/engage to not only attack them but also get out skot free

  13. I want Freya because she is likely my most favorite goddess in smite. I just love how her abilities goes in the game and her model. I actually never had her and I’m level 30 in smite xD I would like to have her but other gods are always on my interest. I still like her and i actually played her in many games ( actually free rotation lol ) Good luck to everyone!

  14. I want the freya skin because it would be a cool birthday present for me coming up and so I can use it in all the games a play freya

  15. I want to be Freya because with her beauty and love i will destroy the competition and become an invincible force which will never be defeated

  16. I want Freya because I love magically blasting people with magical swords wielded by magical goddess dealing magical damage. Magically.

  17. I want to be (Freya, Serqet or Bakasura) because I do not so much play to accumulate enough money to buy such amazing gods. I’d really like to get the code to buy them, because I think their incredible and would like to learn how to play them.

  18. I want Bakasura because he is very hungry. I am also hungry. So there for, him and I will be hungry Mo-Fo’s together. Hence, making us an unstoppable God eating force.

  19. I want to be a Serqet cuz i don’t know..she’s just a perfect woman and that’s would be fantastic have it in Smite 🙂

  20. Quero ser Freya,porque ela e Op e eo Deus que eu mais gosto e essa skin deixo ela com jeitinho ainda mais de Nórdica e com leves pitadas de ostentação!

  21. I want to be Bakasura because , he’s my favorite character in Smite , i’m level 10 with him and i really want to have all skin of him but i dont have enough gems to buy it all.

  22. I want to be bakasura because he is the best “monster” in the game, and being able to have such an amazing skin would be wonderfull.

  23. I want to be Bakasura because, if history has taught me anything (and it has taught me literally next to nothing) I believe he invented toast….and I like toast 🙂

  24. I really want to be/play freya and her skin because i really like freya and I would love to have at least one skin for her. Although I have her lvl I she is still awesome. I would like to have the bakasura skin because I dont have bakasura and If I win I would get the skin AND the god :D. I really dont want the serquet skin though. THX 🙂

  25. I want to be Serqet because, there may exist a Scorpion King, but I’m the Scorpion Queen and my poison is the deadliest of them all!!!

  26. I would like Freya because i’m already suffering that i didn’t have enough money for a pixel buster, please i would like this and this is good enough Y^Y ..

  27. I want to be Freya because she is so owerpowered. I want to be Serqet because she has so high mobility. I want to be Bakasura because why not?

  28. Thanks for this. I would to have that serket skin, because steam punk is my favorite type of “model”. I would’ve loved that they’d release steampunk Vulcan, but oh well…

  29. I want to be Serqet because scorpions are nature’s way of combining lobsters, spiders, wasps and nightmares! And i wanna be scary.

  30. i want ti be bakasura because it is awesome playing assassin in smite and i love playing assassin so much in the games and bakasura is one of the best

  31. I want to be Bakasura because its my favorite god and I need it on my new account (because I forgot the password :’c)

  32. I want to be Serqet because she is really good in the jungle, and Andinster playing her makes me want to really play her.

  33. I want to be Freya because she’s the queen of the Valkyries and queen of Mid Lane, her poke does substantial damage to give your enemy laner a run for some Magic Resist!

  34. I want to be Serqet.. Ah Serqet finally she has an awsome steampunk skin… i <3 steampunk hope i could have a chance to win this.

  35. I want Bakasura because il ove indiano good, And i love serietà because love e j’aime egyptian good.
    I Would freya because is a sexy goods.

  36. I want to be (Freya, Serqet or Bakasura) because they are all amazing gods and I’ve used them before and was amazing with them. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to buy them though.

  37. I want Freya because I like her northern lights costume and really want to use it as I blast All of the lights by Kanye West whenever I kill someone with her.

  38. I want to be Serqet because I love extremely mobile/agile characters that have a sharp characteristic to them (both in personality and attack). Her Madame Blade skin is also my favorite because I love Steampunk, and as an artist, I try to draw intricate styles all the time. I would love to get the opportunity to use her in her fabulous new outfit! ♥

  39. I want to be Serqet because kinda like Loki, Serqet excels at getting picks and ganking people who don’t see her coming. She’s also amazing at escaping because of her mobility.

    However, she will get focused and CC’d in teamfights. The smallest misplay or mispositioning in a teamfight will result in your death.

    Remember she can also be used as a Weakening Curse. We’ve all been in the match where they have Aphro/Vamana and your support doesn’t get Weakening. Well, your ult will help your team more shutting those heals down than killing the 1hp god.

    Sure, you can just ult the guy with 1 hp and you will get a kill (like Loki). However, good players will manage to ger their damage off in fights and do more than securing easy kills (like good Lokis).

  40. I want to be Freya because i’d like a reason to try this game, have never gotten around to it, this would seem like a nice start i’d imagine.

    And i was born in Easter of 94, which was April 3rd so it would be a happy coincidence if i were to actually win.

  41. i want to be serqet because i have never played her before and she seems kinda cool ;o and i relly wanna try her out x-x

  42. I want to be “BAKASURA” because I’m always buy him for 1 day because i’m out of favor, and he is my favorite smite god.

  43. I want to be Serqet because she has some absolutely absurd burst damage and assassination potential, and her variable dash is cool

  44. I just want Serqet because i already have the new Bakasura skin and i don’t really like Freya. I would like Serqet because i never played as her and i am thinking of buying her but i don’t have enough favor or gems


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